Sep 30, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel (right) talks to chairman Clark Hunt before the game against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. San Diego won the game 37-20. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

Losing Is For Losers If No Clear Plan Is In Place In Kansas City!

Sure, being a rotten team can have some advantages. Game ticket prices plunge. Team gear goes on sale early at your local K-Mart. And the worst teams in the NFL generally get the first picks at the best college talent in the postseason draft.

And it’s all happening in Kansas City as usual, just a little bit earlier this year.

So we lose the rest of our games and finish last. Which means a first pick at some pretty slick college talent. So what?

We have no clear plan in place to do anything with the poor unfortunates that wind up in the red and gold uniform.

You see, when it comes to developing talent, the Kansas City Chiefs have the worst record in the history of the NFL  Ok, maybe not officially, but I feel pretty comfortable making that proclamation.

Especially when it comes to quarterbacks.

The Kansas City Chiefs have never drafted a quarterback that ever amounted to anything.


And with things the way they are today, we won’t be drafting any in the near future.

What do we need to do?

A complete overhaul, of course.

Clark Hunt stays. I like him, and he owns the place. So Clark can stay.

Fire Pioli. Today.

And let him take his ten foot by ten foot giant desk with him. We need to go old school here.

Romeo needs to go too. He has never been able to perform as a head coach, and he won’t ever.

Keep the lovable guy as defensive coordinator. He is the best in that position.

Get Charlie back as offensive coordinator. He is the best at that position. He may not want to come back. Court him. Pay him. Get him back.

Get rid of Matt, keep Brady as back up. Get Orton back until we can do something else.

If Dwayne Bowe wants to go, let him. I’m sick of his inconsistent crap.

Court, woo, and pay Cowher. Whatever he wants. Short on dough Mr. Hunt? Then sell your share of the Chicago Bulls, get out of soccer, and focus on the game your father loved, football. Give Cowher free reign.

Bring Marty back in some capacity. Like the vacancy created by Pioli’s departure.

And then… well, then you can send my my 2013 ticket renewal package.

I’ll even buy the red parking passes too.

And if we lose some games in the mean time, well, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet. But at least we will have a good plan in place. A plan that will allow us to develop a decent quarterback for a change.


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  • Corey Wayne Lande

    Thank you!!! I have been saying Marty for GM and Cowher for HC for a while now. We all saw what Cowher could do once he got Big Ben with the Steelers. Speaking of QB’s and the draft. Im still not sure on Geno and I just say no to USC QB’s (none of them are successful). The game against Houston is what worries me about Geno. Geno up until that game was able to bait defenses into running pretty much vanilla packages that he was able to pick apart. Houston didnt fall for that and would show him one read and it would turn into something else which led to a lot of incompletions and tipped balls that could have been picked off. Also they got to Geno and put a lot of pressure on him which seemed to rattle him and throw his game off as well. Thoughts?


      Ditto to Marty and Cowher. They know each other well and I think that they could do it again. As to the QB, I gotta’ go with Geno Smith. He has all the tangibles, big arm, can move in the pocket, makes all the throws, can go long or short, and the ball comes out in a hurry. The main ingredient for any QB, especially a rookie……..he does not make bad decisions. Yeah, I saw that game too. But his overall game is the best in college ball. With the talent that the Chiefs have on offense we can’t make a mistake on this pick. Not sayin’ he is All Pro day one, but soon enough.

    • Razorbackintime

      I have some thoughts. Why not draft the actual best Pro Style QB in College. Tyler Wilson. Geno and Barkley are both potential busts. I have yet to see anything in Wilson’s game (sans concusssion) that I dont like. He is making due with the worst D1 coach in football. I must admit a total bias here as a alum of the UofA.

      • KcNrock

        You know all we hear about is geno( which doesn’t impress me and all of a sudden he’s the man) Barkley( pretty boy) Landry ( next Todd blackledge) Wilson is the only 1 n this draft yea Arkansas sucks this year but look at what’s been going on new coach no receiver and no O-line.. He’s still made big plays for his teams while he was hurt for 2 games he was very vocal in there performance.. He’s a leader and a winner I said it last year and I will continue to say it in 3 yrs he will be a superstar and the only elite Qb from his class

        • Randy5k

          But can we protect him? RG3 is getting beat up. He would get beat up in KC.

        • KCMikeG

          Geno Smith has had another bad game and is slipping out of the Heisman consideration. Klein has run for way more TD’s than he has thrown in unimpressive fashion. Most think Barkley will bust. Wilson had one great year last year and many were calling for his benching just a few weeks ago. All of the rookie QB’s are huge risks and many fail especially if they are started in their first year. RGII, Luck, Wilson have all had their moments but have struggled too. Many have struggled mightily. Ponder is the only one that has shown constancy in leading his team to a winning record. I fear finding the solution at QB will continue to be elusive for us.

