October 07, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs free safety Abram Elam (27) motions to the crowd during the first half of the game against the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium. The Ravens won 9-6. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Winston Accusations Disappointing To Dedicated Kansas City Chiefs Fans

Sunday’s game was weird; one of the weirdest I have attended. The Chiefs played terrible football. Disappointment after disappointment the Kansas City Chiefs fans endured.

And when we  made the long, depressing trek home, we got blasted.

We, the fans who spent hard-earned money in a bad economy to drive, for many of us, literally hours to a game we knew in our hearts we had very little chance of winning.

We gave up golf, fishing, time with the family, even church, to see just another embarrassing performance by our beloved Chiefs.

We defended our Chiefs when the busloads of Ravens fans hurled challenges at us on the parking lot.

We do not complain when the Hunt family sells us a bag of Doritos and canned cheese sauce for shocking prices.

We quietly swipe our lifeless cards at the ticket gate, which replaced the sheets of tickets we couldn’t wait to ceremoniously unwrap and breathlessly examine each spring without a whimper, then save in our ticket drawers.

We thank the lady who hands out the two-sided piece of cardboard that replaced the chock full of exciting information “Snap” magazine we enjoyed in recent years. Another way  to save money, it appears.

But what we did not do is cheer when Matt Cassel hit the turf Sunday and did not get up.

Did some fans? I’m sure they did. But I didn’t hear them.

Does a pickpocket incident make the Kansas City fans thieves?

Does a parking lot incident make the Kansas City Chiefs fans horrible drivers?

Does an inebriated fan make the Kansas City Chiefs fans drunks?

Of course not.

Why did Eric Winston choose to blast the Kansas City fans Sunday?

There are multiple possibilities.

I’ll go with the possibility that Eric Winston isn’t used to playing in front of the most dedicated, civilized, family-oriented, loyal fans in the NFL and simply mistook a cheer for Matt’s mobility as a celebration of his injury.

And I will leave it as that.

I’ll continue to praise the wonders of Arrowhead Stadium to the wide-eyed kid with the ancient Rison jersey down the street.

I’ll keep calling my pals to confirm that they will keep their promise to make the trek with me to the greatest NFL stadium in the world, with less and less confidence they will go as the season progresses.

I’ll still plan my jersey choice weeks in advance of my beloved home games.

And I’ll continue to make that three-hour trek to the stadium on home game Sundays.

For now….,

I’m sorry you were embarrassed to be playing football Sunday, Eric.

I, for one, am embarrassed you were playing, too.


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  • Steve

    I am sorry for all of you who seem to have a need to make excuses for the group of fans (a minority certainly but a large minority) who cheered Matt Cassel’s injury. I was there — I heard it and I saw it. It was impossible to ignore. Most of the cheering I could identify came from the northwest corner of the lower level. It was easily discernible and unmistakable. Maybe some folks in the upper deck weren’t in a position to hear it — I don’t know. But this constant effort to blame Eric Winston or the national media is really pathetic. No amount of losing or prior displays of dedication to the team can erase misconduct on this level. Over the last 20 plus years, I have spent well over twenty thousand dollars to follow my favorite team. I own all the required Chiefs apparal. None of that standing by the team through thick and thin gives me the right to act like a complete ass. Those who cheered for a down player or those who make excuses for them qualify as such.

    • chiefridgy

      I didn’t know chiefs fans had required apparel…..maybe that’s what’s wrong with our fans…we aren’t adorned properly. Ok we get it…. everyone who cheered is scum….moving on……

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598716864 Bill Ramsey

      I believe you missed the entire point of that article. I, too, was at that game and I heard cheers for the first down, cheers for Quinn, and cheers when matt stood up and he was ok. if a few drunk idiots cheered for an injury, we aren’t all to be held responsible.

    • Craig Frame

      Agreed Steve. And watching fans lean over the railing as he was being helped down the stairs into the locker room so they could show him their disapproval was equally sickening. After I read in the Kansas City Star how proud Matt Cassel was to live and raise his family in Kansas City I was only more disappointed at how those fans acted on Sunday. Whether the result of too much alcohol or mob mentality, those people who cheered his injury are, in a word, disturbed. And those who would try to claim that what was clearly captured on film didn’t happen, or make excuses for it, are perhaps the most sickening.

