Chiefs GM And QB: A Doomed Pre-Arranged Marriage

Do you get the idea that the Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel couldn’t pull QB Matt Cassel from a game — even if he wanted to? If there ever was a time to pull Matt Cassel, wasn’t it in Sunday’s abysmal affair?

The Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has mandated that Cassel is his QB. Isn’t that supposed to be the coach’s call? Romeo has affirmed on Sunday that Matt is his guy — but I don’t buy it. Not for one minute.

What’s equally disturbing about Romeo Crennel’s comments are his statements about not knowing why the team played like they did. I can understand him saying that on Sunday, but he also said the same thing at his Monday press conference. If the head coach doesn’t know why his team played the way they played, it’s not a positive sign. Yes, anyone could see that the whole team played poorly but, the biggest problem starts with a Q and ends with a B and Crennel isn’t permitted to say so — because of the problem that starts with a G and ends with a M.

So, the most pressing situation for the Chiefs is the disturbing relationship between GM Scott Pioli and QB Matt Cassel and Pioli’s tabbing Cassel as his QB.

That kind of decision-making by “pre-arranged agreement” has turned the Chiefs organization rank — as in, odor. Like a lot of other pre-arranged marriages, this one has gone bad.

That’s right, something is rotten in Denmark and it’s somehow drifted across continents and oceans and all the way to the heartland. Well, maybe just from New England to K.C.. How far back this “pre-arrangement” goes is a question that now sickens me to think about — the idea of Bill Belichick leaning back in his chair and musing — between one of his “A Football Life” segments — about how he sucker-punched the Chiefs in a 2009 trade, that was— there is no other word—sickening.

It’s suspicious that the Chiefs’ current “marionette” coach, Crennel, came out before any questions were asked in the post game presser and stated,

I’m staying with the QB, and I stayed with him during the course of the game. And we’re going to stay with him going forward.

I don’t see Crennel as being that boldly pig headed on his own, which raises other questions. Why would he say that? In the interest of his quarterback — or in the interest of his GM?

Either way — many fans may be wondering just how bad Matt Cassel really is? I can tell you he’s not even average and that’s bad news for the rest of this season — but, if the Chiefs stick with him — it may not be so bad for seasons to come… because it improves their drafting position (maybe that’s why Crennel is sticking with him).

I’ve always been of the mindset that it’s not appropriate to cheer against your home team. Nothing has changed, but, I don’t see Brady Quinn as a viable option. Should the Chiefs give him a chance? I don’t see that in the cards.

It looks like the only way for Brady Quinn to get on the field will be for Cassel to get hurt.

So, how did we get here?

It’s a well-worn story that Scott Pioli brought Matt Cassel here with him from New England 3 1/2 years ago. It’s understandable — he has some loyalty to Matt and vice versa. However, it’s now crystal clear that Matt Cassel is not a QB to build a good team around. Is the Chiefs GM really close-minded to that fact? Has he become so complacent that he can’t see past the end of his own nose tackle? Has his brand of “loyalty” somehow blinded him to the reality that Romeo (and any coach) needs to coach by the idiom, next man up?

So, what is it that Pioli is unwilling to see?

That can only be answered by asking — how bad is Matt Cassel?

If you look at team stats, he doesn’t appear to rank at the bottom of the league in many individual categories. You have to consider all of the categories together to come to a wider understanding of just how bad he is. One thing must be considered first — he’s throwing to perhaps the best core of receivers the Chief organization has ever had. Also, if Dwayne Bowe continues to produce at his current pace he’ll end the year with 1,368 yards, 100 receptions, 12 TDs and a 13.7 yards per reception average. Not bad for a receiver who is having the ball thrown to him by a bottom 5 QB.

On a side note, I’m not sure Dwayne Bowe will want to sign a long term contract before next season if the Chiefs QB is going to be Matt Cassel. Sooner or later — a  player wants to win (see Gonzo).

