Sep 16, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller (28) runs as Kansas City Chiefs free safety Abram Elam (27) pursues during the second quarter at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Another Chiefs' Catastrophe

The sky is falling.

Your fears are legitimate. Your anger is acceptable. Your hopelessness is understandable.

Your Kansas City Chiefs are 0-2 and have a Week 3 Superdome showdown with the New Orleans Saints this Sunday. Kansas City has dropped two games by an average of 17 points. Don’t be deceived by that statistic though. The Chiefs trailed the Falcons by as much as 23 in the opener. The Bills had a 32-point lead at one point on Sunday. Junk touchdowns late in both games made the final boxscores look less mortifying.

It’s time for a “come-to-Jesus” meeting at One Arrowhead Drive. Kansas City has been routed two times, in as many seasons, by Chan Gailey’s Buffalo Bills. I think it’s clear how he feels about the organization that demoted and eventually fired him three years ago. He’s made it a point to humiliate this football team. Sunday was a “get well” game for the Bills. They began their 2012 season by surrendering 48 points in a loss to the New York Jets. What better way to get back on track than to get the team that surrendered 40, to Atlanta, in your house?

This team has no such game to look forward to. They’re headed for another difficult road game in New Orleans. The Saints are also winless, but they were competitive in both games. Kansas City hasn’t been competitive for roughly six quarters. This football team is in shambles.

The scariest part about all of this is that head coach Romeo Crennel seems to be short on answers. You get the feeling that he might be in over his head. In the post-game presser Crennel said, “I thought we prepared well during the week.” The Chiefs looked anything but prepared on Sunday. It took Kansas City nearly three quarters to get on the board with a Ryan Succop 33-yard field goal. Buffalo outclassed this football team in every phase of the game.

Kansas City lost its first three games to start the 2011 season. The naive will lay that at the feet of three season-ending injuries to key players. This team is mostly healthy. That excuse just won’t wash in 2012. The Chiefs are deeper and more talented this season. Scott Pioli’s scruffy scapegoat is gone. There’s no one left to take the blame for this futility. Every faltering piece of this operation was hand-picked by Pioli. Who takes the rap this time? Pioli won’t survive another in-season firing of a head coach. Captain “Yakety Sax” Cassel won’t fall on the sword either. Scott Pioli has shown us no indication that he’s ready to move on from his $63,000,000 mistake. The answer, is simply, to start winning football games.

Winning is a cure-all. If the Chiefs go into New Orleans and beat the Saints on Sunday, they’ll have reason to believe the season isn’t lost. Crennel won’t call this a must-win game. Make no mistake, it’s a must-win game. Another drubbing and Kansas City may fold its tent and begin a “Blow It for Barkley” campaign. Romeo Crennel has to get this team prepared to play their best football this year in the next five days. The most liberal Chiefs fans probably had Week 3 as a loss for Kansas City before the season began. That’s why a victory will give this team the confidence it needs to right the ship.

I pray the football gods smile upon the Chiefs and give me a reason to use alliteration (in a positive way) this time next week. I’ve got the C-section bookmarked in my trusted Merriam-Webster just in case.

Until then, Addicts!

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  • Spencer

    you make it sound like the kc game and flacon game wasn’t even a game, until the end of the 3rd it could have gone either way still…and we did look prepared for the 1st half-terrible coaching at half time though, exspeically after the missed fg..

    Bills Chiefs game once again was really down to the 3rd, the game was killed in the 2nd with the fumble at the 1 yrd line, but if it wern’t for the punt return for a touchdown we might still have had a chance-that was the killing blow again..

    Garbage points yes, we’ve had plenty these last two week but we have one thing to look up too, last year was the same damn thing…, maybe the defense just doesn’t fully understand what crennel wants them to do, untill mid-season last year they just looked lost, same with DAboll and the dolphins last year, untill mid season the offense was TERRIBLE, then they suddenly just GOT it, they understood how to play his system, maybe our coaches our out coaching our own team, idk…but there is still hope, there is a reason for hope, and well we lost to one super-bowl likly team in the falcons and one average team in their home opener where we just seemed unhappy……….

    week 3…well all i can say it that at least the saints are having the same problems we are having…….the saints lost all motivation when they won the bounty cases, before they could say yea!! lets go show these b***** how to play and re-deem our lost players, well they lost that motivation, they lost their coach they just don’t know what to do, oh and they also lost the coach that replaced the 1st coach, they should never had made Vitt the head coach knowing he would be gone for 8 weeks

