Report: Dwayne Bowe Wants Out Of Kansas City 'Badly'

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City “badly.”


This comes after an apparently inaccurate report that the Chiefs and Dolphins were trying to negotiate a trade for Bowe. Cole was speaking on a radio show in Florida and he mentioned that Bowe would be a likely target for the Dolphins. Somehow it got taken the wrong way and rumors started trickling out that there was a trade on the table.

Cole clarified:


I’m afraid there just isn’t a lot of good news out there for Chiefs fans this season. I’m getting weary just reporting all the negativity.

Can anyone really blame Bowe for wanting out of KC? He has no QB, the team won’t offer him a long-term deal and the organization is an absolute mess.

It would appear KC’s only hope of keeping Bowe long-term is if Scott Pioli is replaced and the new GM sees the value in having a stud WR. Otherwise…it doesn’t look too good.

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  • Jonathan Aldridge

    nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! hes are only developed wr

  • tm1946

    We were playing football for a while before Bowe, suspect we will be playing long after he is done the NFL. He is our best WR but that is because Pioli could not id a real WR using his magnificant brain.

  • Matthew Rose

    This season has gone from bad, to worse, to horrible, and now it is just downright depressing. The only thing that will make me feel better (and prove that the Hunts actually care about the team and fanbase) is to fire Pioli and/or move Crennel back to DC or fire him too.

  • Matt Finucane

    Wow. This is really sad.

  • JCC1962

    I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been posted before, but fact of the matter is that 4 years ago Pee Holi came in & tried to make KC = NE West. At the time, we were so glad to get Cassell because the Donkeys were also in the running for him. Hinsight 20/20, we were fools. KC is KC, not some other team. 4 years now wasted. Can you really blame Bowe? All this idiocy about candy wrappers & the “right 53″ is silly. Pee Holi should have picked up the candy wrapper himself, by God, I’m sure he makes a helluva lot more than the “scared to be fired janitors” at Arrowhead. Just sayin’, apparently the atmosphere at Arrowhead sucks & that will carry over to us fans not showing. This from a West Palm Beach, Florida fan that has travelled to Arrowhead in the past. Makes me want to remove my car emblems & even tattoo at this point. LH is revolving in his grave like a skewered pig at Zarda’s!

  • chiefs4life

    He is worth a high number one draft pick. Our number one pick will be used for a QB and the other high number one pick used on the best wide receiver. This only happens if we get rid of crapoli.

    • Chief Hokie

      Nah there is no way anyone would give up a first for Bowe. Not gonna happen. If we could get a second that would be great, but i’m not even sure we could get that.

  • metalchief

    i say let him go…i don’t want to, but you can’t keep a player where he doesn’t what to be. besides according to the free agent pool is deep in wr talent.
    heres the list: Danny Amendola, Devin Aromashodu, Rames Barden, Joshua Cribbs, Victor Cruz, Donald Driver, Braylon Edwards, Brandon Gribson, Ted Ginn Jr., Devery Henderson, Greg Jennings, Johnny Knox, Randy Moss, Jordan Norwood, Courtney Roby, Chaz Schilens, Jerome Simpson, Steve E. Smith, Brandon Stokley, Devin Thomas, Wes Welker.
    or could draft another WR in the draft with the 1st and 2nd round picks we get for bowe.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Since Paddy decided his Bowe post was better than mine (-: I’ll repeat what I said in there.

    Bowe is gone guys, it happened as soon as they franchised him. I don’t care if they hire bowe’s own grandmother as the GM, the DBowe Show isn’t going to turn down hitting the open market to resign in a small market with no QB to get him the ball and no media attention when he does. Once he hits the open market any team that even comes close to KCs offer that has a better QB or bigger media market then he’s gone. The only way to keep him would be to drastically over pay and despite his freakish talent he isn’t worth over paying for with his incosist

    • Lyle Graversen

      Inconsistent play, poor routes, and lack of separation.

