Scott Pioli Speaks

Scotty! You’ve got some ‘splainin to do!

If only Desi Arnaz was still with us.

After two straight humiliating losses, thousands of comments from angry fans and one talk radio meltdown, Scott Pioli emerged from One Arrowhead Drive to answer for his team’s total failure.

He sat down and talked with Adam Teicher, pretty much the only reporter at the Kansas City Star who didn’t publicly lambast him this week. Then again, Teicher is a beat writer and not a columnist so I am sure he’d have something to say if he was allowed the platform.

Anyway, Pioli told Teicher that he thinks the Chiefs can still turn this thing around.

“If any one of us knew what the answer was, we wouldn’t be sitting where we’re sitting right now,” Pioli said. “But I also don’t think it’s the end of the world. We have 14 games left. We’re certainly digging a hole but it’s not something we can’t get out of. Everyone within the organization is disappointed in the results so far. We’re all surprised because I don’t think any one of us went into the season thinking we would be 0-2. I don’t think any of us anticipated that.”

Pioli is right. 0-2 isn’t a death sentence. Folks will throw a bunch of stats at you about how few teams begin the season 0-2 and a make the playoffs. That may be true but the Chiefs recently accomplished that very feat and with Herm Edwards as their head coach!

If the Chiefs had won their first four games and then dropped two straight games in the same fashion that they’ve lost their first two this year, fans would be concerned but I doubt we’d see the same outpouring of anger and vitriol that we are seeing now.

0-2 teams often don’t make the playoffs because those teams likely aren’t very good to begin with. It isn’t really losing the two games that keeps those teams from making the post-season; it’s the fact that they don’t perform well in the next 14 either.

Maybe the Chiefs aren’t that good. They sure don’t look like they are. But when someone starts throwing out stats about what other teams have done in the past, I kind of shrug my shoulders. Those teams were those teams. They weren’t the 2012 Chiefs. They weren’t playing the same schedule or players that the 2012 Chiefs will play. One literally has nothing to do with the other. The Chiefs have 14 games left and if they can manage to find a way to win nine or 10 of them, they’ll have a shot at the playoffs. That is the reality.

Teicher asked Pioli about the salary cap and why the Chiefs didn’t spend more money. To Pioli, however, it is a non-issue.

“I think there are things we did do that helped this football team,” Pioli said. “I also know for a fact that this year alone we’re spending over $141 million in cash this year. That’s more than $20 million over the cap.

“It’s been proven time and time again that there’s not a direct correlation between spending cap dollars and winning. There’s not.”

Again, I somewhat agree with this. The Chiefs stink right now and that is on Pioli and Crennel. But when I think back to the offseason, there are only two moves I think Pioli could have made to help the  Chiefs have a better team than they do right now.

1. Landed Peyton Manning (though he didn’t look so great last night) or traded the farm for RG3.

2. Re-signed Brandon Carr.

That is about it. The Chiefs could have blown big money on Mario Williams or somebody like that but year after year we see big ticket free agents flop. They could have drafted Luke Kuechly. Then again, Kuechly currently has 9 tackles. Dontari Poe has 5.

Should Pioli have hired a different head coach? I don’t know. The Chiefs responded well to Crennel and it appeared defense was going to be this team’s ticket to a championship. Pioli got his nose tackle and set about giving Matt Cassel the best supporting cast possible. I think most fans, including some national experts, thought there was going to be a pretty good chance of the Chiefs being the AFC versions of the San Francisco 49ers.

Only that didn’t happen.

There really isn’t a whole lot Pioli can say here. The players aren’t playing up to their potential and the coaches aren’t coaching these players up to their potential. Eric Berry is rusty. Derrick Johnson is awful. Jamal Charles and Peyton Hillis have been relatively ineffective. So has the offensive line. Cassel has been bad.

The Chiefs do have time to turn things around. If they don’t, if they continue to be as bad as they have been through two weeks, then Scott Pioli will have a lot more to answer for come the end of the season.For now though, this “don’t panic” lip service is all we’re bound to get.

Besides, I think most fans could care less about what Pioli has to say. What we want is just an end to the losing.