Looking at stats alone won’t tell the tale of Matt Cassel on the field. I’ll get to the stats later. The following analysis helps to bring his abilities, or lack thereof, more into focus:

  • Poor decisions in the pocket. Inside breaking patterns require a three-step drop using bigger steps and an outward breaking pattern requires shorter steps because the ball has to get there faster — this is why Cassel was picked off in the first quarter in the Chargers game. This is called poor fundamentals. Kyle Orton was very good at throwing the out pattern with quick drop steps and a quick release.
  • Cassel telegraphs his intended target by staring down the receiver he’s going to throw to from the time he gets the snap from center. Safeties around the league must love him because there is no greater tell when it comes to showing your hand — meaning, which receiver you’re going to — than staring at them. The simple principle is to keep your helmet and eyes forward — not giving away where you’re going with the ball — until the very last instant.
  • Cassel is horribly and consistently inaccurate. Cassel rarely uses the “crossover-hitch-step-and-throw” motion allowing his body weight to come forward to help propel the ball. Cassel usually: drops back — waits — waits — winds up — and then throws. Because Cassel is not using this fundamental technique — he holds onto the ball too long and can’t establish a rhythm with his receivers (except for Bowe — who’s essentially the only reciever he consistently throws the ball to — over 3 1/4 years). Consequently, his sack ratio and INT ratio will be higher than an average or good QB.
  • The following are all signs of inaccuracy:
    • Letting his passes sail,
    • Over-throwing his receivers,
    • Under-throwing his receivers,
    • Throwing behind his intended receivers — placing their health in jeopardy.
  • Cassel throws less timing patterns but, instead waits for his receivers to come open. The reason for this is — he doesn’t rely upon his instincts to let the ball fly and trust that his receivers will be where they’re supposed to be. He should be able to do this with his eyes closed — not complete passes with his eyes closed but, get the timing with his receivers right.
  • Quarterbacking 101 includes — every pass is released above the shoulders and caught above the shoulders. For Cassel — this is rarely  executed and the receivers at the end of his equation suffer for it. Balls that are delivered at the waist or below changes their stride slowing them down or forcing his wide receiver’s bodies into contorted positions increasing the odds of an injury. Accuracy should not be an issue in his case because so many of the passes that Cassel is asked to throw are less than 10 yards away from him — either in the flat or right in front of him — in front of the first down marker.
  • Throwing late to receivers out of the backfield — setting them up for disaster — and a big hit for the opposition. Remember when Ed Reed plastered Dexter McCluster on a short route in the playoffs at the end of 2010?  That has happened too too many times since then, because he hasn’t adjusted, meaning he hasn’t learned from that mistake. In a game that is played with important plays being made in fractions of seconds. Cassel can be maddening to watch. Maddening — not Madden.
  • Rarely going through his progressions thereby limiting what can be accomplished on a given play. WR Jon Baldwin was wide open several times in the past game and Cassel went to his check down receiver instead — he should be known as Master Checkdown — because that’s all he seems to have mastered.

This last point is especially bothersome.

Bill Walsh, who mastered the West Coast offense with Joe Montana and Steve Young at the helm, once said that each play provides the quarterback with multiple ways to exploit a defense. With Cassel unable to take advantage of the Chiefs’ “best” options behind the line of scrimmage, every single other player on his offense is stifled as well. And, it makes the Chiefs offense barely one dimensional — and so much easier for defenses around the league to defend.

Did you notice a difference between the first series in the game against the Chargers — and the rest of the game from a play calling standpoint?

After Cassel “under throws” the ball to Dwayne Bowe and Eric Weddle easily steps in front for a pick — the whole game changed. The Chargers went up 10-0 and even the game plan appeared to change. Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was having Cassel attack down the field early. Not so much after that.

Would you place any responsibility for Jamaal Charles fumbling the ball on Matt Cassel? One could argue that since Cassel couldn’t hold up his end of the deal — others began pressing to see if they could make up for it. Am I making excuses for Charles? Maybe. Doesn’t it work both ways — you may ask? Perhaps. But, Charles is capable of holding up his end of things — the running game — even after fumbling twice, while Cassel never has had the consistent ability to execute a passing game. Please don’t cite the season he took over for Brady on the Patriots in 2008 or 2010 when he was a fill-in Pro Bowler. Those are both hollow accomplishments.

Personally, I received my degrees in the field of  education — but, I spent the first three and a half years of undergraduate work studying to be a coach. I can see these deficiencies in Matt Cassel with my limited background — but why can’t GM Scott Pioli see that Matt Cassel is not even an average QB?

After four games — Matt Cassel has a 70.4 quarterback rating. There are only three teams who have a ranking with a lower QBR than the Chiefs.

