Sep 30, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt on the field before the game with the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. San Diego won the game 37-20. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

New Season, New Coach, Same Old Results For The KC Chiefs!

Well, surprise, surprise! The Kansas City Chiefs come off of a heroic win in a foreign land only to fall flat on their home turf, good old Arrowhead Stadium.

I expressed doubts about the Chargers’ visit  in my last post. Those doubts were realized Sunday.

Empty seats, crowd malaise, confusion on the field and in the stands!

The “dad” from “What’s Happening?” came on the jumbotron and told us all to “stand up!”. When we did, the event staff told us to “sit down!”. That pretty much sums up the status of the Kansas City Chiefs. The right hand has no idea what the left is doing.

Clearly changes need to be made at One Arrowhead Drive.

What changes? How the hell would I know?

But if you need a tip on how to park in the red parking zone with a general admission parking ticket, I’m your guy.

Still, were the team in my hands, I would have to start with Matt Cassel.

I give Matt all the credit in the world for pulling our team out of a deep dark hole.

Before Matt, we played musical quarterbacks with a couple of losers named Croyle and Huard that could not be depended upon to finish a game without being carried off the field.

Matt appeared, and soon we had a division title.

Well, who gives a crap?

The NFL is all about what a player can do for us today, not what a player did for us.

And Matt Cassel isn’t doing it for us anymore.

But who can we get?

You tell me.

But I do know this: Matt Cassel is not the future of Kansas City.

It has not been that long ago that the guy currently playing second fiddle to the Golden Boy Matt Cassel had the honor of appearing on a website titled or something to that effect.

And Kyle Orton, who brought us one of the most memorable wins in recent memory over the Packers, was promptly shipped off to Dallas.

But that isn’t all.

Too many dropped passes! Too many penalties!

The defense looks stiffer than the vending machine nachos that have now replaced the previous fresh, hot ones served in the concession stands!

But the sad fact is, winning in the NFL is one of the hardest things to do in pro sports.

Look at the Cowboys.

One post season win in the last 15 seasons. ONE. That’s it.

That is the product of one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, financially-able-to-spend-money owners in the NFL.

That’s all he can come up with.

So how the hell can we expect to do any better?

The answer is luck. Good, old-fashioned luck. We are overdue for some for sure.

Yes I know what’s wrong in Kansas City. No, I do not have any idea what to do about it!

Maybe you do?

I’m sitting by my grill, beer in hand, ready to listen.


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  • ArrowFan

    Stop turning the ball over, and yell yell yell yell yell yell!

    It if @#$%$#^&*&^% red Friday.

    • Randy5k

      I cannot believe how cheap the Chiefs are getting. Damn Doritos when you order nachos. ITS BS

  • ChiefsRedDawg

    Throw cassel in the trash!!!
    Then start paying players by performance!!! PROBLEM SOLVED

    • Randy5k

      boy pay for performance, what a difference THAT would make.

      • tm1946

        We do know that “pay for Performance” is a form of the problem that got NO in trouble, illegal in the NFL.
        But consider the business side of the Chies. If this team paid for preformance, Hunt/Pioli would jump at the chance. Think how much extra bucks they could bank. Get even worse players who are not near the level of the league, lose every game, keep most of player paychecks. This is right in the Chiefs comfort zone. No, pay for preformance and you got the Royals wearing football pads.

        • Randy5k

          thats a different angle on pay for performance for sure !

        • Dan Rice

          Funny thing is Royals would probably outplay the Chiefs in a blowout fashion like everyone else LOL

          • Randy5k

            probably, Dan

  • vbchief

    We can get larry johnson back to slap some sense into pioli!!!!.. Oh wait.. He was just arrested in vegas for domestic violence again..
    Hell i dont know………..i guess were still screwed!

    • Randy5k

      I dont know what to do. I mean if the Cowboys cannot get someone better than ROMO how can WE?

      • tm1946

        Nope, they signed Orton. The same guy who could not run out of KC fast enough.

  • KCMikeG

    Dead on Randy. Sanchez – who many complain we should have drafted is sucking worse than Cassel too. Romo, Sanchez, Wilson, Tannehill, Weeden, Vick, Freeman, Cutler, Luck, Bradford and Stafford are the worst ranked QB’s most having more turn overs than TD’s.
    Being lucky, avoiding injury, right time/right system, intelligent coaching and the right pieces around them all influence the hope for success at QB.

