Matt Cassel 'losing confidence' From Chiefs, Claims Report

Just one day after Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel took the podium and threw his support behind embattled QB Matt Cassel, a Yahoo! Sports report claims Cassel is “losing confidence” from the organization.

This today from Jason Cole:

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel at least has one supporter left in coach Romeo Crennel. Beyond that, the fourth-year starter for the Chiefs is losing confidence from players and many others in the organization. In fact, if the team had a better alternative than Brady Quinn as the top backup, Cassel might have already found his way to the bench.

“Look, there’s a big reason why they went after Peyton Manning as hard as they did this offseason,” said a source with knowledge of Chiefs president Scott Pioli’s thinking. “What you’re seeing from Cassel is pretty much what was expected. He’s a really nice backup, not a starter.”

This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. If the organization wasn’t losing confidence in Cassel then something would be seriously wrong.

The most bothersome thing about this report is that it mentions players. Cassel is supposed to be the leader of the team and if his own teammates don’t believe in him that could cause even more problems.

Still, the Chiefs are low on options at this point. Brady Quinn isn’t likely to be much better than Cassel and Ricky Stanzi looked awful during the preseason. Short of making some kind of crazy trade, the Chiefs are going to have to wait out the season before they can nab a realistic replacement.

If Cassel and the Chiefs continue their miserable play, however, the Chiefs will be forced to go to Quinn if not to just prove they are trying. My guess is that Cassel will start against Baltimore and will get creamed. He may even begin the game against the Bucs. Depending on how bad he plays, we could see Crennel put Quinn in during one of those two games.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the results will change.

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  • HalfastCO

    Honestly I don’t care if Quinn or Stanzi are just as bad or worse…Personally I think Quinn could come in and hand the ball off to Charles and make the bad throws cassel makes. Who knows with the supporting cast the chiefs have on offense it might finally click for Quinn! Like in the article Cassel IS A backup quarterback, not a starter. I just don’t see the harm in letting Quinn, Stanzi, or even Alex Tanney play the role of crappy quarterback! I’ve never thought Cassel was the answer, and as you can see from his play, it shows. The chiefs HAVE a good roster on defense, but they have got to get some help on offense so that they are not out there constantly! Getting a new QB might just energize both the offense AND defense!

    • Ivan J Colon

      Exactly the ability of Quinn to look off his wideouts makes him better than Cassel. I mean we saw him once with the starters in preseason played with the backups who suck ofcourse Quinn was gonna look terrible. In cleveland same thing I mean seriously how can he be worst than Cassel that’s impossible cause Cassel sucks im ready to see a change!

  • chiefridgy

    Something has to change.

  • natasha2marie

    The other players should only be making these statements if they are all playing at the top of their game. And, from top to bottom, there are very few Chiefs players out on the field producing results consistently. Yes, Cassel is going to be the scapegoat for the public, but his teammates should take a look in the mirror before critiquing another team member.

    • DoubleD

      My gut feeling is that the quip about players’ losing confidence could easily be disinformation put out by the front office. Hope the locker room at least knows better than believe everything they read and not let such stories get into their heads. If Cassel fails, then they all fail by assocation. This kind of situation is not good for anybody’s nfl career.

      • Chief Hokie

        Players like DJ and Bowe have to be pissed that their prime is being wasted or at least held back because of Cassel.

  • tm1946

    Do not know who Cole is but if you believe the Chiefs made a run at Manning, your meds need adjusting. Cassel is the man for this assembled roster, why is the mystery.

  • DoubleD

    This sure feels like an orchestrated leak, designed to get the rumor mill and ultimately undermine Cassel’s leadership – in other words, to make the front office look like it was left with no other course of action. Not going to comment on if this is not the right move, just saying it seems like there’s this element of ‘we’ve tried everything we possibly could do to help the guy but in the end he let us down.”
    Seems a bit convenient that this supposed insider would have knowledge as to
    “Pioli’s thinking” on Cassel alas but no insights as to why Manning never even bothered to respond to Pioli’s “hard” efforts on that front?

