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Chiefs Injury Report: The Carnage Continues

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The Kansas City Chiefs have released their Thursday injury report. As you may have heard, nearly a quarter of the 53-man roster is on the injury report. Not that it matters. It isn’t like they were doing anything when they were on the field anyway. Perhaps removing some of these guys from action will improve matters.

Ok, bitter rant over.

Here’s the damage:

Name Position Injury Wed. Thu. Fri. Game Status
Arenas, Javier DB Neck FP FP - -
Bailey, Allen DE Ankle FP FP - -
Boss, Kevin TE Head DNP DNP - -SCREWED
Breaston, Steve WR Wrist LP FP - -
Brown, Jalil DB Groin LP FP - -
Charles, Jamaal RB Knee FP FP - -
Lewis, Kendrick DB Shoulder LP LP - -
Lilja, Ryan G Back DNP LP - -
McCluster, Dexter WR Shoulder LP LP - -
O’Connell, Jake TE Knee DNP DNP - -
Reeves, Jacques CB Hamstring LP DNP - -NOT GONNA HAPPEN
Toribio, Anthony DT Ankle LP LP - -
Wylie, Devon WR Hamstring LP LP - -SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HELL

So big Romeo talked with the media today and informed them that Boss, Wylie and Reeves were likely no-gos for Sunday. Those aren’t the official designations you see up there but the might as well be. Boss is the only player of any worth. Wylie might be able to return some kicks at some point but KC’s special teams has been so putrid I don’t know if Wylie could find the endzone in a truck.

The good news here is that Reeves probably won’t play so Drew Brees won’t be able to pick on him. The bad news is that if anything happens to Flowers or Routt, Crennel himself will be playing CB. Just close your eyes and try to picture that nightmare for a few moments.

McCluster was once again limited, which also sucks because he actually helps the offense get first downs. Lilja went from did not practice to limited with a bad back. Well, he does have gray hair. Colin Brown looks to be on the way back so he can step in fro Reeves in the “getting torched” department. Allen Bailey also appears to have a shot at playing for the first time this season so hopefully he can get in there and attempt to generate some pass rush.*

*I’ve just been contacted by Chiefs PR. Apparently it is against team team rules for Chiefs defensive lineman to generate a pass rush. Our mistake.

Sorry for all the doom and gloom folks. Not usually my style. But I was sure the Chiefs were going to rebound and crush the Bills last week. I even said on Twitter to “take it to the bank.” Do you know how many people actually took that to the bank, deposited it and lost it? You don’t want to know, but I’ve gotten death threats, I’ll tell you that.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I will believe the Chiefs suck until they prove me wrong.

Anybody have any Jameson?

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