KC Chiefs Quarter Season Review

The Kansas City Chiefs have staggered out of the gate and have begun the season 1-3.

Things are bad in KC. Fans are flying banners around the stadium calling for the QB to be benched and for the GM to be fired. The local paper has taken up a vendetta so vicious against the current front office that it appears they won’t stop until the owner sells the team and every last memory of Scott Pioli is scrubbed from modern recorded history. Local talk radio are flipping out live on the air, reflecting the rage and anger their listeners are likely feeling every Sunday at about 12:05 PM.

And we haven’t even started talking about what is happening on the field yet.

We all know the Chiefs stink and, barring some miracle, we’re probably looking at yet another losing season.

Thankfully, we’re at the quarter point of the 2012 NFL season. Only three more of these to go and we can start looking forward to spring training and optimism about the Royals…ah hell. Never mind.

The draft. We’ll have the draft!

Anyway, let’s go inside the numbers with Pro Football Focus and determine just how bad (and good) the individual effort from KC players has been thus far.


Pulling their weight:

Branden Albert +8.9

Ryan Lilja +7.7

Jon Asamoah +6.2

Dwayne Bowe +5.8

Rodney Hudson +4.6

Eric Winston +3.4

Kevin Boss +1.8

Nate Echus +1.8

Terry Copper +1.4 (17 total snaps)

Jamaal Charles +1.2


Jon Baldwin +0.5

Steve Maneri +0.2

Dexter McCluster -0.4

Steve Breaston -0.7

Dead Weight:

Peyton Hillis -1.5

Matt Cassel -2.0

Shaun Draughn -2.0

Cyrus Gray (-2.1) (only 11 snaps)

Tony Moeaki -3.9

Worst Player Award:

Jeff Allen -6.5 (124 snaps)



Despite getting a lot of their production in garbage time, the offense isn’t terrible. The offensive line is grading quite well. Bowe and Boss were the team’s best receiving options through four games. Unfortunately, Boss is finished.

Those complaining that he doesn’t have time in the pocket are wrong. Those saying Eric Winston and Ryan Lilja stink, are wrong. Lilja has given up two sacks through four games and just two hurries in 317 snaps. These grades are based on a snap by snap basis and Lilja is one of the best lineman on the team right now.

The problem here is Cassel and his receivers. Other than Bowe, nobody else has been productive. Baldwin is grading out very average right now. Either he isn’t getting open or Cassel isn’t getting him the ball. My guess is that it is a combination of both. Still, I’d wager that, with a better QB, Baldwin would be having a much better season.

The fact that the line is grading out so well when defenses know that the QB is no threat is actually darn impressive.

Lastly, the loss of Rodney Hudson is more crushing than we could have imagined. The kid was having a solid season. Now Lilja is covering for him and Jeff Allen is covering for Lilja. As you can see, Allen is not ready for prime time. He’s the worst player on the offense so far.



Pulling their weight:

Justin Houston +6.7

Jovan Belcher +4.6

Glenn Dorsey +1.7

Brandon Flowers: +1.4


Stanford Routt +0.8

Abe Elam -0.2

Tamba Hali -0.5

Derrick Johnson -0.7

Andy Studebaker -0.8

Dead Weight:

Corey Greenwood -1.4 (12 snaps)

Edgar Jones -1.8

Allen Bailey -2.3

Jac Reeves -2.4

Jerrell Powe -2.7

Javier Arenas -2.8

Tyson Jackson -2.9

Ropati Pitoitua -3.1

Donatari Poe -3.3

Travis Daniels -5.0

Worst Player Award:

Eric Berry -7.2


The truth hurts and so far the truth is that the Chiefs defense sucks. Eric Berry is the team’s worst player. Not just on D but on the entire squad. This doesn’t mean he is the least talented player on the team. Just that through four games, he has played worse than anybody else.

Other defensive stars are also letting down their teammates. Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali have been non-factors. That is bad news. These guys are supposed to set the standard.For those wondering why the defense is so bad, look no farther than Berry, Johnson and Hali. Their poor play and the loss of Kendrick Lewis means a bad defense.

