Cassel: Kansas City Is A Great Place To Play

Kansas City Chiefs QB spoke to the media yesterday for the first time since suffering a concussion at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens a couple of weeks ago.

A whole lot has happened since we heard from Cassel.

By now you know the story. A few jerks booed when they saw Cassel was injured, RT Eric Winston over-reacted and called out all Chiefs fans in a rant in front of the media. The national media, as they are wont to do, jumped all over the story like a pack of rabid dogs fighting over some roadkill. Media members who so often take the low road used the incident as an opportunity jump up onto the high road, soapbox in hand, so they could bash the good people of Kansas City. After the fans pushed back, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt released a statement defense of Chiefs fans, though by then it was too late.

Through it all, Cassel was silent.

Until now.

“I’m not really going to speak to what happened last week,” said Cassel, via the KC Star. “All I’ll say is, look, I live here year round. I’ve had nothing but support from the people in Kansas City, from the people we’ve met, my wife has met and my children go to school with. The fact of the matter is, Kansas City is a great place to play. We have a passionate fan base. I’m sure that they’re frustrated. We’re frustrated as well. But we’re working and doing everything in our power to get it corrected and moving in the right direction.”

Everyone involved in this situation, from the fans to Winston and the media, should take a page out of Matt Cassel’s book. Here is a guy that is under a lot of heat in KC. His play has been poor. He’s had to endure tons of criticism, some fair, some not. The day Cassel got injured, a group of fans paid to fly a banner over the stadium calling for him to be benched. He’s taken it all in stride and handled it with class and professionalism.

I sure wish Matt Cassel was the QB the Chiefs needed. It’s unfortunate that it hasn’t worked out.

But off the field, Cassel appears to be a first-class human being.

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  • Aaron

    Seriously cannot fault the guy for how he’s handled all of this. It’s a damn shame he doesn’t have more talent because we need a guy that can stay out of trouble (see Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick) and knows how to keep things in perspective.

  • chiefridgy

    He’s a first rate backup….Great attitude tho

  • ArrowFan

    Should tipped balls be considered fumbles?

    • iagree

      yes or just be called tips;make a new stat [like a DB has deflections] and counted towards the receiver.

      • iagree

        after the ball hits your hands, it’s now on YOU.

        • micah stephenson

          Hands or helmet. One pass hit Bowe in the face and bounced up n the air to the enemy.

          • Jarrod Field

            That’s because bowe is a lazy cry baby who doesn’t want to work. I hope he’s gone next year along with Cassel and Pioli.

    • Dave in SD

      If you throw into triple coverage while another receiver is running open then the QB is at fault. If you throw behind a player and while reaching back they tip the ball into the defender it is the QB’s fault. If you throw a fastball when you should be throwing a touch pass then it’s the QB’s fault. He is the 33rd ranked QB out of 32. Even with all the excuses for him where does that put him in the rankings?

      • ArrowFan

        I’m not defending anyone I’m just saying INT stats don’t taking into account things out of the control of the QB. Look at Brady’s two picks last week where they his fault should he be credited with the pick six or should it have been a fumble?

  • Doc

    I don’t think anyone has ever said Matt was not a great guy. He just does not have the skill set to compete as QB in the NFL. That is not indication of him as a person or his multitude of other abilities. His ledership on the field is in question IMO because I see too many times that he goes to the bench and sits by himself instead of trying to encourage his offensive players. This was something I noticed in the brief appearances of Orton last year and Quinn this past Sunday. There are some skills that are needed to be an NFL QB (accuracy, quick reads, leader of the team, decisive) and I just am not seeing this in Matt. Does not mean he is a bad person at all – just the QB KC needs right now.

  • Jarrod Field

    I’ve never thought anything poor of Cassel as a person, and certainly never hoped for him to get hurt. I’ve said many times to family / friends on Sunday’s that the guy tries…but it’s just not enough. I’ve always liked his heart, but he’s just not starting QB material; he’s not even great back-up material. Sorry Matt, you’re a nice guy but us fans are ready for a nice guy who is a winner.

  • Jophus

    Cassel’s stats would be so much better if his receivers would quit playing volleyball. Local sports radio pointed out that he’s thrown 4 direct interceptions and the rest have been deflected by the receivers. We’ve martyred this man who has no one around him to play ball. Maybe that’s why he always dumps the ball in the flats…our running backs are better receivers than our actual receivers. We can’t blame Matt for the entire team’s ineptitude.