Scott Pioli Speaks: Round 3

The last of Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli’s interviews aired this afternoon. This time it was 610 Sports Radio, playing an interview recorded earlier at Arrowhead.

On the team’s performance so far vs. the preseason expectations:

-I think a number of us felt we were heading in the right direction, put together a solid roster.

On the criticism he’s been facing:

-You understand when you take these jobs on there is criticism that comes with the territory.

-When there’s success, you’re never as smart as people say. When there’s failure, you’re never as bad.

-I’ve been a firm believer in criticizing the performance, not the performer.

-Ultimately I was brought in here to do a job and we’re still trying to get it done.

-It’s unhealthy to spend too much time wallowing and processing negativity.

-It’s a bottom line business. Whatever it is it isn’t good enough.

On whether or not fans know the real Scott Pioli and if he is too reserved:

-Part of that’s my fault from the standpoint that I’m a private person. I’m a lifelong lineman. I don’t like the spotlight. I don’t like to go out and try to sell who I am.

-This job isn’t about me. It’s about the coaches and the players. Mostly about the players.

-I’m Mia’s dad, that’s who I am. And I happen to be the general manager of the Chiefs.

-This is a passionate fanbase. The people before me were more visible.

-I’ve got to do a better job of that (being visible and accessible). It’s something that we’re working on.

On Romeo Crennel:

-I think Romeo’s doing a good job. Romeo came into this job last year with three games left. There’s been some dramatic change since then.

-This truthfully is a first-year coaching staff.

-He’s the last one in this office every single night. Nobody’s working harder than Romeo Crennel. He’s going to do everything he can to get this right.

-Romeo knows what the problems are. He knows exactly what they are and I think he’s being a good leader in shouldering them.


Romeo doesn’t choose who plays QB: Perception

-100 percent coaching decisions.

Chiefs don’t spend to the salary cap:

The reality is that we spend quite a bit of cash. That we spend cash and will continue to spend cash.

Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson or Matt Barkley:

I haven’t seen them all yet (seemed annoyed).


Well, the damage control tour is over. I’m not sure if today changes much in the eyes of the angry fanbase. I think we need to give Pioli credit for coming out and shouldering the blame.

What do you think, Addicts? Has your opinion of Pioli changed after today?

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  • chiefridgy


  • ilikeitheavy

    Not one bit. If anything its worse. Take your Patriot Way and shuvitupyerass.

  • boscocfh

    bullshit you havent seen all those QBS yet! He still wants cassel in there.

  • jerphelps

    Not at all. If Pioli has no say in who the starting QB is then why year after year is he telling the media that Cassel Will be the starter? I would think he would be starting to look for a franchise QB since this season isnt going to end well and he stated previously “We did not have a high enough draft pick to consider taking a QB”

  • Matt Dickson

    Wow, those are terrible trite and cliche statements… To make matters worse he defends Crennel’s coaching job and “seems annoyed” at the mention of the “big 3″ rookie QBs coming out.

    Damn, that just couldn’t look any worse to me.

    The only way I’m even SOMEWHAT ok with Pioli remaining here after this season’s over, is if Crennel is GONE and Cassel is REPLACED.

    Pioli’s interiviews today just made this whole situation more depressing… I’m really losing my mind over this.

    • Jonathan Aldridge

      hes not used to a team thats in need of some good players he was the pats gm with all the players in the world

  • Jonathan Aldridge


  • jimfromkc

    I wonder if he started out as a community activest. You know the type who go into the ghettos and blow smoke up everybodys rears who are dumb enough to believe it, You know like another liar that is trying to convince you that you have had the best 4 years of your life.

    • Danny W

      Oh you mean that one guy who called a terrorist attack on our ambassadors in Libya, and Egypt on 9/11 a protest that just went to far over a Youtube video? Yah it does kinda feel like they are one in the same.

      • Dfrey87

        I like how you two think lol

    • Dave in SD

      Actually Pioli sounds like someone who shut companies down for profit, keeps offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, Thinks he should pay less taxes then a teacher, flip flops on issues, politicizes tragedies without information, thinks he should tell women what to do with their bodies, wears magic underwear and believes Jesus lives in space.

  • ArrowFan

    If he can get a first round pick for Bowe then I might be impressed for a while, or until he doesn’t use it on a QB.

  • sidibe

    I’m very disappointed. I was hopeful of a dramatic shakeup: his or RAC’s firing or both.
    This organization is a trainwreck. We have no QB; the fan morale is 0; strating RT chastising fans; star WR wanting out badly; an HC who does not inspire his team, has them ill prepared and seems over his head; a GM implicated in bizarre control-related behavior by an equally bizarre former HC.
    I am having a hard time thinking of someone letting the organization for which they were responsible getting to a point like this and being retained. So here we sit, riding another hopeless year out with only hope for offseason moves.