KC Chiefs: The Brady Bunch – For The Time Being

Alright, it’s happened. Brady Quinn is being given his chance. It may be for one week — or the rest of the season but, it’s happening.

So, for now  the Chiefs are “The Brady Bunch.”

The big question is — who will be able to immediately help Mr. Brady Quinn, on his quest?

There are seven key players who can help and must help, if the Chiefs are to overcome the challenges of changing starting quarterbacks in the middle of a season.

Ryan Lilja
For Brady Quinn to effectively execute the Chiefs offense Ryan Lilja will have to be sound and not make any mistakes in the QB-Center exchange.

Lilja will also need to communicate blocking coverages as they approach the snap. Any gaffs in the line responsibilities and we may see Ricky Stanzi before any of us wants to. Even Lilja admits he’s learning a new position,

“There are a lot of things that I have to figure out and figure them out quick. They’re mostly operation stuff or technique stuff. The old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks, I was set in my ways with my position with my stance, with my steps. It’s a different position, but like I said, it’s still football. It’s angles; it’s leverage. It’s trying to out-quick, out-athletic the guy.”

Lilja, the Chiefs second highest paid lineman (next to Albert), needs to continue to tutor rookie LG Jeff Allen. Allen has played well in his short assignment — filling in for Lilja while Lilja takes over for Hudson but, if the line is to be successful protecting Quinn, Allen must come though. He’ll not only need to understand his assignment, but make sure he picks up the hot reads when the DL stunts.

Jamaal Charles
Once Ryan Lilja successfully snaps the ball to Brady Quinn, his best friend on Sunday will be JC. The Baltimore Ravens are 20th against the run but, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? They’re 4th in the league at stopping the run. If the Bucs are able to shut down the Chiefs running game, it’s going to be a long day for the Chiefs and for Brady Quinn.

Or not!

The Buccaneers are also dead last in the league in pass defense. There’s a high probability that the Chiefs will design a game plan that will pass-to-run instead of run-to-pass. If the Chiefs can sustain a passing attack that has any success at all early, the running game is going to open up like the Red Sea welcoming Moses.

So, you may see Charles getting a few more balls thrown his way out of the backfield.

Bucs LB Quincy Black once ran a 4.4 – 40 so he may be the only LB who will be able to deal with Charles’ speed, but my money is on JC, especially on short and intermediate routes.

Dexter McCluster
That leads to Mr. McCluster. Dexter must be Dexter. The safety valve may be critical in this game. As much as I have not been a fan of the check-down pass in the past — because of it being too heavily relied upon — it is the check-down pass that could provide the margin of victory in this affair.

Success in the short passing game could essentially have the same effect as a successful running attack. If the Bucs defense has to play more and more forward in their defensive alignments, they will become susceptible to deeper pattern, crossing patterns and the long ball. If the Bucs DBs begin to cheat forward and bite on short routes, then other parts of the Chiefs passing game will become available to explore and exploit.

McCluster may not be able to run any end-arounds or reverses because the Bucs play with four down linemen and setting the edge is easier for them, consequently. However, if Dex can learn to execute the pick-play without turning his body into the DB, like he did against the Ravens, those kinds of plays should open up for the Chiefs this week.

Branden Albert
Protecting the back side of Brady Quinn will be critical. If Branden Albert can help to keep Quinn’s jersey clean, then Brady should be able to carry out a game plan built around the passing game, the Bucs’ weakness.

The Bucs are tied for 24th in team sacks with 8. Left defensive end Michael Bennett has 4 of them, but Eric Winston should be able to handle him. On the right side the Bucs have George Johnson who has no sacks at all so, Albert should be able to keep J-0-hns-0-n’s streak alive. Quincy Black has no sacks this year and neither does the Bucs’ middle linebacker, Mason Foster.

Safety Ronde Barber has one sack and you’d expect the Bucs to send their safeties on blitzes — but, none of that should happen from Branden Albert’s side and Brady Quinn’s blind side.

Tony Moeaki
With Kevin Boss out, Tony Moeaki will need to come through on Sunday both as a blocker and as a receiver in the middle of the field.

When a quarterback comes back onto the field after years of being away, his vision may be limited at first, meaning he has to give it some time before his eyes catch up to the speed of the game. Consequently, what’s right in front of the quarterback may be his best choice because it’s his most obvious choice or the only choice they can see.

If Moeaki can run some hook routes and sit down in the middle of the Bucs zone, he will provide Quinn with a huge target to hit and give him time to adjust to the pressure he’ll feel at the beginning of the game.

Jon Baldwin
Mr. Baldwin had one heck of an offseason. He hasn’t flashed a great deal since but this could be his game. Baldwin could show off his 42 inch vertical jump in this game. The Bucs tallest CB is Aqib Talib who goes 6’1”. Baldwin is 6’4” and can give Brady a big target when the Chiefs navigate to the Red Zone.

Since Quinn may not have formed any preferences about who to throw the ball to, Dwayne Bowe may not end up being the man with the most catches against the Bucs. The Bucs will likely double-team Bowe, which should give Dex, Moeaki and Baldwin more opportunities to make the plays needed to win this one.

I’m ready for Baldwin to breakout. I’m pointing to this game.

Dwayne Bowe
Brady Quinn is going to need Bowe to be everything he’s advertised to be. Coach Crennel has predicted that this game will be a tight, closely contested game. If that’s the case the game may come down to a few clutch throws and catches. Dwayne Bowe has been counted on in the past to be that guy. The Chiefs will need Bowe to play a major leading role, now more than ever or there will be no series renewal for “The Brady Bunch.”

