Clark Hunt Releases Statement In Support Of Fans

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has stepped forward to defend the fans who fill his stadium eight Sundays every fall.

The heat at Arrowhead got turned up today when the national media descended on KC to cover head coach Romeo Crennel’s press conference. Not surprisingly, Crennel decided today was the day (not Monday, mind you) to back up the fans of Kansas City.

Later, Hunt did the same.

Here it is:

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about our fans, and I feel like it’s important to set the record straight.

I know our fans. They are passionate, hardworking, loyal, educated football fans, and they are the heart and soul of the Arrowhead experience. They know cheering an injury to anyone in any stadium is unacceptable.

I want to make it perfectly clear:

A small few who may have cheered when Matt went down do not accurately represent the best fans in the National Football League. Period.

Is there any doubt that there was a meeting about this today?

Gee, I wonder if he read this?

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  • Chief Hokie

    Romeo defending the fans, check.
    Clark Hunt defending the fans, check.
    It’s your move Pioli.

    • chiefridgy

      Not holding my breath. I can’t say that it matters to me if I hear from pioli or not.

  • Derek Jamison

    He needed to do this in a press release in person. This supposed heart felt statement sounds written by some intern at Arrowhead Drive. Two days too late and way short of what is needed.

    • BigGil

      The full caption for the headline photo from USPresswire indicated that the photo of Hunt was taken today at a press conference. So it was an in person statement to the press, if that’s what you were asking about. I was wondering, too, whether the quote was a written release (coming from who knows who) or whether it came directly from Hunt’s mouth. The signs appear to indicate the latter.

      • Derek Jamison

        I’m pretty sure it was just a written statement sent out via emails and the webs. I’ve heard several radio shows talking about it.

      • Derek Jamison

        Oh and by the way…they use that pic up there of Hunt all the time on this site…it is pretty old.

  • delsam 218

    I was at the game and nobody said yea matt is hurt everyone was cheering to see Quinn get out there get over this topic and focus on that 1-4 season!!!!!

  • ladner morse

    Good for Hunt. Nice job.

  • BurtGummer44

    Hunt is a Jackass, this is simple pandering to keep you spending your $$$ on his crap product, and not his real feelings on the matter. I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t go to any games, Hell I no longer even wanna watch them on TV. Hunt and Pioli are obviously peas in a pod.

    • IronHead71

      You effing people amaze me…first you clamor for Hunt to stand up for the fans…. then you chastise him for doing so.

      EFF all you miserable people…I bet you complain because water is too wet and that air has to much oxygen!!!

      • chiefridgy

        @ironhead71 u r an idiot

        • IronHead71

          Thanks! At least I am not a miserable idiot.

          • chiefridgy

            you sound miserable

      • steve james

        I find it humorous that they are reacting with passion and emotion to some one reacting with passion and emotion. Say he shouldn’t have.

  • Dan Rice

    what did this do exactly??? Was that an apology for what his employee has done to us fans??? Is there going to be changes???

  • Danny W

    Hunt never should have had to step forward Pioli should have done it immediately but he just has lost his mind about someone who dropped an ink pen or candy wrapper in the hall way to think about much.

    • Ribs61

      A banner was flown over Arrowhead on gameday saying Pioli should be fired. That sort of left it to Hunt.

  • ArrowFan

    Thank you Clark, don’t forget to tell ESPN to kiss your @$$ on the way out the door.

  • redchiefs

    How does that old saying go? Open mouth, insert foot. That’s what Eric Winson did. He vilified 70,000 people. Turns out it was FAR less, Perhaps 100 out of the 70,000. Who knows, maybe it was Ravens fans? Maybe it was Chiefs Fans cheering a 1st down on a pretty sweet play. Maybe it was very frustrated Chiefs fans cheering Brady Quinn, because Matt Cassel has been struggling again this year, he’s only had one good year so far. Maybe it was stupid drunken fans of both teams with no class at all. Surely there was some cheering for Matt when he got up and walked off the field.
    Winston sure needs to apologize for implicating a whole stadium of loyal, paying customers.
    He’s entitled to his opinion, and I agree, about how wrong it is to cheer an injury, but he’s done less than try to be nice to all the people that did not cheer Matt’s injury.
    He should be saying how disgusted and angry he is that there was some pretty APPARENT cheering of Matt’s injury, AND he’s very sorry his anger took over and he implicated the whole stadium of GOOD fans, AND this national attention is WAY out of control because there is NO WAY the whole staduim was involved BECAUSE all of the people he’s met in KC have been GREAT PEOPLE, and the Chiefs fans are GREAT FANS.

  • chiefs 4life

    You asked for his head. What did you expect him to do. He did what you wanted him to do and should have done. If it was heart felt or not we will never know. Either way its time he steps down and take Scotty with him. Go Chiefs! !!!

  • chiefridgy

    Even Mitch Holthus came out and stuck up for the Chief fans!