The current seasons’ QBR Bottom Feeder Four include:

29. 70.4 — KC Chiefs
30. 69.6 — NY Jets
31. 66.4 — Miami Dolphins
32. 60.4 — Cleveland Browns

Those QBs who have a worse QBR than Cassel include: an overrated fourth-year starter out of USC, Mark Sanchez; a rookie starter Ryan Tannehill; and another rookie starter Brandon Weeden.

So, let’s review: Matt Cassel is better than — a bad QB, a rookie QB, and another rookie QB.

Does excluding rookies more accurately reflect Matt Cassel’s true QBR position in the league? If you look at career QBR ratings of all quarterbacks in the league who have been starters for three years or more — his QBR ranking is virtually no different — placing him near the bottom of the league.

The current career bottom five QBRs with at least three years experience — look like this:

28. 81.5 — Matt Cassel
29. 77.5 — Alex Smith
30. 75.3 — Josh Johnson
31. 74.9 — Sam Bradford
32. 72.9 — Mark Sanchez

There are half a dozen quarterbacks starting in the NFL who were drafted this year or last — who either have a better QBR than Matt Cassel or a better upside. The Chiefs could have had a number of those quarterbacks.

Matt Cassel is not without his strengths. He is Mr. Likeability. He probably won “Most Likely to Marry the Homecoming Queen” award in high school. Yes, he’s a good guy but, you can’t make orange juice out of lemons.

Matt Cassel is most certainly not a franchise quarterback and it’s time the Chiefs found one.

For Cassel and the Chiefs, it’s time to blow this doomed marriage up.

The idea that many writers were touting this past offseason was – if the Chiefs surround Matt with all the right pieces then he’ll be serviceable — at the least, with a chance to be pretty good. Well, the Chiefs have surrounded Cassel with all the right pieces but, he just hasn’t performed well — at all.

The ESPN Power Rankings this week place the Chiefs at #27 — and their comment about the Chiefs was, “If the Chiefs had a better backup quarterback, would he be playing now?” I would say — he is playing now — that’s all Matt Cassel should be expected to do — be a backup.

Matt Cassel is a bad quarterback. There — I said it.

He’s not just an “average” QB anymore. He’s bad.

I just don’t know why GM Scott Pioli can’t see what most fans in Chiefs Nation can see.

Or — is Pioli stuck in some kind of rank-and-order, good-ole-boy, vortex — that no one can shake him from?

If that’s the case , it stinks — badly. And it’s wafting.

I know there are those of you out there who are Cassel lovers — or at least supporters. I’d like to hear from you. What is it that keeps you satisfied with his performances? Help me understand, because — like many — I’m miffed and adrift and looking for a lift.


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  • Spencer

    Satisfaction with Cassel? ha!!!, the reason why some “cassel supports” stick with him is because we arn’t in merry land like a lot of chiefs fans who think ANYONE is better then Cassel on THIS team…Cassel easily looks the best this pre-season, he had the best velocity on the ball, best footwork and he did “okay” against starting defenses, compared to backups doing bad to eh against backup defenses…

    Cassel i believe is the best qb on this roster….the only reason to bench him is for the development of Stanzi and if this team gives up on the year….Cassel sadly still gives us the best chance to win, IMO, Quinn is a backup to a backup, Cassel is a backup, a VERY good backup,but a 32-40 ranked qb….Stanzi is then basically still a rookie who hasn’t had one snap his career despite the fact that he was backing up the worst 1st backup in history in Palko…although this could also be because Haley was an stubborn idiot….who wasn’t prepared to lead

    “i was not elected to read, but to lead” well he tried to lead but didn’t know how to because he wouldn’t read to learn how to^^

    • Spencer

      P.S. Cassel looked the best this pre-season, by FAR, i thought this would be a big year for him, he looked confident he looked strong in the pocket he had great footwork…then it just disappeared ..

      • ladner morse

        Yea — I was surprised at how good he looked in the preseason too — equally surprised he couldn’t maintain it… and disappointed. From breakthrough to breakdown.

    • ladner morse

      I agree Cassel is the best QB on the roster — but — let’s not get caught up in the idea that he’s the only one available. There are many back-up QBs on OTHER rosters who could be better than Matt. The “could be” is the problem there.

      Guess we’ll have to wait til next off season.

