You Know What Feels Good After A Kick In The Mouth? Revenge.

Yep, the second half of the game yesterday was pretty painful.

Paddy has already laid out a lot of the good that came out of the game and I don’t want to repeat the same points, but I have to say that, overall, I was also encouraged.

Last week, I wrote that this game would answer the burning question for the Chiefs – whether or not they could score and keep up with high-flying offenses. In the comments, I said, “if they put 28 points on the board and we still lose this game I’ll be satisfied, because at least they will have shown that they are able to get into the end zone. They’ll be getting their defensive stars back soon, and if that’s the only reason they lose this game then it’s nothing to worry about going forward.”

Although we fell slightly short of that, I stand by it and am basically satisfied.

At halftime, the Chiefs were hanging tough with the Falcons, answering them score-for-score at 17-20. Then, the Chiefs were hit with a stream of extremely bad luck. The Chiefs’ second half possessions ended: missed field goal, fumble, interception, interception, punt, touchdown, end of game. Considering neither team punted in the first half, it was clear that there was zero room for error in this game and we couldn’t afford to not score on a single drive. Therefore, when things went awry, it was obvious that the game was going to get out of hand quickly.


Turnovers on three consecutive possessions (especially on your own 20) is enough to kill pretty much any team in any game. If you consider the fact that a missed field goal is essentially a turnover as well, the Chiefs had four in a row. Not all were Cassel’s fault as some have suggested and generally he played a good game.

Simply put, this game was a one-off. LB Justin Houston showed some good moves and got a sack and two QB hits, but we still cannot create consistent pressure without Hali. Having reserves Jacques Reeves and Abram Elam in for CB Brandon Flowers and S Kendrick Lewis is more than a step down, it’s a lifestyle change – our strength was suddenly a weakness. We went from being a Wall Street exec to being a bum, eating a hairy fish on the bus in a Santa suit. There are quite a few teams the Chiefs can beat while eating fish in a Santa suit (cough – Arizona!), but those teams don’t have Roddy White and Julio Jones. We had no answer for those two.

Sometimes the game is just stacked against you and you’re going to end up getting kicked in the mouth. That’s what happened here. For me, the low point was Gonzo dunking on us in the end zone as the Falcons went up by 17. Tony G was my childhood idol – I even played tight end and wore his number at Topeka High – and I for some reason thought he wouldn’t do it. Basically he gave into his quarterback’s urging, which he probably couldn’t refuse, but like the thousands of Chiefs fans booing at Arrowhead, I felt betrayed.


But don’t get down on yourselves, Chiefs fans! As Grandpa Romeo assured us on Twitter, “No one panic…. The Steelers, Saints, Packers, Giants are all 0-1 #StepAwayFromTheLedge.” The vaunted Steelers defense allowed 31 points to the Donkeys. The Saints got smacked around by a rookie at home. But you know what sure feels good after a loss like this? Revenge. No, I’m not suggesting we sleep with Tony Gonzalez’s wife. (But, seriously, if you have her number, do pass it along.)


Next week, teed up for our enjoyment are the Buffalo Bills, who just got utterly pummeled 48-28 by the Jets and the hapless offense of Mark Sanchez. Chiefs might also remember, somewhere in the deep recesses of your repressed subconscious, that in last year’s opener, the Chiefs got hammered by the Bills 41-7. We also lost Eric Berry for the season to a low hit from Bills WR Stevie Johnson.

Andrew Weber-US Presswire

Week 2 is our chance to erase the hurt from both of these awful games with a resounding win over the upstate New York Bison. I’m sure Buffalo fans are good, well-meaning people. In fact, they have suffered for the past two decades with similarly disappointing franchises. That said, when the Chiefs come back and trounce Buffalo in their own house, I am going to be screaming at the top of my lungs “IN YOUR FACE!” No score is too high, no celebration too excessive. We will all dance a magnificent obnoxious dance in our crushing victory. Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it will be effective, and necessary therapy.

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  • dirtdriver11

    The donkeys looked very dangerous last night against the steelers.

    • Calchiefsfan

      They did look good but remember that Pittsburgh was without James Harrison and Dwight Clark, their best pass rusher and starting free safety. Sound familiar?
      Still, I have to say Manning is the best at reading defenses and I didn’t see anything wrong with his arm.

    • Danny W

      Manning looked just fine and they will win a significant amount of games this year.

  • Derek Jamison

    I was pretty happy through the first half. I think we showed our offense can be productive and dangerous.

    I knew our D was going to be in trouble. I wasn’t surprised at how many points the falcons scored, due to all the injuries we had to our starters.

    The only thing that makes me shake my head is how the offense completely fell apart after getting down and getting some bad luck. It’s been a theme the past few years and it is pretty scary. As soon as we fall behind just a little tiny bit and we have one or two things go bad…it’s like game over.

    Yes some of those other elite teams are 0-1 like us…but they didn’t give up when getting down.

    • tm1946

      I know you have posted before, it is not you are un-infored. Cassel cannot carry this team in a shootout. He was great the first half, but when it started to go wrong, he becomes a turtle. He mentally decides, no more mistakes on me, I got booed at the all star game, then he shuts down to safe plays

  • Dave in SD

    I hear a lot of reasons as to why we lost and some are valid. What I can’t find an answer to is why we have so much cap space and no depth. That was suppose to be what this off season was going to address. We want a winning team which means players ready to step in if needed. I won’t over react to 1 game but this feels eerily similar to last year and we have an improved roster (Except at the most important position).
    Another bone to pick is that Pioli tries to implement “The Patriot way” and not give us details on anything team related like Flower’s injury. When you win championships you are allowed that, when you don’t it’s just a disservice to the fans who pay to see you (or in my case living out of town, pay for Sunday ticket).
    So after the first game we have the same questions, is Cassel good enough? Can we adapt to injuries? Are we a playoff team?