    • KCMikeG

      Thanks for keeping it real. Really don’t get why some just have to pile on and make it worst – forecast nothing but doom and gloom. It would good to notice that not only were we in the Atl game (17 of our 24 points we scored in the 1st half) but that our offense keeps on scoring. Call it garbage if you want but last year we scored 7 & 3 points vs 24 & 17 this year. We lost by 34 and 45 points. The difference has been the offense lead by Matt Cassel. Yes I’m looking for the silver lining in our storm cloud but ignoring it would be just be pathetic.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Football games in the NFL are 60 minutes. It’s wonderful that the Chiefs hung in with Atlanta for a half, but ultimately that won’t cut it in this league. You have to close. And you can’t fold up like a cheap lawn chair at the first sign of adversity. This team has done that twice now.

        I don’t know how you can characterize last Sunday’s game as one where we were competitive. We didn’t score until deep into the 3rd Quarter.

        • KCMikeG

          Never said we were completive vs the bills – just ATL. My other point being as bad as it is it isn’t as bad as the 1st two last year.

  • Patrick Allen

    Great read. Commenting from the new FanSided IOS App!

  • SDS

    ehh, im just happy that arrowheadaddict isnt as bad as, the fan boards there have been going crazy, everyone is calling for people’s heads and giving up its like holy crap, it was just two games…the trolls are in FULL FORCE there, its like you can’t even actually try and show reasons for optimisim or try to explain to them what Cassel has done good and show them every stat possible and even gametape to prove it, they just shut you down, frickin can’t wait or the chiefs to win a few to shut up all the trolls on that site-good read also……

    • Patrick Allen

      Moral is low but I don’t get the calling for people’s heads after two miserable performances. Firing Pioli or Crennel now would do absolutely no good whatsoever.

      • jimfromkc

        It all depends what they do after the firings. Call Al Saunders and make him the head coach and hire Marty as the GM might be a good recipe. Also it might be good to make Norv Turner the OC if the Chargers decide to fire him. Any way to get away from the Patriot way would please me no end.

        • Danny W

          Interesting post jim. I’ve been wanting Norv Turner as the O coordinator of this team for along time now but if Al Saunders is the head coach wouldn’t he want the gig? Let’s hope that if he (Norv) gets fired he comes to KC. I also think that it would be intriguing to have Marty as the GM. Do you think he has changed from his conservative ways?
          Al Saunders is an offensive guy who would you have as the D coordinator?

          • jimfromkc

            Al wanted and should have had the head coaching job when Herm was hired instead. The reason I like him and Norve is that they come from the same tree and would probably work well together. The reason I like Marty is that he is one heckuva of a judge of talent and I don’t think you would see an off line that marty would build get pushed around by anybody. Wouldn’t it be great to see an offence like we had under Vermiel again? Entertaining as hell and with Marty you would have the defence to go with it.

          • KCMikeG

            I felt the same way initially when we Saunders was a possibility but I researched his record w/o Vermeil and it is average to weak. That’s why he could land the gig anywhere else.

          • jimfromkc

            Al’s offense is an offense that is pretty simple, but it takes smart as well as athletic guys to really make it work. It goes back to Air Coryell and is a pass happy style. So actually the West Coast offence is a branch of it. So why not, We would have to get a QB who can run it, but we are going to have to bite the bullit and replace Cassel anyway. If you remember I was wanting the Chiefs to get Weeden in the first rd. You see what he did in his second game? In his two games he was within 1 point of the Eagles and less than a td against the Bengals. Two very good teams. They go against the Bills this coming week and we will get a better idea of what he can do, and he doesn’t have the weapons that he would have had in KC>

          • KCMikeG

            Al Saunders has a very complicated 700 page play book so not sure what you think is pretty simple?? Weeden may become a serviceable QB but he had one good game vs a crappy D in the bungles who gave up 44 points in week #1. In week #1 Weeden looked AWFUL 118 yards NO TD’s & FOUR INT’s and the only reason they were within a point was because the Eagles turn it over FIVE times. Let go of the weeded wagon for now – maybe someday – maybe not.

          • BigGil

            How much of the D was Marty and how much of it was Cowher? After leaving KC, Cowher took his 3-4 to Pittsburgh and they’ve been a top defense ever since. Granted, how much of that gets credited to Lebeau fine-tuning Cowher’s defensive approach is probably debatable…

        • dongtogolo

          None of this nonsense would help the team this year. Conversely, it would destroy it.

          • KCMikeG

            If those guys were so great then why did we let them go? Why didn’t any other of the 31 teams want either one of them?

