Jan 2, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs former coach Marty Schottenheimer is inducted into the 2010 Chiefs Hall of Fame during halftime ceremony of the game against the Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Schottenheimer For Chiefs GM: WWMD?

I cannot say that it is an incompetence thing, a pride or arrogance or attitude thing, a corporate culture thing, or simply a bad luck thing, but I do know that whatever it is, it is without question a very exasperating, very disappointing, excuse-exhausted thing.  I am talking about Scott Pioli’s tenure as general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club. A hire that initially seemed all hopeful and shiny new has lost all of its brilliance, all of its hope. Sadly for us weary, die-hard fans, the time has come for Clark Hunt to own this failure, start fresh, and try once more.

To that end, I contribute my voice and my vote. I suggest a GM with a proven track record of fixing broken teams, re-infusing them with fundamental football and fiery motivation, and galvanizing all that into a highly competitive, highly feared NFL team, year in and year out. I suggest somebody who is out front with the media, articulate, unafraid to speak his mind and connects with fans in a natural, unpretentious way. I suggest somebody who is also intimately familiar with the Kansas City Chiefs, having served as the team’s head coach for 10 seasons, compiling a 105-58-1 regular season record, and making seven trips (over a 10 year span) to the playoffs in the process.

I am, of course, referring to Marty Schottenheimer. As the next GM of the Kansas City Chiefs, what now ensues are my thoughts as to “What Would Marty Do?”

Now I do not profess to know every last facet about what a GM does but I think I know at least a thing or  two about what the job entails and obsessing over a candy wrapper on the floor just ain’t at the top of that list. No, in terms of building a team, a GM must have a clear vision of what he wants the identity of his team to be, and then finds the people whom he believes will fulfill that vision. The process begins by aligning himself with the right head coach.

So let’s first take just a moment to discuss whether or not Marty Schottenheimer is any good at identifying coaching talent, supporting his coaches, and mentoring them into winners. I think the best way to answer that question is to simply look at his coaching tree. In other words, who are the coaches that have worked under him or are the products of his coaching philosophy?  The short list on that includes the likes of Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin, Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith, Mike McCarthy, Ken Whisenhunt, Cam Cameron, and Chan Gailey to name just a few.

In a nutshell, I have zero concerns about Marty Schottenheimer’s ability to target, acquire and support an effective head coach who he feels has the skills and ability to fulfill his vision and follow his blueprint for creating a successful team. I would go even further to say that Schottenheimer’s experience and influence would likely yield positive results with the development and success of the entire coaching staff.

After teaming himself up with a head coach, together they would roll up their sleeves and undertake the task of putting the remaining staff pieces in place, contemplate which existing players fit the vision, who they might acquire through FA and of course scouting the college ranks. Now a frequently heard knock on Schottenheimer is that he always struggled with getting and/or developing a franchise quarterback. Frankly, I don’t know how much of that knock really ought to be put on Carl Peterson and how much is attributable to Marty, but I do know that one of many personnel run ins that Marty had with AJ Smith out in San Diego was over the decision to let Drew Brees go in favor of Phillip Rivers. That little dust up right there tells me that Marty Schottenheimer might know a thing or two about what goes into being an elite NFL QB.

While we’re on the subject of fielding a franchise quarterback, I don’t think anyone can just assumne that Marty was the problem in KC while he was here. Chiefs’ general management owned a sorry history on that front before Marty arrived in KC and has continued on so since his departure. Is it entirely unreasonable to think that the chronic failure on that account is perhaps more systemic and less coach centric? Let’s also keep in mind that Marty Schottenheimer, as GM, other than in a consulting role, would probably have little to do with developing any individual player as that responsibility would fall mainly upon his head coach and offensive coaching staff. Again, remember, as GM, it would be Marty’s responsibility to support the coaching staff, not do their jobs for them.

