January 09, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt (left), new head coach Romeo Crennel (center) and general manager Scott Pioli speak during to media at the Kansas City Chiefs practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Dear Clark Hunt, This Is What People Think Of Your Business

Dear Clark Hunt,

As I hope you know by now, fans of your team are fed up. Many believe that you don’t care as long as you are making a profit. That may or may not be true. Time will tell and your actions (or lack there of) over the coming weeks will speak volumes to those of us that live and die by this team.

If you do truly care about the product you are putting out and the feelings of the fans that support your team with their time, money, and passion you won’t need any more motivation to make some changes. However, if you are only driven by the almighty dollar, as your detractors say, here is a little added incentive for you.

While you may always have the big fat check from the NFL TV contracts, my guess is that a successful business man like yourself understands that in order to make as much money as possible on a product, that product must have a positive public perception. Otherwise, not only will local ticket sales tail off, but the money that comes in via merchandising, advertising, sponsorships, etc. will also suffer.

With that in mind I’d like to draw your attention to what the national perception of your team is. Here is a collection of comments, rankings, and observations from various national media members that have all come out in the past few days. This is what the country now thinks of your multi-million dollar company.

Gregg Rosenthal – NFL.com
“Seventy-nine teams have started 1-5 since the NFL’s new playoff format began in 1990. None of them have made the playoffs. The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs are not the team that is going to break this streak………..It’s not just about the 1-5 record. It’s how the Chiefs have lost, by 28 points to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 18 points to the Buffalo Bills and 17 points to the San Diego Chargers. They aren’t competitive against mediocre teams…………Pioli is highly unlikely to change head coaches again if he sticks around. So this is more about chairman Clark Hunt. The Chiefs want to be a stable franchise. We sense Hunt would like to show patience with Pioli. The rest of this season is about Pioli’s future. If the Chiefs remain a dumpster fire and finish with just a few wins, it will be hard to keep Pioli around.”

NFL.com Power Rankings:
Ranked #32
This is getting ugly very, very fast. Brady Quinn continued the underwhelming quarterback play, which isn’t surprising. What is surprising is how the defense has been getting torched this season. Tampa Bay produced 463 yards of offense despite only having the ball for 26 minutes. That speaks to lots of big plays or “chunk” yardage, like Mike Williams’ 62-yard touchdown catch. Or another 62-yard grab by Tiquan Underwood (Tiquan Underwood?!). Or Doug Martin’s 42-yard catch-and-run. Take your pick. Oh, and on the subject of picks, the Chiefs aren’t getting enough of those, either — at least not enough to make up for all the yards allowed.”

ESPN Power Rankings:
Ranked #32
The wheels have come off, and it doesn’t matter who the starting quarterback is.”

ESPN’s Bill Williamson (AFC West Blogger) reacting to Power Rankings:
His range for KC (31-32)
The film doesn’t lie. The Chiefs are awful right now. This ranking won’t make the team’s beleaguered fans any happier.”

Yahoo! Sports Power Rankings:
Ranked #31
“The banner people got their wish, and you’re not going to believe this, but Brady Quinn playing in place of Matt Cassel did not magically solve all the Chiefs problems. I know, I was surprised, too. The Chiefs are off this coming week, and then come back to the face the Raiders, renewing a rivalry every bit as exciting as the one between Jacksonville and Tennessee.”

Yahoo’s Michael Silver:
While Pioli has failed at building a strong organization, he has succeeded in helping Hunt save tens of millions of dollars over the past few seasons by taking advantage of the uncapped year (and other CBA-related nuances) to penny-pinch on payroll. If and when Pioli does sign an extension, that will be the real reason why.”

Pro Football Talk Power Rankings (done by alleged Pioli buddy Mike Florio)
Ranked #32
With the first pick in the 2013 draft . . . .”

Doug Tucker, AP and Yahoo! Sports:
“Six weeks after launching the season with quiet hopes of winning the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs have staggered into their bye week 1-5. It’s not just any old 1-5. It’s an ugly 1-5. Every loss but one has been a blowout. The offense has not scored a touchdown in the last eight quarters. Their lone victory came on an overtime field goal in New Orleans. Not once has Kansas City been ahead on the scoreboard when the ball was snapped.