    • Randy5k

      Plus the Hunt family loves Marty. I think it could work very well.

  • Former Chiefs Fan

    Quit writing about this stupid crap. You are giving me anxiety attacks.

  • david schroeder

    this was written in the voice of a random buddy of mine properly buzzed over beer at a favorite watering hole… and I love that!

    • Randy5k

      not far off sir!

  • Gzilla

    Fire Pioli – Yes. Fire Romeo – Yes (I can’t imagine he’d want to stay as D coordinator though). But why on earth would you want Marty or Cowher involved. The NFL has move past them. Hire Chip Kelly. Hire Mike Gundy. Move into the future, not the past.

    • Randy5k

      hmmmm. might be the best point of all of them zilla

    • KCMikeG

      And Charlie has failed everywhere he has gone since NE. How about Carmichael in NO?

  • PunjabiPete

    Romeo Crennel:”You’re hired!”
    -Less than a season later – “We aren’t Superbowl bound, fire that asshole!”

    Scott Pioli:
    “You’re hired! We are gonna be awesome!!!”
    -When we aren’t awesome right away- “We aren’t Superbowl bound, fire that asshole!”

    Matt Cassel:
    “You’re hired! We win, suck on that McDaniels!”
    -While Matt makes some dumb mistakes, different coach every year, shithole wide receivers, lack of blocking – “We aren’t Superbowl bound, fire that asshole!”

    Yeah, I’m sure Bill Cowher wants to come to Kansas City to play for you bandwagon asswipes.

    • Corey Wayne Lande

      you obviously dont know that Cowher was an assistant coach/defensive coordinator for KC in the 90′s under Marty and has always loved this team and city. Probably since you aren’t a Chiefs fan, obvious by your comment on Chiefs fans being “bandwagon asswipes”. So my question to you would be… if you arent a fan, have no knowledge of the situation or history, then why are you on a Chiefs site?

      • Guest

        oh um do you mean me or my buddy Pete?

      • KCMikeG

        His point is that we turn on our own with such ease and vulgar hate (e.g. “bandwagon asswipes”) that no one like Cowher (I like him for HC) would want to come here even though he coached here before. Marty led us to wins but also allowed the team to decline into a national embarrassment with criminals and the Monday Night Meltdown. Pass on Marty – his day is past – that’s why he is coaching in obscurity in the UFL.

        • Corey Wayne Lande

          Look, I think that Cowher understands the fan base. This isnt some crazy fan base that just is never satisfied. This is a fan base that has become so frustrated over the lack of leadership, desire to win, and over all just complete lack of regard for the fan base from the front office. Cowher understands that this fan base wants and expects a winning product on the field. Im not a bandwagon ass wipe because I think that Pioli and Crennel should be gone, I am a true Chiefs fan that wants the best for this franchise and our CIty. Which again makes me think you arent a Chiefs fan if you cant grasp that idea because Im pretty sure that all those other fans you lumped into that bandwagon asswipes category feel the same way I do.

          • KCMikeG

            Again, I like the idea of Cowher as our HC – have been supporting that for some time. I wasn’t including you in the “bandwagon as swipes” fan category – not sure why you want to assume that role in this conversation? even become the voice of the group? You are not swearing, attacking with vulgar names, spewing hate and promoting wearing black to our stadium. Those are the fans Pete is calling out as a barrier to us getting a quality coach like Cowher. To be honest in both of your posts you felt the need to question whether we even qualify as fans. Which is worse than your taking exception to the small group of of haters being criticized for poor behavior. Pete is still calling the haters fans while calling out their turncoat behavior and pointing out how that behavior will have a negative effect on our future.

          • PunjabiPete

            My response to that, is how long would we give Bill Cowher to turn it around? 10 games like Romeo Crennel? In the same setting a lot of coaches/ QBs that went on to do great things would be gone. And to presume that all fans think the same way you do is the exact same blanket statement you are lamenting my usage of. I am sure Bill Cowher understands the fan base. That’s why he isn’t coming here.

      • PunjabiPete

        I am on a Chiefs site because I am more than a fairweather fan. I highly doubt Bill Cowher would want to tarnish his great memories here by coming back to jackass fans flying snarky comments over the stadium and cheering when their QB goes down, not to mention spending every breath NOT being used preparing the gullet for more PBR to lament how much they hate Pioli/ Cassel/ Crennel now, apparently. Bill Cowher may have loved this city, Lord knows I do… I love this city. I love the Kansas City Chiefs. They are terrible right now. The reason, I think, is we don’t give anyone enough time to see if they can turn it around. I know the up and coming thing to do right now is to go get a stud in the draft, and I would have no problem doing that, but we have had HOW many coaches in the last 5 years? HOW many QB coaches? HOW many full seasons with a season’s worth of knowledge and stability under their belts so the players can go out and perform without worrying about the scheme changing at the new guy’s whims?