If there’s absolutely one thing one must admire about Marty Schottenheimer as a coach, it was his ability to motivate his teams to play nasty, tough football, and just really out of their collective minds. As a GM, it’s hard to imagine that he would not continue to heavily influence that same culture, something the Chiefs have sorely lacked since his departure. It matters not whether he accomplishes that by infecting his coaches with such mentality, or by personally breathing fire into the locker room, it’s a thing that Chiefs football currently lacks and will not thrive without.  Among its many flaws, the Pioli version of Chiefs football lacks fire and one just cannot discount Marty’s Schottenheimer’s charisma nor his ability to inspire hard work and heroic performances out of all who fall under his command.

As to whether or not Marty would be effective in negotiating player contracts, I can’t really say for certain but I do feel that his experience as a former player ought to be of value towards that end.  I also feel that it is in within his skill set to coax some “home town discounts” out of his better players should the need arise. As to the latter, that sort of thing was not uncommon while he was coach and I am pretty sure his involvement in the process had a little to do with such outcomes. In other words, there is no reason to believe that Marty would not be able to maintain and build around his core players and there are good reasons to think he actually would.

In terms of connecting with the fans and media, Marty has always made himself accessible in that regard. As I said before, Marty is not afraid to speak his mind and I would even say he has a certain knack for communicating in a manner that exudes self-confidence but without exhibiting condescension or disrespect. Schottenheimer, just like any GM, is bound to have his detractors but it is highly unlikely he will ever show up to a press conference appearing defensive, unarmed, or otherwise ill-prepared to respond to whatever question comes his way.

Lastly, we must address the biggest knock on Marty, that being his post season track record as a head coach.  About that, I have several thoughts. The thing that first and foremost comes to mind is the fact that, as the GM, and as I hinted at earlier, Marty Schottenheimer would not be on the sideline calling any plays. Secondly, there’s probably nobody in the entire NFL with more motivation to win a championship and cement his legacy. Within the division itself, there is little doubt Marty Schottenheimer would like nothing better than to upstage and redeem himself against the likes of AJ Smith and John Elway. His focus on Raiders week is legendary.

Now I will freely admit that my thinking on this matter is still in its infancy and likely needs some additional reflection and fine tuning. Still, I also feel that the fundamental skills, character traits, intimate familiarity with Kansas City and its football team, and his overall experience all point to making this a sensible reality and that if and when it is, the outcome of such sea change will be quite positive.

Time to share your thoughts Addicts. Is it still too early in the season to start thinking along these lines or have you reached your boiling point, seen enough, and ready to blow this up? If you don’t believe Marty is up to the job of GM, who would you rather see and why? If Clark Hunt pulls the plug on Pioli, who would you have his new GM bring in as a head coach?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/claude.grant Claude Grant

    Marty was a great coach and knows football. Ground up knowledge. I think he would be a good GM with foundational knowledge and a desire to win.

  • david

    i would love to have marty back in kc as a coach or gm

  • redchiefs

    YES!!! YES!!!!

  • jimfromkcj

    Marty was my first choice for GM when they hired Pioli. I think Marty as GM would be the strongest argument to get a coach to come to KC, My first choice would be Bill Cower and my second would be Al Saunders. If Cower would say yes Al Saunders would be my choice for OC. I don’t have a strong opinion on a DC, but it would be for a guy who has a background in the 43 defence. We have the players on the roster to play a 43 already. It is pure horse puckky to say that DJ played better because of the 34, He played better because he matured as he got more experience, which is a natural progression. Any way it is nice to see more of you coming around to what I have been thinking and saying for such a long time.

    • chiefridgy

      you finally convinced us huh?

      • jimfromkcj

        I don’t know if I convinced anyone, but Pioli and crew did my convincing for me. It just took longer than I would have liked. If you were on ESPN when Pioli was hired, you might remember my posts where I toutd Marty and Cower and Saunders.

        • chiefridgy

          It’s all good my friend….we all just want our team to win.

