August 24, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs mascot KC Wolf entertains fans during the second half of the game against the Seattle Seahawks at Arrowhead Stadium. Seattle won the game 44-14. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

Where Is The Agression In Kansas City?

You remember the days. At Arrowhead Stadium it did not matter who was injured and who was healthy. It did not matter who we picked up in the draft and subsequent free agency.

It did not matter who sat in the front office, or who called the plays, or even who coached the entire team.

If the game was at Arrowhead the Kansas City Chiefs could win.

“The Arrowhead Advantage”, they called it.

We certainly had it through “Marty Ball”. We still claimed it during the Vermiel era. But along came Herm Edwards and things changed.

It didn’t get any better with Haley, and it’s not back with Crennel.

Most of the time, there is no Arrowhead Advantage anymore.

There are empty seats in almost every game except special ones , like Monday Night Football.

We do not hold the sell out record. We do not have the highest winning home game percentage anymore.

If you can get what you paid for a ticket on the secondary market your lucky. Time was you could easily get three times face value.

But you never sold.

People go to games looking for the most exciting tailgating in the NFL. Quite a few times they come home disappointed.

“The Loudest Stadium in The NFL” title is no longer a slam dunk.

It happened on the field too.

I don’t see the fight I used to see in the players eyes anymore.

I don’t see long passes for touchdowns when we are behind. I don’t see running backs plow their way to a first down.

I don’t see gourd rattling nut busting sacks.

If the Chiefs are behind at the end of the third quarter, fans go home. And sadly I do not blame them. My Chiefs don’t fight for a win like they used too.

The departing fans are right, the game is likely over.

Now don’t get me wrong. My blood the nurse drew for my yearly checkup yesterday was red and gold.

It always will be.

We have a Superbowl Championship that nobody can take away.

I believe in the Kansas City Chiefs.

I just do not expect them to win anymore.

What about you ?

And what has to happen before we can believe they can win again?




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  • Derek Hetu

    the negative attitude of the KC fans and media needs to change. Pessimism and negative thoughts are like a disease and they spread into every nook and cranny. You say it yourself in the article, people leave in the third quarter if the team is losing and you dont think that affects the players. When you expect bad things to happen they will. Need to change the entire culture of how we the fans and media approach the team because we are a part of the problem currently. I believe the Chiefs are going to go on the road this weekend and win. Who’s with me?

    • Priest4Prez

      I’m with you!! WE WILL WIN!! Charles will blow up in the dome; Flowers will catch his grove; Berry will force some fumbles and sacks will be paramount!

      • Randy5k


    • Randy5k


    • Nick Hemes

      The team will have to win in order to change the fans/ people of the cities oppinion of the team.. Can’t put the cart before the horse. Once we start to become competitive and show some signs of live this city will once again become what it used to be. Arrowhead will be back. It may just take a playoff win to get it there.. GO CHIEFS!!

    • AKChieffan

      I am with you, I always watch the games with the chance we can win. I just want the precentages in our favor more often.

    • KCMikeG

      With you all the way and thanks for speaking the truth so many need to hear. The 12th man is named that for a reason and it is earned through commitment and hard work. Complain that Peyton wouldn’t give us the time of day and that big name stars don’t want to come to KC while spreading the irrational hate and loser mentality the press relishes in KC. You are smearing the owner, the GM, the coaches and the players – humiliating us to all that will listen and our opponents hear every word of it gaining confidence and losing fear of playing us even at Arrowhead.

      Being a fan means having loyalty to your team for better or worse. How do you call yourself a fan if you enthusiastically eviserate everything about your team while ignoring or discounting every success? Seriously Why bother? There must be something else you could spend your time doing than ripping apart and stomping on what many of us love so much.

      Don’t think about your fellow fan’s morale – be selfish it’s ok – just think about yourself and stop torturing yourself with so much vicious disappointment and unrestrained hate. There would have to be something very wrong to enjoy doing that. Go golf, or fish or take your kids to the zoo – anything else in the world would have to be better than suffering through another day being a Chief fan already sure that the whole season and likely the next too will be nothing but more crushing failure. I’m going to be there screaming my lungs out ever play doing my part to be the 12th man and savoring the successes.

    • Danny W

      DerekPessimism is like a disease that seeps into every nook and cranny, that is true. That said brother Chief fans didn’t start out pessimistic this year. They rooted the team on through three quarters of the game during the Atlanta debacle and the team gave up after a missed field goal. Thats not on the fans in my opinion.
      During the Buffalo game there was pessimism but I don’t think million dollar athletes should let that effect them to the point of being down 30 points in the third quarter. I think if anyone is guilty of pessimism it’s the players don’t you? If I’m a player I’m out there to earn money not to get cheered on by fans. Frankly who cares about the fans I want to earn a huge 10 figure contract with this team or any other that see’s my talents. Happy thoughts are a good thing but you can’t implicate the fans for not being happy after five straight blow out losses if you include the preseason.

