Chiefs Fans Have A Reputation To Uphold

Things are ugly in Kansas City these days. The Royals are ugly. The Chiefs are ugly. And the fans are ugly, too.

We as fans have every right to be disappointed and outraged at the product the Chiefs have displayed on the field. They are BAD, just flat out bad. As you well know, it hasn’t exactly been an easy decade to be a Chiefs fan. Sure, there were a few bright seasons, but overall, we’ve stood by a losing team year after year after year, hoping that next season will finally be the end of rebuilding and the beginning of dominance. The emotional and financial investment each fan has contributed to the team hasn’t been equally reciprocated. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of looking to next year’s Draft before the halfway point of the season.

In short, the organization has let us down, and it’s fair to hold those involved accountable.

I watched this past Sunday’s game against the Chargers with increasing horror and disgust. One fan suggested we wear paper bags on our heads each Sunday.

Fans want GM Scott Pioli fired, head coach Romeo Crennel fired, QB Matt Cassel benched, and they want owner Clark Hunt to address the public about what his course of action will be. Some fans are even resorting to playground behavior like calling names. Perhaps we fans need a bit of perspective, to take a step back, a deep breath and evaluate where our anger should be directed, and how we should comport ourselves.

Before I go any further, this is not a post defending Matt Cassel. I think he has shown the NFL what he can do, and sadly—for him, and us—his talents won’t be leading any team to a Super Bowl. I also think there is no one more disappointed about that than him. I feel confident stating for the record that he is not playing poorly on purpose. Furthermore, I think if practicing harder would make him better, he would do it. Because that is the persona he has shown to the public: a hard worker. As Andrew Crocker pointed out, it’s hard not to like Matt Cassel.

There are plans this weekend to fly a banner over Arrowhead Stadium prior to the game, urging Hunt to fire Pioli and bench Cassel.

Of all those taking heat, Matt Cassel is the one least responsible for the mess that this team is, for reasons stated above. Pioli is  arguably the biggest culprit because he failed to sign a high-caliber quarterback that would compete for the starting position. Crennel is like a kindly, incoherent politician who contradicts himself during successive interviews. He seems lost as a coach. And Hunt is the silent accomplice, guilty in the fans’ eyes of sitting on his throne of money down in Texas.

Matt Cassel has the unenviable position of very publicly performing a job in a billion-dollar industry, a job for which he is not qualified. I cannot even begin to imagine how he feels as this entire city turns against him, and spouts vitriol.

Chiefs fans are passionate about this team. We are loyal to this team. And our anger and frustration is justified. But we are better than the name-calling, mob mentality that’s on display right now.

Let’s not forget who we are. Let’s not forget that we as Chiefs fans have a reputation as some of the best fans in the NFL. Let’s not stoop to the Chiefs’ level of play. We can be angry, but we shouldn’t be hateful.

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  • chiefridgy

    We haven’t forgotten who we are. It is Clark Hunt who has forgotten who we are. IMO… is tarnishing his father’s name. I think wearing bags over our heads during the game is a great idea.

    • Chiefswatch

      Awesome point

    • Danny W

      It’s embarrassing to love a product that doesn’t love you back. The lions are more relevant than we are! What a sad tenure this has been for the Pioli office.

  • jimfromkcj

    I have always refrained from using namecalling and using mispelling of names. But that doesn’t mean that I am any less teed off at the Hunt family. They have fed this city a ration of excrement sandwichs for far too many years. One of the thoughts I have had is for clark to work out a trade with the ownership of Sporting KC. Soccer is his first love anyway and the ownership of Sporting has shown a remarkable abiliity to build a winner. If you want to see a first class operation, go to one of their games. I know clark isn’t about to turn loose of the cash cow that the chief’s are, but it is a pleasant dream to have. I guess our pleasant dreams would turn into a horrible nightmare for the Sporting fans as Clark would no doubt turn Sporting into the door mat of the Soccer world.

  • Altarium

    Great read! I think some people have the idea that pioli, crennel, cassel, etc. aren’t giving it their all. I can’t fathom that any of these people are just half-assing their job, it’s just that their best may not (or is not) good enough. Always cheer for the Chiefs, even if you’re doing it through clenched teeth when they lose!

  • tm1946

    Much like the team, not so sure who the fans are in KC. I am familiar with those that followed the superbowl win, those of the Carl/marty days, those of Vermeil days but the fans for the last 4 season are a different animal.
    Tailgaitng has become as important as the game. Willing to “wait” for our time seem more acceptable with these folks. Frankly, to many drunks in the seats for my tastes.
    Let’s see what happens, not sunday but the rest of the year. If these season ticketholders will continue to buy into the Pioli management system, fine. If Clark makes no changes as this year passes, ok. Just not sure the fans are any better than the product on the field.

    • chiefridgy

      What r u saying?