If that’s the case, we’ll all have to go back to watching the Chiefs’ “Sand-Cassel” dreams being washed away by the tide.


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  • ArrowFan

    I want to see and O game plan work as well as our D game plan did last week. Preferably both game plans during the same game.

    • Chiefer

      Kc has to play sound defense in this contest. If we allow the bucs to controll the Los and time of possession we are in serious trouble.. THe defense has to play the best game of the season and give Quinn a chance!! Hail to the chiefs!!!!

      • ArrowFan

        I agree a little pressure on Freeman and our secondary should start working on the turnover differential.

        • ladner morse

          Yea Freeman can be boom-or-bust from game to game and a bit of pressure early should keep him off balance enough to let teh Chiefs take control of the game.

          I’m looking forward to this as much as any game in quite a while — thanks to Mr. Quinn.

    • ladner morse

      I’m afraid Daboll will try to ram teh ball down their throats early — which I don’t think will work. He’s go to mix it up early with lots of unpredictable passing routes — then teh run game will explode.

  • Dfrey87

    Here is my take on this. If Quinn can be as accurate as his passes were last week then our offense will explode. JB hasn’t had a great year due to the ineptitude of MC. If Quinn can go through progression and not just zero in on Bowe like MC then one more players will get involved opening up the whole offense and two there will be less turnovers cuz he is not continuously throwing in to double coverage or broadcasting to the bd’s where he is throwing the ball as the ball is snapped. We all know MC has horrible accuracy and the only reason he has even a horrible 58% completion rate is largely due to some great catches by WR. If Quinn can be just a little bit better we will see a huge difference. I mean it is obvious how bad MC is he really hasn’t set the bar high at all i dont think Quinn will have a problem out playing MC its not hard to upgrade from how he has played thus far. I mean MC has been playing Palko bad this year.

    • Dfrey87

      Our D has to play like they did last week. I meam we kept the number 2 O in the league out of the endzone we held them to a fraction of the production and yardage they have put up the previous games against some pretty good teams. If the O can play as i think they can and the D shows ul again then we will win this game. But this team has been really up and down this year so only time will tell. Go Chiefs.

      • ladner morse

        It’s been a couple of years since the Chiefs have played well on both sides of the ball — and I’m not counting the Packers game at home last years when they played just well enough to win — so maybe the Chiefs are about due.

    • ladner morse

      oooEE — you slimmed the Chiefs brain-MATTer by applying the Palko-shaft.

      How could you*?*!*

    • ArrowFan

      Hopefully the RB’s can hold on to the ball as well.

  • chiefridgy

    Thanks for getting me made fun of at work for that picture…

  • Vbchief

    Umm maybe im being overly optimistic. But im actually thinking of starting Quinn in my fantasy league this week. Is anyone else out there thinking the same? Or am I just a crazy man.

    • ladner morse

      No telling what’s been going on inside that mans head for 4 years… you’d think he’s be raging to succeed. It’s going to be fun to watch — a whole different take on the Chiefs game day dynamics.

    • ArrowFan

      I don’t know if I would star him but I might look to aquire him, and Baldwin as well.

  • Questions

    Since every year he has had a new QB coach, how is it these arguments about Brady don’t work for Matt Cassel? I am not trying to start a flame war, just wondering. If I gave you a Toyota Camry and you lived in Missouri, you would know how to drive it and be just fine. If I gave you that SAME Camry but then put you in China, you would have a little trouble. If after a week I gave you a JAPANESE Camry, with everything on the other side, and moved you to Bolivia and gave you that crazy mountain route to drive on, then said you suck at driving, is that fair?

    • ladner morse

      You had me at metaphor.

      Interesting take.

  • ArrowFan

    I have a thought regarding Baldwin and why he has been almost invisable all season, after such an amazing camp. It is all Bowe’s and Cassel’s fault. Bowe’s for sitting out and opening the 1 WR stop for Baldwin. Cassel’s for only being able the focus on said 1 WR position, after all Bowe gets all the love if he is open or not. If Baldwin where still inthe 1 WR spot then he would have all the targets and we would all be wondering if Pioli can see the future about Bowe and why has Bowe been so invisable. That said I think if Quinn can go to the open man and not just focuss on one posistion (by all acounts he does or did at one time) Baldwin will finaly come alive and we will see how good this team can be with a true poket passer. Given he has enough time to look at more than one guy. That said I’m not sure if it is juat MC nature to focus so much on one guy or rather he has been trained to do so beacsue of the horrid O line we have had from the time he got here?

    • ladner morse

      Three years of bad OLs — good point about the “reason” for Cassel’s tendency let it fly too early.

      Also — I think your breakdown of why Baldwin has been nearly “invisible” — being the MC to DBowe connection — is something you’ve channeled about what 80% of Chiefs Nation has thought — but, mostly not verbalized. Well said.

      I have heard him (MC) talk about going through his progressions — I heard seen going through his progressions in practice — I have seen him do it during preseason games — but — it just doesn’t translate to game situations for him — for some unknown reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/corey.lande Corey Wayne Lande

    Aqib Talib is suspended for the next four games (including the Chiefs) for using PEDs. Things are looking better and better in the Bucs secondary for Quinn and Baldwin to have a good day tomorrow.

    • ladner morse

      That’s what I talking about!

  • cb

    Chiefs Manti Te’o 2013!!!! we have to get this guy he is a beast all day