    • Randy5k

      Thanks MG. One of the most difficult things to do in sports, has been, and always will be , winning in the NFL.

  • KCMikeG

    Dead on Randy. Sanchez – who many complain we should have drafted is sucking worse than Cassel too. Romo, Sanchez, Wilson, Tannehill, Weeden, Vick, Freeman, Cutler, Luck, Bradford and Stafford are the worst ranked QB. Being lucky, avoiding injury, right time/right system, intelligent coaching and the right pieces around them all influence the hope for success at QB.

    • Chiefswatch

      “But I do know this. Matt Cassel is not the future of Kansas City.”
      HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH I dont think there is anyone left that thinks Cassel is a
      legit QB. I noticed you are back Gooding? Whats your input? Still
      defending this piece of shit? Everyone on AA has turned against the
      turd, even that dumb ass micah is acknowledging how “garbage” Matt
      Cassel is, What say you weasel? Waiting to see if he has a good game
      Sunday I am thinking, which would explain why you have said nothing
      until today. Great job hiding this past week loser. I cant stop laughing
      about how pathetic you are. Want to meet up at a game?

      • TAZMOSIS

        If you look in the dictionary under Neanderthal, your picture shows up.

  • KCMikeG

    Dead on Randy. Sanchez – who many complain we should have drafted is sucking worse than Cassel too. Romo, Sanchez, Wilson, Tannehill, Weeden, Vick, Freeman, Cutler, Luck, Bradford and Stafford are the worst ranked QB. Being lucky, avoiding injury, right time/right system, intelligent coaching and the right pieces around them all influence the hope for success at QB.


      One by one, lets look. Romo, undrafted FA. Sanchez, in the absolute wrong system. But maybe you forget, he helped get the Jets one game from the Superbowl twice. (Yeah, I know. They had a really good defense). Wison. Are you kiddin’ me? No way is this guy a starter. He just has a head coach who is delusional. Tannehill. They tossed him in the fire and let him play. Too early to tell if he can get it done. Same with Weeden. But both the Dolphins and the Browns had to make these moves. Vick can’t stay healthy. Freeman makes too many mental errors, but with Schiano, he will probably progress. Cutler, Luck, Bradford and Stafford are all studs. I would trade for any one of them.

      • Chiefswatch

        Dont worry man Mike is a Cassel butt humper want to be. He will never acknowledge that his gay lover want to be is a piece of shit.

        • TAZMOSIS

          What a stupid, moronic comment! How in the hell do they let idiots like you even have an opinion. Look, grab a sixer of warm Schlitz and head on back down to your mom’s basement, play some ten year old video games and leave the rest of us with a brain alone. And, the next time you have a thought……just let it go.MORON!!!

    • Chiefswatch

      Tryin to log on under your old ID? hahaha. trying to hide? lol pathetic


    Have a couple issues with your post. You refer to Jerry Jones as financially able to spend money. OK. Dedicated. OK. But knowledgeable? You haven’t been paying attention to the Cowboy drafts for fifteen years. BTW, have you followed the progress of his QB?
    Now, as for the Chiefs. You say we need luck. We need way more than luck. Luck is home field on Monday night, and an insane call in the end zone by a couple of shopping mall refs. That is luck!
    What the Chiefs need is a coach who can coach, a GM who knows talent, and someone at QB who can actually play. And this is just for starters. The Chiefs have no direction. The last few games a year ago were kind of a feel good story. DC gets to lead, does a good job, gets promoted………then bombs. GM seems to know what a player is, makes what looks to be a couple good moves in FA, then picks the wrong guy for head coach, and bombs his first pick in the draft. And one more thing. THIS TEAM CANNOT STAY HEALTHY!!!!!! Why the hell is that? Is it conditioning? Is it playing out of position? Not paying attention? Or maybe one other thing I can think of…….just bad luck.
    Say what you want about this year, but if the Chiefs go 3 and 13, and are in line for Geno Jones, or whomever the top QB in the draft turns out to be, I am ok with it. We get (hopefully) our QB of the future, a new head coach, and maybe even a GM who knows what the hell talent is. Look, if the Redskins win 5 or 6 this year, and make it to the playoffs for the next ten, nobody is gonna remember what they gave up to get GRIII, only that they got him. If Atlanta gets to the big show this year, nobody is gonna say they gave up too much for Julio Jones, just that he catches everything thrown his way gets in the end zone. What the Falcons had was a really, really good QB. They just needed that one game breaker to get them over the top. We have game breakers. But no one to get them the ball.
    Now, we need to get “THE GUY!!!”

