Scott Pioli Survives Another Day, Will Make Media Rounds

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pili avoided the carnage of firing that took place across the NFL yesterday and if his press schedule is any indication, he’ll survive today as well.

Things have gotten so bad in Kansas City that the man in charge is being forced to come out and address the public. The Chiefs are 1-5 when they were expected to contend for the AFC West championship. Now, it appears the only thing the team is competing for is the #1 pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Pioli has explaining to do. He has essentially failed in three really important areas.

1. QB
2. Head coach
3. Performance

Regardless of how much talent Pioli has packed on to the Chiefs roster, the talent isn’t performing. Whether that is because of the environment at Arrowhead, poor coaching, the lack of a leader/franchise QB or a combination of the three, the fact of the matter is that it is Pioli’s job to make sure the team wins.

And they aren’t winning.

A vocal group of fans are calling for Pioli’s head. Crennel’s too. There are even rumors that the Chiefs already have a list of potential candidates to replace Pioli. Things have gotten about as bad as they can get.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has evidently decided to give Pioli a little more time.

And so Pioli will make the media rounds today to face what will likely be a barrage of questions about his job security and failures.

Around lunch time the KC star will run an interview with Pioli. Around the same time he will appear live on 810 Sports and then later, he’ll be on The Big Show on 610 Sports between 3-6 p.m. Central.

Be sure to read/listen in and we’ll have notes and reaction right here on AA.

What do you think Pioli will say?

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  • chiefridgy

    what he always says…..blah blah blah….the right 53…..blah blah blah…we don’t talk about those things…blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Shannon Thompson

    Somehow I don’t have anything to say about this, I think my brain is numb and I have voiced my frustrations, now I guess its all wait and see . . . . I don’t care what happens, as long as whatever comes to pass helps improve every aspect of Arrowhead!

  • tm1946

    Stay the course and evaluate at the end of the year, expect anything else and you are living in a fantasy world of red and gold. What can he say different, “I am going to jump in the river to satisfy fans.”? Just wish one stinking media type would ask him – 4 seasons and 3 losing years, just what is the plan and when will it show itself?

    • yepidid

      This sounds a lot like the 2012 election, lol. Hey Obama andPioli have a lot in common.

  • Jay

    Hey Patrick, is there any site online we can listen to the 810 talk with Pioli?

    • Nicholas Abuhl

      Jay, if you have a smart phone try “tune in” radio. It has all your local stations along with stations across the nation/world. free applications. I use it to listen to the chiefs games at work on Sundays.

      • Chief Hokie

        I have that app, what station broadcasts the chiefs games? I tuned into 610 last week and they were covering the Ravens game.

        • Nicholas Abuhl

          Yeah I haven’t been able to listen to 610 for the chiefs games, on game day simply type in chiefs to search all the stations around broadcasting the game. usually the smaller local stations will, last week I picked one up out of Kansas.

  • ArrowFan

    If he was getting fired mid season it would have happen already.

  • Doc

    There is still planty of time to dismiss Pioli. Now is the perfect time, during the bye week. Pioli really has no function at this time of year other than scouting college players for next year’s draft. He may be reviewing contracts that will be coming due at the end of the season – but really, he has no value from now until Dec 30th. Dismissing him now allows a new (or interim) GM come in and learn the Chiefs culture. The new GM can also evaluate players to be prepared for contract negotiations. We still have a scouting department that can keep up with college players. As little disruption as possible to let him go now. Waiting until the end of the year, and possibly dismissing the HC, and players that may leave due to contract expiriations – that would be too much confusion to sort out before the draft and there is enough confusion running rampant in our Chiefs now. New ‘New England Way’ cannot work in KC – because we eat barbecue and not clam chowder.

  • Cody Davenport

    You cant blame Scott for everything that has happened. If Anything he is doing an OK job. He has brought plenty of talent to this team and no one seems to notice that. Every fan and even analysts had the chiefs picked for winnning the AFC west because of the talent he brought the team through the draft and free agency. There are 3 things on this article that people say Scott has some explaining to do; 1. QB 2. Head Coach 3. Performance. All of that can be explained very easily. 1. Scott believed Matt could be the next franchise QB, the only problem was that he was wrong but there are many reasons to believe that assumption. Matt did a good job that year he replaced Brady and in 2010 for the Chiefs. Now we are finding out that Cassel is inconsistent and is just a solid backup. 2. He picked Romeo because he saw the team rally behind him the last 3 games of last year, the only problem is that liking a coach and competing for that same coach can only take you so far. 3. Performance should not be something that Scott has to discuss with the public, that should be Romeo’s job and the fact that Romeo can’t figure out the problem of lack performance just shows he is not up to the task of being a head coach. Even though Todd Haley may have been a dick, the players would still fight to get better to impress him. What my dad taught me from his years of being a Navy instructor and camps is that you don’t want your men to like you, you want them to respect you. And out of that respect comes the hard-work and talent-level that we saw in 2010. I blame the lockout for Todd Haley’s firing and the fact that they didn’t push for a better coordinator. Just like Scott not fighting for a better head coach(I mean we had a shot at JEFF FISHER!) But in the end, I believe the best route for the Chiefs to succeed is that we fire Pioli because he will not take any risks that are necessary for a great football team and whoever replaces him keeps Crennel but at defensive coordinator because that is the best fit for him. He has now shown from this first 6 games and is his tenure at CLeveland that he is not a capable head coach. As for the QB situation we keep Matt Cassel but draft a new QB, hopefully Geno Smith because Matt Barkley has bust written all over him!

    • Chief Hokie

      I agree with you, except a) I think crennel would retire if he was forced to take a demotion, and b) I don’t want Cassel as our backup. We need to sever the relationship altogether. Maybe pick up a veteran qb to start the first half of next season and show the rookie qb the ropes. Maybe we could get Vick if philly cuts him loose.

  • Jeb_Pioli

    Pioli: *cough* *cough*…. *clears throat* “F–k you.”
    Media: Thank you so much!
    Clark Hunt: Thanks Uncle Scott, you are my idol.