Clark Judge, CBSSports.com:
Romeo, Romeo, where aren’t thou? At the bottom of the heap, that’s where.”

Jen Floyd Engel, Fox Sports:
“As it turns out, Brady is that good. He and coach Bill Belichick are why the Patriots have been so good for so long. This does not qualify as earth-shattering or soul-crushing news unless, of course, you are the Kansas City Chiefs (or more succinctly, their fans) and you bought into this idea that Scott Pioli was really why New England won, was the genius behind the genius and was going to bring “The Patriot Way” to KC once he was hired as general manager………This is how Pioli ended up in KC, where he has proven himself not to be a genius or really even very good at his job. This is his fault, kind of, insomuch as he has been unable to land himself another Brady. Nothing can take away from Pioli’s obvious role in all of those Super Bowl rings and years of success in New England. He played a part for sure. As we watch this ugly train wreck go down in Kansas City, let us also remember the absurd amount of luck that came in finding Brady.”

Are you getting the picture, Clark? These aren’t just comments about a team losing, many of them are actually mocking your team for how bad they are.

Do you see what has happened to the national perception of your business? You have a bigger problem than just some fans cheering your injured QB or griping about the team on a blog. The value of your franchise is starting to decline because EVERYONE now sees that the quality of this organization is suffering. Not just a little, but so much that the Kansas City Chiefs are becoming a national punch line.

Sadly, the bad perception of your organization may run even deeper than the fans and the national media. Ask yourself this, Clark, why wouldn’t Peyton Manning even consider talking to your team about coming to KC? Why wouldn’t Jeff Fisher even interview for a coaching position with the Chiefs? It seems that the NFL’s best and brightest don’t think much of this business that you are running either.

It’s time to step up, Clark. I don’t care if you do it for fans like me who live and die with every win and loss, for your own bottom line, or just because you have a big ego and don’t want to be associated with losing and made fun of. The point is that there is NO sensible reason to just stay the course right now. This course is one that is running your biggest money maker into the ground.

It’s time to fire Scott Pioli and get this team headed in a new direction.

That’s not just fan rhetoric, Clark, it’s also good business.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • boscocfh

    sorry but if you think clark reads any of their stuff or yours your sadly mistaken. He is rich and dosent care. I think his daddy would be slapping the shit out of him right now. Until his bank account is affected he wont do a thing. I think the team needs to play a home game to an empty stadium one time. That might help get his attention. But as long as fans buy tickets and merch and he still has the sponserships he wont do a thing. We as fans have to affect his money cause thats all the man cares about.

    • chiefridgy

      Wouldn’t that send a strong message….and empty stadium…I wish that could become a reality for just one weekend….clark would freak the f out

      • ArrowFan

        Not a completly empty stadium we need at least one guy holding a sign that reads fire Pioli.

    • Lyle Graversen

      First, I realize that Hunt likely will never see this, it doesn’t change the message. The point is that if the Chiefs are a national laughing stock, eventually ticket, merchandise, advertising, sponsorship dollars will all go down. Don’t you think teams like Green Bay are making more money in those areas right now? Meaning that eventually firing Pioli has to be the right thing to do for both the product on the field and his precious bottom line.

      • boscocfh

        Oh i know more than most about the team being a laughing stock. I live in Indiana and i go to one game a year at arrowhead and im tired of going and watching a loss. But when i tell people around here im a chiefs fan they laugh and tell me they are sorry for me. Im tired of that and it makes me mad. Out of the last three years of games ive been to the road games are the only ones ive seen them win. The ticket sales have been going down for the past few years. The stadium seems to only be 3/4 to 1/2 full for most games now. Yes i agree about the firing Pioli thing. If they do fire him who ever clarky poo hires will have their work cut out for them.

  • tm1946

    Got to say – it has been a really great day for two of us in KC. Scotty because he said things are good, trust us, we got it right with Cassel and Crennel and butts are in the seats and THE LOCAL MEDIA GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND GAVE THANKS.
    The other person is ME. A truely great day. Have not laughed so much in a long time. The fans (and myself) are stupid and would buy crap from the Hunt Chiefs if Pioli put it out there, in fact, we do, don’t we? hahahahahahahaha…..almost forgot – go chiefs, hahahaha

    • Lyle Graversen

      Sorry if you’re looking for some kind of a pat on the back for seeing through Pioli’s lame PR 101 statements, I think you’ll actually find that most people now feel the same way. I still say “go chiefs” because despite my extreme frustration with how things are going right now the chiefs are still my team and I want to see them fix this mess. If that’s funny to you then I guess yuck it up all you want. Whatever makes you feel better.