    • Randy5k

      Great points, but I have a real problem with being OK with 3 and 13. I want to win, everytime we play, no matter what it costs us.
      Besides the Chiefs has the worst record for developing draft QB;s in NFL history, so why do you think we can turn that around? Maybe I need to stop focusing on our past. Maybe we can develop a QB.

      • TAZMOSIS

        Thing is, you can only develop a QB if you have someone to work with. Almost all of the QBs that are starting in the NFL have two things in common. They were drafted, then taught to play the position. Some, because of their talent level and the college they went to, came in better prepared than others. In years past, the common theme was it takes 4-5 years to get to point of starting. Now, it is all changed. Five rookies started the 2012 season in the NFL. Are they all ready? So far the stats say no. But, you don’t draft these guys in the first round to let them sit. Teams just do not have that luxury any more. There are a few teams that have what the Chiefs would love to have. Example, the Patriots have Ryan Mallett sitting on their bench. Do they see him as a starter some day? Could he play for the Chiefs right now? Yes and no. But he still has to be developed. My point is that the Chiefs have NEVER drafted and developed a middle to late round QB. We all know about Todd Blackledge. But after him it was some guy in the third or later rounds that just didn’t pan out.
        Look at all the Super Bowl winners in the last ten or twelve years. They had a common denominator… elite QB. Only the Bucs with Rob Johnson, and the Ravens, with Trent Dilfer, did not have an elite QB. Unless, and until, the Chiefs get that guy, they will continue to disappoint their fan base.

        • Randy5k

          Gotcha. We are getting on the same wavelength here sir.

  • Dan Rice

    Give the Chiefs Brian Shottenheimer for HC and bring in a new DC id RAC dont want to stay and a new OC. Draft us a top talent QB in the draft along with some vocal leaders (ala Drew Brees and Ray Lewis) to lead this Defense and Offense. Dont want to really go back to rebuilding but AS promised by Pioli we would be in the mold of the Steelers meaning Defense (FAILED MISERABLY) give us Trent Green or Kurt Warner to be the QB Coach to mentor our new QB’s Alex Tanney and new draft pick.
    Get rid of Cassel, Lilja, Dorsey, Belcher, Hillis, Elam, Oconnel, Dabol, Zorn, Defensive line coach, offensive line coach, special teams coach, just to name a few.

    • Randy5k

      Ill give it a whirl Dan!

    • ladner morse

      I like it! They need to add the “Dan Rice Wild Ride” at World’s of Fun. Then we could force whoever is the Chiefs GM to ride it once a year and — wah-lah — the Chiefs would be winners.

      Sorry to say it — but, like you — I think major changes will be in order before the Cheifs can begin a winning tradition. 22-30 in the past four years — it NOT it.

      Good post!

  • Beau Allen

    The Chiefs have to draft a QB, HAVE to. There have been plenty of busts, and plenty of teams that have drafted plenty of busts. But you know what, they stuck with it until they found their guy. Instead of building a house on a solid foundation, the Chiefs have built a house on an old unstable trash dumb. Having to consistently remodel, make additions, and changes, but in the end, it’s still always going to stink. As far as drafting a QB, in my opinion, you absolutely CANNOT draft a QB from a perennial power house program. Look at all of the QB’s to come out of LSU, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida…here a bust, there a bust, everywhere a bust bust. Average at best, say Samford. All of those teams have talent at every position, my grandma could go in there and make a run at the Heisman, and she can barely walk. Now look at all of the stud NFL QB’s now, and look at their colleges. These guys made their teams shine, it wasn’t their team making them shine. Matt Barkley, no, Landry Jones, no, but knowing the chiefs, they will probably go after mettenberger out of LSU, so he can join his other frat brothers that follow the code of losing for the chiefs. Or maybe we can get Matt Barkley’s backup. My point being, this organization has already wasted how many years for us and our team, I would have no problem with a few bad years in the search for a franchise QB, as long as they swallow their pride and try. I know a few bad years sounds awful, and I don’t want that either, but a few bad years to eventually make a good run, is better than another 20 bad years. I’m out.

    • Randy5k

      Good points Beau. Good points. Sucks to be in this situation.

  • KCMikeG

    Let’s BE LOUD!