September 23, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Steve Breaston (15) is pursued by New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson (21) during the fourth quarter of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Chiefs defeated the Saints 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

What Would You Do To Fix The Chiefs?

The Chiefs have gotten blown out in four of their six games this year, including three in a row at home. Against Tampa Bay, which was one of the worst teams in the league, our most valuable players were Shaun Draughn and Edgar Jones for the blocked punt/interception – our only touchdown in eight quarters. We are unprepared. We commit turnovers and penalties with abandon, which means we lack discipline. Our defense gives up big plays with regularity and our offense looks like a body controlled by seven different people. Halftime adjustments are nonexistent. Players are playing well below their potential. Just incredibly, there’s the factoid that we are all probably most sick of: we’ve never led in a game this year. The product that Hunt, Pioli and Crennel have put on the field just stinks.

We’ve all spent hours talking about how bad the Chiefs are and what we’d do to fix our beloved team. Well, here’s our chance. We have 10 games left, including five divisional games, starting in a week and a half against the Raiders. We aren’t mathematically eliminated from the divisional title and a playoff berth by a long shot, but we are, very possibly, the very worst team in the NFL. If you had absolute control of this team, and your butt was on the line, what would you do from here on out?

Here are a three of my ideas, if I was the decider. I’d love to hear yours – concrete, real, actionable ideas for right now, not for the offseason, to help us win games. Because this team is in desperate need of real answers.

Promote Gary Gibbs to Defensive Coordinator. It’s clear to me that the Chiefs are woefully unprepared on defense and unable to make any halftime adjustments worth noting. Crennel is a defensive mastermind. I still believe that. But there’s no way one person can serve as head coach and a lead coordinator on such a crappy team that is so obviously in need of more discipline, professionalism and straight up coaching. I know many of you want to flat out get rid of Crennel but finding a head coach midway through the season is near impossible unless you hire from within, and I just don’t know if we have that replacement in-house. This dual role for Crennel is not working. Let’s at least fix that.

Open up the offensive playbook. Daboll’s playcalling criteria and Romeo’s gameplan have focused on (a) not getting blown out; and (b) playing not to lose. That has gotten us to a 1-5 record and four absolute, unadulterated blowouts. With the talent in this league, we are not going to win any games by rushing 40-50 times a game with no passing threat. Worst case scenario? We pass more and throw a few more interceptions, padding our league-leading turnover differential. Any offensive playcalling that creates predictability is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. My sub-recommendation here: bring Breaston back. Breaston has been nonexistent, with just four catches for 44 yards this entire season. With all the troubles with balls bouncing of our receivers’ hands, Breaston’s as reliable a receiver as we’ve got.

Let the players play. Coaches aside, the players need to make some plays. I think the coaches need to draw up simplified plans that emphasize one-on-one matchups, whether that is for wide receivers, tackles, cornerbacks or defensive ends. Let’s simplify the game plans and let nothing stand between our players and embarrassment but their own pride. No set of clever schemes are going to save this team. It’ll just be players making plays, or not.

Addicts, this is as low as the Chiefs have been. What remedies would you administer, if you were in charge, right now?

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  • Chip

    Trade bowe for matt Flynn in Seattle, that’s one of our issues

    • Anna Irene Mendoza

      Matt Flynn could be another cassel.. Had one good short run in Green Bay and then flop. I mean if he is that good shouldnt he be starting?

  • gettinugly

    If I could choose people that have already been in KC to make a recent coaching staff. I’d have RC as D coord, Charle Weis as O-coord, Cowher as HC and i’d let my 2 year old be the GM before I’d let Piss’oli have another year.

  • jerphelps

    Demote RAC to DC, then get a new OC who will not be so conservative and then bring in Cowher. Trade Bowe for a first round draft pick and then make Breaston a starting WR.

  • tm1946

    1. Clark Hunt comes to KC and makes the rounds. Says something about what has happened so far this season is so unacceptable and will not happen again under his ownership. No memos, he says it in person and accepts some heat from media over what he allowed on the field so far this year.
    2. Clark Hunt fires someone. That’s right draw a name out of a hat and sacrifice that person to the fans. Hopefully into a vulcano. At this point I am not sure who but not a backup DB or laundry guy.
    3. Without out our knowledge, Clark needs to decide just what he wants out of his team. Money is good, but there is satisfaction in winning also. If Pioli is the way, tell us and the why behind it.
    4 On the team, if Bowe wants out, better trade him as letting him walk for nothing. Trade a QB, if anyone is silly enough to want one of the three. Trade either or both our DEs. Got to consider a fire sale on any former probowlers. They seem to have lost their edge and if we rebuild again next year, they will be to old to be part of it. Almost forgot try to trade all end of year free agents, you cannot franchise all of them and the rats are jumping ship as this boat sinks and then you have Pioli who do not seem to love any of Carls leftovers anyway.