    • Calchiefsfan

      We did improve on depth at running back, tight end and safety but you’re right, what about cornerback? I was actually hoping we would pick up a CB in the second round of the draft. Instead Pioli went for the o line, which is probably a good idea too. There were plenty of quality free agent CBs we could have picked up. Let’s hope Flowers is ready to play against Buffalo.

      • tm1946

        Sure, let’s run Flowers out there, he has not set foot on a field in about a month. Run him out there, should be well rested.

        • Calchiefsfan

          He did practice last week. I did say “Let’s hope Flowers is ready”. Rusty or not he is certainly an upgrade.

  • Derek Hetu

    I will be in buffalo for the next game right behind the Chiefs bench! Looking forward to some revenge!

  • Chase

    I don’t understand why everyone booed Tony after dunking on the goal post… He pointed towards the crowd before he did it as to tell us that this one is for the Chiefs fans. In my eyes it was a sign of respect. Tony G is the man, he gave us a multiple excellent years and I don’t understand how any true Chiefs fan could boo him. Unbelievable. Go Chiefs!

  • ArrowFan

    I want to know why we cannot ever start past to 20 yard line after a kickoff. Special team are one of the most significant areas of the game and we where horrid. I’m sure Berry has a little something something in the back of his mind.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I’d love to see Wylie as our return guy. He looked very good in the preseason.

  • Danny W

    I wish Dale Carter was still on the team because he would punch Stevie Johnson in the mouth for hurting Berry last year. I’m not saying I hope Johnson gets hurt badly or anything but a good punch in the snozz would be nice. Maybe he could sit out a play or two to manage the blood on his grape. Buffalo is a must win.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I’ll be waiting to see Berry hit him full blast coming across the middle, even without the ball. I’ll take that penalty with a smile.

      • NWBill

        Just a warning – Stevie’s a lot tougher than he looks, and he (or his team, for that matter) aren’t going to take ANYTHING lying down. Bills players aren’t the only ones who can get hurt … so, be careful with your misplaced enthusiasm; it could come back to mean 0-2 for you.

        • ArrowFan

          We are fully aware that players can get hurt, it happens. It’s just when guys get knocked out for a whole season on a play that looks a little deliberate we tend to not forget. You watch a replay of Berry’s knee injury and you tell me that was a legit play?

        • Calchiefsfan

          I have a lot of respect for Smith as a receiver and don’t wish an injury on anyone. I just want Stevie to know that Berry is back this year and he’ll make Smith pay for coming over the middle, (or anywhere else on the field for that matter).

  • NWBill

    You want revenge, you’d better stick to the TV show on ABC. You want therapy, I suggest that you make an appointment with your local healthcare provider. Because, much as I admire Kansas City, if you think for one second that you’re going to use the Buffalo Bills as your source of redemption from perceived ills, you’re sadly mistaken. The Bills don’t roll over and play dead for ANYONE; yeah, we had a rough start to our season, just as you did. But, and I do mean BUT ….. DON’T count on an easy time of it next Sunday. WE’RE going to be looking for our own serving of redemption, ourselves – don’t put yourself on the menu by thinking it’s going to be easy, or that we won’t put up a fight. We’re not nearly as talentless as people seem to think we are. Teams found that out last year, before injuries pretty much ended our season. That’s what you ran into last year, and – forgive my directness – it doesn’t seem like you’ve made many overall changes to your team since then.

    Now, WE know that playing you guys is always a fight, and a nice game for the fans in both cities to watch. But you really need to remember this about us – we give as good as we get, one way or another … and we DO punch people back. It’s NEVER easy with the Buffalo Bills, no matter what a lot of people seem to think.

    Keep that in mind.

    • Danny W

      Your REAL cool dude. You go get them on other websites huh?!
      What spurred this idea? Are you bi or bicurious (sexually)? You kind of sound like you’ve got a drama flair is why I ask because drama fits that kind of M.O. (WE’RE going to be looking for our own serving of redemption, ourselves – don’t put yourself on the menu by thinking it’s going to be easy, or that we won’t put up a fight.) I just imagined that whole sentence in an extremely feminine male’s voice at some disco bar in a dance off or something.
      I don’t judge or anything but it kinda sounds like your watching football for some other sort of kick than what we do. Whatever it is good luck and keep on keepin on I guess. For the record I’m straight though so SORRY. :-(

    • KC_Fanactic69

      You all got a mere taste with Jackson going down yesterday. And don’t believe for a second that Eric Berry doesn’t remember that illegal hit that ended his season opening day last year. It’d be sweet justice to see “Stevie” (isn’t that a girls name?) go down with a similar injury. How would that set with the fans in Bisontown?

    • KCMikeG

      The difference is we fought toe-to-toe into the 3rd quarter vs a potential Super Bowl team while you got bitch slapped by one of the most dysfunctional teams around and you were down by 20 by the half. Now we get our best pass rusher back and you are w/o Jackson. Lil’ Stevie is going to get his eggs scrambled and he will take out our pain on your sad sack team.

  • SlickGoldie

    Any self-respecting KC fan would have been like a proud dad watching Tony G dunk after his score. It was a TRIBUTE to his time at KC, not a sign of disrespect. We got to watch the greatest TE in NFL history do that FOR us for a decade, it was like a respectful farewell he gave us.