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It’s Brady Quinn-Time, But He Can't Save The Chiefs

The time is now to see what Brady Quinn can do. Unlike the classless fools who were cheering the fact that Matt Cassel sustained a head injury, I am not happy that he got hurt. However, the fact that he is means that this is the most sensible to move things over to Quinn.

It can be justified by saying that they want to make sure Cassel is fully healthy before putting him on the field and if Quinn plays well, then no further explanation will be needed as to why he is out there. If he struggles, they can put a healthy Cassel back in there in a few games and claim it was the plan all along.

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But what are we really going to get out of Quinn? Quinn is a player who has played hot and cold his whole career and played in just 15 NFL games, throwing a total of 356 passes. But, since he threw almost all of those passes in Cleveland, he’s an unknown player for most NFL-watchers.

ESPN’s Scouts Inc. write-up on him notes, “He looks the part and puts up great numbers in workouts as well as the weight room but has struggled to transfer the numbers to the field. He does not have much of a feel for the pass rush and tends to hold on to the ball too long. He struggles to throw the deep ball with accuracy.”

That last bit sounds quite familiar.

One way or the other though I wanted to watch Quinn in a full game before passing judgment. Because we just played the Ravens, I thought it would make sense to go back and watch Quinn against his former division rival to compare him with Cassel. Quinn lost the job to Derek Anderson (which should tell you something) in the middle of the team’s Week 3 game against Baltimore. But, by the time the Ravens came to Cleveland in Week 10, Quinn was back as the starter.

But, after seeing the box score, I decided that game would be a snoozer. The Browns lost 16-0 and Quinn went 13/31 (41.9%) for 99 yards, 0 TD’s, 2 INT’s. Cassel’s line for the day yesterday was 9/15 (60%) for 92 yards and 2 INT’s. In other words, the last time Quinn played the Ravens he threw more and was less effective than Cassel.

But, I figured Quinn deserved a better look than that. So, I decided to go back a game. Cassel was also bad against the Chargers last week, and it just so happened that the Quinn-led Browns played San Diego in Week 13 of the 2009 season.

It turns out that this game was probably the best of Quinn’s career. He went 25/45 (55%) for 271 yards, 3 TD’s, 0 INT’s. While the Chargers were able to march all over the Browns putrid defense, Quinn kept them in this one to the end, eventually falling 30-23.

On the opening drive, Quinn looked sharp and the whole offense had an up-tempo feel. He ended up taking them down for a score and was 6/6 for 61 yards and missile TD to his tight end. It was exactly the type of opening drive that Chiefs have totally failed to muster under Romeo Crennel. With Brian Daboll calling the plays, Quinn in this game continued to look poised and in control, throwing several good 3rd-down passes on his second read.

Watching a game from three seasons ago is a surreal experience and it shows you how quickly things change in the NFL. At the time this game was played, Indianapolis was 12-0. LT was still playing for the Chargers. S Abram Elam, playing for the Browns, allowed an easy TD to Mike Tolbert.

But, as brilliant as Quinn looked in the first quarter, as the game went on he started looking like Matt Cassel more and more. While he managed to not fumble the ball on a 4th-down QB sneak, he allowed himself to be stripped while scrambling on 3rd & Goal. In the end, he finished the first half with 12/20 (60%) for 159 yards, 1 TD, one fumble. All and all, not bad.

Although he managed to get another couple touchdowns in the game, he looked downright bad during large stretches of the second half. Most of his yardage came from YAC after checkdowns. Due to his inaccuracy, at some point Daboll put Josh Cribbs in for an entire drive of wildcat, which Quinn capped off with a short touchdown.


Everyone knows he has guns, but he seemed too eager to show it. All of his throws are bullets, which causes a high amount of drops because the receivers don’t have time to adjust to the ball and it comes in with such a velocity that it bounces off their hands. He beaned his TE in the head on a slant when he wasn’t even looking. Granted, the Browns have had a motley crew of awful receivers for a decade, but he missed several of his guys by a mile. Overall in the game, he missed everything he threw deep and even managed to miss his running backs on checkdowns several times.

And, again, this was probably his best game.

The moral of the story is that the Chiefs need to put Quinn in. Cassel is hurt and hasn’t been very effective. It’s possible that Quinn has improved his game in the last three years. Still though, if his tape is any indication, Quinn is not going to be an improvement over Cassel.

But, I’m not sure he necessarily needs to be more skilled than Cassel, just more efficient. If he can keep the ball moving and not turn it over, than the Chiefs “brawling” (to borrow a phrase from Eric Winston) gameplan can work.

I’m excited to see what he can do, but I think Chiefs fans should have no illusions – this guy is not going to take us to the promised land.

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  • ArrowFan

    One would think that Daybull has also improved his game as well. So I think it is more likely that the two along with our team would be improved over there initial time together. The million $$ question is how much improvement is reasonable to expect?

  • VenTorPraisE

    Who says Quinn can’t save the season? You?? Yeah we’ll see homeslice.

