Scott Pioli Offered 2-Year Extension, Says Report

There were rumors all week (none of them especially credible) that Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was offered a 2-year contract extension by Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

Now, there’s a credible source.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting that Hunt did indeed offer Pioli an extension. The deal has apparently not yet been signed by Pioli because of some of the language in the new deal.

From La Canfora:

According to my sources, he was offered a 2-year extension earlier this season by owner Clark Hunt. Nothing has been signed yet. Nothing has been agreed to. There’s some issues with language in there so we’ll see where that goes. But that in itself is a strong statement of loyalty from Clark Hunt at a time when the fans and the local media have been calling for the GM’s ouster. Both Pioli and the Chiefs declined to comment on this report.

Given how bad the Chiefs are at playing football this season, it is kind of mind-boggling that Pioli would be offered an extension. Still, Hunt has publicly been a big supporter of Pioli’s.

After today’s game, Pioli might want to hurry up and sign that deal before Hunt changes his mind.

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  • Chiefswatch

    Yea who knows when the offer was extended, may have been well before the disaster was officially declared. My guess is there is no way he extends that piece of shit now. There will be a legit revolt by the fans and many of them who do not live in KC like myself will simply move on. This is the worst Chiefs organization in the history of the team.

  • Bruce S

    Unbelievable. Let’s offer the GM of the worst team in the NFL an extension. Nothing would surprise me with this franchise which has become a laughing stock. The KC fans deserve better.

  • KCinTX

    Biggest slap in the face the fans have received from Clark Hunt thus far.

  • Jim Harper

    He should not be given a 2 DAY extension. We are in serious need of a house cleaning. Statistically Quinn had a bad day, but considering how poorly the offensive line played I liked what I saw. At least his balls were mostly on target. Play action was completely ineffective again due to poor offensive line play we could not run the ball, but I suppose because Pioli won’t cop to being wrong that Cassel will be back as soon as he is cleared. I have been a loyal fan for over 50 years and lots of ups and downs during that period, but this is too much to take. With all the obvious talent on this ball club and we can’t put at least a competitive product on the field? It’s absolutely criminal! I want change but I will be reasonable as long as I get it RIGHT NOW!

    • Bob

      yes indeed – many of us have been fans for many years – if they are too stubborn to spend the money on a qb (of a qb that did not come with them) then they may not have many fans

  • Matt Finucane

    One of my employees (dog walker) let a dog get away from him on Friday. Pup got hit by a truck, broken leg and internal bleeding.

    I was gonna fire him, but instead I’m gonna take a page from Lil Clarkie’s playbook and offer him a contract extension.

    • Danny W

      Were you been you big dummy?

      • Matt Finucane

        Trying to move on with my life and forget about this team. Can’t do it, unfortunately.

        • Danny W

          We need you. Hell, I need you. I’m a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being *near* you. I miss your laugh! I miss your scent.I miss your musk… When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together!

          Love you brother.

  • texchief09

    COME ON MAN!might not mean much in the big picture, but chiefs aren’t getting my 2-3 gs a year anymore.

  • tm1946

    I posted this before this article was posted when I heard it on NFL Today.
    Been thinking, If it happened, would there be a single individual season tickets holder for next year, corporate holders are doing it for a tax deduction? How little/un-important are the fans to the Hunt Chiefs?
    I just refuse to picture any senario where this team can stay in KC with Pioli, Crennel , coaches and players. So unless the Hunt Chiefs are moving this report cannot be true. And, yes, I posted it first.

    • Tim Weilert

      Matt Millen is breathing a huge sigh of relief. He is now the second worse GM ever. Thanks pussioli.

  • chiefridgy


  • David Capp

    Report on the Star’s website says no contract extension.

    • Danny W


  • nkcpl

    After the fiasco in Florida, how the hell could they even discuss extending the contract of this piece of crap. Unbelievable! Wake Up Hunt Family!!!

    • Bob

      time to wake up clarkie and smell the ticket holders leeeeeeavvvingggg

  • KCinTX

    Pioli is good at finding / evaluating player talent. He is awful at finding / evaluating Head coaching talent. Good at your job is not always not always equal to being a good leader. A leader must be willing and able to create his own path. When the road your on is blocked. Don’t drive into the obstruction, Go around as needed. Neither RCA or Haley have that characteristic. They always stay the course. Because neither would deviate from the chosen path. Both have led their team straight off the cliff.

    • Bob

      exactly, adapt, improvise, overcome

    • Bruce S

      So the only problem with this team is the coach? Pioli wasn’t very good at evaluating QB talent and this years draft was horrible.

    • DoubleD

      How on earth can anyone rationally conclude that “Pioli is good at find / evaluating player talent?” The team’s best players are all Herm guys! The absolute last thing I want Scott Pioli doing at this point is to oversee another offseason.

  • redchiefs

    2 more years of Matt Cassel project, the line still can’t block and keep the O on the field, they still can’t score. Good thing the D is trying

  • metalchief

    lamar hunt would be VERY disapoointed…..this whole out of a game by halftime absolute bull shit!!! i hav’nt watched the chiefs that long, (since 2007 at 12 yrs old) but this is by far the worst team i’ve ever seen step on the field. i mean in the 08 season, the chiefs lead games at times, they just had a problem with finishing them but they played with heart. this team here is flat and acts as though there’s no life in them….

