Romeo Crennel Talks Chiefs, Falcons

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel isn’t one to muddle the truth.

“We had a tough one this afternoon,” Crennel told the media after the game. “(They’re) a good Atlanta team that has good skill people on offense and a lot of speed on defense. For the home opener we wanted to do better than we showed, but I thought the first half the guys competed.

Predictably, Crennel was asked about the absence of Tamba Hali and Brandon Flowers and if their return might help the defense improve.

“Only time will tell. We have to wait to get those guys back and wait to see what their contribution will be and how that will impact us,” said Crennel. “The fact that they weren’t there today, really no one cares because all they want to know is, ‘Did you win or did you lose?’ We lost today, so we have to try to do what we can to win the next one.”

It was a bit of a surprise that Flowers was inactive because according to the media reports from last week’s practices, Flowers was moving around fairly well, though he was listed as “limited” throughout the week.

“Well he’s been doing more at practice, so we will find out next week,” said Crennel. “We’ll see what he can do in practice, then he’ll play. If he can’t practice, then he won’t play.”

It is good that Flowers was practicing a bit last week but if the Chiefs want to wash the bad taste of this game out of their mouths, they’re going to need him on the field performing in a game.

Next week.

Crennel’s full post game comments can be found at

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  • Chiefswatch

    I didnt think it was possible to gain less from a press conference than when we had Haley but here I go getting proven wrong again. Way to state the obviuos there Rac

  • sidibe

    I thought it weird about Flowers, too, but the Atl fansided site and a fantasy football show I heard this a.m. both had info that Flowers wasn’t going to play. Curious as to where that was coming from and we weren’t hearing the same.

  • Danny W

    PaddyI personally thought he failed his press conference by not owning that he was out coached. As far as I can remember he didn’t own the second half at all. They made absolutely no adjustments on offense or defense after half time. On the third and nine play he rushed three guys which was an absolute coaching fumble. He didn’t get Sheffield or Jones involved in the pass rush on defense and if you watch the game again you will see Houston was in coverage often. He also misused Berry by trying to use him to shadow the running back on multiple occasions. When the running back just stayed into block Berry was used like an OLB to rush the passer! So I guess the philosophy is stop the run whether they run or not? Don’t we need that kid in coverage?
    I get using McCluster. He has a great dynamic but I don’t even remember seeing Jonathan Baldwin on the field at any point. Your telling me they can’t find this kid some snaps down by the red zone and he has a 42″ vertical leap! He was a first round draft pick it’s time to throw this guy in the fire and see what he has. Get him the ball!
    In the second half both coaches get an F grade from me. I’m not going to say lets fire everyone yet but when you say some B.S. about how it’s a marathon not a sprint thats sugar coating it to me and I start seeing visions of Todd Haley.
    On a positive note I think when we get healthy we will see a significant improvement especially if Cassel does as well as he did in the first half.

    • Chief Hokie

      I agree, where was Baldwin at? I did notice that he was wide open for a TD on the play that Cassel scrambled, but it didn’t really matter because we got the six points, but other than that, cmon man. And why have Berry play the run when we’re getting owned on multiple 15+ passes from Ryan? Berry is just following orders, its Crennel that needs to get his shit together and make some adjustments. Sometimes I just wish we switched back to the 4-3.

    • ArrowFan

      I agree totally out coached the second half.

  • Chief Hokie

    Next years draft: 1st round – QB, 2nd round – CB

    • Danny W

      Unless there is a better LB because we need to replace Belcher too. In the second round that is. First round quarterback has been a no brainer for a long time now.

  • Jim Harper

    All the pundits said the Redskins were crazy to pay so much for RG3, but the kid threw for over 300 yds, 2 td’s, and no picks. It should be clear now that Cassel is NOT the guy. He can’t take over a game. Does anyone know why Belcher is on this team? Jamaal is back, but Hillis struggled. After dropping his first opportunity Bowe was outstanding the remainder of the game as was McCluster, Moeaki, and Boss. This game showed us how important Hali and Flowers are to this defense. I thought Poe played well and we effectively stopped their run game, but that was all we stopped. If we don’t do whatever it takes to draft a top QB next year then after over 50 years of loyality to the Chiefs I will be done.

    • ArrowFan

      Just note Bowe McCluster Moeaki and Boss can’t have a good game unless Cassel does as well. i’m not by any means defending the second half play of anyone on this team.

    • steve james

      You know I have heard that from fans before & I just can’t fathom thow that thought process works. Do you have season tickets? I will take a few games worth so you can experience no Chiefs and think about it:)

  • ArrowFan

    The D will get better but come on they simply just through at our corners all night. How many WR screen passes did they run effectively. That is sad a college play should not be a teams bread and butter in the NFL.