October 07, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs fans show their opinion of quarterback Matt Cassel (7) during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium. The Ravens won 9-6. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Memo To Fans: This Isn't Matt Cassel's Fault

The Kansas City Chiefs lost again on Sunday. They lost at home, AGAIN. Matt Cassel playing poorly, AGAIN (when the team even allowed him to throw). In fact, the offensive game plan clearly showed that the team no longer has any faith that Matt Cassel can help them win games. In the first 30 plays the Chiefs offense had 26 running plays and a mere four passes. That really tells you all that you need to know about KC’s trust in Matt Cassel. The Chiefs basically decided that they would be better off with no passing game at all than a passing game led by Cassel. Matt Cassel simply isn’t a good NFL starting QB. You may have been thinking that based on the title of this piece, I would be arguing otherwise. I’m not. If you were planning on getting in a “should Matt Cassel start another game for KC” debate at the close of this piece you won’t get any argument in favor of Matt Cassel coming from this author.

So what do I mean when I say that this isn’t Matt Cassel’s fault?

I mean that directing your frustration, anger, and sometimes outright hatred at Matt Cassel is misguided. Does anyone argue that Matt Cassel isn’t a good guy? Isn’t Matt Cassel a good teammate? Does anyone question Matt Cassel’s work ethic? How about his desire to win? Aren’t those really the only things a player can control? Matt Cassel’s problem has never been about the stuff that he can control. Matt Cassel’s problem is that he isn’t any good. It’s not from a lack of trying, the guy just doesn’t have the necessary skills needed to succeed at the NFL level. It’s an ability issue.

So why be so mad at Cassel?

Think of it this way. Imagine your boss at work gives a coworker a promotion. The coworker lacks the abilities needed to do his new job and fails miserably. The coworker is doing everything he can to succeed, giving his all, but still can’t do the job. Instead of admitting the mistake and finding someone more competent for the position, your boss keeps the same guy there for four years. You would be frustrated and angry about it, but who would you be more upset with, your coworker or your boss that put him in that position and refuses to do anything about it.

My point is obviously that KC fans should channel their anger at Scott Pioli, not Matt Cassel.

KC fans are so frustrated with the state of their beloved team that they can no longer contain their excitement over a different QB playing for their team. I think the percentage of fans that want Matt Cassel to suffer physical pain are very small. These fans, literally want revenge for the frustration that Cassel’s play has caused them. If you are in this group I feel sorry for you. That seems like a pretty bitter and hateful way to view the world. However, I think more fans would fall under the heading of “excited to move on from Matt Cassel.” Some of these fans cheered when Cassel was hurt, not because they wanted Cassel to be in pain, but because they were SO desperate for anyone other than Matt Cassel to play QB for the Chiefs that they couldn’t contain their excitement when Quinn had to come in. Was this in bad taste? Yes, it was. Was this situation created by Scott Pioli? Yes, it was. Do you think, for one second, that the crowd would have reacted that way if it was Kyle Orton who had been out their struggling after being re-signed in the offseason to replace Matt Cassel? I don’t. Do you think that if it had been a struggling first-round draft pick laying out there on the turf that the fans would have cheered? I don’t.

That’s what outsiders, the national media, and perhaps even Eric Winston don’t get. KC fans aren’t so much upset that their QB isn’t playing well. It’s that the SAME QB that has been underwhelming fans for the better part of four years is still out there struggling and the powers-that-be continue to deny that it’s an issue. Fans want a light at the end of the tunnel and thus far the Chiefs’ higher ups have refused to give it to them. Then when Cassel was laying on the turf and Quinn started to come onto the field they saw a small flicker of that light off in the distance. KC fans (at least most of them) don’t actually think Brady Quinn is some great savior that will salvage this pathetic season and lead the team to a Super Bowl. They just see a possible light at the end of the “Matt Cassel tunnel.” Some fans think that an injury is literally the only possible way to get Cassel out of the lineup. They’ve lost hope in the decision makers for their team to do what is right. It’s sad that an injury was some fans’ only hope for this team, but unfortunately that is where we are at.

Things are turning ugly in Kansas City. If fans don’t see some change soon they may explode. Every fan is responsible for their own actions, but if the explosion does happen, it will be in part because Scott Pioli provided fans with the metaphorical matches and gunpowder by not finding this team a competent starting QB in his four years on the job. I’m not in favor of change just for the sake of appeasing the fanbase, but at some point the Chiefs must prove to their fans that they are willing to admit their mistake and move forward. Not starting Matt Cassel for the rest of the 2012 season regardless of his health would be a step in that direction.