      • Ivan J Colon

        Uhhh seriously have you seen the backups on this team especially the backup oline? They are garbage Quinn had no chance and the only time he was around the first team running it he did ok. You can’t evulate a qb unless he is behind a real oline not some junk 2nd string. Give Quinn the same weapons and stuff and then judge you can’t judge between Cassel who ran with the starters and Quinn who ran with the scrubs. Pioli did that on purpose to make Cassel look better. Orton stepped in last year and made a porous oline look good Cassel is beyond garbage atleast we don’t know entirely about Quinn

        • ladner morse

          Calling the backup OL garbage — I’m not ready to do that like you’re not ready to call Quinn garbage — for the same reasons — you have to give each one of them a chance to be plugged in to see ow they do with the starting unit. Until Stephenson gets that chance and then plays with them for an extended period — I’m not ready to pass judgement there — yet.

          There’s a good chance that none of them are any good — yes — and that for another concern of mine — Pioli’s overall drafting record. Until this season I was of the belief that Pioli’s only top notch draft pick has been Eric Berry. Now — with Berry circling the bowl — it might be closer to 100% of Pioli’s picks being — not so great.

          Every stand out player on this team is — a Carl Peterson product — except for Berry — and we’ll have to wait and see if he returns to form — which I am expecting at some point. However, one star player in four drafts – uno – that’s horrible. Yes, I have high hopes for Baldwin and Houston — it’s way too early to even think about Poe being a star — but, even if JB and JH bring it on — 3 stars in four years — that’s crap.

    • Scott Zupek

      But there is no Evidence that BQ or RS will give the ball to the other team. 10 of 13 turn overs are Matt Cassel’s fault. 1 of which can be given to McCluster, if you really deamed it.

      77% of the turn overs lie on Cassel. HOw is any team going to win with the QB giving the other team the ball 4 more times a game, the chance to score.

      If you take turn overs, bad passes and fumbles out of Matt Cassel’s stats then you argument actually holds up. But if you are trying to prove something, you can’t ignore facts.

      Right now NOBODY knows how BQ will do. Period. There is only 1 way to find out. And based on pre-season, I would say he isn’t going to give the ball to the other team 10 times in 4 games. But it’s all hearsay until they actually try.

      Pioli won’t allow it. It’s written all over the Chiefs last 4 years. Pioli wants to be the Head Coach, the Receiving Coach, the Running Back Coach, the Guard Coach, the DB Coach, etc. He passively does everything in his power to have all that control. Get rid of Pioli and Bench Cassel (i guess after the bye, which is WAYY to late in my opinion) and you’ll see the players, coaches, fans and support for the team grow substantially.

      Saying “Cassel is still the best option” is a fools statement.

  • DoubleD

    “‘If the Chiefs had a better back-up quarterback, would he be playing now?’ I would say — he is playing now —”

  • chiefridgy

    Pioli has never been one for admitting his mistakes….

    • ladner morse

      Although he did release a couple of his draft picks this summer — just don’t see him moving on from Cassel.

      • Danny W

        He’s living and dying with the Cassel decision. It’s so sad to watch.

  • tm1946

    Got to agree with Spencer, except I do not like any of the Chiefs QBs but realize we cannot run a wildcat for the next 12 games or forfeit all of them.
    That said who in their right mind wants Pioli picking the QB of the future in the next draft. In fact, who believes Pioli would draft a QB in the first place much less early in the draft.
    There is something wrong in the basic concept of this organization. I refuse to believe no one from Hunt on down cannot see there is an issue with the teams idea of what a QB is. Is it the money paid to Cassel? Is Pioli’s ego that inflated? Does winning games mean nothing to Hunt? Pioli? Crennel? Someone with real power has controlled this situation and the team is suffering for it.

    • ladner morse

      Home run. Excellent.

  • Larry Jones

    Dead on and well written.

    One point

    His 2008 season should never have been considered a sign of
    potential. The patriots literally ranked dead last in strength of schedule
    that year. Their opponents that year
    were a whopping 99-157
    (.387). and they still managed to loose five games. That should sound
    familiar because the chiefs schedule
    wasn’t exactly stacked with playoff contenders in 2010.

    • ladner morse

      Good find on the stats on 2008 — .387 — amazing. Now, I kind of wonder if that’s the lowest ever percentage of strength of schedule of teams played? Have to look into that.