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  • Danny W

    Well if you listen to Kent Babb or Jason Whitlock who was on Danny Parkins today Scott Pioli needs to go. These guys have insider information that Pioli is what many of us thought he was.
    When you say he could have brought in Mario Williams but it would have “blowing big money” and too expensive, and these players have flopped, well what do you call Tyson Jackson or Glenn Dorsey? They’ve proven to be good run stoppers and nothing more. That’s not were the NFL is right now it’s a passing league. Williams has proved he can get to the passer. Cut one run stuffer and sign Williams. He wouldn’t have gotten him cheap though so no dice.

    • Patrick Allen

      Well I would have been ok with Williams but with Houston, who appears to be a stud and Hali, it may not have been money well spent.

      Again, not saying Pioli is perfect by any stretch but I still like this roster quite a bit. At some point, the blame has to go to the players.

      • Danny W

        I’m not talking about making him an OLB but leaving him on the 3-4 DE spot. He could have been our own version of Justin Smith.

        • Jim Harper

          Put a shirt on

          • Danny W

            Ahh that’s cute Jim or BigJIm you taking a little poke at me. How about this you take your shirt off.

          • Chief Hokie

            mmm it must be mah birthday

          • KCMikeG

            Why do you want him to take his shirt off Danny??? Seems like an odd thing to ask another guy to do.

          • chiefridgy

            He’s too sexy for his shirt…Just ask him

  • PGA GM

    One question do we not believe the Chiefs are more talented then before Pioli was hired? So why does everyone think he’s doing such a bad job? Carr wanted 50mil and he wanted to be a cowboy. Please refresh my memory was there a QB we could have drafted over TJax who’s starting?

    • KCinTX

      3rd pick Tin Man
      5th pick Mark Sanchez
      9th pick BJ Raji

      • PGA GM

        Thanks so another weak armed USC QB, but Raji would have been nice. I’m just trying to say I think Pioli has made some mistakes but he’s also done a fair job aquiring talent. Remember our starting QB was Brodie. Two months ago everyone was loving this offseason.

        • tm1946

          I believe you are correct in that Pioli did a lot of good. Might look at Pioli’s drafting as a whole. He has never been eble to get rid of Carl’s better picks unless it was to cut them and they play somewheres else. Over 30 picks, how many starters or stars. But that is the draft, of course, Pioli has publicly said talent evaluation is his specialty, not so good at it since leaving NE. But give him credit for his good work, how good are the Hunt Chiefs after 4 seasons? Look a lot like an 0-2 team to me.

          • Chief Hokie

            I just can’t believe Pioli would risk drafting Poe, a 1st round DL who is a potential bust, after all the crap he got for drafting Tyson Jackson, a 1st round DL (who in my opinion is a bust).

    • Chiefswatch

      Josh Freeman and picks that would have been better include Raji, Percy Harvin, Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews, Brain Orakpo, Lesean McCoy, and Mike Wallace. Some were obvious draft day including Cushing and Raji.

      • Michael Shaw

        I wanted the LSU Offensive Lineman that used to play with Albert, Mathews or Cushing at that pick. I didn’t even know who the hell Tyson Jackson was until we picked him. I DEFINITELY was not part of the Adam Best band wagon to get Mark Sanchez. Love Adam on this site, but I don’t like Sanchez.

  • Chiefswatch

    There is certainly not much him or Crennel can say. Hillis and JC are not to blame for the way they are running. Simply put our O-Line has been terrible at run blocking to date. They have been a little better in pass blocking but they really need to be top notch to give shit for brains Cassel time to think before releasing an accurately thrown ball to anyone besides the check down option. On defense we are not getting pressure because Dorsey and Jackson have never been able to get in the backfield and holding (which is never called) is keeping Tamba and Houston pretty much ineffective. That is why the shot gun works so well against us. The schedule is simply too tough to have much hope at turning things around IMO. Reeling off a bunch of wins against the opponents that are on this schedule doesn’t seem realistic. That said if we subtract the run backs, the Cassel fumbles, the Hillis fumble, the Suckup miss we would have been much more competitive these last two weeks. I still think playoffs are completely out of reach seeing as how both San Diego and the Broncos look and there are too many good teams with decent QBs that will take those wild card spots. What really sucks is knowing next year cant be much better. We either continue to lose and replace Cassel and Pioli which means we will have to start fresh and enjoy at least a year of mediocrity or we somehow get to 10 wins, make the playoffs, are handily ejected in those playoffs and start the whole thing over again with the same mediocre Cassel.