  • ArrowFan

    I was thinking today how can we be as bad as we are? I’m sure everyone has there own answer CBS guys seem to think it is all just the QB.

  • ArrowFan

    I was also thinking today how do you un fan the one team you love the most?

    • Bob

      easily, and clarkie should believe thousands of us will do it too by the day – if he doesnt get out that tight pocket book and get a real qb – NOW

  • sidibe

    We will never get better with Pioli at the helm. I believe this now. This news makes me sad.

  • Bob

    Keep going clarkie, just keep insulting the intelligence of your fans

  • Bob

    this is absolutely it clarkie, take a look at these posts. Do you see one that resembles support? Do you think you can just ram a GM and a qb down the throats of 100k fans year after year, and have them give you money? You refuse to listen to your fans, the people who paid for that nice suit. Do you think you can do that without ramifications? You were given one year, then another (and about 15 years now since kc has been competitive) now its clear you just dont care what fans want (as long as they are paying for their tickets). Well, the league is about passing now, people want to see throws for 10-20-40 yards each, not a run for 2, run for 2, incomplete screen pass, punt. News flash: If you only run on fiurst and second down (because you dont have a qb), you make the game 4 times easier for the other team. This, you must know by now, yet you refuse to listen. This leads one to conclude that you wont get a top tier qb and you wont please your fans, until you have too. Well, the fans, the ones who enabled you to be where you are, are hopeully now telling you that you have too, or your profit ends – no pay no play.

  • Bob

    incidentally, thought eachus looked very good – this kid looks like a welker type
    brady looked decent out there, hitting guys right in the hands and, more importantly, moving, making things happen, checking his first, second and third options, and running or flicking the ball to a back – very refreshing to see – If they woul djust let the guy throw on first and second once in a while to use th entire arsenal he could keep the d honest – what do you say dayball? how about expanding a bit, beyond the off tack runs? sound good?

  • calciomoti

    Man…I just don’t understand what is going on with the upper management, nor some poster’s retarded opinion(s) that actually think Cassel is a decent QB. It is clear to everyone else in the world (and 99.9999999% of the KC Fan Base) that there is no heart, no spirit, and no desire to actually play winning football with this team, esp at the QB position (THE most important position in the game) so why is it not clear to the people who make the decisions? This team should have done everything in it’s power to save some face and move up to draft RGIII. Well, that shit didn’t happen because for some reason King Pioli (yeah, KING, as in at least King Carl f’ing won some games) thinks that Matt Cassel has talent. I swear to GOD that his glasses are f’ed up or something. Maybe Bill Bellichick switched the lenses with those f’ed up lenses the retarded police officer’s have people wear to simulate drunkeness :/ who knows?? Today was the absolute worst day as a Chiefs fan, in my life. We got beat by a team that truly sucks, has very little talent and an even worse QB than Cassel…and we didn’t just get beat, we got demoralized. I truly felt that I was going to give up on the NFL completely, because I will never cheer for another team (unless they are playing against the deadbolts, faiders, or donkeys)…I don’t know if I can watch any more Chiefs games this year, which would end a 30 year streak of watching every game. Thank GOD that we have a bye week next week, so I don’t have to suffer another sorry ass effort by a bunch of fucking pussies that wear our sacred Red/Gold…

  • Bob

    Clarkie you have to make a big move now, find a qb and pay him 7M for 1 yr, dont care, just get a good qb to kc and show the fans you care about winning now

  • ArrowFan

    The only way Pioli saves his job is if, wait no that will not do it.

  • AKChieffan

    That’s just to bad for the team and the fans that support them. Its very disappointing news. As you can tell I am not a Pioli and Cassel fan. Both have been horrible for everyone and including Lumar Hunt, who is looking down and wondering what is his son doing to his team. Very Disappointing. In just 6 years Clarke has fans scratching thier heads wondering where it all went wrong. First it was Pioli, and there was Cassel, and now 2 more years of the same. Very disappointing.

  • Larry Devore

    Sorry if Hunt goes through with it, he’s a blithering idiot and should be locked in a room somewhere.

  • Jarrod Field

    If this happens, after 30 plus years of being a fan, I WILL officially no longer be a Chiefs fan. Criticize me if you want, but after four years of Pioli driving this great organization further into the ground…I just can’t take it anymore. Hunt will no longer get any of my hard earned cash from tickets, merchandise, etc. As much as I love the Chiefs I am going to start supporting an organization devoted to winning…not devoted to lining the pocket of Scott ” I royally suck as the Chiefs GM” Pioli!
    If Pioli’s contract gets extended I will jump ship. And I have NFL Sunday ticket so I can watch whatever team I choose every week!

  • Jarrod Field

    I will no longer support the Chiefs if this happens! 30 plus years of being a fan, buying tickets, merchandise, etc…will be over. I want to support an organization that wants to get better more than they want to keep a crap GM like Pioli.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    what are they thinking? thats 2 more years of crappy kansas city football!!