  • chiefridgy

    I want to see Bill Cower on the sidelines wearing the headset.

    • DoubleD

      Perfect world . . . Marty as GM, Cowher as coach, Cowher taking over GM job when Marty retires.

      • Bob


    • Bob

      that would be AWESOME

  • redtilImdead?

    Ive been lurking around the addict for a long time and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to post. I absolutely love this idea and honestly, at this point, there will have to be a move like this for me to regain my passion for and pride in Chiefs football because right now, after 20 years of loving the Chiefs I’m fed up. Football may be ‘just a game’ to some people but to me it represents a lot more than that. I cut my Chiefs football teeth during the Marty years and I think this is a match made in heaven.

    • Priest4Prez

      I agree, this is not simply a game; we’re enriched in this as fans either living in the Kansas City area or far away fans. That being said I’m loving the idea for Marty as the GM; he made a standard of competitiveness that we still can’t live to after his departure( The 2003 Chiefs not withstanding). Gruden, Cowher, hell hire me as the new Head Coach but we need someone with passion for this franchise, team, fan base and our colors we wear so proudly as the game starts and ends. Medicority is a terrible way to fall into; Pioli doesn’t care; and RAC seems to lack the drive to will this team to want to win. So here I am fellow fans; sick of the present and previous ohhhh 6 years(?) hire me for your head coach and we’ll get them back on track! Lets go my fellow Chief’s and Chiefettes!

  • Chiefswatch

    Since the passing of Lamar I have learned three things. I hate Matt Cassel, I hate Pioli, and I am not in the least bit fond of Clark Hunt. With that in mind I ask, why do I love the Chiefs….they are NOTHING like the team I grew up with in the 80s and 90s. Not one shred of the team reminds of what I loved outside of seeing the arrowhead and red every game.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      I would say “hating” Matt Cassel is a little strong. He isn’t the QB we want him to be but nobody should be hurling personal insults at the guy.

      • Chiefswatch

        Saying I hate him isn’t really an insult. Calling him “shit for brains” like I routinely do however is one. Little strong, but true nonetheless. The difference between Daman Huard, Brodie Croyle and Matt is that the former two never kept us terrible for so long.

  • kamikrazee

    Marty would be an excellent GM, but is he up to it? That was the issue when he first left the league, his own assessment of his passion for the sport. The unspoken issue here is that we cannot get rid of the owner. Hunt see’s the franchise as an acceptably performing economic asset, nothing else. Putting more money into development might yield prestige but not necessarily more profit, so, the ownership sticks with “acceptable”.

    • DoubleD

      This franchise is on the verge of witnessing a mass exodus of season ticket holders and weekly blackouts. I’m a season ticket holder, somebody who traces his team loyalty back to the mid-60s and I do know and talk to a lot of other season ticket holders. We all seem to agree, this is the low point. If there isn’t any reason to believe, there isn’t any reason to go to games anymore. Maintaining the status quo is going to hurt The Clarks in the pocket book. I guarantee it.

      • BigGil

        I’m probably standing alone on this one, but I don’t think Hunt and Pioli are attempting to keep a status quo and not get better. Their insistence on not publicizing their goals and intents (or people not believing when they do and perpetuating their own perceptions instead) when mixed with failure in their efforts to succeed help create the image that they don’t care. I (in my own minority) think they do care, they’re just falling to the risks more than they’re reaping any rewards. One strategy to rebuild a franchise would be to upgrade the supporting cast before dropping in the intended franchise QB; having the cast talented in their own right and requiring the young, impressionable QB conform to the talent that’s there, rather than get the QB first and demanding everyone else conforms to the QB’s skill set… thus rendering the franchise f’ed if the QB doesn’t end up working out. It is by no means a fan/media friendly way of rebuilding (if QB is a big problem people want to see it fixed ASAP), but it may yield greater long term success. I’m thinking this is Clark and Pioli’s intent… how successfully they’re going about it is a whole different issue (hint: not too successfully thus far), and the coaching conundrum is inexcusable.
        If Clark didn’t care about the franchise, why spend big bucks on who was perceived to be one of the greatest GM options available? If Pioli is driven by ego, why would he choose to save face on his ego over the QB, and not choose saving face on his ego over the franchise as a whole?
        That being said, if Pioli (or someone of similar talent) could do the negotiating and balancing the books (keeping an eye on the current salaries, and towards the future salaries, which Pioli seems to do a better job at), and Schotty could do the choosing of coaches and drafting/picking players, that could be incredible.