      • tm1946

        The new fan is profane and drinks to much. They want to be part of the entertainment and, know little about football. They love the Chiefs until the game gets out of hand, then it is be an ass you paid for the seats and that gives you some right.
        Much like Lenny Dawson, Bell, Taylor, and Lanier football has changed and the fans have changed also.

        • chiefridgy

          I don’t think the fans have changed at all….ownership changed….same fans (different era)….different owner with different values. Lamar Hunt had a passion for football…his son does not share that same passion and it shows…not everyone has the same amount of football knowledge so maybe share a little with those who do not know as much as you.

          • tm1946

            Minor disagreement. Lamar had a nick name “Games”. he liked to invent games. He helped start the AFL to show the world he could compete against the NFL, He did and won. His team won a Superbowl. After that he had no more interest in winning and went onto other things from Hunt enterprises, caves storage, Worlds of Fun, pro tennis, and finally English soccer. He used the money generated by the Chiefs to finance those projects. He hired GMs and got out of the way. Jr is doing the same thing. Lamar had Stedman and Clark has Pioli. Two guys who could not find a football field if they had a seeing eye dog to help them. Stedman got bumped up and Pioli will one dayget fired.

          • chiefridgy

            Times change

          • Danny W

            I think the fans are a little more what have you done for me lately you’re right TM. But lately has been 20 years brother. 20 years since a playoff win. I was 8 years old when Montana was around. I want to route for the Chiefs no matter what and I want them held accountable when they lose. When they lose and refuse to change I’m going to pitch a great big angry tirade. I don’t do this though until it’s been two regimes, and 20 years though TM. I don’t just go to hope and pray that the game I’m at get’s won. I want a championship. No forget championship lets just get a playoff win. Come on TM what do you expect from the new generation. We’re not being impatient brother.

    • Chiefswatch

      Those fans are the same people dude. And they are drunk so they can recall the Marty days and forget what they are seeing now. Dont be such a square

      • tm1946

        They are not the same people. For years I had a nodding friendship with those in my section. I am retired and no longer buy season tickets. Those who were there in Marty’s days are not there any more, they got old and just like me, do not buy season tickets any more.
        Basically we got old and retirement does not allow for season tickets, a new generation has taken over, they are not the same. Not a good or bad thing it is just the way it is. The “new” fan is not the same, Let’s see what happens after this year before we lump all fans in the same boat.

  • Chiefswatch

    The dude is making 63 million being a sham QB. I would cut off my left hand for 63 million. I am amped about the banner, bags over the head, chants for Stanzi/Quinn, whatever. I could also care less about hurting the feelings of Matt Cassel, who probably has a better life than any of us could imagine.

    • chiefridgy


    • Danny W

      Wait a minute, let me get this straight? You don’t feel sorry for him because a few commenters call him a duesch bag or a loser? The guy only makes ten figures a year. He is probably border line suicidal with that low of pay bro. Were is the sensitivity? It’s not like football players are supposed to have thick skin or be tough or any other of that kind of stuff. He probably cries himself to sleep at night in his mansion because you’ve been call him shit for brains. HOW DARE YOU WATCH! You know if you think positive thoughts he will start to throw the ball better don’t you? Get on board man. Smile and nod while he throws a pick it will all get better the more you cheer and support him just ask that one guy I can’t seem to remember his name .. :-)

      • Chiefswatch

        LOL. this is the the second article lecturing us this season on how to talk about Matt Cassel. Between the ever growing popups (and fuck are they annoying on the phone) and the incessant lectures on how to behave in the comments I think I am coming close to giving up on AA. Saw you comment on pride as well so maybe I will join that group instead. In the mean time AA can feel free to ban me, or they can focus on writing about football.. BTW CASSEL IS A NOODLE ARMED SHIT FOR BRAINS LOSER

  • ArrowFan

    The grand plan man we need to just stick with the grand plan, you know sit back and enjoy a team that is always rebuilding or close but not quite there.

  • BurtGummer44

    I haven’t been to Arrowhead in over a decade as I live in Alaska now. I do catch every game thanks to the Sunday Ticket. That being said, I don’t blame the fans. It seems to me ownership has taken advantage of the fan base by ever their constant rising prices while banking on the fact the fans will show up regardless. While at the same time never really jumping into the deep end of the pool to create a championship caliber team. Ownership is always cautious about bold change, even the hiring of Vermeil wasn’t that bold. The fact is the NFL has left this franchise behind. While we bask in the good old days of Martyball, the NFL has moved on. The Fans have a right to be pissed………this team hasn’t won a playoff game in almost 20 years, a lot of people have been born and died in those 2 decades. Over those 20 years I’ve raised 2 children and now have 2 grandchildren. My kids were too young to remember the last playoff victories, that means 2 generations don’t know what it’s like to see a Chiefs playoff victory. And to be honest I was too young to remember much about the SB IV victory. I sure would like to see the Chiefs win another playoff game in my lifetime, and maybe at least play in a Superbowl before I cross the bar.

