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“We’re going to be a good team. But we can’t continue to stop ourselves.”

The Barber play encapsulates the most disappointing Chiefs season in a long time, if not ever. The Chiefs have a league-high 21 turnovers and many have been of the bizarre-bounce variety.

“I got hit on the play,” Quinn said. “I thought I put the ball in a good spot. I all of a sudden looked up and I saw him running.”

Though Quinn was making his first start since 2009 with the Browns, the Chiefs were confident of their ability to move the ball on the Bucs, who had won their opener against Carolina but had lost their last three games.

“I was real confident,” said running back Jamaal Charles, who ran for just 40 yards. “I don’t know what happened. Something just didn’t … I don’t know. Every time we do something good, it turns into something bad. I don’t know if we’ve got some spell on us or what.”

Before the game, CBS Sports reported he was offered an extension in August but hadn’t signed it yet — something a source close to the situation denied in no uncertain terms to The Star. Either way, extension or no, this is a bad look for Pioli. He is nearing the end of his contract as general manager of a team currently trucking toward another lost season, and owner Clark Hunt has apparently not spoken a word to him about an extension.

If you choose to believe the CBS report, it would be odd that it’s a two-year extension and that the buyout language wasn’t to Pioli’s liking. These types of deals are usually for four or five years, and a GM with his boss’ confidence shouldn’t be hung up on buyout language.

To recap: The Chiefs have lost four games by 16 points or more, must decide between a bad quarterback coming off a concussion or a worse quarterback who isn’t, and are surrounded by clown-show storylines like a right tackle going on a misguided rant against the fans and a GM who apparently has precious little support from the owner.

Once again, tipped balls doomed the Chiefs on Sunday in a 38-10 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Quarterback Brady Quinn, subbing for the injured Matt Cassel, was just as snakebit when it came to passes clanging off the hands of receivers and going straight to defensive players for interceptions.

“We tip it, and they catch it …,” bemoaned head coach Romeo Crennel.

No one’s quite sure what happened on a pass intended for McCluster in the third quarter on Sunday. The Chiefs were trailing 14-3 when Quinn, from the Tampa Bay 28, appeared to slip a pass between two defenders to McCluster for first-down yardage at the Buccaneers 22.

The Chiefs did not offer general manager Scott Pioli a contract extension, a source close to the situation said, contradicting a report on CBS prior to Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers.

Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt would not answer questions about Pioli’s contract.

“We don’t discuss people’s contracts publicly,” Hunt said after the game.

The source was emphatic that the Chiefs have had no discussions with Pioli regarding a contract extension. The Chiefs fell to 1-5 by losing 38-10 to the Bucs.

Clark Hunt isn’t stupid. Kansas City’s fan base is frustrated and motivated. A group of fans started a Twitter feed @saveourchiefs dedicated to getting Scott Pioli fired. In two weeks, the feed has amassed 73,000 followers. Last week the group flew a banner over Arrowhead Stadium demanding that Pioli be fired and Cassel be benched. They’re planning more activity for KC’s next home game on Oct. 28. (I donated $600 to their cause. I’m a Chiefs fan.)

Extending Pioli at this time would further motivate an already-active fan base. The fan base has taken to social media to educate local and national media about what has been going on with Chiefs football the last two decades and the lengthy list of errors Pioli has made in four years. They’re tired of reading the propaganda pumped out by Pioli’s partners in the mainstream media.

Don’t laugh at their desperation. Don’t harshly judge their missteps. You could be next.

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  • Spencer

    ehh, today is a sad day, if we lose to the raiders in 2 weeks the season is over, we will likely start another rebuilding process, we will we vamp the coaching staff-which at this point with how unprepared our offense is EVERY week might be a benefit, our wrs can’t catch a ball with velocity on it, they got used to catching Cassel’s lobs, than this year when he actually increased his arm strength and his zip, he learns that it;s actually made him worse, why? because his wrs can’t catch a ball with zip on it…this team, i dont even know what to say anymore, it looks talented at EVERY position but qb, but every position is to blame for every game we’ve lost so far, this team just looks….unlucky, cursed, meant to die an early death…the guy from saving private ryan who got shot in the helmet, bullet bounced off, he than takes off helmet and gets shot….

    • ArrowFan

      Spencer the season is already over there is no way this team is getting back into the AFC West race. Not unless Manning goes down and then a significant injury happens in SD as well. There is no way we are getting a wild card.

      • Spencer

        we can go 10 and 6 still, simple^^, if we lose to the raiders we will be forced to win 10 games in a row immediatly after losing after our bye week.., you can’t say something that is not true, we are easily still in the race…the problem? we can only lose 1 more game…2 more and we are out for sure, 10 and6 is still the way to go, we’ve only lost 1 division game, don’t say shit that isnt true lmao….it goes down to against the raiders, and even than if we win 10 games in a row we still have a chance to get to the playoffs

        • ArrowFan

          I just don’t see this team wining 9 out of 10

  • Tim T

    I didn’t think Quinn did too bad… I say give him a few more weeks and let him get back in the speed of the game. His passes were much better placed the majority of the time then cassel’s big lobs. I also liked his movement in the pocket better. Overall, I have no idea what the fix is, but lets not rule out Quinn just yet.

    • ArrowFan

      The pick six should be ruled a fumble by Mcluster not an INT.

    • tm1946

      I missed the point of this exercise. Aren’t we supposed to be concerned about winning a few game….or going to the playoffs….or superbowl appearance?
      Who cares is Quinn can recover a career that never existed in the first place?
      You do realize the Chiefs are the bottom of the NFL becasue they are not playing on much of an NFL approved level? Team sport, heard of that?
      Do not understand anyone finding anything worth considering as relevant with the current state of affairs (toss in Winstons comment also).

      • Tim T

        Actually, the point is this – we don’t have our franchise QB in Cassel and he has a 63mil contract. He’s making 6mil alone this year. We need to trade or dump him, keep a good backup (Quinn…) and move from there. Did you watch Quinn on the sidelines yesterday? I’ve NEVER seen Cassel crouch in front of the O-line and have a discussion with them like Quinn was doing. Give the guy a little more time and maybe that will turn into a chemistry. CLEARLY cassel has no chemistry with these guys and they are just in a rut. Putting a guy in who can get the job done, and has a personal interest in trying to get it done to prove he’s worth some $$ and wasn’t an NFL bust (aka Quinn) may just be the best situation for this O-line to get them out of the rut. Forget about that playoff or superbowl appearance this year, just like we had to suck it up during the ‘rebuilding years’ recently. Do you realize what it’s like to live in NJ outside of Philly and wear a red shirt on Friday and get laughed at for years and years? It sucks, but one of these years we’ll be in good shape… don’t know what else to say.

  • jimfromkcj

    A lot of the Cassel lovers are jumping in to say that Brady didn’t show enough to keep Cassel from starting. I am not a Brady lover, but as far as I am concerned, by just matching Cassel he has shown that he is much better than Cassel. Cassel has been the starter for 4 years against Brady not having ever started for the Chiefs and not starting for a couple of years. He impressed me by controlling the time and keeping the ball out of the Bucks hands without having much of a run game. So I think his upside is higher than Cassels, how much remains to be seen, but the only thing is, is that we won’t know unless he plays a couple more games.