September 15, 2012; Stanford, CA, USA; Southern California Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley (7) passes the ball against the Stanford Cardinal during the second quarter at Stanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Hash-tag For a Cure: Finding the Next Chiefs Quarterback

I’ve been moaning and groaning about the debacle that was Sunday for too long! It’s time to take back my week, take back my life, and take back my Twitter. It’s time to stop concentrating on last Sunday and start concentrating on next April.

That’s right, I’m looking at the upcoming NFL draft.

Yes, this is very defeatist of me, but I am doing myself and all those readers out there who are sick and tired of thinking about the Chiefs 1-3 start a favor; particularly the guy at the helm.

Sure, there are more people to blame than just QB Matt Cassel. Jamaal Charles had two costly fumbles on Sunday. Brian Daboll looks like his cup is so overflowing with talent that he’s drunk off it, which could explain why Shaun Draughn has gotten so many carries this season. Romeo Crennel is making a strong case for the worst head coach in the AFC. And Scott Pioli… calm down Nathan, remember what you’re writing about [deep breath].


Cassel is on pace to be awful. Currently, Cassel is 22nd in the league in completion percentage (58.4%), 28th in quarterback rating (70.4), tied for 27th in average yards per pass 6.6, tied for 3rd in sacks taken (13), tied for first in interceptions (7) in contrast to his 5 TDs. And if Cassel was the improbably victim of stats not telling the whole story, he has also failed any sort of eye test fans and scouts have seen. His passes are high, wide, low, behind, and anywhere but on his wide receivers.

While only four games into the season, Cassel certainly has plenty of time to turn it around. But even if he did, I still want a quarterback in the first round. For a team so deep, the Chiefs are so weak at the most important position on the field. And despite the chants for Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi after the multiple-interception game by Cassel against the Chargers, I am looking for a long-term fix. I am looking for the Chiefs’ first 1st round quarterback since Todd Blackledge in 1983 (Blackledge < Eason, Kelly, O’Brien, Marino).

Not only could a high round quarterback help fix the Chiefs offensive problems, he could restore faith into the Chiefs fan base. I am going to ignore the Pioli tendencies  and make it a democratic decision for the next face of the franchise. And by democratic decision, I mean a twitter campaign of #Suck4Luck proportions. I am going to list a few quarterback twitter hash-tags, list their statistics, and leave it up to you, the fans, to get the campaign spreading far and wide throughout Chiefs kingdom. And no, this doesn’t have to be confined to the limits of Twitter. Facebook it, text it, Pinterest it (whatever that is), shout it at the top of your lungs when the Chiefs are down three touchdowns to the Ravens next week like Frank Costanza would use the ‘Serenity Now!’ technique to help calm his anger.

It’s up to you, ladies and gentleman; you are the fans. Get this thing going; let people know that we are not satisfied by the current state of the franchise. Let your friends and followers know something must be done. And, of course, add your own hash-tags in the comments section to make this thing your own.

Let’s get this campaign started!


Technically, I started this campaign last year when I thought Matt Barkley would enter the 2012 draft. Instead, Barkley stayed at USC for his senior year and allowed me to keep dreaming about this draft pick. He will go very high in the 2013 draft, so either the Chiefs will have to trade up to get him, or just be so awful they are in the position to nab the 4-year starter (which is conceivable). And for those saying you don’t want another USC quarterback? Actually, history is on your side, but I’d still love to have this guy on my team.

2012 Stats: 88/143 (64.1%), 1,005 yards, 12 TDs, 5 INTs                                                                                    Career: 843/1,318 (64.0%), 10,059 yards, 92 TDs, 38 INTs


Yes, I know there wasn’t the Barkley-like hype entering this season for Geno Smith, but he has, without question, been the best quarterback in college football this year. His meteoric rise resembles that of Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III, the two prior Heisman winners. While it will be interesting to see how he performs against tougher Big 12 competition than Baylor, the West Virginia Senior is as electrifying as it comes. I mean, just look at the stats.