I am hoping for two things to come out of this situation. The first is that Scott Pioli comes to the realization that I just mentioned and moves on from the Matt Cassel era. The second is that Matt Cassel makes a full and speedy recovery, because no “win” or “game” is worth the long-term health and happiness of a fellow human being. All Matt Cassel has ever done is try his best to win games for the team that I love. I am grateful to him for that. I wish him nothing but the best in his life going forward. I just want the people that run the Chiefs to realize that he shouldn’t be the starting QB for my team anymore. That should be something that we can all agree on, no matter how unhappy we are with the product that the Chiefs have put on the field.

I still think that KC has the best fans in the world. I hope the next time the Chiefs take the field at Arrowhead that the fans earn that reputation. I also hope that the Chiefs treat the fans like they deserve to be treated and prove to them that they are committed to putting players on the field that can actually help them to win games. I no longer think that Matt Cassel is one of those players, but I still wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • aa


  • M.H.

    i understand that alot of people want Matt Cassel out the lineup, but i know myslef that Matt Cassel can do it. we dont put trust in him enough. Matt Cassel can win games as he showed in 2010. Its not right for the fans to cheer on his injury. Tho many people believe that a new qb needs to be playing for us, i believe that its still Matt Cassels job and he will get it done this year. I BELIEVE IN YOU MATT CASSEL. I just dont want charles and bowe to leave because were losing, so i think Cassel will recognize that and make a change in his game.

    • vbchief

      Ummm …What the heck have you been smoking?
      Cassels done. If the chiefs brass didnt have the balls to pull him before he got hurt i doubt they have the stones to put him back in . Espeacially after all that has taken place recently. I honestly believe that if he regains his starting position…..That buisness in philly where the fans threw beer bottles at santa clause will not even begin to compare what will go down at arrowhead stadium.. Sad but true!!

    • Chiefswatch


  • Spencer

    im just pissed that the refs robbed the chiefs of a win, TWICE, in the final 4 minutes of the game…Cassel i actually got sick of in the 2nd quarter, i thoght he we are protecting him, then he found a way to turn the ball over i think 4 times? i know te team had 5 in that game, giving a grand total of 19 in the year, as the announcers said the entire game-the chiefs Completly outplayed the ravens in every aspect of the game except 2, the QB and Turnovers

  • Spencer

    m just pissed that the refs robbed the chiefs of a win, TWICE, in the final 4 minutes of the game…Cassel i actually got sick of in the 2nd quarter, i thoght he we are protecting him, then he found a way to turn the ball over i think 4 times? i know te team had 5 in that game, giving a grand total of 19 in the year, as the announcers said the entire game-the chiefs Completly outplayed the ravens in every aspect of the game except 2, the QB and Turnovers

  • spencer

    m just pissed that the refs robbed the chiefs of a win, TWICE, in the final 4 minutes of the game…Cassel i actually got sick of in the 2nd quarter, i thoght he we are protecting him, then he found a way to turn the ball over i think 4 times? i know te team had 5 in that game, giving a grand total of 19 in the year, as the announcers said the entire game-the chiefs Completly outplayed the ravens in every aspect of the game except 2, the QB and Turnovers

  • http://twitter.com/awalk_87 Aaron

    While I’m not a Matt Cassel supporter, aside from the fumbled snap in the endzone, the other 3 TOs were not his fault. A perfectly good pitch was botched by Gray (I believe), and not 1, but 2…. TWO passes went off of DBowe’s hands and into enemy possession. That doesn’t excuse the poor decisions Matt Cassel has made in 4 years, but the problem doesn’t just lay in his hands.. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t see Bowe in Red and Yellow next year.

  • spencer

    eww sorry bout the spam guys, it wouldn’t show up when i posted them on 3 different accoutns so i was like what the hel:( gotta get used to the time lapse before the posts show up on the website

  • chiefridgy

    Like you Lyle and like many fans…not happy to see anyone get hurt but eager to see what someone else can do at the helm of the Chiefs offense. Cassel has played truly awful and the chiefs need to figure out an alternative for the position.

    GO CHIEFS!!!