        • DoubleD

          It’s not the effort that concerns so much as the ongoing inability to produce an acceptable product on Sundays. That and the inability to admit failure.

          • Chief Hokie

            What owner/GM out there would ever admit failure?

          • BigGil

            With the way the local media has been, acknowledging any specific failures would just add fuel to a fire… a fire that could then spread to what would’ve been successes had the local media not turned a misunderstanding of intent into something that it’s not (if that makes sense). I mean look how Babb made the cap situation sound b/c he didn’t take the time to look into things further? Partial understanding of a matter started or perpetuated a fire that likely shouldn’t have been started in the first place. So when a fire of that magnitude gets started over a misunderstanding of something you’re actually doing pretty well, to feed those firestarters with a definitive acknowledgment of a failure will likely cause even greater (and possibly irreparable) damage to the goals you’re trying to accomplish.
            I’ll personally give Pioli until next draft to make something happen. If he is attempting the rebuilding method of “build the supporting cast up first, then drop in the QB”, the supporting talent should be strong enough by now (then) to warrant the drafting of a high prospect QB. If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll give up hope on his ability to help this team and join in the push for something better.

          • DoubleD

            There’s no way I’m in any way okay with Pioli drafting anybody next year.

  • Chief Hokie

    I would love to have Marty as our GM, but who knows if he’s even looking to get back into football. Would it be batshit crazy to suggest Trent Green for GM? Its working well so far with Elway…

  • TN Chiefs Fan

    Amen, brother! Read Marty’s bio (“Martyball”) and think back on his mental toughness and winning attitude in K.C. I remember during his stretch of SIX consecutive playoff appearances, he once gave a speech in the Chiefs’ locker room telling the boys that ending the season 10-6 was subpar; “11-5…now THAT’S the record of a division champion!” Can you imagine, a Chiefs head coach holding his team to an 11-5 minimum standard?! Last time anyone did that was…when Marty did it! Enough of this quiet, apologetic, rabbit-like, “Golly-we-hope-we-can-win-one-this-week” mentality — that garbage is for losers! Bring back Marty as GM and bring back the pride and toughness to Arrowhead!!!


      Could you imagine Marty being surrounded by sports writers looking for answers after losing by 30, and Marty saying,”Gee, I don’t know why we are playing like this. Ya’ know, in practice we give the guys the plays, and they just don’t seem to get it”. (I’m kinda’ paraphrasing Romeo here), but you get the point. Marty would say, “Yeah, I know why, and we won’t do again. EVER!!” Years ago, after a hard and tough-fought win at the Raiders, Marty stood by the locker room door and congratulated every player as they filed in. He said, and again I paraphrase here, “Great win. You guys played your butts off. Now, lets get the hell out of this dump”. I love the idea of Marty as GM and Cowher as HC. If this dream would happen at the end of this year, you wouldn’t be able to buy a seat at Arrowhead. As much as Hunt likes a profit, these two guys (along with the top pick in the draft), would pay for their contracts. Ahhhhh, it’s fun to dream.