    • Chiefswatch

      Been saying that for years and nobody listens. Now after how many years we are going to start looking for a QB? Its pathetic.

  • ThisChiefsFan

    I fully agree, Cassel has to go after this season and if Pioli can’t see that then so doe he. However, I’m not going to condemn Pioli for keeping Cassel as long as he did, because looking back it didn’t seem like a bad idea. After the 2008 season cassel was much like flynn was for this last off season, a career backup who looked decent for a season. In 2009 when cassel comes in we win 4 games but our roster sucked so we let it slide. 2010 we win the division and go to the playoffs for the first time in years. All is well. 2011 comes and injuries kill our hopes for the season, again we let it slide. So cassel sticks around a little longer, and no there are no excuses and he is flat out bad. Now I’m not saying I agree with Pioli’s way of doing things or even that this what I think. I’m just pointing out that during Cassel’s tenure with us, there has always been an excuse for Pioli to keep Cassel. But now as I said before Cassel has to go, and Pioli too if he doesn’t realize that.

    • Chief Hokie

      YES. Cassel seemed like a great idea at the time and I don’t think you can hate on pioli too much for taking a risk with him. His bet didn’t pay off–it happens. I think he deserves a shot at drafting a qb, but then again I wouldn’t be crushed if he was fired.

      • Danny W

        Oh Cassel was the hot pick at the moment, but why not play it safe like they do out in Seattle? They sign all of their journeymen hopeful’s to one year deal prove it to me years for 8 million. You don’t sign a guy that backed up the SuperBowl dynasty Patriots and had a decent year year to 63million for the long haul.

        • Chief Hokie

          Maybe that’s what it took to get him. Cassel was hot shit – remember how McDaniels blew it with Jay Cutler over his interest in Cassel? And yes, he had a ridiculously stacked team while on the Pats, but still, 11-5 is no easy feat. Plus he had some pretty nice highlight videos to boot. All I’m saying is that he showed all the promise of being a legit starting QB. Pioli went all in and it didn’t pan out. Shit happens.

          • Danny W

            Ahh I would have thought the same and I was convinced you were right but if you remember Hokie, we traded to get Cassel brother for second rounder. He was tagged to get like 14 million that year and outside of retirement he had no option but to play for Kansas City unless there was a no trade agreement in his contract.
            We had to pay him that 14 million but we didn’t have to go crazy and pay him 63 over a tenure. He could have held out after his tagged year but we ponied up the money before he got to town. 11-5 is no easy feat you are correct sir. But in 2007 Brady had 21 sacks, in 2008 Cassel had 47.5 sacks and in 2009 Brady had 16 sacks. He holds on to the ball way to long. Randy Moss can make some quarterbacks look pretty good as can Wes Welker. As I said many players on this team were still part of a super bowl dynasty. He did show promise and i agree, I admit I wanted him in the worst way. I was super pumped when we got him. But by the end of 2009 I had seen enough to know he wasn’t the guy. I would have given him far less money.

        • ladner morse

          Cassel WAS the hot pick at the time — but, now I’m wondering how many of these kinds of trades work out for the team who’s getting the unwanted QB? They must exist — I just can’t think of any.

          Can you?

  • Joe

    I think soothing that is going over looked is the chiefs are becoming the browns of the last 5 years. Our OC was the OC for the browns along with Romeo being their HC. We have picked up their players too who are garbage (hillis hurts are team from taking carries from JC, and is just not that good.
    Also, pioli wants to be the pats, the only problem is that we don’t have Tom or bill (they are the reason the pats are good not the talent on the team) pioli got a luck break drafting Tom and is still ridding that out.
    We need to ditch all of the pats guys hire a real coach like John G or bill C. And draft a first round qb who ever that is just some one who can throw the ball over 10 feet because Matt cant deep ball opens up the game the D just has to be worried about 10 yards because Matt can’t throw it any father than that.