    • KCMikeG

      I’m with you Derek and thanks for stepping up! I would love to see a 100 positive posts on here and the seats full at Arrowhead. I watch it too and am disgusted at the quit in them as much as the team. I hate losing and am angered when they screw up but then try to let it go and move on. I want to say something as the fans file out to early so they can sit in their cars a little longer in the traffic jam but know it will fall on deaf ears or worse incite some drunk to action.
      I look at being a fan like being a parent. Am I disappointed in their struggles – Yes. Do I get angry when they don’t act responsibly – Yes. But I also encourage them daily, see their growth and improvements, savor their success and most importantly – Love them unconditionally. You can hate what they do but you undermine the relationship, lose their loyalty and respect when you hate THEM for their mistakes,

  • Dillon Davis

    Apathy is found all throughout Chiefs Kingdom. It’s sad how fall we’ve fallen as a franchise. I’d give anything to have Lamar here still leading our team.

  • Priest4Prez

    I’ve never been to an Arrowhead game but my first will be this year against the Broncos. I do remember when I was a bit younger mid 90′s or so; the energy that came out from the Television even. It was engrossing, it involved you and when a TD or sack happened you felt those butterflies in your stomach becuase you knew ‘we will win!’ What brought me in was a Derrick Thomas sack on Elway; I remember him getting hit so hard and the fans erupting! It could’ve been a soccer riot the way it sounded in my ears; but now….now we’ve all felt the sting of a displaced direction. The Chiefs are my family (extended, I now live in New Mexico) but I keep them close to my heart, cut me- I bleed red- I promise. I hope when I show, and as selfish as it sounds, I hope that my energy feeds someone else and feeds the next person and spills onto that field and WE WIN!! Call it crazy but I’m a Chiefs fan and there’s none like us.

  • Mark Bellware

    Wow, well these fans are part of the problem- they have immediate expectations on investment like Romney. They got their tickets from their fathers and grandfathers who knew how to root for home team, how to do more than an occasional “tomahawk chop” in the FIRST quarter. Did Curly Culp get his A**hole ripped because G-Bay handled him on a winning drive at home? No. Our press complimented the opponent.
    Well today… You have to remember these guys are shuffled in and out for specific plays… and have 35sec to make an impression or sit… now… was Charles knee really bothering him so badly that he would not explode into a back cut hole opening. Was it? He sat, and sat quietly behind the coach, NOT sulking on the bench…
    Our 3-4 and 4-4 D-linemen are moved around like chess pieces to provide fresh explosions off the line, but are they, do they? Are they making the most of their 35sec to impress? Indecision comes with job insecurity, they are carrying the weight of the world during that half minute.
    Hey, Matt looked forlorn but his response was positive, was I would say- an inspiration- for 4qtrs… He lead by example- dropped passes and showboating of Bowe aside. Good Job Matt.

    • KCMikeG

      Excellent post. Nice to see the loyal still remain on AA.

  • KC Bandit

    Our family has to watch the games from South Carolina now and can only get to games during Christmas beak. We miss arrowhead and would give anything to be at the games, even during the tough times.

  • ArkansasChief

    I was on the front row for the opening game. Of course i was standing up, screaming and yelling for my chiefs. But then i couldn’t believe what happened next… I actually had chiefs fans from a few rows behind me yelling “down in front” every time i stood up. This has never happened to me before at Arrowhead. I was appalled, and still am.

    • Danny W

      If it’s third down and the other team has the ball and you aren’t on your feet screaming yourself hoarse then you should go home. That is unless it’s the third quarter and we’re down by 21 then I would just go home anyway.

    • KCMikeG

      Agreed! After Succop missed the FG in the 3rd quarter to TIE the game against forecasted Super Bowl potential ATL people got up and left and when we went down just 10 points more left and many that remained seated and didn’t help to raise the decibels for our defense. Yes it crushes and angers me when we lose especially like we did vs the bills but us quitting on the team only makes things worse.

      • Chiefswatch

        Dont blame fans for seeing the obvious. Might as well beat the traffic

        • KCMikeG

          That’s the thing – you really don’t even beat the traffic – you just sit in your car longer listening to the angry and hateful running the Chiefs into the ground further. I get venting but just ripping apart the entire organization and players and giving up the entire season is sad. The media in KC is the worst. There have been games we have won and still they find fault and criticize to the point my son even asked “But Dad – didn’t we win?” Sad.

