Report: Chiefs Worked Out TE Brody Eldridge

According to Adam Caplan, the Kansas City Chiefs worked out TE Brody Eldridge last week.

Eldridge is 25 and was a fifth-round pick by the Indianapolis Colts. He was waived in 2012 and signed with the St. Louis Rams. The TE was suspended earlier this year for four games for breaking the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was later cut.

With his four-game suspension over, however, the Chiefs kicked the tires on Eldridge.

Caplan had a few other interesting tweets about the Chiefs. Check it out:






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  • chiefridgy

    The Chiefs are one quarterback away from being contenders

    • micah stephenson

      I think they a QB, a couple of olinemen, & 2 tall fast wrs that can catch away.

      • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

        The current OL and WRs would look a hell of a lot better with a good QB. That’s not to say they’ve always been great, but just saying a QB can mask a lot of deficiencies.

  • tm1946

    This roster seems a bit warped as a whole. The DL is overpaid and unproductive even with the Crennel style for an excuse. Anyone feel Rout is adequate compared to a Carr of 2011? Safety is an issue because of injury and depth. How long do you think Charles will last at the rate they are running him? WR, as mentioned, could use a big injection of speed and hands. As of last game OL can run block but pass blocking is a big “?”. QB is what it is. Lastly, how many of Carls players are carrying the load, where are the 30+ draft picks of Pioli.

    After 4 seasons of Pioli’s management, this is not a good team.

  • Larry Devore

    Why is only Bowe targeted 95% of the time. That’s one other criticism on Cassel.


    The line is young (besides LILJA) and they have alot of new pieces they just haven’t played together so they will have some mess ups that should be expected. With that being said they r getting better n better charles bein #1 rusher proves it bc weather u want to admit it or not charles has ran through some big ass holes created by this young and for the most part inexperienced O-LINE. IF THE CHIEFS KEEPS THIS LINE AND LET’S THEM GEL UR LOOKIN AT THE NEXT WILLIE ROAF/BRIAN WATERS ERA WITH A #1 RATED O-LINE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.