    • KCMikeG

      You are right about the defense and the OL except that you left out that they opened the flood gates in pass lack of protection vs the bills. But Shit for brains Cassel? Really? He has had to learn 5 different OC systems in 3.5 years of play, had 27 TD vs 7 int’s in 2010 when we had a run game and he has taken charge Daboll’s new offense already reading defenses and calling audibles. He has thrown +25 yard perfect strikes for TD’s to Boss & Bowe and another 29 harder to Boss. Might want to check your own noggin for contents. Cassel is NOT the problem.

      • Chiefswatch

        His 27 and 7 year gets further and further away bro. Career for Cassel to date in KC : 56 to 35. Not even 2 to 1 when most good QBs are starting to average about 3 to 1. Last year he was 10 and 9 and those only because he threw 4 TDs against the lowly colts. I nearly had a heart attack laughing when I read this gem “reading defenses and calling audibles”. The only thing this dude can read is the scoreboard as it climbs and climbs out of reach. I know, I know it wasnt his fault. It was this, this and that which excuses him.

        • KCMikeG

          Not sure where your numbers are from but Cassel has 79 TD’s and 43 int’s for his career. Still not 2-1 ratio but if he was he would be elite – which no one is claiming. Career stats – Brees 1.69, Marino 1.67, Warner 1.59, Even Brady is only 2.29.
          Doesn’t matter how long ago it was – a whole 11 games ago – because it is part of his career stats just like the 21TD to 11 Int ratio in 2008.
          Thank goodness you didn’t didn’t croak. I’m not just making this stuff up though – if you watch the games the announcers are saying the same thing.
          Not sure why you want to blame it all on Cassel. He can’t catch the ball for Moeaki can he? Can he block Abraham when Albert gets beat and Lilja wanders into the line instead of helping. Don’t believe me? Fine watch the video break down.

          SB Nation: The first half of this game was something of beauty if you were just watching the Chiefs on offense. They moved the ball well with the running game and the passing game. Matt Cassel looked crisp, sharp and precise. He knew where he was going with the ball and he was accurate with his passes. As the game got more out of hand in the second half it seemed as if Cassel started to force more passes than he may have normally, but overall there is a lot to feel good about with Cassel at quarterback from this game, at least compared to other areas of the team right now.

          • Chiefswatch

            I said sense being a chief but i know it doesn’t work for you do go ahead and ignore that. Also i said starting to you moron, did you really go to Marino and Warner ?. How about Brady, Brees and Rodgers over the last three years? I don’t blame it all on Cassel and never have. Doesn’t lessen his shit ability however

          • KCMikeG

            Just because you want to ignore his great year in NE doesn’t mean I can’t look at his entire career. The numbers are the numbers and calling names just makes you look bad.

          • Chiefswatch

            I can ignore his year because I did not watch his 15 weeks of play, but I have watched him since coming to KC. Did you happen to tape the season? Go back and entire season and watch games so you could comment on here? Or are you just looking at the win/loss record again? He had a mediocre year in New England actually man. Lets take a look Tom Brady in 2007, 50 TDs, 8 interceptions, 4800 yards, 16-0, QBR 117. Cassel takes over next year, 21 TDs, 11 interceptions, 3600 yards and 11-5 QBR 89. Now tell me how great he was in New England again?

          • KCMikeG

            I’ll get right on the video review of Cassel’s 2008 season so I have your permission to speak of it as part of his career – Whatever. So you want me to tell you how great he was? How about being the #10 ranked QB in 2008 – guess that is just mediocre to you. Again whatever makes it work for you. ALL that really matters is the win vs loss record because even a great season with lots of yards and TD’s doesn’t get you into the playoffs. Brady came back in 2009 and took the team to only 10-6 and got blown out in the 1st round of the playoffs and was ranked #9 – pretty mediocre by your standards I guess.