  • redchiefs

    The Running backs have fumbled the ball, deep on the chiefs side of the field, and two fumbles have been on the goal line now, preventing scores at crucial times. The receivers keep ldropping the balls that hit them in the hands, and this year it seems these are more than drops, they are tips allowing defenses to intercept the ball. Matt Cassell is playing far less than at his pro bowl level. He’s making bad choices, and his accuracy is off too.
    It was shocking to hear that cheering, that was just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Jesse

    Lyle this is a very well written article. Matt is a great person and he goes out there and gives it his all every single day.I’m sure that’s a big part of why Pioli keep him in there so long.he’s got a golden heart, just not the golden arm.

  • jimfromkcj

    Lyle, it was a shame on the Chief’s fans that will not go away for quite sometime. Sure we are all frustrated, but to laugh at a player getting hurt is unacceptable. I read one fans account and he thought it was a shame, but if it was a Raider he would have been cheering too. It goes right to what a lot of fans seem to think they have to do to be a member of the herd. Hate the other teams in the division. Quite a lot of change in the past when we had pride not only in our team, but in our division and our conference. today too many Chief’s fans would be rooting against the other teams in our division if they happen to beat the Chiefs. Seems to me that is a general consensus in the NFL fans. This will destroy the NFL in the long run. And by the way you and other folks who are on this blog and the folks on Pride have a little blame too. You have been on the Pioli and Cassel bandwagon for such a long time. Now that the crap has finally hit the fan you act like you knew it all the time. I can’t tell you all the names and insults I have had because I stated from the git go that I didn’t like anything about the Patriot way. They even barred me from Pride because I called out a couple of their fair haired boys. This team is just not as talented as the kool aiders think they are. We have only two guys who I would rate either close to elite and they both have something about their game that I don’t like. Charles is not an every down back and DJ is just not as consistent as I would like.

    • HuckDaddy

      So because I root against the Raiders, Broncos, and Chargers, I am not as good of a Chiefs fan as you? And I am going to eventually destroy the NFL? Man, my hard earned money goes into this just like yours. I read (too much) Chiefs news daily, and follow this team, well, religiously. It is really harsh to criticize the way that you do. I don’t think you should be ashamed of yourself for the way you feel, and I don’t think anyone else should be ashamed if they aren’t being malicious.

  • Jesse o

    Live Eric Winston comments during game.


  • ArrowFan

    The more I think about it the more it looks like the grand plan was to address the final piece (QB) this off season anyway. At the time Cassel was the best FA available as a stop gap while the rest of the team was taken care of.

  • HuckDaddy

    In my opinion, people need to step back and think about this injury thing. We all are fed up with the losing and the shitty QB play. There are going to be people that actually want to see people hurt, but they are very few, and we have to tolerate them. The vast majority of people are good – and they want to see the chiefs succeed. Just showing excitement about a QB change doesn’t make anyone a bad person, or fan. We all work our assess off, and take care of our kids, and care for people. I think that both sides of this reaction – Winston and some fans ripping the cheering, and those that did the cheering themselves, are stemming from the same seed. Frustration. It is OK to be frustrated but not to start judging people who don’t share your opinion or cheer for the team like you do.

    All that aside, I want to see how Brady Quinn plays. I hope to hear that Cassel is healthy soon as well. I think we all do.

  • KCinTX

    I live in Houston but I have been a Chiefs fan for as long as I can remember. For over 25 years (during football season) I have always worn a Chiefs shirt to work on Friday and the following Monday. Today I stood at the closet door and wondered if I still wanted to be known as a Chiefs fan. The loss was tough but the news of fans cheering for any player injured is unacceptable. Finding out the cheers were for an injured Chief, playing at Arrowhead, was devastating. There is a reason I don’t like the Raiders and their fans. That reason is now associated with the Chiefs and me as a Chiefs fan. The team is playing poorly but that is not an excuse for the fans to act poorly. KC you have just handed Clark not only a reason but a convincing argument as to why he should move the team.

    • ArrowFan

      Only have a red Monday when we win otherwise I do a Black Monday as if I’m mourning the lose that weekend. I found this morning when standing in my closet that I’m in need a few more black shirts. Because I have worn out my favorite due to over use.

      • KCMikeG

        I went with an Iowa State Cyclone since they had a nice win over #13 TCU. Like the Black Monday idea.

    • Danny W

      Perspective says some fans didn’t even see Cassel when he went down dude, they were cheering the first down. Then when they saw Quinn warming up they were excited about that. I’d say a few cheered because he was down but I dare say it was a small percentage.

