Chiefs Twitter Account Tells Fan To ‘Get a clue’

After getting smashed 40-24 by the Atlanta Falcons at Arrowhead Stadium to open the 2012 NFL season, the last thing the Kansas City Chiefs needed was more bad PR.

But that’s exactly what they got.

The whole fiasco started when a disgruntled fan, Travis Wright, used Twitter to express his displeasure with the team’s recent lack of salary cap spending.


The Chiefs Twitter account then replied to Wright, via a direct message.

Then the Chiefs blocked him on Twitter.


Unfortunately for the person who runs the KC Twitter account, Wright was the wrong guy to trifle with. He went to Reddit and posted the the tweets.

The story blew up, and blew up quickly. As of this posting, the Reddit post has more than 1200 up-votes and 500+ comments.

Predictably, the Chiefs Twitter account apologized.

I found out about this last evening while I was out watching a play. It wasn’t until later when I got home that I saw Wright’s tweet to the Chiefs.

A big deal will be made about this story and rightfully so. But let’s clear a few things up.

1. The “Chiefs” are represented by this Twitter account, but let’s be real here: This was one employee who royally screwed up. This does not indicate that the Chiefs hate their fans. Not every company can control all their employees at every second. Sometimes, a candy wrapper just gets dropped in the stairwell.

2. Wright’s tweet was childish. He has a right to express himself but sending a profanity-laced tirade tweet to the Chiefs accomplishes nothing. It may have made Wright feel better about the loss but that is about it.

We do our fair share of criticizing of the Chiefs around here. They deserve it.

But when you send a tweet to the Chiefs twitter account telling Clark Hunt to “FO” you aren’t reaching Hunt, just the person who runs the Twitter account for the Chiefs.

I would guess this story will get even bigger today, and the Chiefs may have to answer for it publicly, beyond just a tweet.

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  • steve james

    Some one new to the job with josh gone? Got emotional. If they blow it up (and they will) it will do nothing but waste time and energy.

    • ArrowFan

      I wonder if it was Brad?

  • Arrowhead Adventurer

    good evaluation Patrick

  • chiefridgy

    They could spend a little of that money tho…..
    GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Mark Bellware

    I noticed we got no direct answers as to when we will buy or trade up for a DB who is a rock. We need depth, we are getting knocked senseless… oh, Good job Matt C!

  • Joseph DiLallo

    I think the Chiefs should have forked out to keep Brandon Carr.

  • mugglemage

    I have no problem with what the Chiefs said. I would have told Travis Wright to F.O. Not sure what the big deal here is. If this offends you then maybe football isn’t your sport Francis.

  • KCinTX

    Both had good reason to say what they said. Neither said it in a way that was acceptable.
    I think we all understand his frustration. Everyone below Clark has been replaced and we still have the same problems we endured under Herm and Peterson. Our team has no hart. We have had the same D coordinator for 3 years and we still get blown out. Why? Could is be because Clark is happy with a good team foundation and the fans expect a good team. Having 28 mil and no quality back up players is unacceptable. Letting a high quality DB walk is upsetting especially with that amount of remaining cap space. Loosing you #1 DB after having let a top DB walk is bad karma. Having Carr may not have kept us from loosing the 1st game of the season but loosing in a blowout could most definitely have been avoided.

    • Chief Hokie

      I thought the chief’s rep said he what said in just about the most professional way possible.

  • Danny W

    I would say who ever handles twitter for KC will be unemployed over this. All he did was tell the guy to get a clue but when you represent a multibillion dollar franchise everything must wreak of PC.

    • tm1946

      Doubt it, football owners and their cronies are pretty full of themselves and why not. do not need fans, butts in seats, just money rolling in from tv. We need to get over ourselves, fans are becoming passe.

      • Danny W

        I need to get over myself? How?
        The dude disagreed and then said get a clue. Like I give shit? It’s a tough economy out there tm. It’s probably some kid who is a blind crazed Chiefs homer just like I was until I hit 15 or so, who got a little too defensive and whether you say so or not he might get fired. It wasn’t Clark or Scott who wrote that brother. I know our owner doesn’t really care but I wouldn’t say that about every owner. Thats an over generalization TM.
        I don’t want anyone especially a fellow Chiefs fan losing his job over saying something like get a clue. I side with the A hole saying Clarks cheap. We need a cornerback like yesterday but it’s week two and we play an equal opponent next week and we will be a little more healthy. It’s better to save some judgement for a game like that one. Its better to save judgement to see if Bowe and Albert get a deal done mid season. You know I think the brass is too frugal but I look silly if they sign these two players to multi year deals. I’m just as tired of it as anyone man and have been airing it out on this website just as long as any commenter really. If you don’t know where I stand by now you’ve been gone for too long. I mean you take a three month or better break while I fight with the crazies (Cassel apologist) the whole time with no one to back me on here then you come around and call me passe! Check who your talking to TM.

        • Chief Hokie

          Lol tm can be a bit of a pessimist. Danny, you’ve been fighting them off well, sorry the rest of us gave up a long time ago…

          • Danny W

            Ya TM has been around for a long time too. We used to team up on crazed homers together before he went MIA. This site has preached patience with Cassel know for two months, and two posters have been going crazy for Cassel mainly, and they know who they are. It’s like talking to a fence post with them.

  • Todd

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that the Chiefs have the lowest payroll in the NFL? There is no way they can win this way. It is the ownerships fault and not the players or the coaches.

    • SN

      Lowest payroll and youngest team — any connection?

  • SN

    I may be in the minority but I say “bravo” for the Chiefs employee. I am tired of so called “fans” or “experts” who think they can say anything stupid and abusive they want to without being called for it. Half the posts I read, I want to say “get a clue” — I am glad someone finally said it. I am a fan too and I say “thank you very much.” Keep up the good work.