  • ArrowFan

    First start fining players for turnovers and penalties, then use the money as a bonus pool for next years crop of FA. The fines should build exponentially as far as occurrences during a game, for instance if a said WR has cause three tip up int’s in one game the fines should be 5K for the first one 10K for the second one and 20K for the third one. Maybe different prices for penalties and what not but you get the point.

    Second I would have a heart to heart with Bowe and determine if he want’s to leave or not and if so trade him now for what ever we can get, Then through Baldwin in his spot.

    Third I would start openly state we will aggressively seek a high draft pick QB in the off season regardless of how we finish.

    Fourth on D I would simplify things and Let Berry be Berry and start rotating out Jackson more often to see if life would be ok with out him.

    Finally I would lase the visitors locker room with some type of slow acting opiate that will not hit them until halfway through the first quarter:)

  • Danny W

    Accountability will fix the Chiefs, turn overs, penalties, dropped passes, being out of position, and lack of effort. If your accountable for these issues, we aren’t 1-5.

  • ArrowFan

    Could we bring Trick Shot up off the IR and see if he can transfer his numbers from D II to the NFL?

  • Jarrod Field

    1) Fire Pioli. Bring in Marty as GM.
    2) Crennel back to DC. Convince Cowher or Chucky that they really do want to coach again and beg them to come to KC.
    3) Let Bowe walk. Trade for a decent QB to finish the season along with a second round pick, making it clear though in the beginning that we will be drafting a franchise QB next spring. Here are some possible trade options for Bowe along with a #2 pick:
    -Drew Stanton / Colts
    – Matt Moore / Dolphins
    – Matt Flynn / Seahawks
    Baldwin, Breaston and McCluster are more than capable at 1,2 and 3.
    4) Trade / Release Cassel. Decent guy but he’s not starting material and he’s done in KC as far as the fans go. Get what we can out of him; maybe a 4th or 5th round pick next year.
    5) Figure out what is going on with our secondary and light a fire under their butts. Berry, Flowers and Lewis are all very talented but are not playing that way. Routt coming to KC was a bad move in my opinion in the first place.
    6) Clark Hunt should apologize to the fans and beg them to start filling Arrowhead again to make it the feared place to play of old for opposing teams.
    1) Franchise QB pick: Geno Smith, Landry Jones or Matt Barkley
    2) Stanton, Moore or Flynn to number 2; trade Quinn or Stanzi for whatever you can get and keep the other as number 3.
    3) #2 pick in draft goes to DB to replace Routt.
    4) Start working towards improving our D line.

    • calciomoti

      I would like to say had I been in charge, I would have done EVERYTHING possible to trade up to get RGIII…obviously that’s in the past, and having said that:

      1) HELL YES I agree

      2) again I agree, provided Romeo would indeed be willing to swallow his pride and except the offer.

      3) HELL NO! You claim you want to draft a franchise qb but trade away his best receiving option? Dumb (no offense intended, but thats just bad logic), provided the info that Baldwin, Breast on, McCluster could step in for Bowe.

      4) Bad move again, let Cassel play or ride the bench for the year, trade him in of season, or just cut his sorry ass (strictly speaking of physical capabilities, not him as a person)

      5) you actually want to draft a franchise qb you listed, or reach tremendously in the middle of the 1st round? Let them play and figure it out on their own…its much easier to move a few spots up, than from the middle to the top in a draft, which I’m sure you already know, just forgot to apply here in this theoritical exerc

      6) I codn’t agree with you more…and then some


      1) Draft Geno Smith…we need a franchise qb, or at least we need to see an actual attempt at DRAFTING one.

      2) doesn’t apply, because trading Bowe or letting him walk is a ridiculous notion, sign a long term deal, or franchise him again

      3) Rout is not as bad as Arenas, and Arenas plays alot of snaps, but I agree we need to find someone to replace Carr still (I would have done everything possible to resign Carr too)

      4) D-line indeed, but please oh dear GOD, PLEASE just pick the bst players available…tjax :/?!?that pick should now be considered as bad as Todd Blackledge…and please GOD CHIEFS NATION PRAY THAT POE DOES NOT END UPTHE SAME.