2012 Stats: 141/169 (83.4%), 1,728 yards, 20 TDs, 0 INTs                                                                                          Career Stats: 760/1,116 (68.1%), 9,185 yards, 76 TDs, 15 INTs


Nowhere near the Heisman watch list for this season, Arkansas fifth-year Senior, Tyler Wilson, has suffered the repercussions of a new head coach, loss of talent around him, and a porous offensive line. But as the losses continue to pile up for the Razorbacks, it should not be forgotten how good of a prospect Wilson is at the quarterback position. With some analysts even penciling in Wilson as the second QB off the board in April, it will be interesting to see how high or how low Wilson’s stock goes based on his team’s performance.

2012 Stats: 76/145 (54.5%), 1,355 yards, 9 TDs, 5 INTs                                                                                           Career Stats: 423/692 (61.1%), 5,733 yards, 40 TDs, 18 INTs


Currently sixth on ESPN’s Heisman watch list, Aaron Murray, the junior quarterback for Georgia, is putting together a very nice season. Murray might be viewed as an under-the-radar sort of first rounder, but if Murray chooses to come out, I think there will definitely be the market.

2012 Stats: 88/129 (68.2%), 1,370 yards, 12 TDs, 3 INTs                                                                                     Career Stats: 535/874 (61.2%), 7,568 yards, 71 TDs, 25 INTs

Barkley, Smith, Wilson and Murray are my top four contenders. Here are some honorable mentions that might not make the first round but could be an improvement at the QB position.


This one was more conceivable last year.

2012 Stats: 68/107 (63.6%), 773 yards, 5 TDs, 2 INTs                                                                                                    Career Stats: 1,089/1,735 (62.8%), 13,152, 98 TDs, 43 INTs


Tyler Bray could easily move up into my top four by the end of the year, but must remember he’s just a junior.

2012 Stats: 118/193 (61.1%), 1,582 yards, 14 TDs, 6 INTs                                                                                           Career Stats: 390/664 (58.7%), 5,414 yards, 49 TDs, 22 INTs


Clearly not a good hash-tag, but Florida St Quarterback, E.J. Manuel, is good.

2012 Stats: 88/120 (73.3%), 1,147 yards, 9 TDs, 1 INT                                                                                                 Career Stats: 425/630 (67.5%), 5,491 yards, 33 TDs, 19 INTs

Well, that does it for looking at the 2013 draft class. Like I said earlier, add your own hash-tags to the comment section and let’s make it happen. And if you can’t wait for the season to end to see someone other than Cassel start for the Chiefs, here are a few hash-tags for that as well:

#WinWithQuinn                                                                                                                                                    #Antsy4Stanzi                                                                                                                                                                #Starve4Favre

The last one’s a joke of course. Unless…. Nah.

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  • John

    I dig your message hear and I agree. Although I am sick of the whole Cassel debacle, and I would like us to go ahead and give the rest of the year to Quinn and then Stanzi, I am still going to be supportive of my Chiefs. Actually, I hope that Cassel goes out and somehow kicks the Ravens butts, even thought that would hinder our chances of getting the QB that we might want. Not sure which of those guys I would prefer, if given the choice. They all have upsides and downsides and probably not all would fit into the organizations “idea” of a franchise QB. Do you want a classic QB from a great program. Do you want the guy with the size, arm strength, and up until this year a big time winner, but after the loss of his coach his team has fell apart. Do you want the guy that reminds us all of RG3. There are so many options out there, and that is what could make this draft ideal for us. I still think we will end up winning 6-9 games and that we will not be picking in the top 10. With all these options out there, at least we should have a shot at someone. And someone is better than what we have now.

  • Altarium

    No love for Collin Klein? The guy currently has a 70% completion (granted he’s only thrown 80 times so far… but KSU likes to slow games down anyways). KSU went 10-2 last year, and a 4-0 start this year taking out OU in Norman? He’s a big part of that and is exactly the kind of hard worker the Chiefs need. Someone who can drive the rest of the team to keep fighting when they’re down, and if necessary carry the team on his shoulders to keep winning. I’ll admit he’s not without his shortcomings, his throwing still needs work (though he’s gotten leaps and bounds better)… also, I’m absolutely biased as a KSU alum!