  • micah stephenson

    Everyone wants to blame Cassel for everything. Cassel wasnt even on the field wen the game winning TD was called back on a penalty. Whos fualt is that? 1 pass from Cassel bounces off Bowes chest and another off his helmet. Whos fualt is that? Perfect pitch to C.Gray fumbled is that Cassels fualt? The bumbled snap Lilja admmitted it was his fualt but i will still put half of it on Cassel.

    • Frank

      Micah you cant possibly defend him can you? What about every one of his passes being so low or high to the point where the receiver going even take the catch up field? Was there even 1 yac that entire game? Thats Cassels fault also.

    • Danny W

      On one of those interceptions he telegraphed his throw to Dwayne, and on the other side of the field in his second progression Steve Maneri was standing WIDE open. I’m so open he probably gets close to scoring. Dud he just is inept. He doesn’t read his route tree. He should be gone.

      • micah stephenson

        It dont matter if you percieve that he telegraphed it. From pee wee football to the NFL if it hits yo hands its a catch(except if its Cassel throwing it). One pass gets into Bowes chest. Shuda been pass interference but at least bowe shud snatch it or knock it down. The other int the ball bounces off of bowes face. I know Cassel sucks but wat more cud he hav done besides walk out thur and gently hand the ball to him?

        • Danny W

          It wasn’t all Cassels fault I agree but we deserve better or something different.

      • mugglemage

        YOU saw Steve Maneri wide open from the comfort of your couch. There’s a little bit of difference. Yes it’s Matt Cassel’s job to see open receivers, but woulda shoulda coulda scenarios are nothing more than hindsight. Tell you what. Stand in oncoming highway traffic and look at 2 where’s Waldo billboards and see if you can find both before you get hit by a truck. Then come back and analyze NFL football games. Thanks.

        • Danny W

          So you’ve played in NFL games yourself? Because this is what your statement implies Sir. Your telling me what it’s like to play quarterback in the NFL so, whats your real name and what team did you play for? You seem to know what it’s like, so defend to me what makes you more credible to analyze that it’s like the analogy you described. I TEVO the games dude. I watched the play before commenting on your little snide remark to me. Cassel had time to read his second guy.
          Matt Cassel got the ball looked at Dwayne Bowe which had coverage shifted his way because he targeted only him, 3 guys as a matter of fact covering him and then he threw it there on a telegraphed line. Instead of going to his next series of receivers he just threw it in there. It was a pretty good pass but the decision was terrible. Maneri would have walked to the end zone! Most quarterbacks read progressions Sir! Maybe when you were a pro you just decided who to throw to as soon as the huddle broke maybe thats why your not currently playing or are you? If finding a number two receiver was like the analogy you described no one would get out of their first read! With all due respect that post was more than a little silly.

    • Chiefswatch

      Shut the f up dude. He was TERRIBLE as everyone in the world agrees. ONLY YOU look at those plays and say it wasnt on him. That bobbled snap was not on LILJA AT ALL. Cassel checked to that play, Cassel got all hunched down showing the defense he was going to run, CASSEL began running BEFORE THE BALL WAS SNAPPED. Give it up man

      • micah stephenson

        Cassel sucks. I know this. On metro sports talks Red Zone both Danan Hughes and Bill Maas both said those ints wur bowes fualt. They both played for the Chiefs and I think they both hav more credebility than u do. Also if you look at Lilja after game interview Lilja himself said he didnt get the snap all the way back to Cassel but Cassel was leaning forward so I will put half the blame on him. But I asked you to comment on a play Cassel wasnt on the field. The TD pass called back by Quinn. Wat happen on that play? Casse was in the locker room so who fualt was that?

        • T PO

          You’re supposed to start leaning forward on a QB sneak anyway, look at how Brady does it he is on his center’s back before the ball is snapped.

        • ivan

          bullshit the first cassel pick he threw into triple coverage while staring bowe down the whole way allowing that defender to get his hands inbetween bowe. the second he stared him down again and threw high and behind bowe not in stride making him adjust . quinn came in threw a strike to bowe in stride with zip in his chest not 10 feet over his head. cassel is a terrible qb i mean he is slowly reaching jamarcus russell and doug peterson levels .

