Matt Cassel Sack Face

A tribute to the Kansas City Chiefs QB…and what he does best…

 Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

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  • chiefridgy

    A couple of these have duplicates…What’s the point of this anyway?

    • AKChieffan

      Point, is Cassel is a Donkey been saying it for along time now. Pioli has such an ego he can’t admit he went the wrong direction with Cassel. You all are talking about why don’t we go a different direction. Your answer was in the article. If people just look at the real problem. An Ego! You can build a winnig team on a low budget. Carr isn’t with us any more, and that is a shame since those guys Carr, Flowers and Berry were awesome! That’s why Washington was targetted so much. But his phylosophy of building a team is low budget. This part is confusing he keeps paying a losing QB 10 million a year. Reminds me of the Blackledge era.

  • Blade Snapp

    the point is he takes sacks instead of getting rid of the ball u can throw it away and not lose yards how many of those games had more than one sack like last week he had five

    • chiefridgy

      better to have 5 sacks than 5 int’s

      • KCMikeG

        There’s no hope with this bunch. I’m out.

        • Chiefswatch


        • Danny W

          Bye bye.

  • Jesse o

    Ok lets dog on our qb, I don’t get it. Yeah he takes sacks instead of throwing it away.we all know this. Why not have an article of opposing qb’s getting sacked by our defense. It might lift my spirits about our horrible d this year. I visit this site for hope and a positive not on our chiefs, not to see them making fun of the only guy we got to play the position.

    • BigGil

      ^ Listen to this guy. Boo negativity! GO CHIEFS!!!

    • chiefridgy

      Good Point. Not what I expected from Mr. Allen..

    • Patrick Allen

      We give you all kinds of views on this site. Some positive. Some negative. This one is a funny view. Cassel makes hilarious faces when he gets sacked.

      Since all the team is doing right now is playing like crap I figured I’d throw in a little humor.

      • chiefridgy

        Sorry…you forgot to tell us it was a joke. That’s all…it’s cool

        • Patrick Allen

          Yeah I mean I thought that’d be fairly obvious. I like Matt and I am rooting for him. But he makes some damn funny sack faces and he does get sacked a lot.

          When ever I am looking through pictures to put on the site there are always tons of Cassel getting creamed.

          • Jesse o

            Patty, I’ve enjoyed numerous articles you have written on this site, probably the main reason I visit this site daily if because of the material you supply here. I guess it was mainly the title “What he does best”referring to getting sacked, that caught some of us off guard. Not to sound like a Debbie downer or anything, cause I’m all for the idea of getting on the guy for the stupid shit he pulls from time to time, but I’ll support him as long as he’s our quarterback! Go chiefs!

          • KCMikeG

            Cassel has been sacked exactly as many times as Rodgers and Big Ben and less than Dalton and Cutler. He is 7th in yards, tied for TD’s with Vick, Peyton, Rodgers, Brady, Cutler, Flaco, Freeman, Dalton & Gabbert plus he has a running one too. He is 15th in YPA. He is not where our concern and critical focus should be. Maybe some conversation could be had focusing on the completely failed performances by DJ and Lilja that have hurt us dearly.

  • ArrowFan

    They should shoe these to the O line. How many where due to our awesome RT we had last year?

  • Chief Hokie

    Tough crowd..

  • Danny W

    One sack last game he went into a turtle shell/bitch ball. I would have laughed my face off on that one. The Raider sack say’s it all.

  • AKChieffan

    Why do we still have the QB? The article at says it all. Link This writer just bashes Scott Pioli and his ego. That because his ego has basically ruined the Chiefs. What are your thoughts?

  • Jim Harper

    Hey Paddy! Big Jim here. What ever happened to Big Matt.?

    • Danny W

      Won’t speak for Paddy or Big Matt here buy when I emailed him and asked Big Jim I was told he was taking a break. I miss his write ups though I don’t know about you? I didn’t always agree with him but he could sure fire up the AA crowd that’s for sure.

  • fan

    You are an idiot for posting this’s not all his fault, far from it

    • AKChieffan

      First grade behavoir isn’t how real adults talk. The article isn’t written by me, and I asked you what your thoughts are, but instead a pointless, non informational sentence with bad grammar and is no better than a first grade answer. I think the article has merit. Is the whole thing correct, probably not. It even sounded like the author had something agianst Pioli. Next time read the question, think about it, start off with a topic sentence and then support it with 3 sentences. Go push someone else on the play ground if you can’t given a logical answer. I really wish they would enforce parent permission on Disqus.

      • Danny W

        It’s a good write up, I like how it contrast the positve in a guy like Payton and a guy like Pioli. I think this say’s it all about Pioli and his tenure in KC so far. “Scott Pioli is such a man, too, just in a different way. He brought his glitzy resume to the heartland but couldn’t be more than a paper tiger, he let his outsized ego shape a culture that pushed an over-his-head coach out of his mind, and he has allowed an often talented team to be dragged down by so many of the forces he brought in — Cassel on the field, fear in the front office, coaches who look as discombobulated as the replacement refs and mounting frustration in the stands.”

  • Chiefswatch

    funny man, thanks for that

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