      I say if they could find someone to give them a 2nd rounder then do it. It’s not like we’re winning anything this year and mark my words, he isn’t resigning with KC.

      • tm1946

        Lost the thought, we still talking Bowe or have we switched Baldwin…..inconsistent play, poor routes, and lack of separation… speed (my addition)

        • Lyle Graversen

          I actually think Baldwin is just a less developed Bowe. They’re actually really similar. If Haley was still here and Jones hadn’t broken Baldwins hand I bet Baldwin would be Bowe Jr. by now.

          • Chiefswatch

            Its hard to tell who is talented at receiver when nobody is throwing them the ball. Look at Steve Breaston, we would never know his talent if he wasn’t first on a team with a hall of famer.

          • Lyle Graversen

            Look, a HUGE part of the passing game’s failure lies in the horrible QB play, no question. REAL QBs can throw their WRs open. Lead them, hit them in stride even if they are covered.

            That having been said, I really feel like our WRs don’t get open like other good WRs do. Good WRs can get open even if they have a guy on them. It seems like our WRs either are left open (not Bowe usually) or have to fight for a ball. YES, a lot of the time they are fighting for it because the QB threw a lame duck pass, but sometimes its because they are running lazy routes. My hope is that a new QB that the WRs had faith in would cause them to work harder on those things.

          • sidibe

            And a coach who can motivate them.

          • Doc

            Having a bad QB may have contributed to the lazy route running because they know Cassel will throw a wobbling pass, or too high, or too short – so they have to make up as best they can for his deficencies (sp). If we had a QB that could his our WRs in stride, they would be better. Cassel does not have the arm strength, so our WRs cannot stretch the field, so why should they run all out?

          • Doc

            I agree, Baldwin is a Bowe Jr and if he had not had that rookie mentality to take on the veterans (but then again, maybe he said what should have been said in the locker oom). I believe Baldwin has better hands, faster speed, and can leap higher. Look what he did in pre-season. He has a mental block (and anyone else would too) because he was producing in the pre-season while Bowe was out, then when Bowe signed he went to the bench. Anyone would have a problem with that and Baldwin has shown he has that attitude.

          • tm1946

            I tend to talk in absolutes so may not sound all that accurate. Also I have little knowledge about WRs requirements for this current version of the Chiefs. But I have consistently heard from alleged insiders, Baldwin is big, and has good hands and can outjump any any DB in the entire NFL. I also heard he is undisciplined in routes, as does not run routes. If Cassel is throwing to him, just toss it high and hope he decides to be in the general area of the football – supposedly this is fixable but Haley gave up on trying. Lastly, Baldwin cannot stretch the field, he does not have that kind of speed. He can run circles around you and i but CB can stay with him, thus he does not get separation. He can learn technics to get separation but not pure speed.

            How much is true or not, got me, but it seems to be what we see on the field right now.

      • Doc

        I agree, time to face the fact that the DBowe show is leaving town on the first train he can hook his wagon too. I expect he will take any offer just to get out of KC next year. So why not play it smart and trade him while he has trade value? Oh wait….. we have Pioli still in charge of making that decision.

  • Chiefswatch

    Every negative thing coming out of KC is making me smile. More ammo for the fire squad aimed at Pioli. Keep bringing it I say.

    • AKChieffan

      I just said the same thing in another article.

  • Chiefsfan56429

    What if pioli is attempting to trade bowe and gain picks to take a top 10 or 5 QB? doesn’t seem so dumb then. Baldwin had played amazing all preseason but then shut out come regular season. I would rather pay for a franchise QB at a far less cost and use that other money so sign players that are due like Albert or Dustin…

    • Danny W

      I would get that if we were 2-2 and competitive in some games, but we aren’t. We’ve been beaten by 16 points or more in most of our games the other we won in overtime against the 32nd ranked defense in the league. The arrow is pointing down in arrowhead which means that we should draft high anyway. I would like multiple first round draft picks but would rather a veteran wideout for a rookie to throw to.

