Brady Quinn Will Start For The Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel announced today that QB Matt Cassel has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and that backup QB Brady Quinn will start in his place.

Cassel left last week’s game against the Baltimore Ravens with a head injury. It was later determined that he had a concussion.

This will certainly make the vocal group of Chiefs fans that want Cassel benched happy. The cries for Quinn have been coming for a couple of weeks now, as Cassel has struggled to avoid turning the ball over.

Quinn will make his first NFL start since 2009 when he was with the Cleveland Browns. The former first round pick was selected by Cleveland when Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel held the same position in Cleveland.

Ironically, Sunday could signify the last chance for both Crennel as an NFL head coach and Quinn as a starting NFL QB. If Quinn can help the Chiefs turn things around and make a playoff run, Crennel will likely be brought back for another season in KC and Quinn will be more apt to get a chance to be a full time starter, whether it be in KC or elsewhere.

The Chiefs enter their Bye Week after Sunday’s game and so there is a good chance, depending on his progress, that Cassel could be cleared to play when the Chiefs play their next game. Whether or not he will start may come down to how Brady Quinn performs Sunday.

The national media may not take much interest in Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Bucs (both 1-4) but make no mistake: the stakes are high. Not just for the teams, but for Crennel and Quinn as well.

Best of luck, gentlemen.

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  • chiefridgy

    Here goes nothing…

  • Chiefsdog333

    Quinn’s gonna throw 550 yards, 6 TDs, an 1 rushing TD, just wait…

    • Corey Wayne Lande

      I have a feeling that he is gonna show out but in a ‘cool hand luke’ sort of way on Sunday. He is going to show that he deserved a chance and that everyone who doubted him will regret it. Against arguably one of the worst if not the worst pass defense in the league this year, with options like Bowe and hopefully Baldwin. It wont be a difficult transition to the playbook at all for him and he did show a flare of confidence (along with the entire offense) when he took over and drove us down for a quick strike to DBOWE (stupid refs) that would have been the game. Im very interested… Brady Bunch!!!!

    • shutupwhenyourtalkin2me

      I hope not. I hope he doesn just enough to win and plays solid safe football. If he has numbers like you say then that means he’s gonna just be a flash and a bust. Then its back to looking for a QB. I don’t want him to put up top numbers bcuz then there is only one place to go…down. he just needs to play well,not elite.

  • Chief Hokie
  • vbchief

    Correct me if im wrong. But im pretty sure i read somewhere in the weeks leading up to this season that some pundit out there actually said that he believed matt cassel would lose his starting job by week six. Now we all know cassel came out of the game because of injury but he likely wouldnt have lasted past the week anyway. Btw what week is this? maybe we should ask that guy what the chiefs final record will be this year.

  • Doc

    It’s a change. Quinn may be the spark to get the players to work as a team. Quinn may fall down and be like, dare I say it, Tyler Palko (I don’t think that is psossible), but at least we will have our answer about him. Interesting that Romeo drafted Quinn and has been reluctant to put him in the game. Either RAC sees something in Quinn that is lacking, or this goes much higher in the organization (can you say Pioli-gate?). Everyone has a bad day from time to time, Why not pull Cassel out and see what Quinn can do? Yes, I know all those that will say it ruins team chemistry and timing by making changes mid-game, but a change can cause good things to happen. First, the opposing defense has to go into more of prevent defense because they don’t know how the ‘new’ QB plays (no game film because they were studying/preparing for the starting QB). Our players are down right now mentally and may be pushing too hard to make up for the turnovers. A new QB (even for a short time) may be the slap up-side the head that gets them out of their mental funk to go out and play ball to the ability they have. We (fans) all clamored for Croyle to start when things were going bad – and look how that worked out. The same thing could happen with Quinn running the show. If it does – then we will have an answer and can develop a plan for moving forward. Hey Geno – come to KC where there are great fans and some down right tasty barbecue!!!!

    • sidibe

      Quinn has a MUCH better arm than Palko. But let’s get Geno!

      • NvrAHblkQB

        Geno Smith? I wish! That’ll never happen! Not in Kansas City, I’ll give you 3 guesses why…Hint hint.

  • Calchiefsfan

    I honestly am not expecting Quinn to light it up this Sunday. He just needs to not turn it over, find the open man on occasion, (which he is supposed to be good at), and let our defense and Jamaal do the rest.

    • Kch67rl

      He has to light it up… Buccs are absolutely last in pass defense and 4th best in rush D… If he can’t light up against the worst NFL pass D then he needs to go sell shoes in North Dakota with Palko. Can’t rely on rush game and 50+ carries or Charles will be done for the season by week 8.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Agreed, cannot overwork Charles. 20 carries for Jamaal this week and the rest to Draughn. The way our o line is run blocking we should get our yards on the ground even if Tampa is ranked 4th in run D.

        I think our D can shut them out if they play anywhere near like they did last week. We won’t have to put a lot of points on the board. Just don’t hand it to them with turnovers deep in our territory. Quinn will have to keep them honest with play action though. Plus Daboll will need to run a more balanced attack of run and pass plays. We are a better team than Tampa, we should win this game.

        • tm1946

          The best team should win and I like the idea the best team is us.

  • Randy5k

    I do not see anything pivitol happening Sunday. Brady needs time and support.

  • Danny W

    I don’t care if he sucks I feel liberated. What did William Wallace (Mel Gibson) say on that last scene in Braveheart? Oh yea FRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ArrowFan

    I would put Daybull on the list as well I beleive he was the OC along with Romeo being the Hc when last Quinn started. Good luck and here is to a former first round guy living up to it.

  • sidibe

    I hope KC turns this around. I don’t know, thought, that I support keeping RAC as HC. I like him, do NOT want more change, but this team is poorly coached: penalties, turnovers, seemingly ill prepared.

  • ArrowFan

    I want Quinn to win the starting job and go on to be a 5 time pro bowler and win two or three Championships. That would be just awesome in many ways one of them being that Horse Face Elway doesn’t know #@$%# about running a team.

  • TasteDwayneBowe

    My Prediction, for some reason i feel like were about to dominate, cassel lost the locker room and they are going to be revamped with quinn in, remember last year when they tried to win the job for Romeo? I think Quinn is an average starting qb, which is better than Cassel IMO. Hes very strong and competitive, i think we can all agree thats somethin were missing with Cassel. Even if it does turn into a hand the ball to jamaal show and quinn just stares down bowe every pass play and cant read a defense like cassel hes got a much stronger arm than bowe and i look for that to make a difference and quinn to surprise alot of people. I think you could say he played average at cleveland, look at the stats i mean he wasnt terrible and i remember watching several games with him playing and he looked alright. and can anyone name a receiver from that team? josh cribbs and braylon edwards maybe? has much more talent here.