      Hey…there’s always next year right? Pfft

      • Jarrod Field

        You make some valid points as well but I just can’t agree with you on Bowe. Yes, he’s had a Pro Bowl season. Yes, he’s had some good production. But here’s some things we shouldn’t overlook:
        1) He drops a lot of balls that are catchable.
        2) Baldwin is every bit as good and will probably be better with time.
        3) Bowe, at least according to reports, doesn’t want to be in KC!
        I was all for Bowe coming to KC in the beginning. I followed him at LSU and thought he would be the Chiefs #1 WR for years and years to come. However, after watching him over the seasons, there’s just something about him that I don’t like and I think it ‘s just that it seems there isn’t enough fight in him. It’s like he just doesnt’ want it bad enough. If he did he could be one of the all time greats but I just don’t see it happening.

  • Roth

    Hire an actual head coach and move RAC back to the Defensive Coordinator.

  • Kyle Waggener

    Here’s a nasty dose of reality.
    1) Fire Pioli -Totally agree. Bring in Marty – I’d be ok with that but, he’s already 69 years old and most GM’s are in their 40′s & 50′s . Not a long-term solution.2) Crennel back to DC. – Sounds good because he’s a wonderful DC but there has only been one instance in NFL history where a former HC accepted a coordinator position with the HC that replaced him and that was Gunther Cunningham with Dick Vermeil. Not likely to have that happen twice. Promoting Gibbs is more reasonable. Convince Cowher would be the better option in my opinion but no coach has won a Super Bowl on two different teams. However, Cowher is only 55 and there’s plenty of time to build the team his way. He has roots in KC as well. If nothing else, we’ll have a competitive, playoff bound team on a yearly basis again.3) Let Bowe walk. – don’t know if we can stop that one anyway. Trading is a two-way street. I don’t know if anybody is going to want to give a 2nd round pick for a player whose contract is for only another few months? We’d have to sign him to a long term deal first and then trade or accept a lower round draft pick or maybe there is some really stupid team out there willing to do that but I doubt it. I like the Matt Moore idea, Matt Flynn has a really high contract that we would struggle with. We’re in worse salary cap position than most people realize.4) Trade / Release Cassel. – Who in their right mind would want to spend $9 million / year on a mediocre backup QB? Cut him? Yes!5) Figure out secondary – Having Lewis back and healthy should help some. Otherwise, it is what it is until we can replace Routt. Routt might be a good nickel back.
    6) Clark Hunt begs fans to fill Arrowhead – Just put a strongly competitive team on the field with a fiery coach who knows what they’re doing and the problem solves itself.


    Please don’t take offense, but I gotta’ take exception with two points that you make, then perhaps I can add something to this conversation. First, you say that the Chiefs are not eliminated from a playoff berth, “not by a long shot”. That would be more like a “moon shot”. A 1-5 team has never made it to the playoffs, and to do it, the Chiefs would probably have to win 9 of 10. Yeah, right. You also say you believe Crennel is a defensive mastermind. I know that he is doing both jobs, but that was his choice, and a bad one. (Pioli should have never gone along with this).I don’t believe you can call anyone a great DC when you have been beaten by an average score of 17 points. And if you go back to last year, we gave up 89 points in our first three games. They played some good defense late, but for the most part we were average, at best. I do agree with your idea of moving up Gary Gibbs, and let Daboll do what he was brought here to do. I think that the biggest problem as to the coaching, they just don’t trust Cassel. Crennel has shown it time and time again. I just don’t see any changes within the current roster or management that will make any difference. The team has lost faith in the coaching and management, and the coaches have lost faith in a certain sector of the players.
    I’d blow it up. Right now! If I were Hunt I would make bold moves to bring back this fan base before we play another game. If I could get Marty to come in as GM, and get Cowher’s thoughts about coming back, that would be a start. No way would I ask Marty to coach again. And as far as Cowher, he would never coach for Pioli. If for no other reason than Cowher would want some say so in player procurement, and he would not get that with Pioli. I think that he and Marty could work together. I might also look at Brian Billick as HC. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a good track record with his former players. As for Bowe, if I can’t get a first round pick, he stays. Only way I let him go is if I get equal value. And that would be someone who just happens to be a QB. (Flynn?)
    Now, looking at the off-season, if I am Hunt, I have one priority. “Scott Pioli, (assuming he is still the GM) get me Geno Smith, at ANY COST! And Scott, don’t give me any crap about a DL. If you come out of that draft without Smith, clean out your desk”. With the exception of the 2000 Ravens (Trent Dilfer) and the 2002 Bucs (Rob Johnson) no team has won a Super Bowl in the last 15+ years without an elite QB. And both of those teams had superior defenses. And the NFL hadn’t changed the rules to benefit the passing game yet. Every Chief’s fan can remember the Todd Blackledge debacle. ( Oh, God, I’m getting sick to my stomach). I don’t even want to go into whom we passed on to get him. This where we have to have a GM that knows talent, and I believe that Marty does. Cowher took a rookie, albeit a really good one, (Ben Roethlisberger) and won a Super Bowl. He could do it with Smith. For what it’s worth, this is where i’d go.