          • Chiefswatch

   — MEDIOCRE you f’n blind troll. Look at it! AND that is with a nearly flawless Patriots team and a Chiefs squad that had the EASIEST schedule in the league. Get off it man, he sucks. How come you are are the only one on this entire board left floating the Cassel raft? What the fuck is wrong with you? Is he your brother or something? I am done man. Dont let that stop you trolling though. Everyone appreciates it. We LOVE hearing your long breathed analysis saying the same rabble OVER and OVER and OVER. We LOVE to hear how much we disappoint you when we say anything other than this team is just plain PEACHY.

  • Dan Rice

    Skipped around and never really answered what we as fans want to know. Typical save face and manipulation all we got from that. 1.Are we demoting RAC to DC and hire a quality HC or vice versa hire a quality DC. Why wasnt this team prepared? was said that last year due to injuries understandable but this team healthier same results. I dont think Pioli is that much the problem RAC is not a HC he was a great DC or benifited from NE HC guru and talented players with heart. Also players with RAC yeah rallied around RAC last year cause they got rid of a hard nosed coach and RAC babied them now they do what they want. The only thing this team in 2012 can do to save face is 2 things completly opposite. 1 take us to the AFC Championship game or SB or 2 lose enough games to get either the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft and right the wrong of cap space stop playing players out of position ie Glen Dorsey and Tyson Jackson suited for 4-3 D instead of 3-4 D and many others as well on all positions. Most again Most teams that has or have done a rebuild not just patch and plug are winners within 3 to 4 years. Pioli has failed and succeded failed by producing a quality product and letting his ego get the best of him ie Matt Cassel but has given us others luckily. Alex Tanney has the better arm of any QB we have had in KC since Trent Green his footwork needs to be dealt with but why wasnt that addressed knowing his intangables. They could have had him game ready through training camp or do we not have the right coaches, they talk about the right 53 players well what about the coaches other teams make it with rookie QB’s may be they are bad a year or so learning but they develope with continuity it dont happen overnight. They should have been working more with Tanney than Cassel knowing that Cassel is a great back up HELLO so most likely now our Chiefs are gonna due just enough for us to get a low quality draft pick or they are gonna get 1st or 2nd overall and scrap Tanney and another team will benifit as usual but please stop putting players out there that has no business on the field ie plain and simple just flat out sucks or over their prime. 2nd rate players are that for a reason. New England Chiefs Ha Ha Ha Ha even they spend money and compile draft picks and produce a talent but Pioli has failed in the NE way as well.

    • Chiefswatch

      It was unfortunate that Tanney was injured in his lone preseason appearance. That pass he through down the sideline was so beautiful and accurate. Personally I would really like to know why nobody drafted the kid though. So accurate, set the NCAA record for TD passes, set the division III record for passing yardage. He was even a phenom in high school. I do not trust the Chiefs ability to evaluate talent though, not really. But he was not kept by the Steelers or Bills so that is telling.

      • Michael Shaw

        You answered your own question…………Division III is why nobody drafted him. Not saying that is right, but that is the reason. No high quality competition against him.

      • Chief Hokie

        What I especially liked about Tanney was that he was willing to take the big hit in order to get the pass off. On that nice throw of his, he got the pass off just before getting pounded. He saw the big hit coming but didn’t panic and surrender like Cassel would have.

        • Chiefswatch

          HAHA Cassel would have folded up like a baby or “tucked” the ball and fumbled it away.

  • tm1946

    After reading the posts, it is good to see the Chiefs are in good hands and good things are coming.
    What can Pioli say? If we learned nothing from Carl, GM have giant egos and will sacriface the good of the team to make themselves seem less responsible.
    Where do we go from here, some will join the previous posters and see the up side to the Chiefs and their future. Others will vent about this or that, meaningless because it is the Hunt Chiefs and they will do what he thinks best anyway. No suggestions which way to go. But as it currently looks you will need to be satisfied that Hunt is willing to place a team in KC.

