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Jamaal Charles Had Sore Knee vs. Bills

Fans that may have been worried about Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles’ health status following the team’s loss yesterday to the Buffalo Bills can breathe a sigh of relief.

According to Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel, via Adam Teicher, Charles was simply suffering from a sore knee.

Charles had only six carries vs. the Bills, leading some to believe that he may have suffered a serious injury. Now it appears as though the team was just being cautious with Charles, who is coming off ACL surgery.

Crennel said Charles would play this weekend against the New Orleans Saints.

In other team news, Crennel also announced that he will continue to call defensive plays in addition to his head coaching duties. KC’s poor performance on defense thus far have led some to speculate that Crennel is taking on too much. Still, the Chiefs were prone to mental lapses and blowouts when Crennel was just defensive coordinator so there is a chance the problem is a lack of focus on the part of the players, not a lack of attention from Crennel.

Regardless, it looks like the Chiefs will go down to the bayou with the same arrangement they’ve had all season.

Let’s just hope they come home with different results.


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  • chiefridgy



    Isn’t that DMC in the pic?

    • Jim Harper

      Good eye! I agree

      • Patrick Allen

        Yeah good eye indeed. US Presswire mislabeled it.

  • tm1946

    Running back careers are short lived. Hope Charles can work thru this and not the end of what was a career of great potential.

    • Jim Harper

      Well I can see you are back to being just another smart ass with no real input, other than to make fun of someone else.

      • KCMikeG

        Debbie Downer for sure.

        • tm1946

          My comment about RBs in the NFL caused a comment. If I played on a defense that gave up 75 points in two game or could not find a WR until the game was out of hand, I would welcome your dis-satisfaction. Come on guys, remember P. Holmes, it is hard for ALL RBs to come back and have a LONG, PRODUCTIVE career after an injury. How about a dash of reality besides being a homer?

    • Patrick Allen

      This is actually a positive comment. TM is negative 995 of the time fore sure but he is right. I worry about Charles all the time. Hope he can hold up.

  • vbchief

    What happened to thatvteam that walked all over az. In pre season? That arizona team just beat new england!!!! WTH is going on??!!!

    • tm1946

      In case you have not heard, during the preseason you guys said it did not matter, it was preseason. Now it matters?

  • woodyb45

    All I know is the O line got it handed to them yesterday

    • KCMikeG

      Right – WTH Asamoah gone blown into the backfield all day even getting pancaked on one and WTF the wily vet Lilja sliding to his right at least 3 times to “help” Hudson , who didn’t need any, leaving his man to run free. One time was the play were poor Eachus was left to take on a rampaging 300# DT with a head of steam. He was like a speed bump as Cassel was sacked. What is going on?

  • BigGil

    We will see what happens. Hopefully somebody, be it coach or player, will show that they’re fed up with the bullshit and light a fire under everyone’s ass, even if they have to be loud and a dick about it.

    • KCMikeG

      Amen that!!

  • Jim Harper

    In my opinion nobody respects Cassel, so they are shutting down the run game first and making Cassel try to beat them with his arm. Now we have to go into New Orleans with no momentum, and they are hungry for a victory too.

    • ArrowFan

      That is why we should be airing it out on first down before we are down by 32.