The AFC West Standings For Monday, Nov. 5, 2012

The Kansas City Chiefs are 1-4 and logic indicates they are a bad football team with plenty of more losing ahead of them.

It makes sense. KC turns the ball over too much. They play inconsistently on defense. Some of their most talented players are having bad seasons (see Berry, Eric) and their starting QB just went down with a concussion, meaning they may have to turn things over to backup QB Brady Quinn.

The Chiefs are doomed, right?

Not so fast.

I present to you, my predicted AFC West Standings on Monday morning, Nov. 5th, 2012.

San Diego Chargers 4-4
Kansas City Chiefs 4-4
Denver Broncos 4-4
Oakland Raiders 3-5


I think Brady Quinn is going to play Sunday and I think he is going to play pretty well. At the very least, I anticipate that he plays a better game than Matt Cassel would. Much like Matt Moore sparked Brian Daboll’s offense when he became the starter in Miami last season, I think Quinn has the ability to do the same thing in KC. I think the Chiefs’ fortunes are about to change.

After a strong performance by Quinn and a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday, coupled with a Denver Broncos victory in San Diego, the Chiefs will be but one game out of first place in the West. The Raiders will fall to the Falcons this week.

Next week, the Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos are on their Bye while Oakland will play Jacksonville and win. If all goes as planned, the AFC West Standings come Monday morning on Oct. 15 will be:

Chargers 3-3
Broncos 3-3
Chiefs 2-4
Raiders 2-5

The following week, the Chiefs will host the Raiders at Arrowhead. With a week to prepare, the Chiefs will be rested and will be ready for the Oakland. They get the win, once again led by Quinn, who will be announced the official starter during the Bye week.

Meanwhile, the Chargers will go to Cleveland and beat the Browns while Denver falls to the New Orleans Saints.

AFC West standings on Monday morning, Oct. 29th:

Chargers 4-3
Broncos 3-4
Chiefs 3-4
Raiders 2-6

Then comes a short week for the Chiefs. This will be the team’s most crucial preparation of the season. They will be traveling to San Diego to take on the Chargers and for the second time this season, they will play for first place in the AFC West. No secrets here: the Chiefs have to go into to San Diego, in prime time and knock off the Chargers.

That week will also see the Broncos take care of business in Cincinnati and the Raiders will tack up another win against the Bucs.

And so, the AFC West Standings on Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 will be:

Chargers 4-4
Chiefs 4-4
Broncos 4-4
Raiders 3-6

Will it be hard for the Chiefs to win their next three games? Sure. Will they need some help? Sure.

But I think the Chiefs have enough talent to beat the Bucs, Raiders and Chargers. I think it is entirely possible that San Diego could lose to Denver and just as likely that the Broncos will stumble against the Saints or even the Bengals.

The NFL is a strange league and the season is longer than it seems. On Oct. 30, 2011, the Buffalo Bills were 5-2 and had big wins over the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

They went on to lose their next seven games. They won only one more game the entire season.

The Chiefs may not turn this thing around, but I think they can and if I’m right, the Kansas City Chiefs will be tied for first place in the AFC West before Thanksgiving.

It’s a long road back for the Chiefs.

But the road ain’t closed.

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  • Guest


    • Patrick Allen

      Nice catch. Thanks.

  • Priest4Prez

    I’m in on this, all Quinn has to do is not turn the ball over and we’ll run all over everyone ( Tampa Bay may be rough). He was a Heisman Trophy winner; obviously the guy is a winner in some shape or form. I’ve already changed my Fantasy League name to BradyQuinnBandWagon. Lets do this!! Hope is never lost and YES Good Morning America, Inside Edition, ESPN, ABC news, BBC and everyone else who all of a sudden cares about what’s going down in KC that we are still the best fans ever!!! Go Kansas City Chiefs!!!

  • andrew89

    Oakland had a bye week so they would be 3-5 on November 5th

    • Patrick Allen

      You’re right. I accidentally had them at 1-4 right now.