        Saying I am not a Chiefs fan just goes farther to prove all of my earlier statements. I stand by my statement that most of the people on here calling for the ouster of multitudes of people are nothing more than bandwagon asswipes. I have knowledge of the situation and history. MANY people have been to Kansas City and liked it here. Doesn’t mean they want to come back. If Cowher wanted to come back he would probably have said so. Presuming to know his mind is an exercise in futility I refuse to expend energy towards.

    • Randy5k

      I think he does too! Oh I just saw the asswipes.

    • tm1946

      Nice swipe at fans but what is your answer. A couple of years of losing, talented players getting old or hurt, another 5 year rebuild? We can ride it out but to what end. Sunday’s we can tail gate and watch a team with real players trying to win the game, the other team?

  • Nick

    …But seriously though, this was a pretty dumb article.

    • Randy5k

      what is dumb about it nickster

      • Nick

        I’ve never heard of a head coach getting demoted. And Weis isn’t coming back, and even if he did, it’s not like his “screen pass on 1st and 2nd downs, and draw play on 3rd” method was too effective. And cowher isn’t going to come here unless he wants to, I don’t really think a team can install a head coach just because they want him really bad.

        • Randy5k

          Well Nick, we did exactly that with Gunther Cunningham. He was demoted to exactly that position. I am fine with your opinion of the article, but I think I made some solid points.

          • Nathan Spearman

            Wasn’t there a huge debacle involving Marty and Greg Hills girlfriend? Do you really think Marty would come back and would the Hunts really want him back after what happened?

          • Randy5k

            Yes there was and yes I do

          • Corey Wayne Lande

            Russell Lande, Bill Maas, and Bob Fescoe all say that when Pioli is fired that Clark is going to bring in Marty as a consultant to help find a new GM and head coach. So obviously Clark trusts him and his advice for the good of this team.

          • Jim Harper

            That is the only thing that has been said that makes any sense!

          • Randy5k


  • Justin Jones

    2 points. i think zorn could bring along a young QB. second point is you are assuming either cowher or marty would even consider coming back. i know they were both with KC and loved it but lets be honest. the only major draw that KC has anymore is its fans. we havent won anything in years. we are a small market. its the fans, and the way a minority of the fans are acting is gonna ruin that as well. banners. cheering injurys. booing players at FUNDRAISERS, and now this dumb thing going on about trying to get all the fans to wear black to a game in a couple weeks. hell i wont be surprised if this isnt the year hunt moves our favorite team to LA. We are not showing him any reason to stay. yes we should complain when the team plays bad. we should boo bad PLAYS. not our players at fundraisers. we should not go to games but this is not the right kind of attention and its negative.

    • tm1946

      Guess you feel it is up to the fans to “show” Hunt how much we love him. WE could pay double prices for season tickets. LOL
      As long as tv revenues are in the range of 100 milllion a year, Hunt does not have to care about a banner or 70,000 unhappy fans. He may but why not sit there and do nothing and count your money.
      Suspect you are correct about old time coaches. Just doubt it is the fans that turn off candidates. But whatever.

      • Justin Jones

        i dont care about showing hunt how much we love (him??? really?) him. its about the fact that this negative attitude will not bring any good coaches or players or GMs here. its not they will get a big payday or large TV adds. fans should show our displeasure but this stuff is way too negative. putting on black like some faider or flying some banner only sends the WRONG message. idk why that doesnt click in some peoples minds.

      • Randy5k


    • Randy5k

      sigh I hear you justin. My ideas usually get some better ideas flowing.

  • big chief

    Randy to be fair the Texans have never drafted a good qb either, lol, just looking for something positive. Hey at least they won’t lose this week. They’ve been inventing more and more pathetic ways to lose this season but I don’t think even this group can pull off losing without playing a game.

    • Randy5k

      Did we get ripped off with Winston?

      • Corey Wayne Lande

        with the play he has been putting out (and penalties) for how much we are paying him I would say we did.

  • chiefs1515

    Kyle orton really? Lets just say even the sun shines on a dogs a$$ somdays. Orton is not the man if u think so u don’t understand football

    • Randy5k

      He is a better temp than anybody we have. I think he would work until we get the solid qb we need.

  • Jim Harper

    God Damn Randy! Are you off your meds? Outside of getting Pioli out of here I think you have 0% chance of any of your other suggestions coming to fruition. Orton is under contract to the Boys and Weis is not going to downgrade to an OC, and I doubt Romeo would stay under those conditions but I’ll give you a maybe on that one. We will most certainly get a first round QB worth his salt, but I can’t imagine Cowher taking on a rebuilding project. Maybe they could get Marty back in some capacity as long as he does not call plays or make QB decesions (Gannon). That was our best opportunity for a Super Bowl appearance and he blew it!

    • Randy5k

      Arrowhead Addict IS my meds