          • micah stephenson

            Thats funny cus x chief Bill Mass said on Red Zone that it was pass interference in 3 different ways. The 2nd int hit Bowe in the helmet!!! Not over is ahead or off to the sides. Cassel hit him right between the eyes. Cassel is not the QB for the chiefs but ima keep it real and point the finger at everyone whos in the wrong. Yea cassel messes up but so do others.

          • Danny W

            The first pick was on Cassel for throwing into that tight of coverage, and it was pass int. But the second one could have been caught but it was a horrible pass. The game wasn’t on Cassel but we deserve better than him Micah.

          • micah stephenson

            Well EVERY PASS CASSEL THROWS WILL B INTO TIGHT COVERAGE. Ive said over and over again our wrs are slow and cant create seperation. So every throw will b into tight coverage. Thats y the wrs tried to start running pick plays to help themselves get open. If ravens db hadnt pass interfered it might hav been cuaght if bowe dont tip it up to the enemy.

          • Danny W

            You really think Bowe, Baldwin, and McCluster are slow? Or are you just saying that because you think Matt Cassel is an accurate thrower doing the best he can? This is a tired argument Micah. You say Cassel sucks but you don’t want to believe it.

      • Flava

        YOU shut up. How can you call him terrible when he didn’t even throw the fucking ball most of the game? And the few times he did receivers played beach volleyball with the damn ball instead of catching it? Get Brodie Quinn in here and watch the EXACT same thing happen. We will look great for ONE game then go back to sucking balls. Throw in Stanzi and that streak of awesome shrinks to a half. Tanney might do better but he’s not NFL ready.

        I blame Matt Cassel for that snap a little bit but from playing center your MOST IMPORTANT JOB is to not let go of the fucking ball until the QB TAKES IT FROM YOU. You can clearly see Lilja kind of dropping the ball when Cassel touches it. Some people have their blinders on so tight they will overlook everyone else on the team to blame their scapegoat. If Matt Cassel is the only reason we suck how come we can’t win games with 52 Superbowl ready players on the team? They should be able to make up for one shitty player. Oh they can’t? Hmmm….

        • Danny W

          So you don’t think the quarterback drives a team? You haven’t seen the passes he’s thrown this year outside of the Falcon game that were not accurate period. I challenge you to re-watch the Saints game. Not one pass not even a flat throw or a check down hit the receiver in stride. Come on man. You are really coming to bat for Cassel?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.gudde Thomas Gudde

    I was at the game, 30 rows up from the endzone, and I didn’t get the vibe that the crowd was cheering because he was hurt. Like all players who are seriously hurt, on the ground for a long time and come out of it by walking off the field, the crowd cheers because they are okay. I believe that was the case. But we were sooo excited they brought in another QB to address the poor play. My 2 cents.

  • jamestown44

    People need to grow up. I cheered when Cassel went down. Not because he was hurt but because “hope” was arriving in the form of Quinn. I think that this is why most people were cheering. It had nothing to do with Cassel being hurt, no one wants that. They just want hope! The national media and people are blowing this out of porportion. Simple fact is that people are fed up with how Pioli is handling this situation and this is what happens when people have had enough.
    As for those fans who say that the INT’s weren’t Cassel’s fault well I don’t know how else to say this but…enough of the excuses. I am tired of watching Bowe jump 5 feet off the ground to make a catch. Hit him in stride with a solid throw and that won’t be intercepted. The first pass was just bad luck but Cassel has a girl arm and it was noticeable the difference between him and Quinn. I don’t think the answer for our QB situation is on our team right now but I (like many fans) don’t want to throw in the towel, so lets let Quinn show us what he can do. If that causes us a worse draft pick next year than so what. Pioli needs to do what he has to do to get this team a QB.

    • KCinTX

      Sad day when an injury to the starting QB is considered a moment of hope by the fans. I hope Quinn has a good game next week. I also hope Cassel starts the next game at Arrowhead. This team is in a tailspin. The last thing we need is a QB controversy. Team players all sound united in defending Cassel . Could this be used for team motivation?

      • Bruce S

        Who cares. The season is lost. The only hope is the Chiefs fire Pioli, get a top draft pick and choose a QB.

        • KCinTX

          In this division the season is never lost. 2 games out of 1st with 11 games remaining is not an impossible task. Not even for a team led by Cassel.

        • Jim Harper

          The season is hardly lost but we do have a good start on it.