    • ladner morse

      “Also, pioli wants to be the pats, the only problem is that we don’t have Tom or bill”

      Yes — and I’m oh so weary of no original thought — I wonder what percentage of the staff, coaches, players worked out — basically everyone that has come to the Chiefs since Pioli too over — I wonder what percentage have a connection to the Pats? Yes — on one hand I don’t think it’s always necessary to reinvent the wheel everywhere you go — but, reinvent should never be -re-create. And that’s exactly why Pioli seems lost — he has no clue about how to be his own man and all of his attempts to strike out on his own — in drafts — in free agent signings — just haven’t worked out. One aspect of the Chiefs org that is stronger is — the mid level players are stronger as a group — no stars — but, good mid level players — yes.

      Now, that’s not a lot to brag about.

  • Chiefswatch

    Terrific article….I don’t see how anyone can say our best chance lies with Matt Cassel. Sure in the Preseason it looked that way…dare I say on purpose….but now, really? Can Quinn or Stanzi be any worse? What would it take to be more detrimental than Cassel already has been to this team? We are set back by years because of this idiot.

    • ladner morse

      What would it take to be more detrimental than Cassel already has been to this team? — Well, I’m not a Cassel supporter these days but — I can think of a couple of guys who I’m sure would have driven 80% of the fan base away if they were the Chiefs QB as long as Cassel has been — can you say Palko and Croyle? There are disasters and then there are d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r-s.

      • Chiefswatch

        Neither one of them plagued this team for as long as Cassel. Regardless I was speaking to the now of this team. I just dont see a downside to starting Quinn or Stanzi. Cassel has been as terrible so far and we are 1-3 and that 1 win was in spite of Cassel’s play. So what could happen if we start Quinn? We lose more? Our passing game looks more pathetic than it does now? Is there two QBs on the same roster that stare down receivers, not make progressions, take forever to throw, take unnecessary sacks, have atrocious accuracy problems, make zero progressions, and is unable to hit a receiver in stride?

        • ladner morse

          I’d like to see Quinn for a number of games. Stick with him the rest of the year — unless he’s a total mess… then give Stanzi a few. But, I’m done with Cassel.

          • Chiefswatch

            Rock on man

  • Danny W

    My new favorite Matt Cassel statistic:

    2007 Brady – 21 sacks.
2008 Cassel – 47 sacks.
2009 Brady
    – 16 sacks.
4 of 5 Olinemen the same all three years. This guy has never been good. He didn’t make great throws in 2010. He honestly didn’t. They were dump offs. Guys want to come at me with Oh he was top ten. That’s a silly joke. Or a little more optimistic than reality I should say if you look at anything besides the numbers like actually watching him play. He has been checking the ball down since he got to KC. I’ve joked for the last 3 years that we’re the Kansas City Checkdowns. Excellent Excellent work here Ladner. Pioli just cannot let it go. Every year we have a glaring need he picks it up a year to two years later in the draft. We needed a nose tackle since like three years ago, so he gives us has-beens for all these years then he drafts Poe when Powe looks ready! And higher than he should’ve too. The Rams wanted to trade up. We could have had extra picks and got him later! What an idiot! He drafts a corner like every year that he’s been here and none have panned out. Arenas has declined instead of getting better? Is our secondary issue’s on Emit Thomas? Remember when were signing wide receivers off the street that used to be decent number two’s like a decade before, and top names were out there and Pioli or Hunt didn’t want to spend any money? Finally we got Breaston and Baldwin back to back. Too little too late! Pioli has been a horrible General Manager! Come at me with this years pick ups too if you want. I liked and like each one. But you know what, he got them at bargains. I don’t know who this implicates more he (Pioli) or Hunt.
    This is a damn talented group of guys out in KC and they aren’t playing like they give two rat’s asses. I think Pioli has cuffed them with a guy they don’t believe in at quarterback. I don’t hate Matt Cassel either. I’m glad he got the money. Better him than Jamarcus Russel or Ryan Leaf. He is a good guy and by all rights deserves to be a millionaire. He just doesn’t deserve to start with his current abilities as a quarterback. It’s not like he hasn’t been given a chance to improve he just cannot overcome his inability. And since Pioli wants to live and die with him then so be it. Good riddance to them both.

    • ladner morse

      2007 Brady – 21 sacks.
      2008 Cassel – 47 sacks.
      2009 Brady – 16 sacks.
      4 of 5 Olinemen the same all three years.

      That about says it all.
      Good post Danny.

  • Blade Snapp

    ive come to feel that mabe Pioli is making sure there is one less team to compete with New England were getting payed back for taking out their beloved Tom Brady now theres a conspiracy