    • tm1946

      Got to say I hope you are right. The Chiefs turn it around and few some games. It is bad for even trolls when the team walks out the tunnel and looks like something less than competant. LOL, a troll.

  • Shannon Thompson

    My friends ask me for my thoughts on the Chiefs, and I like Crennel am speechless. I am re-evaluating my stance, I thought about trying to distance myself from this supposedly fun get-a-way from life called Chiefs,however it has not been fun and I can not bring myself to disconnect, dont even know how to disconnect from something I am so passionate about. So all my homerisms asside, I am putting myself in the “show-me’ catigory, 2010 gave me hope, 2011 was a complete let-down, and 2012 looks about the same as 2011 despite having a improved roster on paper. Signings mean nothing, big name players mean nothing, a defensive mastermind headcoach means nothing! Nothing on this team means squat if they can’t either produce enough points to keep up with opposing offenses or stop opposing offenses from running up the score. So week after week, as hard as it is for me to not look at our Chiefs with optimism, I am now looking at them as bottom dwellers, I am tired of thinking they are better and expecting something to atleast make my game experience enjoyable when they keep letting me down. A fan I will always be, but not a happy one, not even one that thinks my Chiefs can win until they show me consistancy, until they show me that these signings, this off season, these draft picks, this organization is not the new Slow Starting Chargers coming close to their true potential but never quite reaching it, or god forbid the new never coming close to living up to their true potential Raiders! Right now we look no differant from those other two organizations, and will continue to hold that look unless they can GET IT TOGETHER on a consistant basis!

    • Danny W

      I’ve been were your at since Dick Vermiel left town.

  • jimfromkc

    The biggest problem I see in Chief’s fans is the inability to face reality. They only look at what the chiefs do to improve and fail to recognize that the other teams are improving too. I tried to bring them down to earth with what the Broncos were doing and they have such hate for Elway and the Broncos that they don’t want to face up to the fact that the Broncos have some really great players and Elway has got one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL. He is also working for an owner who wants to win. I have said all along that the Broncos are the favorites to win the division, hell they kicked me off of Pride because they are so into the kool aid that they don’t want to listen to any thing that goes against their perception that the Chief’s are super bowl bound. Well while Atlanta pounded us in Arrowhead the Broncos went down to Georgia and almost beat the Falcons in their own house. Peyton got picked three times and still came to one TD away from beating them. I have given this season a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion that we have too many captains and not enough enlisted men to win.

    • ArrowFan

      I hate to agree but I do

    • Danny W

      Did one of the Thorman brothers actually remove you from the site Jim? Could you explain this further? Thanks.

      • jimfromkc

        Yeah, and they never bothered to give me a reason. I was giving Seth, or Mnchiefsfan a little grief over what we had disagreed with on ESPN before he found friendlier climes at Prime. They protect their own. If you give one of them some grief, they all like to pile on. But it’s hard to talk sense to those who won’t think for themselves.

    • Jacob Blanchard

      I agree. Too much emphasis has been placed on individual players. Everyone just assumses that since we picked up this guy or that guy it’s automatically going to translate to wins. Of course every team needs to have players capable of doing their jobs, and the Chiefs have a lot of talented guys that are able. The problem is team chemistry. It doesn’t matter how many indiviual all-stars you have on the field if your team isn’t playing as one group. The Patriots are a perfect example of this. They always seem to aquire players who aren’t exactly considered elite, yet since they rightly emphasize teamwork, everyone doing their job and nothng more, they’re able to be successful even when plagued with injuries. Until Crennel can get these guys playing as a team, the blowout losses will continue.

      • NWBill

        You’re right, Jacob. In today’s NFL, the teams that are elite and on-the-rise are teams that have two things; a plan/system, and the ability to go out and get the coaches and players who will buy into – and execute – that plan, and that system. The Patriots, Steelers, Giants, and Packers, to mention a few teams, have been doing this for years. Thankfully, I think the Bills have started building something similar for the past three years or so, and are now starting to see the benefits. What I saw from the Chiefs this past Sunday was a team that doesn’t really have an overall plan – and, while you definitely have some talented players, I’m not too sure they’re all on the same page. Don’t get me wrong; Buffalo’s not quite there, yet, either … but we seem to be further along in our development than you guys are – no disrespect intended.