      • ivan

        cassel should never start another game ever ! the guy is pure garbage and because of this he might not even been a good backup either his confidence is gone. pioli and crennel should have put quinn in long ago or had a replacement last year . pioli should be on a very short leash for making the chiefs fans who have been patient into this. i blame the fans that did that no excuse but i blame pioli and crennel equally never shouldve gotten to this point

    • T PO

      the int was bowe’s fault no doubt about it. If it hits you inthe hands you have to catch it.

    • Jes (Steelers fan)

      You are the one that needs to “grow up”. Admitting that you actually cheered when a player goes down (especially one from your hometown team), is to me, dispicable. Maybe someone should cheer when YOU go down.

      • Gloryhole Aficionado

        I always cheer when he goes down… mmmmm

  • Bruce S

    Cassel is terrible but he shouldn’t be leading an NFL team. The fault belongs with Hunt and Pioli. This team will never be good as look as that idiotic duo is in charge. Hunt only cares about the bottom line and Pioli is incompetent.

  • mikeinsd

    I was watching the game at a chiefs bar out here in san diego cali i
    have been a chiefs fan for a long time and people at the bar where
    cheering cassel was hurt and a few of them said good i hope his career
    is over once and for all i was ashamed that day to be a chiefs fan i
    never cheer for any player gettting hurt this is how they earn there
    money to provide for there familys and to see people hoping for that
    made me think we r turning into raider fans

    i just do not know
    what to say and allot of people r blaiming cassel for allot that is
    understandble i have seen things he has done wrong but i am sorry guys
    i hope bowe is gone from r team i hate to say it i have seen him
    drop passes he almost always catch and then he drops them or just
    doesnt even try i mean how can Cassel have faith in him to do his
    job when bowe wants to give up cause he is all butt hurt he oesnt get
    vincent jackson type of pay i am sorry guys i am no fan of bowe at

    • Jim Harper

      Come on man. Bowe has been playing his heart out. Leading receiver on the team and puts his body at risk because Cassel cannot throw an accurate ball, which is exactly why so many receivers are getting hurt.

  • KC-sports-fan

    Perfect article on the issue, I also just want to say that cheering for Quinn after the injury is still really embarrassing. How do you think that makes Cassel and the rest of the team feel if our attitude toward players is that we can’t recognize that they’re human. How do you think his family felt after they saw us happy about getting a new QB, even if it meant an injury. We made KC look bad yesterday, whether we meant to or not. If you cheered for Cassel getting hurt, and by that I mean not clapping politely but cheering, you should be ashamed, this is all over the news, what player would want to come here after they see that injury to this cities players don’t matter to us enough to hold our applause for a back up QB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.hart.526 Jeremy Hart

    Great article.. really well written.. I too was a little ashamed to a chiefs fan yesterday. I think our reputation was tarnished nationally bc what a few ppl did at the game and that is really disappointing..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Swind/100003775569384 James Swind

    I think some were happy that Cassel was leaving the game, not that he was knocked out. Romeo is too scared to man up and pull Cassel. I think Cassel looks like Kurt Warner did when he came back from his broken hand, and he got benched too. If you are denying that Cassel is holding this offense back, then your just blind. he is too slow with reads ( Bowe and maybe another W/R 2 reads tops) and his release. he telegraphs every throw and is so off target, receivers cant catch the ball in stride.

  • sidibe

    Agreed. As far as I can tell, Cassel is as good of a guy as it gets. And he gave the Chiefs all he had (dude played less than a week after an apendectomy…how ungrateful can we get). I wish him well.

    He never made the decision to start himself. Or sign himself to a contract.

  • mugglemage

    I call 100% BS on this article. Of COURSE a vast majority of fans want to see Matt Cassel hurt. We read it in the comments every day. Now all this feel-good BS to try to take away from the fact that all of you cheered when you saw him hurt. Then Eric Winston called you out on it, and instead of manning up and taking the blame you come up with crap like this. Your article is well written, I don’t mean that is crap, I mean you and people saying they were cheering for the first down when they weren’t the ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME and then cheering Brady Quinn and didn’t realize Cassel was hurt are a bunch of punk ass chicken hawks.

    I actually applaud the people saying they did it and they pay good money to clap for whatever reason they want; they at least have the balls to back up their lack of social cognizance. In your boss/ promotion scenario what you would do is attempt to undermine everything said coworker did to pile on his lack of skills, then when he offs himself take over his position and claim you liked the guy the whole time.