    • Michael Shaw

      Yeah, I am starting to wonder if Clark is sabatoging the team to move them to LA……………Sorry just kidding. I would think out of respect for his father that Clark would NEVER move this team. Especially since we sell out more games than the Chargers do every year. Can’t remember the last time you folks talked about a local game being blacked out back there.

  • redchiefs

    1. I think the Eric Berry experiment at linebacker should end and he should move back to the backfield and do what he does best, cover receivers. We NEED THAT. Someone else can playlinebacker….Unless Berry is still hurt and can’t play back there yet
    2. I think Jon Baldwin should play where he was all Training camp and Pre Season, and Baldwin should be in way more than he has been. He was one of the few bright spots in the pre season. Bowe and Baldwin should be there about 60% of the plays, especially now that Boss is hurt. If Charles is hurt and can’t go no one is going to respect our running game, so play action passing and screens are not going to work, Time for the Big Dogs, meaning Baldwin, Bowe, and Breaston (and McCluster). 4 wides, spread the D, then you can hand off to Hillis out of the Shotgun.
    3. Lilja looked too small again against those monsters Buffalo had. Was he out of position trying to cover for our new center or just getting over powered?The O Line is not looking so good yet, Eric Winston talked about the O line gellin in the pre season, let’s hope it’s soon.
    4. The D has been out of positon a lot, I dont get it, our LBs are the same as last year. Everyone worried about Stanford Routt, but he’s not our problem on D. Poor Tackling, Flowers’ replacements, Berry in a LB spot (why move a pro bowl SS out of position? I don’t get that:), Crennel needs to understand how many points his D is giving up and get in their faces, find out what’s in their heads, it’s not football.
    5. Pioli sometimes starts talking with that smile of his, and I reach to see if my wallet is still there, and all the money is intact. Come On Man, let’s stop giving those kinds of answers, I’m not fresh off the turnip truck. Be more honest please. “We have 14 games to go still, all is not lost yet. But who’s kidding who? We HAVE to stop giving up points, teams are running on us at will, and they’re running over us even more.

  • ArrowFan

    Our O line is under acheaving and the Nickle D is getting burned on the ground, finaly the special teams players are not wrapping up.

  • Twinkie6816

    We just don’t have the team we all thought we had! We don’t have a worthy 2nd string. Heck our first team lines aren’t that great. But without an actual defensive coordinator or head coach, the players will under achieve. It didn’t work when Haley was here at it won’t work now. This league demands a HC an OC and DC plus the other positional coaches.

    • Michael Shaw

      Really? Sean Payton did pretty well calling ALL of the offensive plays for New Orleans before the bounty BS popped up. Norv has gotten some out of calling all of the offensive plays in San Diego, no championship, but they screwed that up by firing Marty and letting Drew Brees go. I am sure there are other coaches but these two prove my point, IT CAN WORK. In coaching all you can do is SHOW and TEACH your players the right way to do things. It is up to the PLAYERS to then go out and execute plays the RIGHT way that they have been TAUGHT!!! I think we are seeing our ACL crew being a little gun shy (except for JC of course) and maybe not completely healed mentally and we are seeing the effects of again a new OC, HC and ST coaches. I don’t like the way they have played but I am not ready to give up………………..yet!! LOL!

  • jimfromkc

    I think it would be interesting to see what your definitions are. It seems to me that you all are not talking about the same things a lot of the time. I will give my definition of a #1 receiver and see if we are on the same page. My definition of a #1 receiver is someone who can run good routes and have the speed to go deep when it is required. I question whether Bowe or any of our receivers are legitimate #1 receivers. Bowe doesn’t have the speed to go deep unless there is missed coverage or his man falls down. He is a #2 receiver in my book who is more a possession type of receiver who can use his body in tight corners to make 1st downs. I guess what it amounts to on the Chiefs is that Cassel doesn’t have the arm to utilize a #1 receiver, so Pioli has surrounded him with #2 possession type receivers. Now that is just my definition and what I think is being done by Pioli. What do you all think?