Scott Pioli Firing Rumors Heating Up

Could Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli be unemployed by the end of the day?

The NFL Grim Reaper is making the rounds today and so far it has been a bloodbath.

The Philadelphia Eagles kicked things off by firing their defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Next, just about an hour after the news broke that his purchase of the Cleveland Brows was approved, new owner Jimmy Haslam canned team president Mike Holmgren and hired a new CEO/president by the name of Joe Banner.

Will Pioli be next?

The Chiefs are on their Bye Week and the season is clearly lost. If Clark Hunt decides he wants to make a move during the season, now is the time for him to do it.

And the rumors are beginning to fly:

Yesterday former Chief Bill Mass told Bob Fescore of 610 Sports Radio that he expected Pioli to be fired this week.

Then we got this:



To be fair, these could be nothing more than guesses. It doesn’t take an inside source to realize that Pioli’s job could be in danger.

Still, is Clark Hunt the type of owner who would pull the trigger mid-season?

We may find out by the end of the day. Stay tuned.

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  • chiefridgy

    Dear baby Jesus….could u help Clark hunt find his jewels so he can fire egoli

    • Patrick Allen

      Ricky Bobby references also get an up vote.

      • big chief

        One of you turds is about to get slapped!

    • Chief Hokie

      If you’re not first you’re last!

  • Steve Weathers

    He needs to be. Get a jump start on next season now

    • DoubleD

      I agree. Time is awasting. Makes no sense to wait until the end of the season. What would doing that buy you?

  • Arthur Guy


    • Patrick Allen

      Mortal Combat references always get an up vote on this site.

      • Chiefswatch


    • Sub_Zero


  • redchiefs

    Clark needs to do the right thing, can Pioli today!

  • metalchief

    OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!!!

  • KCinTX

    I don’t trust Clark or the fans. The fans (including myself) were screaming for the hiring of Pioli and Clark gave them what they wanted. Now the same fans are screaming for Pioli to be let go. Will Clark give them what they want yet again? I don’t like the direction this organization is headed under Pioli. But no direction at all is just endless wandering. I live in Houston and have seen the Texans owner struggle with standing behind his head coach and GM. The same fans that so desperately wanted them gone are now praising them. Change is not always a good thing. Just saying.

    • PGA GM

      Exactly! Well said!

    • ThisGuyRocks

      When Pioli was hired as GM, no one knew who exactly built the dynasty in New England. Every team was salavating at possibly getting the Patriot mastermind Scott Pioli. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Pioli’s doing and the Chiefs just happened to be the team that had to figure that out. When he was hired, it was great. Now that everyone knows it wasn’t him that built New England, he needs to go. It is obvious he cashed in on the success of Belichick.

  • ArrowFan

    I think Clark is pissed about Manning dissing his personal invite during the off season. Manning didn’t even sniff KC I wonder why!

  • lowedownkc

    Its marty ball time!!!

  • Derek Hetu

    This season has been horrendous no doubt, but to say the season is lost in opinion is just not true yet. The first place team in this division is 3 – 3. The play on the field thus far does not give much hope, but I just cant agree with that statement when the first and second place teams are 2 games up and have been erratic to say the least. Lot of division play left and a lot of tough games ahead for the guys ahead of us in the standings. Trust me I dont have much hope that a miraculous change is upon us, but it is not lost yet. Close though.

    • Chief Hokie

      I’m in this line of thinking as well, however it’s really hard to see a scenario working out where the QB–less chiefs overtake Manning or Rivers.

    • Chiefswatch

      Seeing as how we are not competitive and there is no hope of getting a good QB I think its safe to say it is lost. Never mind the stats saying 1-5 teams historically do shit, you have to look at this team and say there is no hope because they simply suck. Nobody is expecting the browns to reel off a bunch of wins and make the playoffs, why would you think its possible with the Chiefs. So the season is indeed lost. Any wins will only jeopardize our future

  • vbchief

    Remember when Larry Johnson tweeted ” ego ego ego ” a couple years back. I wonder if he was referencing Pioli instead of todd haley like alot on here thought?

    • Jim Harper

      The only ego LJ ever recognized was his own!

    • sidibe

      LJ is a scumbag, but he has always been correct on his evaluations. He complained about Herm’s OC’s horrid play calling in the NYJ playoff loss; he complained about Haley. I think his judgement was on target, just a bit of an intolerable human being to boot.

  • Elijah John Toolen

    1-5 record at the bye week almost halfway through a hard scheduled season. The inability to play “good” football against some of the top teams in the NFL (Falcons, Ravens, Saints) with a roster as talented as the Chiefs indicates poor coaching and front office decisions. No better time than a bye to start cleaning house!