  • Jim Harper

    I disagree with the people who place part of the problem with the fans. Everyone was on board until Herm deflowered this team and it has been a work in progress ever since. Two things need to happen. We need a QB capable of taking the team on his back. Have not had one since Trent Green. Secondly we need a top notch head coach. Romeo could be it. People are giving up on him way too soon. I understand that Cassel works hard and tries his best, but he is not Trent Green or even Steve DeBerg! People are saying Romeo is too much a players coach. Well so was Vermiel but he got it out of them. Just look how far a Montana at the end of his career took the team with only average receivers. That is what a quality QB can do for you. Again this is not the fault of the fans. We have had winnning football in KC for a long time and we have now been asked to drink this god-awful koolaide for too long. The talent on this team can reach the playoffs, but Cassel is NOT going to deliver a Super Bowl here or anywhere else.

    • Danny W

      Well Jim that’s as real as a post I’ve heard you make in a month maybe two. Herm came a long and deflowered the chiefs!? Dude thats pretty funny. It makes it sound like Herm took their V cards or something. I thought you were a Matt Cassel type of guy so I guess not. Your absolutely right a good quarterback can take you a long long ways. People are quick to blame our lines but when your down 21-0 the other team is going to blitz your line. I agree too that Vermiel was a players coach but he could play the tough guy too. Remember when he told Larry Johnson to take his diapers off. Come to find out that was probably valid. I would like to hear about Crennel getting tough like that with some players. Good post Jimbo.

  • ArrowFan

    Play like they mean it and we will come loud and proud. Keep laying eegs and I’m afaide it will only get worse.

  • 44WinMag

    3 playoff wins in 42 years and no realistic hope of a playoff victory in the near future, it’s amazing anyone pays good money to go to their games.

  • eddwin321

    I remember sitting in my Grandmothers living room with my uncle watching the Kansas City chiefs beat the heck out of my uncles favorite team. I remember thinking to myself. “what is going on here” why are the announcers talking about the crowd noise and the other team having to call a time out when they clearly didn’t want to. I grew up just north of Pittsburgh and there were no other fans. It was Steelers or bust. Everyone wore the same winter jacket but not me. I was just getting into football and I felt like my team was chosen for me. How could I not like the Chiefs? I had never seen anything like it before or since. The Chiefs are my team forever. Well the magic is gone. It dosnt feel like it will ever be back. We need a coach that will bring that feeling back. The way Schwartz did in Detroit and the way Harbaugh did in San Fran. Have you seen these teams play recently? They have that old Chiefs spark. It’s there and their fans are loving it. We need Some one to bring the spark like Ryan in NY. Well maybe not like that but we need the spark and we need it fast. We need Cowher or Billick or Gruden. We need a coach with an identity. Chiefs fans are not fans of thePatriot Way. We’re fans of the KC Way. It’s time for us to get our identity back.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen to that! Nothing like the 12th man in Arrowhead! Game changing and ir means the world to the players who thrive in the environment we create. Wasted time outs, missed communications that cause plays to blow up, illegal procedure penalties backing them up into 3rd and long as it gets so loud the center can’t hear the QB let alone the WR’s so changing the play is difficult giving the defense an edge. Football has become too much about the mighty $$$ but there is NO denying the inspiration the players gain from 116 decibels from the Sea of Red! They say it all the time in interviews. Boss said it was one of the reasons he wanted to play in KC having had to face it with the faiders. I say we knock off the hate and self degradation and be the kind of fans who make Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the NFL again.

  • RepOurChiefs

    With all the talent we have,im left shaking my head. Im “confuzzled”. The red&gold need that old swag,that attitude. The ghost of the past have to make its way into the veins of the players that line up in the trenches today.Channel our greats!! Think of might mouse when the secondary needs that extra push. Think of priest or The Nigerian Nightmare when its time to grind its out. Pull the life of the late great Derrick Thomas from the heavens to blow by your defender for the blindside sack. Why do they look and sound defeated as a collective? I dont know but i do know its not too late to turn this around and they are capable. These words wont see their eyes but we believe in you guys………time to start believing in yourselves. Bring back the Tude!!! Go Chiefs!!!!!

  • Chiefswatch

    I think Pioli and Hunt are to blame for the change in attitudes and outlook of fans. Ask yourself honestly do you trust Pioli? Does he not come off as an arrogant know everything money hungry prick? What about Clark? Does he bring back memories of his father when you see him or hear him? They both just look like business guys that would be indistinguishable if placed on the wall street trading floor. I do not see football when I look at these two, I see people I would honestly never want to converse with. The Chiefs are a business now and there is nothing nostalgic about that.