    • tm1946

      makes one wonder, shame we cannot take much at face value with this management group.

    • Michael Shaw

      DD, you could be right, but at this point who gives a flying @#$#!! At this point I would rather see what we have in Quinn or Stanzi. They aren’t likely to screw it up any worse than Matt and at least they have the arm strength to muscle the ball DOWN the field as opposed to the short dunk offs this dipshit is making…………… missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob

        yes indeed – and let’s see stanzi – the kid has a record of being a winner and getting teammates working for him – dont care about practice games – this guy is all about prime time

    • ThisChiefsFan

      You make a valid point. The way it is presented immediately shifts the blame away from pioli even though he is clearly a part of the problem.

      • Bob

        stanzi stanzi…

        • tm1946

          If Quinn was a bone thrown to Crennel with no expectations of him actually playing in a game, then wasn’t Stanzi a bone for Pioli buddy Fernitz ( spelling but who cares if you aren’t in Iowa)?

          • Bob

            Stanzi is from IA yes – but not relevant – he led IA to an orange bowl win – he creates excitement and his teammates truly enjoy playing for him – the kc players love just having him on the team – if he was allowed to play – the players would respond – hes a winner

          • Jim Harper

            I am from Iowa and like Stanzi but ylour thinking is flawed. He looked horrible in preseason

    • Bob

      exactly – this is the kind of thing fans are finally calling out – enough of the games – they need to get us a qb – and not later, now

  • Dfrey87

    I have been saying this is the problem all along. This team has talent but no hope and it shows in there play. Thats the only logical explanation for none of our star players showing up to play on Sundays but its not just cassel they do not believe in its Rac as well. Im in the army i know first hand how not believing in ur leaders can be the most detrimental thing to success. Cassel Rac and the team not believing in them is what is wrong not the level talent outside of the qb position. Fire pioli rac and cassel asap

    • mg2098

      Agree with you 100%. Even if you give RAC a franchise QB he cant be a HC and a great DC at the same time. Pioli has created this mess, and Cassel will be the collateral damage because he was never starter material to begin with. Bellicheck not Pioli was the brains behind NE success.

  • Ganjamancer

    They did not ‘go hard’ after Manning, they inquired and he turned them down, there was no ‘going hard’. That’s the real crux of the issue. Pioli and the scouts passed on several QB’s over several years choosing instead to go after guys like Arenas, McCluster, Allen and others. Pioli’s drafts have netted exactly 0 stars and that includes Berry. Baldwin is a joke and that is the pick they should have used on a QB. We all knew after last season that we needed a QB…well everyone but the Chiefs front office.

  • Michael Shaw

    Don’t worry Chiefs Fans. We will have a better QB next year when we draft one at #1, 2, 3 or 4 in the draft!!!!! At least that is what it is looking like the way these guys are playing!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      we cannot allow that type of thought, yet. It is precisely the way they want us to think. Let’s demand they get creative and find a qb now – otherwise we shouldnt go to their games or buy any of their merchandise until they do

    • tm1946

      Why would anyone think, FOR ANY REASON, Pioli would draft a QB in the first round? It is not the NEway, folks. No, you draft a QB in the 6th round and end up with a Brady.
      Under no circumstances should anyone buy into “just wait until the next draft and Pioli will get a QB”…..not going to happen, not now or anytime as long as Pioli has any say.

      • mg2098

        Maybe in the past your comment might be true, but with last years rookie salary wage put in place I’m sure Pioli would take a projected franchise QB in the 1st round. Even more so now that his franchise QB Cassel has busted so terribly. If he is still the Chiefs GM in the 2013 draft I would look for him to make a move for a QB in the first two rounds. In doing so he buys himself another 2-3 years of QB development.