  • ArrowFan

    I’m not sure if firing anyone at this point helps the team but it sure would make me feel better as a frustrated fan who expected and wanted a better team. Take a look around the web KC is the biggest laughing stock this year the Jets make fun of us. The antics at the home games will only get worse if nothing is done.

  • Jarrod Field

    Fire him! Please!

  • ArrowFan

    Am I the only one search like nonstop for news that someone in KC has been let go?

    • Altarium

      Nope. I’ve spent a good chunk of my day at work browsing chiefs sites!

  • Jim Harper

    Holmgren might be a very good fit if he wants to continue in the league, and he certainly understands the importance of a franchise QB. I’m talking GM not HC.

    • Danny W

      There are rumors swirling that there are too many cooks in the kitchen out in Cleveland. I could see it.

    • KCMikeG

      Another Brown?? Really?? So we have progressed from the NE way to the Browns bumble? Lord help us all!

      • noway

        I agree! yikes On Holmgren,thats a horrible idea!

  • big chief

    Marty would be nice. If he was GM the Bill Cowher talk might possibly have some merit. They did coach together here. Let’s all hope. I think a Marty and Bill combo would be the first real hope we as fans have had in years.

  • Chiefswatch

    Clark should fire the piece of shit if only to save his own reputation. I wonder if he knows that because Pioli was his first GM most of the fan base have placed both of them into the same basket. . You cant reference the words “Chiefs” and “ego” without thinking of Clark and Pioli. You cant speak the words “Cheap” and “Chiefs” without thinking of Clark and Pioli. I see no separation. Clark would do himself a big favor firing him.

  • redchiefs

    He brought in a back up QB to be are starter, and paid him like he was the next Tom Brady(Cassel had one good year and has pretty much been mediocre or less the rest of the time) He let Brandon Carr go so as not to hurt Brandon Flowers feelings, Flowers and Carr came here together and were buds, I’d guess letting him go hurt his feelings more than if Carr got a bigger paycheck? (Carr signed for .1million more than Flowers contract was for, I mean, COME ON MAN, the dude was playing at a pro bowl level and you dont even try to resign him?) He failed to get Bowe on a long term contract (COME ON MAN) He signed Mr Sensitive Eric Winston (I still bet most of the cheering was either drunken Ravens fans, or Chiefs fans cheering Brady Quinn), he still hasnt addressed the Chiefs fans, (guess he doesnt feel and connect with the fans here, he let the HC and owner do that while he hid away in his office, Clark knows the fans and how passionate we are here, Pioli SHOULD have come out the next day at the latest and supported both Winston AND the 69,500 + fans who did not cheer Cassel’s injury, COME ON MAN!)
    Honestly, he has that nice smile that he shows the camera, but it looks like one of those smiles that turns evil once the camera lights go away. I dont know him personally, but his cheerfulness doesnt seem to be honest to me. I apologise to Pioli if I’m wrong, but that’s my honest impression that he just tolerates the media and the fans.

    • Chief Hokie

      Periods, who needs them?

  • chiefs4life

    I could have done as good as Scott. I could have taken millions from the chiefs. And had fans hate me. Who cares I would still be rich. That’s all pissoli did. Oh yeah, I could have done whatever I wanted and got away with Iran’s made Clark look stupid for never being around and having faith in me. Who needs a track record when people around you are awesome and you can ride their shirt tales. Hahaha FIRE HIM!!!!!!!

  • Jesse o

    Do we really want to get rid of Pioli? Really? Think about it.everyone loved him before the season began.why, because we all felt he brought in tons of talent the last few you feel differently now?I don’t.the talent is still there.did the majority of people feel Romeo was not the right fit to head coach our chiefs at the end of the regular season after finishing with a 2-1 record and a win over green bay? I didn’t.I think the reason comes down to Matt Cassel.but really can you blame him for picking Cassel up? He went 11-5 for the patriots and looked promising. If you were Pioli and realized Cassel was a bust wouldn’t you wasn’t to try and get as much of that 60 million back as you possibly could before you cut him. I personally think he’s brought in tons of talent to this roster.tell me this isn’t one of the most talented teams you’ve seen.we need to fix our head problems and hire a coach that has more HC experience then Romeo.then you’ll think he’s a genius again I promise.

  • IronHead71

    Dear Lord,
    It is my b-day today….please let Pioli either resign or get fired today and if it not too too much to ask…please get someone in here that will quickly turn this ship around.