  • Altarium

    Tampa Bay will be a tough win… not because they’re a great team (though I do like Josh Freeman), but because we seem so broken right now. If we pull that out, our Chiefs just need to get fired up enough to deliver some payback to the dolts in their house!
    Quinn is still a question though. In this century, how many Heisman winners can you name that are in the NFL today and playing well? Maybe 4 of them? Bush, Newton, RG3 if you want to call it this early, and Bradford to a lesser extent. Not saying Quinn can’t or won’t play well, just that his winning the Heisman isn’t exactly a metric for NFL success in my opinion. (I’m not trying to diminish the status of the Heisman either!)

    • Priest4Prez

      I just like knowing that he has some form of winning pedigree under his belt; if all he does is hand the ball off 30 times and doesn’t fumble on the one yard line on a QB sneak…I’ll be happy. It’s we draft our OWN franchise QB anyway, but this season can still be a run for the divsion. The Chargers are not nearly impressive; Broncos can’t get decent WR or RB play, and the Raiders are dumping just as hard as us. Last year we came back out of nothing with less. Maybe I’m just hoping against hope but I am a Chiefs fan after all ha!

    • gjrchief

      Ive now heard this a number of times on this site… im a diehard Notre Dame fan and have always loved the play of Brady Quinn…. so can someone please tell me how I missed him winning a heisman!? I remember him getting beat out by Matt leinart and reggie bush, but I never remember him taking home any hardware.

      • Altarium

        Hmm I guess my research on Quinn hasn’t been too good! I had read several times that he had won the Heisman and just took it at face value… but you’re right, he came in fourth apparently! I still stand by my point about the Heisman not being a great way of determining future success, but I guess I was wrong for applying that to Quinn. Thanks for correcting me on that!

  • ladner morse

    If Quinn has the same zip on his passes — and accuracy — as he did last Sunday, the Chiefs should do well the rest of the season — assuming he stay locked into the QB spot. If the team keep winning — he should stay at the helm.

  • Doc

    Strong probability there of that scenario coming true. If it does, will you be prepared to give out winning lottery numbers too? From what I witnessed at the game against the Ravens, when Quinn came in (no, I did NOT cheer when cassel got injured – and nobody around me did either, not even the Ravens fans around me cheered) the team as a whole appeared more confident and stood taller. They had more of a, “We can do this” look about them. If you look at the play calling when Quinn went in, there were actually pass plays called. Not the run Charles left, run Charles right, run Charles from the draw, plays we had seen all day. Was Romeo sending a message without actually saying it by running 50 run plays to 18 pass plays? Hmmm…. that suggests to me a vote of no confidence in Cassel and the team exhibited it too. We are the verge of getting out of our slump. 9-6 by field goals is not a blow out loss by any means. We are close and Quinn may just give us the spark to get over the edge. At least we are trying something different because what we had been doing was obviously not working.

  • james

    Why? Why would you want to do this? If reality penetrated into this thought process at all common sense would tell you that a) even if brady quinn does well enough to win us a few games, he’s never going to be good enough to get anything done in the playoffs; b) winning a few games sticks us in the middle of the pack in the draft meaning we’re not going to be in a position to pick up the quarter back we desperately need, and you’re naive if you think the front office is going to mortgage the farm to move that far up; c) without said quarterback,we’ll have brady quinn at the helm next year or some other journeyman free-agent d) We’ll be stuck with that experiment for at least the next couple of years e) it’ll perpetuate the sub par mediocrity that has been plaguing the chiefs for the better part of a decade f) we’ll be wasting the talent we have by stinting their growth and throwing away prime years. f) most importantly, it will continue to weaken chiefs nation. Chiefs fans are die-hard but you can’t deny what you see out there. It’s gotten worse and won’t get any better until the fans have something to cheer for. see the Royals. I want a dynasty, not to win every 3rd of 4th Sunday, and if that means one terrible year for a decade+ of chiefs domination, so be it