    • AKChieffan

      I do believe everyone is a fan and want the team to win. We show it in different ways. Because you are speaking about the fustrations with Pioli his job is being watch and studied and critqued. I don’t always agree with what people write, but I do believe these comments do matter. AA reads the comments in which fans talk about and looks into them and writes articles about the good points fans have brought up. From AA to the KC Star, then to national stage. Pioli job is on the line because the fans have brought his name up on this site. I believe my comments are heard and made/make a difference. You plant a seed of change by sharing a view point, even if you think a fan is just busting the same rock 500 others did. Lighten up. We all want the Chiefs to win, your comments make a difference as does someone you don’t agree with. Thanks you both for voicing your opinions.

  • Chiefswatch

    Awesome article man, and it really is showing what is going around. We rarely get national attention but lately we have and it is all bad. The power rankings having the Chiefs at 32 are the best I could have wished for. No way this is all escaping Hunt, but the real question is what does he think? Does he really not care about the perception that he is a miser or does not in the least care about the fans? I mean this is a guy that lives in Dallas, and unlike his dad doesn’t have the emotional investment in the Chiefs or the NFL for that matter. I am not holding my breath for a Pioli firing though.

  • AKChieffan

    I just posted this on Pioli #2, could help myself with guy leaderless guy. I think its a better fit for this article. Four years of decision making about the draft, and comes up three names. Really how many did you draft? What is the precentage of players that became impact players? Should he have even put in Jackson name in that basket?
    What is the real problem here, I (Pioli) have an ego that I need to feed, so I don’t make mistakes. The team really isn’t that bad. Does he really believe that? Clarke Hunt, hmmmmm, I totally will loose respect for you if you continue to buy into the ego of Pioli and lack of leadership. Leadership doesn’t mean telling people what to do, but recognizing the direction isn’t working and going a different way. Not only going a different direction, but getting those who you employ to believe in the new direction you’re taking them. Simple men and women understand this, why can’t someone whom is getting paid millions understand such an easy philosophy?

  • ArrowFan

    One would think that are 2-14 year would have been the low point. Herm has got to be loving this.

  • jimfromkc

    First I would like to say that it is nice to see even the Kool aiders coming around to what I have been preaching for 4 years. The Patriot way is not the Chief’s way. I also would like to say that I don’t think it is really that much of a chore to get the Chiefs on track again.The first thing that needs done is to give an honest evaluation of each player. Arrowhead has hyped up these players to the point that people think this team is full of potential pro bowlers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We have a team of average to below average players. Most are not complete players and can only be used in certain situations. We can thank Crennel for that because he believes in packages for different situations. Dorsey and Jackson are next to worthless in rushing the passer. So you have to put a sub package in to get some push. It has been quoted on this and other blogs that it takes 3 years for a defensive lineman to play in the NFL. When I showed that other DE’s came in and played well in their first year, I was ignored. We should draft a player who is an every down player and forget all the bull crap. We should also go to the 43 because you don’t have to have specialized players to play it. Just good big fast tough guys who love to play defensive football.

  • http://www.facebook.com/msannairene Anna Irene Mendoza

    I know they make money on Parking, but I would go to tail gate then just refuse to enter the stadium as the game starts. Stand in the parking lot with signs. I think that would be more respectful then blacking out the stadium in Raider Black. Which I hate the Raiders so would most likely NEVER be willing to do.

  • Jim

    As a businessman, the only way to hit Hunt where it hurts is his pockets. Quit going to the games. Don’t buy tickets, let him lose money in concessions, and quit buying the jerseys of all the losers on the team. When Clark sees his bank account drying up, then, and ONLY then, will he be inspired to change anything. I love my Chiefs, but am way too smart to invest (buy tickets) in a down-and-out team with an owner and GM who live in fantasy land. The only people buying tickets, supporting Clark and Scott, and the losers on the field are the truly stupid.

  • lost in missouri1

    put some money into the team.not in your pocket,from a want to be fan!!to all u chief fans dream on……