    • sidibeke

      I’m kind of with you on this. Not necessarily bravo…foolish move while wearing his professional hat, but an appropriate response on a personal level nonetheless.

    • Chief Hokie

      I agree, sometimes it’s nice to see trolls held accountable for what they say. And honestly whoever tweeted him back is right, it is his choice to be a fan. The most retarded thing is that the “fan” went out of his way to message the chiefs org just to tell THEM to F off – seems a bit counterproductive.

  • Calchiefsfan

    The poor kid will probably get fired over this. Professionally speaking he should have never responded to the foul mouthed jerk. Even though I essentially agree with the foul mouthed jerk that the Chiefs organization is too cheap. Short sighted really if it’s costing us the division championship and eventually a Super Bowl bid. I wonder how much more the Chiefs would profit with more playoff games and more Chiefs gear sold by winning?

    On letting Carr walk, Pioli didn’t. Carr stated it was his childhood dream to play for the Cowboys. Add $50 million to that and Pioli didn’t have a chance. That being said there were quite a few adequate CBs that could have given us more depth.

    I understand Pioli and Hunt wanting to manage their money properly so it’s there to resign our stars etc but it is abundantly clear at this point that they are too frugal. The proof was evident last Sunday.

    • Danny W

      I hear a lot on the debate on Carr and him being set on playing for Dallas. But I bet 1 more million dollars would do more convincing than a childhood dream. I’m not saying this cause I think your necessarily think your wrong just saying money talks and bs walks.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Ha! I know an extra million would’ve worked for me.

  • Big Chief Homer

    Not the first time this has happened. They did something similar to a seaseon ticket holder that told them he wasnt renewing. Basically told him it was his loss not to be a fan.
    And could everyone stop with the “Real Fan” Bullshit already. People love this team and are entitled to bitch about not seeing a championship since before most of us were born.20 years between playoff wins and 30 years since drafting a 1st round QB.
    Just because you think Cassel,Hunt and Pioli all shit rainbows and ice cream doesnt make you more of a fan then anybody makes you a blind lemming homer.
    Hunt lines his pockets with our hard earned money.Tell us hes wants Peyton Manning and gives us Brady Quinn. ( I know Manning didnt want to come here, thats not the point.competetion at the position is the point).
    Pioli tells there is going to be competetion at every position,but the doesnt apply to Cassel. WHY? Signs guys like Jaques reeves (who hadnt started a game in 2 years) and Lets Carr walk. Stands pat and doesnt upgrade the CB position after knowing all summer your starting corner is hurt.(not buying they didnt know he wouldnt be ready for the opener)
    Someone please explain Jake O’connel to me?Why is this guy still on the team?Anyone ?…… Anyone?……. Buehler?…… Buehler?
    I love this team, but I hate the direction it has gone the last few years. I also came to a conclusion a few years ago.
    I root for the uniform not who or whats in it. I dont care about Matt Cassel feelings (especially after he gave Arrowhead the ol FU and got caught on the Jumbotron.But hey he throws 2 int and grades out perfectly).If he plays well he’ll get an atta boy, but when he does what Matt does best (crapping himself) He’s gonna hear about it.But I digress.
    I dont Care about Pioli or where he was before or who his father in law is.
    I dont care what Clark learned or didnt from Lamar, or how much he loves soccer.. I care about winning. and we aint seen a whole hell of alot around here.
    I I just dont understand all the blind homerism with most “Real Fans”.You gotta root for him hes our QB” , “you gotta love him he our Gm” The F*** I do. Bring me a playoff win and I’ll show you the love.
    Until then, Piolis just a Patriots Cast off showing us who the real mastermind was in New England and playing with Carls draftpicks and Cassel’s Elvis Grbac v2.0 without the arm and 60 million richer.
    At least Grbac could hit his own head with a hat and celebrate without major fail.
    And before anyone tells me to root for another team. Get the Arrowhead logo tatooed on your body, then come talk 2 me.
    GO CHIEFS and Bravo Mr. Wright
    Big Chief Homer

    • Danny W

      Dude it’s either people who think like you do or it’s like the others your talking about. Very few are in the middle. It’s a very real possibility that I will route for the Chiefs my entire life and never see a playoff win again. I was pretty young when Montana did it for us. I have no idea why the Chiefs are so polarizing,, if you call a duck a duck your not being a good fan. It’s stupid.

      • JOHN

        I have been a fan since Len Dawson was qb. I have routed for them many years and have only been able to go to two games. I live in Florida.

    • Chief Hokie

      Amen. I think we should take a poll on whether the readers of this site agree/disagree with your post. I’ve been reading AA for years and I have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of homer/blind faith followers, not just in the readers but in some of the writers as well.

  • Big Chief Homer

    That was a nice long rant. Now I feel better. LOL

  • Billie Cabral

    Sounds like a donkey fan to me. Anyone else. I’ve been with the Chiefs thru thick and thin. I’m pretty sure we let Carr go for more than one reason. First look at all the money the spent on D in the last couple of years. Flowers, D.J, Hali. How about Albert and Dorsey being free agents next year. I’m sure when making the desicion they didn’t think our #1 corner and #3 corner were going to be hurt! Didn’t we let Carr walk due to us trying to get Manning??? Oh and hard to pay out for two #1 corners. You’re not in the front office so don’t act like it! I love how people bail out on our team after the first game. Bunch of pansy ass losers! Go jump on a bandwagon.

  • tm1946

    The Chiefs are trying to do it a different way. In a passing league, they have chosen to go against the norm. It is what it is, we need to get over ourselves. Enjoy what you can and let the rest go. Cannot control it anyway.
    Although all the cowtowing is a little sickening from “fans”.

    • big chief homer

      nicely put.