Not to mention the fact that the defensive line is also awful. Other than Glenn Dorsey, no lineman is making an impact. Tyson Jackson is once again getting horrible pass rushing grades. His vaulted run defense has been in the “meh” category this season at just +1.0.

The team has missed 13 tackles through four games. Five of those belong to Eric Berry. They have eight sacks, four of which belong to Justin Houston.

Standford Routt has done an admirable job on the outside. He has been targeted 18 times and has allowed 12 receptions for 171 yards. He has one pick and has allowed no TDs. QB’s throwing at him have an average rating of 74.1.

Brandon Flowers is quietly having a terrific season thus far. He’s been targeted 14 times, allowing only seven receptions for 82 yards, 36 of which came on one throw from Drew Brees.He’s given up one TD and has one pick in three games.

Special Teams:

Pulling their weight:

Ryan Succop +7.7

Javier Arenas +3.9

Dustin Colquitt +3.6


Mostly everyone else, except…

Dead Weight:

Shaun Draughn -1.2

Donald Stephenson -1.5

Worst Player Award:

Terry Copper -2.0 (special teams captain)

Tysyn Hartman -2.0



Not much mystery here. The kickers are pretty good. Despite never breaking one, Arenas is a solid returner and the coverage isn’t good.


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  • micah stephenson

    Wow. If Lilja is one of our best olinemen im done wit the Chiefs! Do ppf grade leting the pocket colasp? Last time i checked chiefs had given up the 2nd most sacks in the nfl. Ironic how Belcher has the 2nd highest grade considering fans think of him as a liability.

    • Patrick Allen

      They grade every play of every game. According to them, Lilja is doing his job. He has given up two pressures and two sacks.

      • micah stephenson

        Do you watch metro sports talks Red Zone? Almost every week thay talk about how bad the interior linemen are playing. While they might not b giving up the sack, they let the pocket colasp too fast too often. I hav seen the guards get pushed back into J.Charles making the tackle for the defense. Those oline grades are missleading. Can You personally say you think our QB has a clean pocket or plenty of time in the pocket? I know the QB is not spose to hold the ball longer than a 4 count but it takes our wrs an 8 count to get the lil bit of open they do get.

        • Chiefswatch

          Dude most QBs would get the ball out by the time the pocket collapses. Even on quick slants turd Cassel takes too long to get it out and ends up missing the throw and looking for a check down.

          • micah stephenson

            Yea Cassel sucks. Wake me up wen u come up wit sum new material.

          • micah stephenson

            And the DTs pushing the guard so far into the backfield that the guard tackles Charles n the backfield? Is that Cassels fualt too? We know Cassel sucks. Your so last yr. But to blame it all on him is shortsighted.

          • Chiefswatch

            As I said before man (which to no surprise you forget) it isn’t all on Cassel (just mostly). However your POST is on the QB. Criticizing me for responding to your post and keeping on subject is moronic. Which really isn’t a surprise because your dumb ass stuck with Cassel for how long??

          • Chief Hokie

            This discussion is great lmao

          • Bizoza

            So quick real question. Cassel has played like a turd sandwich this year, most of last year and in 2009. We get that much. Is there any other player that you have an opinion on, or is it just Cassel?

          • Chiefswatch

            I mostly hate just Cassel. Last year you could throw Shabby Piscashitti into the mix, that safety Brown from the year before, Thomas Jones, Barry Richardson, Jevon Belcher in coverage, the defense when they look like they forgot how to play (which I blame on Crennel)…. I despised Haley who is gone. I really don’t like Pioli and his drafts, and I think Clark Hunt is a miser who honestly does not care about the Chiefs except for as a business.

        • John

          OK. I have watched all the games, but I am not sure that I could give you a big arguement on your comments. One thing I will totally disagree with thought is the time factor. You made the comment about our WR’s not getting open and that is bullshit. Most QB’s in the NFL do not wait till their receiver is open to throw the ball. Thats why they know what the route being ran is. That is Cassel problem. He cannot anticipate, and he is not accurate. And that is undeniable.