  • Riverdog

    Being a Miami Dolphin fan I can relate to the all the KC Chief fans. We have a similar problem down here ” QB less “. I feel for you, but I will urge you to hang in there and find yourself a QB in the draft. That’s the only way to get out the hole you are in. I might add one more thing. Get rid of all the Bellicheat knock offs. They are good for only one reason. The Patriots fell upon Tom Brady and he makes them look like geniuses. I wish you well.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Good read Nick. Spot on with what I’ve been reading about Quinn. It seems it comes down to accuracy mostly. Can you correct that? I don’t know. Hopefully Daboll’s experience with Quinn will help him be more efficient. Let’s just say I’m glad we’re playing the Bucs next week.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cartermason Carter Mason

      He was pretty accurate in college. Part of playing for a bad team is receivers who don’t run their routes well. Blaming the drops on bullets… what would Favre had done if his guys couldn’t catch a ball with some heat on it?

  • scastagnoli

    I’m not surprised about what you discovered following your review of some film on BQ. He did play for a bad team in Cleveland, but his chance to be a starter in the league was short-lived to say the least.

    My impression of him coming out of ND was how mechanical he looked and his questionably accuracy when projected at the pro level. Unfortunately, BQ is another backup the Chiefs are stuck with due to the refusal of SP to seriously address the most important position in the draft the past two years. I’ve been a Chiefs fan for over forty years, and it is incredibly frustrating how inept this organization has been in not being able to acquire a good young QB via the draft. I’m pleased the team has a number of cornerstone players, but even if Cassel had a decent year, the team would’ve have faced real obstacles in the postseason because the QB’s are mostly the league’s best in the second season.

    The Chiefs desperately need to draft one of the top prospects next April, but they have enough talent to win some games once they start to turn the corner. It’s not impossible, but I feel it’s not likely they will have a top five of ten pick in the next draft.

  • Danny W

    I think you article loses a bit of credibility when you state that he didn’t have the best of receivers or tight ends for that matter when Brady Quinn was quarterback. Listen I’m no BQ apologist but the guy won a heisman trophy for being a pocket passer. Braylon Edwards is a bust by enlarge as is Kellen Winslow. We have DBowe, McCluster, Charles, Hillis, Baldwin and Breaston. We should be able to run a spread offense no problem. Quinns chances are better in Kansas City and I bet he goes to Tampa and does well. We shall see if I’m wrong I will gladly admit it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cartermason Carter Mason

      Quinn never won a Heisman, but I am a BQ apologist. The guy has never been given a chance and talking about him being as bad as Cassel has been this season annoys the crap out of me. Mostly because Quinn never was given a chance to develop as a starter. I truly hope he has a good game this Sunday, because he deserves to be named the starter for the rest of the season. He deserves multiple games to be evaluated.

      • Danny W

        Your right I now he was in the running but he didn’t win did he? Damn! I should have fact checked my own BS.

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      I lose credibility by acknowledging facts that don’t support my argument. Ok. Never again!

      • Danny W

        Came across as a Richard Cranium brother didn’t mean to. I think your credible I should have worded my statement like I don’t think the Brady Quinn Argument doesn’t hold enough water for me yet. Didn’t mean to be a dick……. honest.

    • bench cassie

      mangini got rid of edwards and winslow before bq got the starting job on the browns. quinn also won his last few starts before an injury ended his season, and he was traded. the browns receivers were turrible.

  • sidibe

    I would suggest an amendment to your title: …he can’t save the Chiefs IN THE LONG RUN.

    Make no mistake, KC NEEDS to take a QB in the 1st round of the draft in 2013.

    But if this D plays like it is capable and the qB can get out of the way, with the receivers and the #1 rushing game, he could save the Chiefs 2012 season.

    Then again, maybe not. But at least we have reason to hope again. (No insinuation with Cassel’s injury. I hope he’s okay and plays again, but honestly, Crennel should have pulled him before then. He really should have.

  • DK

    Season is still young, anyone remember Rich Gannon come off the bench and take the Chiefs to the playoffs? He then went on to a Super Bowl and 4 great seasons in Oakland? That was after mediocre years on Minnesota and Washington. Quinn could be the same and the rest of our schedule is not a killer. 9-7 could win the division. Running game and D is great. Just stop the turnovers

    • http://www.facebook.com/cartermason Carter Mason

      I do remember when Gannon came in and replaced the winningest QB in the NFL over the previous two seasons and tanked them so badly they didn’t make the playoffs. Grbac should have never been here, because Bono should have never been benched and then sent on his way.

  • bench cass

    was this article written by mat cassels mom? quinn is accurate, mobile, has good pockets presence, and played on a team that was blown up by mangini. he ia possible solution, both long and short term.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7407726 Nicholas Alan Clayton

      Was this comment written by Brady Quinn’s mom? Quinn hasn’t been able to win a starting job since beating out Derek Anderson in 2009. Even last year, for a Broncos organization that cut one QB and traded away the other, they never thought Quinn was good enough to put him on the field the field. I’m not saying he’s useless, just that he’s going to most likely end up as bad or worse than Cassel. Mind you, when Quinn was playing inconsistently in the preseason and everyone was calling on us to make some sort of trade to bring in Hasselbeck or something, I defended BQ: http://arrowheadaddict.com/2012/08/20/the-preseason-is-meaningless-except-these-5-thoughts/

  • Nick Danger

    Goodie. Now we have the guy that couldn’t beat out Tebow for second string last year.