  • Dan Rice

    ONLY THING WRONG and AM I CORRECTThe Chiefs have at least on paper not shown lately one of the best rosters right and theoretically any QB that is decent should have a career year we have ALBERT WINSTON LILJA and ASMOAH along with JC, PH, DBowe, Dex MC, BOSS, MOEAKE, and rest on OFFENSE very servicable as in SBRESTON, 1ST RND PICK JBALDWIN and more EAUCHUS stepping up DRAUGHN not bad (other than fumble) GRAY… WHAT IS WRONG ??
    MATT CASSEL IS NOT A QB and has PROVED it for years here in KC…….PERIOD…….. TIME TO EITHER GIVE QUINN the helm or trade for another teams backup ANY QB OTHER THAN MATT CASSEL should have a career year with this group
    Cannot qb a college team (Have to ADMIT 1st game against ATL did hang in with Ryan and Falcons (which has beaten all AFC WEST) for a Quarter in a half but then NOTHING BUT GARBAGE STATS

    • Dan Rice

      POINT BEING MATT CASSEL has honed in mainly on BOWE and only real stats are not worth S#$T take out all the garbage stats ie so far behind other teams bending not break attitude cause cant catch up. Hangs all receivers out to be hung with inaccuracy and gets everyone hurt passing back shoulder or too high or to lw or over thrown. Cant blame all int on him some very few has been on the money RARE and far inbetween. He would rather take a sack than to scramble and throw it away or throw an interception. NO FIRE and have to admit doesn’t whine like Cutler but also dont own up to much either. Cannot spark this team or fans and has NO PASSION or HEART only goes through motions and looks his receiver all the way and never looks anywear else. I have always defended him saying 5 O Cordinaters since been here but C’MON MAN with like said before a QB with this roster should have a Career Year

  • BurtGummer44

    Before we draft a QB, Hunt has to fire Pioli over this. What kind of GM tries to build an NFL franchise around a career backup QB? I mean come on, when you think about it, it’s such an amateur move that outsiders can’t even laugh at this franchise. Instead they just shake their heads. Hell, the Chiefs aren’t even lovable losers like the 70′s Saints. The Chiefs organization is just PATHETIC, IRRELEVANT, EMBARRASSMENT to the whole NFL. How in the world can this GM survive this, and the CHIEFS be taken seriously as an NFL franchise?

  • Chief Hokie

    geno geno geno

    • Jim Harper


  • Greg3564

    Bring in Colt McCoy from the Browns. He got shafted and I’m pretty sure he wants out. I’m sure we could work a fair trade.

  • Chiefswatch

    “If you feel he’s inept, constantly making poor decisions, bad choices,
    then that’s when you move on from him and give someone else a chance.” Crennel on the situation. He is of course lying because if he believed that he would have yanked Cassel day one.

  • HuckDaddy

    There is only one thing that needs to change, and that is the QB. Nothing else. And not with another backup (Quinn, Stanzi, any other FA out there). The only thing good about another backup playing for us is it keeps us in good draft position. I would love to see Romeo stay, and win, with a real franchise QB. Same goes for Pioli. All the other coaches, everybody. With a real QB, this team is great.

  • ArrowFan

    You know I feel bad for our organization and the $$ we have paid for our QB but then I see someone like Tony Romo and the $$ he gets as a back up starting and I don’t feel so bad. Or the Faiders and the desperate trade they made or an ageing QB past his prime. Or the Jets and what they have going on with Sanchez and Tebow. Or the Browns who have repeatably drafted 1st round QB’s only to bust.

  • George Jungle

    I guess the Chiefs organization needs to stop charging $29 for parking in order to fill the stadium half way. Yeah right! We are talking about Scott Pioli who puts all his eggs in one basket with Cassel. Shame on him! He has got to go! Romeo is meant to be a defensive coordinator. Not a head coach as well.


    Chiefs fan barely hanging on

  • Ralphieboy

    Pray for Tebow to join the Chiefs, amen.