    • natasha2marie

      I agree. I’d like to see the Chiefs win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. If we’re lucky maybe it will even be multiple wins. :) As a fan, I’m just as angry with the performances of the past decade, but personal attacks are unwarranted.

      • Danny W

        I remember the playoff win. It took Joe Montana to do it. How anyone in the an NFL front office doesn’t know that you need a really and I mean really good quarterback to win in this league, are idiots or apathetic to the organization and fan base. Idiots may have seemed mean so I take it back to clueless. This makes me sound more professional I guess. Either way it’s a pile a of huge horse Shirt. It’s been a bad joke for three years and some change now. This regime is willfully ignorant of it’s own down falls with no accountability from anyone which would be anyone in Clark Hunt, so sometimes like after years of being polite it may take a little poison to finally grab some attention.

  • Chief Hokie

    “Matt Cassel has the unenviable position of very publicly performing a job in a billion-dollar industry, a job for which he is not qualified. I cannot even begin to imagine how he feels as this entire city turns against him, and spouts vitriol.”

    Oh don’t give me this crap. Dude is a multimillionaire – oh but let’s all withhold our criticisms of him because he’s in such a tough spot. We should all just grab pom poms and hand out trophies, even when they get blown out.

    • natasha2marie

      I didn’t say anything about withholding criticism. This was not another, “Hey give Matt Cassel more time to develop.” My point is that calling him names is childish and only reduces the validity of the commenter’s point. A fan can criticize his ability as a QB without the personal attacks.

      • Chiefswatch

        Personal attacks like “idiot” I am sure do not make it to the ears of that idiot Matt Cassel. So criticizing your reader base is probably doing more to hurt AA then help Matt the turd Cassel. I will stop with the name calling when he is no longer a Chief. I will stop referring to clark as a miser when he shows me he is not. Either way, sick of the lectures….

      • Chief Hokie

        Ok look, I think the vast majority of fans realize that personal attacks are unwarranted, thus, posting an article about it is pretty pointless. You talk all about us upholding our reputation, when really that’s just common decency. Plus I’ve never heard of us fans having a reputation for being the best or most supportive in the NFL. Did we give ourselves that title?

        Why waste your time preaching to the inevitable group of fans who take it a bit too far, when the real problem is that they’re tired of rooting for and supporting a team that is consistently giving a half–assed performance out there? Who wants a reputation of accepting a culture of losing, anyway?

  • adrian

    i disagree completley… since when do fans have to live up to a reputation??? what reputation do the chiefs carry??? losers. constant rebuilders. clueless. soft. secretive… i guess as fans we have the reputation of supporting bad football… and its boiling over and we are tired of it… if you dont curse or name call good for anybody that doesnt but those who do let it be heard because that is the fastest way to get through to somebody and let them know you are tired of it… or do you want us to dance in our isles while they play lady gaga one the speaker haha im not that is just soft… how does anybody expect our players to go out there and be tough when there is lady gaga playing during a grown mans football game… soft is what the chiefs are from top to bottom… and im sad to say it but its true…

  • Danny W

    It is unprofessional to name call and insult someone true. But this is a football board. We are lovers of a sport outside of hockey and MMA that is the closest to barbarianism. We are not sensitive by enlarge excluding a few or one guy that doesn’t seem to show up anymore.
    When we get mad we sometimes turn to our barbarian lobe to say “I’m sick of this pussy” or “this noodle arm guy has a turd for brains” I’ve stated many times I don’t hate Matt Cassel as a person. I would hang out with the dude he seems straight and probably laughs at what most guys laugh at. He’s not a thug, or some guy you’re going to catch after his career getting arrested for drugs, beating his wife, or running guns. I’m glad he got the money. He deserves it over the Russels and the Leafs. That said he should have been cut last year. He is not talented enough to start as a quarterback in the NFL. You just can’t fool good defenses with the schemes it takes to make him effective. It’s too simple. I don’t doubt for one second Matt Cassel knows this. If he doesn’t he’s too good at lying to himself and should seek medical treatment for delusion therapy.
    This in and of itself is the more of an ego hit then fans spitting vitriol all over him. He should have a strong enough character not to let this effect him. So while I admire your attempt at infusing some accountability and morality on this board I think some objectivity is needed as well. Many on here are professionals, and our sports outlets are a source of ventilation to an aggression that lives in our very core. We cheer with our team to express the conquest and we curse the defeat. Fighting this is like trying to dam the ocean honey, it’s just an expression of male DNA.

  • Terry Murray

    Who are you kidding. Kansas City has always been like that. They ran Grbac out of town and before that Bono was their scapegoat becuase they weren’t Joe Montana.

  • CB

    The last thing that someome that spends hard earned money to support a team is for someone in or around the organization to even suggest that they improve before the organization does! This is why we will not renew our 4 tix next year. Putting the responsibility of success with this organizations lack of talent on the fans is exactly what is wrong with the leadership of this organization. The fans are the only reason for any financial success that you may see in the near future, respect them don’t criticize them.