    • Chief Hokie

      I agree these PFF grades do not seem to reflect what I’ve seen on the field. How is McCluster’s grade so low, for instance? He’s been our second most reliable receiver. And Stanford Routt has been playing great by all accounts but he only has a +0.8? Doesn’t seem very accurate.

    • Chiefswatch

      Cassel is responsible for a lot of those sacks dude. And PFF knows that full well.

      • micah stephenson

        Of CORSE. WAT AINT CASSELS FUALT NOWDAYS. LOL. Im sure it was Cassel fualt he was sacked so much last yr too wen we had pff’s ranked dead last 67th out of 67 RT B.Richardson.

        • Chiefswatch

          OOOOH someone is climbing back on the Cassel life raft. Could you please make your dribble readable?

  • Doc

    Ok Patrick, I have to ask a question. You say that Jeff Allen is not ready for prime time and nothing mentioned about Dontari not being ready either. Not arguing with the scores but let’s be fair here with our comments. From what I have seen, when Poe does have his moments – he is moving the o-line backwards and taking up two linemen. My quesion is where is Hali or DJ when this is happening? I will refer this back to coaching. Romeo – you can’t wear two hats and your assitants need you back focusing on the D. IMO – Berry has been bad because he is plaing out of position. let him roam the center field where he belongs and stop using him as a pass rusher, LB, or corner. Or is Berry free lancing trying to help the team win? If that is the case – Romeo go back to the D to get these players back in line. I believe the o-line would do better too with more confidence in the QB.

    • tm1946

      I agree about Berry, any opinion why Crennel is not letting Berry do what he does best? I seems to me Crennel should be requiring Berry to play back insted with Lewis out injured. Just wondering, just one of many issues since Crennel got HC job.

  • Chiefswatch

    Love these type articles, rock on Patrick. I knew Cassel has had ample time to throw mostly, he just sucks. I would like to see defense grades only the last two games and in quarters 2-4 to be honest. They really look like they are turning a page. Offense however was actually pretty strong according to stats week 1 and 2 (but we know that was really a myth) so I think their grades may be a little inflated. Though I will admit to not knowing exactly how PFF ranks a player.

  • Danny W

    I think the grades are objective and do a good amount of evaluating a players performance. It cannot take into account every single element of each player on each play though. They have to generalize on some accounts. For what it is I find it’s really interesting don’t get me wrong but I don’t make it the the end all of each player on how PFF grades a dude out unless he is abysmal.

  • John

    Heres what I think, and this is regardless of the “stats”. This comes from watching every minute of every game and using some reality within the plays. I will not go through everyone, but jsut hit a few highlights. And, of course, these are JMO. Lilja – I am sorry, but I was not that impressed with his play at LG, but that being said he is doing an incredible job at Center. If not for wanting Hudson there I would say he’s found a spot he should be at in the future. Poe- are you shitting Me? He has done a great job, as a 3-4 NT, and has been our most dependable DL. DJ – I’m not trying to excuse everything he’s done, but he has played injured early on. Belcher – what the hell has he done to rate so well. DMC – funny how the guy that early on was the only option on 3rd down, and did a pretty good job of getting them, has such a low rating. I was going to stop there, but got to say something about Berry. Has he been that good? Not really. Has he been put in a position to be good? Not really. Let the man attack and be a playmaker. Same as DJ, Houston, Hali, and PT???????? Thats what they do man. Get a clue Romeo.

  • sidibe

    The sad part about this for me is that I think, no matter how easy it is to hate Pioli and how horribly Cassell is playing, this debacle of a season has to be laid at the feet of Romeo. If they don’t snap out of it, he’s going to have to go. Scott and Matt should probably go with him and our talented guys are learning new systems again with likely a rookie QB, probably 2-3 seasons away from being a legitimate contender, if they ever get there.