  • AKChieffan

    Just another debacle and casualty of Pioli….Hmmmmm, Clarke Hunt where do you go from here?

  • ArrowFan

    Bowe is already gone guys we knew this going into the season. It is a shame, he would easily become the best WR in Chiefs history if he stuck around a few more years.

  • Danny W

    I’ve got an idea! Lets see if we can’t deal our best receiver, and that way we can go from 1-4 to 1-15 and have a high first round pick and two second round picks! That’s all they will get for Bowe, because it’s all he asked for T Gonz! This is so stupid the Chiefs just continue to wreck.

    • Lyle Graversen

      But I’m telling you, Bowe is gone after this season anyway. Why not get something for him?

      • Danny W

        He’s worth more than a second round pick. He should be hitting his prime.

        • Lyle Graversen

          Again, his value isn’t just about his talent, its about the time left on his deal. No one is going to give KC a 1st rounder if they know Bowe isn’t going to resign in KC. The Chiefs don’t have any leverage to get that high of a pick. Since the team trading for him may not even be able to guarantee that they’ll keep him after this season (he may still want to test the open market) KC will probably have problems finding anyone to give them a 2nd.

          • Danny W

            Why not use the franchise tag as leverage?

          • chiefridgy


          • Dfrey87

            Yes absolutely danny we do have the leverage of the franchise tag. But even still i think were only looking at a high 2 but that can be used as trade bait to move if we win more games than we should and have to move up.

          • chiefridgy

            No way kc has a problem getting a 2nd rounder….bowe is a beast and with a real qb throwing to him he would b ridiculous….I think kc could get a 1st round pick no problem.

      • Danny W

        We get a first rounder and I have no problems with that trade, but if you remember that sucker of GM took a second rounder in the next years draft instead of that current year. What a hack.

  • Jeremy Hart

    ok everyone that thinks we are gonna get a first round pick for bowe is nuts… i would be surprised if we get a high second rounder for him bc it just doesnt make since for a team to trade for him when he has only 10 more games on his contract they can just wait til the end of the season and sign him as a free agent. and after a horrible year his stock will drop a bit and they could get him for a better price.. I think as chiefs fans we should be lucky to get anything for him at this point..

  • Chief Hokie

    Take me with you Bowe

  • Anna Irene Mendoza

    Pioli is happy with the average team. He is so convinced that any one position is no more important then another position. That they all have equal importance he will never go out of his way for the great when he can get the average more affordably. Personally I dont think he is even going to have plans to draft a QB in the first couple rounds otherwise he wouldnt have sounded so annoyed. His Competition for Cassel in Quinn was a farce. Even after the last 2 miserable years he wont admit that there needs to be change. Instead he puts the loses on ALL of the team. Which it partially is the entire team, but when over half those turn overs come from your QB then you have a more centralized obvious problem that Pioli is failing to see. I am not sure why Hunt hasn’t fired the man yet, other then he just doesn’t want to do anything mid season like last year. I guess what I am really saying is that its no surprise they wouldn’t want to give Bowe a long term deal. Its no surprise that Bowe wants to leave. If they did get a top pick for Bowe it would be no surprise if he used it to draft a lineman of sorts. My hopes are drowned in football misery. I blame Scott Pioli. Crennel never stood a chance at having a good team this year. Haley just plain gave up last year.

  • Jarrod Field

    Let Bowe go for a decent QB trade and a 2nd round pick. Baldwin, Breaston and McCluster are all capable at 1, 2 and 3. Bowe’s great, sure, sometimes. He’s inconsistent at best and seems to be getting lazy; maybe it’s just his bad attitude. Regardless, get what value we can and ship his butt out.

  • KCtitleist11

    losing our #1 wide receiver would be devastating. i say he holds out into the season if we franchise tag him again next year.