Chiefs Will Make A Cut Today

The Kansas City Chiefs will welcome back Tamba Hali to their active roster today; however, that good news brings with it some bad.

Hali coming back means somebody else has to go.

While Hali was on suspension last week, he did not count against the 53-man roster. Now that Hali is returning, the Chiefs must clear room for him. The impending roster moved could have something of a trickle-down effect. The player that is cut, depending on his eligibility, could be a candidate to move to the practice squad. In that case, one of the practice squad guys could be on their way out as well.

Here are some candidates that could get the axe later today:

1. TE Jake O’Connell

O’Connell is definitely at the bottom of the roster. The Chiefs are currently carrying four tight ends and Jake is #4, behind Steve Maneri. O’Connell may survive if the Chiefs are fond of his blocking ability, but four tight ends is a lot.

2. RB/FB Nate Echus

Nasty Nate played a total of seven snaps Sunday and it appears as the Chiefs will use him at FB on the rare occasion that they need one. I don’t think Nate gets cut but with so many RBs on the roster, he has to be mentioned here.

3. DB Tysyn Hartman

KC fans are high on Hartman but he didn’t sniff the field on Sunday. He seems more likely to get cut than even O’Connell, given his lack of experience. Plus Hartman is an easy practice squad pick. His only saving grace might be that the Chiefs are still hurting at DB.

4. CB Jacques Reeves

Reeves didn’t play well at all Sunday so there is a small chance the Chiefs decide to cut and run. Then again, Sabby Piscitelli made it the entire season last year so Reeves has hope. Cutting him would also leave the Chiefs thin at CB.

Besides, Reeves had no business starting at CB vs. the Falcons. He may be much more effective in a Nickel or Dime CB role.

My money is on Hartman to get cut. If not him, O’Connell.

What do you think, Addicts? Will there be any surprises today?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    O’Connell with a bullet.

    • thabear04

      Yup Jake has to be gone not use to have 4 TE but running back too no used to have 5

  • Tarkus

    The thing about O’Connell, he was active against the Falcons, while Maneri was not.

    Not mentioned is Cyrus Gray, who hasn’t played or even practiced since the first preseason game. There is a strong possibility that he gets the new IR designated for recall. That will also take care of the glut at the RB position.

  • Dfrey87

    We need to make a trade for a really good corner like a solid additional #2 cb someone that can step in now for flowers someone that cam play either side and who play on the inside or the outside. Someone that even flowers comes back can still contribute in sub packages. Im saying we need to trade for one because i really dont see a cb out there in FA thats any better than whar we have now. We need some one that we can rely on until 3rd round pick brown can develop that is if he does develop. What do u guys think.

    • Tarkus

      Who are you wanting to trade?

  • Tarkus

    Cameron Sheffield has been cut to make room for Hali.