        And Romeo? Well, here’s what I think about him: an excellent coach .. at the COORDINATOR level – but, I’m not sure he has what it takes to be a successful head coach. You guys had someone who fit that role – Chan Gailey, and you let him go (thanks again for that!). I think KC is basically where Buffalo was after Dick Jauron left town: a team that needs to rebuild in a new direction with a long term plan. The best thing Mr. Wilson did in the past decade was hire Buddy Nix to be the GM here – and then Buddy went out and got Chan when KC let him go. Together, they formulated a plan to get the Bills back on the right track … and I think that, with a little patience (and good drafting), it’s succeeding.

        You guys need to study what’s been happening in Buffalo over the past three years … and then maybe do something similar; starting with your GM. Just a thought.

    • KCMikeG

      Almost beat the Falcons – WTF? Did you actually watch the game? Peyton looked like crap throwing 3 picks in the 1st quarter creating a hole they couldn’t dig their way out of. Peyton failed to lead a comeback and the 4th quarter TD was garbage time. ATL dominated the donkeys and the only reason it wash’t a total blow out was because their defense slowed down Ryan. The score is not representative of the way the game was played. Funny how a Chiefs fan will run his own team down yet sugar coat the turd Peton laid last night. Lame.

      • jimfromkc

        Mike, that was a hard fought game from beginning to end and yes Peyton did put them behind the eight ball by throwing those 3 picks. But never the less he came within 6 points of matching them. If you are so full of kool aid to realize that a six point win in their own house translates to a lot better team they were playing when they pounded the chiefs in Arrowhead against the 12th man the chiefs are always talking about. You are talking like a foolish child that doesn’t want to face up to reality. I suppose in that tortured mind of yours, you still have the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. I said long before the pre season that looking at the Chief’s schedule they might be 0 and 6 at the break.

        • KCMikeG

          Hard fought from beginning to end? What planet are you on? They were down 20-0 & 27-7 until two garbage time TD’s (5:02 and 2:48 in the 4TH Quarter). Funny how a “fan” like you will ignore garbage time TD’s by our rival donkeys yet discount everything our own offense has accomplished. We played ATL blow for blow until Succop missed the FG that would have tied the score in the 3rd quarter. Get a grip on reality.
          No my “tortured mind” doesn’t have our Chiefs in the Super Bowl but I’m not a fair weather fan who turns on my team when things get tough. Instead of your immature criticism of my “talking like a foolish child” why don’t you address the reality of the facts I state to support that all is not lost after two weeks. Nice that you were predicting total failure to the bye week before the season even started – what a “loyal fan” you are.

    • Ryan Mais

      Until they learn to play as a team, they are fucked. It’s sad because there are some good players on both sides of the ball and it’s a total waste.

  • ArrowFan

    It is so hard to take a crap right now and not think of my beloved Chiefs.

  • sidibe

    Why oh why is it so hard to be a Chiefs fan…

  • NWBill

    Dear Kansas City:
    Thanks for abusing and then letting Chan Gailey go; he’s the man with a plan here in Buffalo, and along with Buddy Nix, has made up one of the most effective coach/GM tandems in the NFL over the past 3 years. Plus, we just love their names – Chan and Buddy! We’re an up-and-coming, talented team who is on the cusp of returning to the playoffs, and hopefully making some noise when we get there!

    The Chiefs, on the other hand …..

  • Danny W

    NIce Post Stacey.
    Yakety Sax Cassel is just pure gold brother. Whats your call do we take the Saints, Lose competitively or get blown up?

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I think at some point these prideful, talented defensive players are going to stand up and punch someone in the mouth. Can’t say it’ll be this week. This team gave up quickly last week. They need some confidence first to beat a team like New Orleans. They’ll need a superb defensive effort and a well-oiled offensive attack to even stay in this. I don’t think this is their week. I’m gonna guess it’ll be a bit like Game 1. They’ll hang tough for a while…then the Saints will streak off with a win by a couple of touchdowns.

  • Chiefswatch

    I would put our chances at beating an 0-2 Saints team lead by Drew Brees in New Orleans at about 2%. The only way our chances increase are if Brees is taken out of the game in the first two minutes of play. The teams that beat NO do not have the two things that make us prone to an absolute beat down: a terrible QB and an absolute shit secondary. Brees will simply demolish us. I have no hope at all. We will go 0-3 and then 0-4 then 0-5. When we finally face the Raiders we might have c chance to win.

  • Jeff

    Well done Tracy! I do disagree with you on one thing, the blowing it for Barkley. I hope they dont do that. If we are that bad that we still get him in the draft anyway, then so be it.
    Also from the new App. Ive read for quite some time on the other app but couldnt coment. I finally have a voice lol. Keep up the good work folks.