  • badog

    I would call 3 a days. morning to review strategy, then go and rehearse for a few hours walking it out. Next 1/2 speed. then full speed recording all mistakes and kudo’s. Let them have 30 minute break. Then review and work on the bad points. After they showed some improvement then go to drills. HARD drills. Get them into shape and wear them down. Then do a full pad scrimmage…let me see what you learned. Let them eat a fit lunch at the stadium…no fat boy food…MRE’s… good for soldiers good for the players. During this time coach staff reviews films. submit changes. then 30 minute Class room by coach position …with a few “WTF you sleeping??? get up and drop for 10 push ups. now go stand at the back of the room.” They have it too easy these days. go back out and have section coaches work on skills and training after their lunch. At 3 pm they regroup and rework on the plays. Then another tough man work out. Then go full pads and finish with scrimmage. hopefully they learned. otherwise, next day same thing until they get it!. Then group dinner…MRE’s again.

    This is the real world, our soldiers do this everyday but bullets fly and bombs go off. When you have an under performing unit or a team that refuses to work together and become better…they go back to the basics.

    WAIT …..Is this an interview for the job?

    I would like SP job…but I know I could do circles around him and do a better job with the team. This is not corporate America…this is the NFL. Why is he not helping…why is he not leading? He is managing situatons. I would not be surprised that Romeo and other don’t actually have write up’s in their file…that leather chair and cocktails are just to good at 2pm. SP get down on the field be a tackle dummy or something…

    This is gladiator school. Not high school football during the off season. GET TOUGH GET MEAN and GET INTO SHAPE! These are high paid prima donna’s that need to remember what they trained for their entire life. They have the privilege to play and make the big bucks.

    OH YEAH….lets just release the WR wanna be to MIAMI. I remember a time when he could not catch shit! like 2 completions and 10 drops per game…. NOW he wants to point to his name during a losing game like he is the poo….grow up and go home Bowe-cesious

  • chiefgenz

    since the season is over, how about letting the players hump the cheerleaders on the 50 yard line

  • Iowaskcchiefsfan

    I’d work a trade with the Detroit Lions. DBowe for Sammie Hill, DT/NT/LDE, 6’4″, 330 lbs., and 2013 Draft Picks. We get an experienced 2-Gap DT, who has had success against double teams. In the last 2 years as a back-up, he had 80 tackles and 4 sacks.
    Trade with the 49′ers for Josh Johnson, QB, and cut or trade Brady Quinn.
    Promote either Gary Gibbs or Emmitt Thomas to DC and hire the appropreiate Position Coach.
    Fire Steve Smith Assistant OL Coach and hire Brian Waters as Assistant OL Coach.
    Hire Kelly Gregg as Assistant DL Coach.
    Try Glenn Dorsey at LDE, see if he does better against RT’s.
    Move Andy Studebaker to LILB. Andy’s skill set IMO would make him a very good LILB. With Andy’s coverage ability on the left side would allow Justin Houston to rush the QB more.
    Have Eric Berry and Abram Elam switch positions. Have Travis Daniels cover 2TE’s.
    Fire Scott Pioli and hire Marc Ross as GM.
    Trade Matt Cassel
    If we can’t draft Geno Smith outright, trade down to 8-10 and take Tyler Wilson and get more picks.
    2nd rnd Jordan Poyer CB
    2nd rnd (Det.) Eric Reid, S
    2nd rnd (trade down) Da’Rick Rodgers WR
    3rd rnd Shayne Skov , ILB
    3rd rnd (comp for Carr) Margus Hunt, DE
    4th rnd Landry Jones, QB
    4th rnd (Det) C.J Fiedorowicz TE
    4th rnd (trade own) Michah Hyde CB
    5th rnd Braxton Cave, C/G
    5th rnd (comp Orton) Sanders Commings CB/S
    6th rnd Craig Roh, DE
    6th rnd (comp Battle) Aaron Mellette, WR
    6th rnd Ray Ray Armstrong S
    7th rnd Mark Jackson