    • BigGil

      If Klein is around in, like, the third round, I wouldn’t mind seeing KC do what WAS did this draft (when they sold the farm for RGIII in RD1, but still took Kirk Cousins in RD3). Sell the farm for Geno, take Klein later anyway. Not like our QB depth is so great that two rookies on roster would be a downgrade… in fact, one or both could bust and it’d still probably be an upgrade.

      • Jim Harper

        I like how you think, but it is hard for me to imagine Pioli making such a bold move. It is a great idea though!

  • davidEgoliath

    logan thomas? there are a lot of options at QB. and with so many teams having gone qb early in the last 2 years, kc has a darn good shot at a top 3 qb prospect wise

    • Chief Hokie

      I was a big believer in Logan and was all for the Chiefs drafting him, but his play this year has been awful. Coming from a Hokie fan, that’s hard to admit. Still, though, he is a converted tight end and only started playing QB in college, so he is very raw. While he has the tools to be elite, the Chiefs need someone who can be good NOW.

  • Chief Hokie

    Just look at my profile pic, Blow 4 Geno all the way baby!


      I am all in for Geno Smith. If I am Pioli, there is nothing that keeps me from getting this guy. I give whatever it takes. Hell, it even saves his job. I agree with another post about Collin Klein. Dude has great size, a good arm, very smart and the guts of a burglar. He is kinda’ like a Tebow who can pass.
      I know it is early, but this guy is a leader. I would not be surprised to see him move up into the top five by years end.

  • tm1946

    Sorry but i would not trust Pioli to pick the QB of the future for any reason. Add i feel pretty confident he would not pick an elite college QB because of the chance you would take if you took him early and he failed. Pioli, if nothing else, is about the safe pick, may not be a star but no busts for him.
    Besides there are plenty of games to play. Maybe one of our current QBs will stand up and counted. It could happen.

    • ladner morse

      And even if Pioli did choose someone great like Geno Smith — would you want to have Romeo Crennel be the one to develop him? Jim Zorn was a running-gunning type QB himself but, I’m not sure he is going to be around for another season and was surprised he stuck around this year.

      • tm1946

        Agreed – I am firmly in the anti Pioli camp but my problem is his bad decisions, over and over. Crennel falls in line with the rest of his stupid decisions. Got to add Daboll, he is doing us no favors with his expectation for Cassel, doesn’t he watch game films? Zorn has “name value” but do not recall him developing any QBs?
        Heck keep Pioli but get a decent coaching staff who would not kowtow to his every desire and the Chiefs would be better. No, not what we were promised a team to dominate for a long time but better than the crap we are witnessing now.

        • tm1946

          Got to wonder what a younger Mary or Bill Schnider (both being 20 years younger) could do with this bunch? We could forget Clark and Pioli, they could hide in their offices and count their money and we might have had something special. Wishful thinking.

  • kcchiefs17

    dude, Alex Tanney!!!! think we have somthing special already on the roster…

    • Jim Harper

      Possibly, but sure would like to see what he can do with the first team
      It was definitely

  • Jim Harper

    Blow Geno has my attention. Especially when you see the career stats. 20 TD’s and no interceptions. Surround a guy like that with the offensive talent we already have and you have a recipe for success. Do whatever it takes to get, but GET HIM!!!!!!!!!

    • KCMikeG

      Amen to that brother. Geno is my pick too with Manuel #2. Here’s where I have a problem though. This whole let’s lose mentality. Winners don’t want to lose to try to get an advantage in the future – maybe with a high draft pick. Screw that! Why don’t we get our shit together across the board, over come the injuries the best we can like last year, use what we have effectively (looking at you Daboll) and go out swinging for the AFCW. We almost pulled it off w/o Charles last year and WITH Palko. I don’t give a shit whether it is Cassel, Quinn, Stanzi or what the hell how about Tanney? Sorry I just won’t embrace the loser attitude. We certainly aren’t any worse than we were last year are we? We can trade the farm next year like the Skins did for RGII andtrade away TJax, Dorsey and Bowe while still being able to hold our head up high this year. I’m going to go down pounding on the seat backs and screaming for our Chiefs until the last second of week 17 at a minimum. I graciously welcome all who would join me.