  • Brawndo

    IF Marty would come back to KC as a GM he could lead a nice turnaround and yes i can see a good coach willing to be part of that as well.
    Back to the root – I think Kamikrazee made this point as well, Clark Hunt is not into the Chiefs like we(the fans) are into the Chiefs — this is a business matter and its not like he has to pump money into the red machine ((yet)). the CHIEFS are NOT his passion in life.. Think of Jerry Jones you dis the Cboys in a bar to him and he is probably ready to fist fight -Bill Cowher would stir the dust to defend the steelers – Ditka might take a shot at ripping your neck off in his hay day, Rex might drive to your house and let you have it..Stram would tell you were to put it…..not Clark and NOT PIOLI — just not a gut stirring fire of passion there.
    Somehow, someway we need PASSION in the person that lives and breathes this thing, does whatever he/she can do to win for the team and the community… Marty had it, Vermeil had it… the more I see the more i think Pioli intimidates Clark and he will do ZERO to make a change until the whole thing is so far off the tracks he has to. All this being said no need to HATE them — we can dislike and disagree – things WILL change and I pray Passion, Grit, and Character are key criteria in the successors.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546161244 Adam Cox

    I wanted to make a note about Marty. He is actually a coach right now for the VA Destroyers a UFL team (a nfl knockoff league). So he still coaches and his team won the championship for that so he isnt doing too bad.

    • DoubleD

      My understanding is that he turned the reins of the Destroyers over to his son Kurt so that tells me he’s made himself available for another tour in the NFL. I say strike now before some other owner does.

  • Bob

    absolutely LOVE this idea – has anyone called him?

  • Bob

    or even Gruden too -he loks like hes itching to get back into the game

    • Chief Hokie

      Ehh I just can’t stand Gruden as a person

      • Chiefswatch

        Gruden is a bad ass. I would LOVE to see Chucky on the sidelines.

  • Bob

    If kc wants any fans they will get some exciting talent in there on all levels now

  • Tribal Rage

    Thats funny….I was telling a good friend of mine about 2 weeks ago that if this team was lead by Marty as HC and RAC as DC, even with Daboll we would be a Super Bowl contender for the next decade.

  • tm1946

    Star flash, it is reported Flowers has reinjured his heel. Who replaces him sunday?

    • Danny W

      You cannot be serious.

      • Chiefswatch

        Maybe the players are all playing sick so we are more likely to lose and therefore replace turd Cassel. And if people are sick of reading about how much I hate Cassel, I assure you when that retard is bounced I will let up.

        • Danny W

          I don’t know man I still may need to vent about it even after a couple weeks after he is gone.

  • Jim Harper

    Great post DD! I personally would love to see this happen. If anyone can return our beloved Chiefs to their former glory it is Marty. The real question is does Clark have the balls to do it! I could see Lamar making such a move, but question Clark’s resolve. Secondly I don’t know what kind of contractual problems that might create, but if he wants he could make it happen. This is exactly the type of move that would rejuvenate the fan base and refill the stadium, so any money he loses in Pioli’s contract would be offset by season ticket sales and full parking lots. A petition should be started to send to Clark, and we would have no problem getting signatures.

  • Jim Harper

    Also, is anyone else as sick of the “Patriot Way” as I am? How about doing something the Chiefs way! Derek Thomas/Neil Smith smack you in the mouth football!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chiefswatch

      Yea I am sick of it. When Pioli walks out the door it will all end and thank the lord for that. Patriots and Chiefs in the same sentence is maddening to hear anymore.

  • ArrowFan

    Marty is and always will be a coach.

  • Danny W

    I don’t know man. I love and don’t love Marty. I know you said he has an idea about quarterback development but as the Chiefs head guy he was just horrible at it. The year he put Grbac in over Gannon in the playoffs was a bit of a deal breaker for me. I honestly think we had a shot at winning the Superbowl that year. Gannon lead the Raiders to the dance the very next year. I’m a little gun shy when it comes to Marty. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to it but he would have to hire Chuck Gruden, or Bill Cower. I don’t want some young guy who could make a good coach, I want a guy who has been a superbowl winning coach who has a history of playing nasty football by design. Marty has that record and the coaching to do it. I just am a little timid about him picking our franchise qb. Good write up BTW.