      • Randy5k

        a tough day for all. I think its too bad that once again Brady Quinn has to come into a starting position (possibly) with the cards stacked against him

    • Jdh33

      You are a joke if we had won that game Eric is not saying anything about the crowd other than how great we are and his guy is the one who hit Cassel so all in all it is EWs falt that all this is being said about the chiefs fan base
      I love how u say all that you do doesn’t give u the right to act like a complete ass well what I have to say to u is reading an article shouldn’t give you the right to act like an ass either so what’s your excuse 4 years of horriable qb play hell ya people r going to be pumped for that change think about it any other city the exact same thing would have happened the only thing that would not have happened is the guy who has only been here for 5 games would have kept his mouth shut so watch your and go BQ CHIEFS

    • Randy5k

      one bad apple dont spoil the whole bunch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598716864 Bill Ramsey

    Hear, hear!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/trey.pilliard Trey Pilliard

    Maybe you missed it entirely. The same time Matt went down he completed a pass for a first down. I’ve been to arrowhead 20+ times. Fans cheer when we get a first. So maybe the fans were cheering for that reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HeftyHD Rily Forrest McCall

    Winston is upset because Houston cut him because he can’t pass block. Matt Schaub was getting injured every year. Winston was a part of that line. on PFF he graded a +10.1 in run blocking, but a -5.2 in pass blocking. Houston knew that. And now Houston is arguably the number 1 team in the NFL. And he’s mad they cut him. Did some people cheer for the injury? Yeah they did. But they were quickly put down, and they shut up. Us 70,000 fans cheered for Cassel getting up, not going down, we never want one of our own seriously injured. We also cheered for Quinn coming on the field. He gave us hope and he threw a TD on his first drive in. (albeit it got called back on a BS penalty.) Cassel hasn’t thrown a TD in any point of a game other than garbage time. His play was foul. So of course we cheered for Quinn. Us fans deserve an apology from Winston for painting us in the same light as Faider and Donkey fans.

  • Adrian Morales

    when i heard him say he was embarrassed i said “this is more embarrassing then getting blown out and getting booed by your home crowd” also when he said sick and disgusting that was funny because that is what the chiefs have looked on the field and they also made me feel sick and disgusted to the point i couldn’t accept my weekly Sunday meal that my girl cooks me…

    • Randy5k

      That Sunday meal sounds pretty good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.jones.167527 Larry Jones

    This whole thing was approached with a roman mob like mentality. I have a question for the national media AND chiefs fans who felt inclined to bash the small number of fans (thier own bethren) that did cheer.You ever watched a boxing match on television? Did you cheer and applaud when someone got knocked out ? The same media bashing chiefs fans will provided a play by play and pictures if you miss it. I have also yet to see the national media jump all over fans for cheering a boxing knockout. Why aren’t fans of MMA ridiculed? Seems to me that if there is an issue, it’s a human problem, not a Kansas city problem. Thank Eric Winston for giving the national media an excuse to bash our fan base about something their guilty of themselves.

    • Randy5k

      Good points larry. One of these days those horrible fans will start driving to st louis.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598716864 Bill Ramsey
  • ArrowFan

    The acts of a few is a direct result of being drunk. The drunk idiots that seem to be everywhere on game day is why my family will not get to see a live game. At least not untill I can afford a box where we can escape the drunks and drinking. Even then it is a risck leaving when who knows how many drunks are driving. I say this not because I have a problem with a beer or two. But rather people not knowing when to stop. I know this is not just an Arowhead problem. Persony I learned a long while back that events tend to be more memerable when no drinking is involved. Again I don’t blame a yone for having a drink exspecialy considering what is on the field.

  • ArrowFan

    I would disagree that the play on the field was horrid sunday, just the QB and the WR and acationaly the O line otherwise it was a fantastic game in fact the D was probably the best in the league sunday.

    • Randy5k

      always something ruins the day!

  • Danny W

    Good read Randy.