      • BigGil

        Jackson’s gotta go. His damn contract escalator has KC paying him too much next season. Take the dead money hit to free up $10 million+ and re-sign Pitoitua for a fraction of that. With Dorsey, it’d depend largely on how much he could be re-signed for. I’m gonna say keep Bowe; too many tipped drops by other WRs have led to picks… Bowe’s been consistent, and the only other receiving threat we can trust for consistency next year will likely be Boss. With rookie wage restrictions, KC won’t need a ton of cap space to sign a 1st round QB (at least not a ton compared to pre-new-CBA costs). Oh, and re-sign Albert… a rookie QB should have a good, proven LT.

      • Jim Harper

        I am in complete agreement with you Mike. It is never a good idea to instill a losing mentality on any team. We will likely come into the draft with a pretty high pick anyway. Then sweeten the pot for a move to the top and get our guy. It is absolutely imperative that we get that QB while we still have all our great pieces to go with him, and then have a nice long run of a very talented team playing together.

  • Michael Shaw

    Geno Smith would be my first choice, EJ my second and Barkley would be my last choice. Not sure it would fix our issues considering the play calling AND execution has been horrible. I doubt we score a field goal this weekend. All Ray Lewis and his boys have to do is watch the line of scrimmage and five yards beyond and play smear the QB with Cassel. This weekend is going to be rough. I just hope Drew Brees and company put the Chargers down hard this week!!!

  • ladner morse

    I’ve watched a few games now of Geno Smith ripping up the opposition. He’s amazing. I watched about half of RGIIIs games last season and came to the conclusion that he was the best college QB I’d ever seen — and I’ve been watching college ball for over 50 years now. Geno Smith is in the RGIII range conversation — but, it will take a few more games — and consistent play — to put him firmly in Griffin’s company. However, every time I see him play i say to myself — I want him to be the QB of my team — and that would be the KC Chiefs.

    I thought it was a big mistake for the Chiefs to not get in the RGIII sweepstakes last season — and now I’m hoping they’ll — SayYes2GS! And no matter where they end of drafting I want to see the Chiefs make a play for him — so he can play for them. Period.

    • Jim Harper

      Absolutely Laddie!

    • Danny W

      Him beating Texas just has to solidify that for you.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I’m not a fan of Landri Jones or Tyler Bray, but I think I could get behind almost all the others. Geno would be my top pick, but honestly just having a first round draft pick QB to get behind would make me so excited I probably wouldn’t care who it was.

  • Dan Rice

    Lose in a Hurry for Aaron Murray
    Up the anty for Alex Tanney

  • jimfromkcj

    Every year it seems that a lot of the fans zero in on the guy who is playing well and has the media attention. I guess I will be the contrarian as usual. There is no QB in this coming draft that I would want to sell the farm for. I said the same thing last year, so that isn’t something new. This team is just not as talented as everyone thinks it is. We need help all over the team. Cassel is the #1 problem, but he ain’t the only one. First I would like to say that I didn’t and don’t like the way Pioli has structured this team. I said at the time and still think that Pioli did his former boss one last favor when he took Cassel and Vrabel off his hands. He freed up a bunch of cash for his cap and gave him a second rd pick to boot. It would have been better to keep Thigpen and made Chan the coach and used the 63 mill and the second pick to build the team up at other positions before going after a franchise QB. With the badf picks he has made and sticking with Cassel, he has made it almost impossible to get to a super bowl with this group of skill players. Crennel is just as inept as head coach with the Chiefs as he was with the Browns, Both Pioli and crennel need to go sooner rather than later.

  • mwhite

    I do not care who we get in next years draft we still have alot of football left this year
    is there any QBs out there we can sign. Cassel just plain out can not play. over throughs open wr fumbles ints . hit the pine or the road i perfer the road RAC has no say in this cassel is piolis baby send them both down the road bring in marty . come one hunt lets play smart football not mitty mites. I WANT TO WIN SUPERBOWL