    • Chiefswatch

      Yea man, I loooooove Marty but WTF, I dont think I can forgive him for Gannon. I listen to Sirius NFL every day and have to be reminded of that COLOSSAL mistake because Gannon hosts a show on there. Its like a dagger in my back every morning.

      • Danny W

        When the reports came out that he was starting Grbac I knew we had lost. It wasn’t a blow out if I remember but Grbac did not do well. When Gannon is the color guy during Chief games you can tell he is still a little bitter about it. He has a negative slant toward the Chiefs. Can’t say I blame him.

      • DoubleD

        Btw, it’s always been my understanding that Carl Peterson forced the decision on Grbac over Gannon. Maybe my information is bad? Do you have evidence to the contrary?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.michael.thompson Shannon Thompson

    I am definately not thinking change right now, I mean why? Why think change when the same thing keeps on happening. Its a proven fact that if the Chiefs make a move that seems like the right/smart thing to do, it never works out the way the change was intended for it to, the player isn’t as good i.e. Dorsey, Vrabel, Cassel, Pioli, I’m sure you all could name more of these changes that seemed great but never worked out than I can. If you ask me, something fishy is going on! why would an owner be content with a team performing like this year in and year out? They had one guy that could literally light a fire under everyones asses and they showed him the door. Haley might’ve been an idiot, might’ve made some bad, rookie coaching mistakes, but in my opinion,he had what it took to make a team great, fix his stubborness about the OC thing, probably his greatest flaw, aside from the sideline antics, and I’m willing to bet he will be a great HC in the future. This is embarrising, we are nearing laughingstock level of the Raiders, with the revolving door of coaches, never living up to potential of players, and scandals in the office. Ah the life of a Chiefs fan, I dream of the day when the Chiefs can make a move, any one little freaking move that actually lives up to what the move was intended for. It sickens me to see these other teams do little to nothing on the off season, one or two FA’s signed, a decent, not great, not poor draft class, and all of the sudden they are contenders or at least competative. Chiefs way anymore is to bring in tallent and let it go to waste! Do I want a change? Do I want something like Marty as the GM? Hell yeah!! Do I think anything will happen that will benefit this team on the field, rather than looking great on paper? F$@&k no! I may not have been the biggest fan through MartyBall, my Chiefs Fandom started during the Vermeil era (which was fun to watch) but since him, this has been my Chiefs experience, flashing greatness and spotty/inconsestant play, some great, most awful! KC Chiefs Depressing Sundays since 2006!

  • ZK

    Im on board to bring Marty back. Been a Chief fan my whole life and it all started because of Marty and his teams when I was a little guy. BRING MARTY BACK AS GM!!! Been waiting on Cowher for the past few years.

  • kcchiefinlv

    As much as I would like to see Pioli go and see Elway and Marty go at it again, I would need to be convinced that Marty has acquired contract negotiating skills. The players have lawyers, the NFL has lawyers, and lawyers are usually the contract negotiators. Elway simply handed the Broncos checkbook over to Manning and a tight ass like Clark Hunt has the couch cushions follow him around when he goes to the fridge.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    marty i say would definetly take this cuz right now hes the gm of a UFL football team

  • DJCoach

    I really don’t like all the talk about Marty as GM. Of course everyone wants change but in reality you would just be trading one dictator for another. Marty stuck with Grbac instead of going with the hot hand against his coaches & players wishes. Because Grbac was “his” guy. Sound familiar? That cost the Chiefs a playoff game/potential superbowl.

    Plus, forget Cowher. I don’t think he ever wants to coach again and I don’t ever see him coming back. I like Cowher, I do but i seriously doubt he’d ever come to KC.

    I’d like to see a fresh approach not retreads.