Chiefs Lose To Falcons: 5 Positives From The Game


The Kansas City Chiefs came unraveled in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons, losing 40-24.

But it wasn’t all bad. Really.

Here are five positives from Sunday’s game:

1. Jamaal Charles is back

Any lingering worries about Jamaal Charles’ knee can be put to rest. The RB showed the same burst and elusiveness we’ve grown to love. Charles led the team in rushing, carrying the ball 16 times for 87 yards. He had a nice 46-yard run.

2. Dexter McCluster

Dex continued to be a big factor for the KC offense. He could have a career year in 2012.

3. Poe

Rookie Dontari Poe got the start and seemed to hold his own. There were no gaudy stats but he recorded two tackles, one for a loss.

4. The run defense was solid

Despite getting torched through the air, the KC run defense was impressive. the Falcons ran 23 times for 84 yards and a 3.4 yards per-carry average. That includes three QB scrambles by Ryan for 25 yards. The Falcons didn’t need to run much but when they did, the Chiefs stopped them.

5. Justin Houston

Despite Matt Ryan getting the ball out quick, OLB Justin Houston still managed to record a sack. When Tamba Hali comes back next week, life will be much easier for Houston.

There were plenty of positives in this game, particularly on offense. The second half was poor for the KC O but with the way the defense was playing, the wheels were going to come off eventually. KC showed they can move the ball against quality competition. If the team can get Hali and Flowers back and shore up their pass defense, they’ll be able to outscores some teams this year.

The score looks bad but the Chiefs are close than you think.

Here is one more good thing to come out of the game:

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  • Tarkus

    Somehow that last picture makes me feel much better.

    • Patrick Allen

      I thought it might. We have the best fans ever.

  • KCMikeG

    Nice! Thanks. These warm weather early games bring out all the hotties wanting to be watched! It was a cleavage bonanza! Got me through the pain of the 2nd half!

  • Danny W

    Nothing like a little hot hipster chick to bring about KC positives.

  • Todd

    I don’t know why you guys are not talking about the Chiefs being $26.6M under the salary cap. This is the most in the NFL. It is the reason why we have no depth. A team with no depth will not win in the NFL. It if the reason the season sucked so bad last year along with the fact the Haley was a micro-manager. Chiefs will will only 5 or 6 games this year.

    • Tarkus

      Enough with the tired Cheeps meme! Cap space =/= lack of spending.

      “the Chiefs rank first in the league in cash spending for defense and third for all players in 2012.” –

    • dfrey87

      We have been hearing about this cap room since last week and if you know anything about this team, football or fiscal responsibility you wouldnt even be talking about this crap. First off we are the youngest team in the league and what comes with that is alot of your players still on there rookie contracts and were gonna need that cap room to resign them to there second contract. Look how many players we have that are going to be free agents next year. Our depth is young not that they wont be good but there just really inexperienced. You act like we didnt do anything to help our depth at all and we did we carried 19 dbs into camp. One reason that number looks so high is the amount of cap room that we carried over from last season. I guess you would like it if we just went and over spent on some guy thats not worth it like the radiers and the cowboys right? Then when the next season rolls around instead of using money to help your team you have to cut players cuz ur over cap. Please think before you start posting crap like this its ridiculos.

      • DoubleD

        I’m not disagreeing with your basic premise about needing to be conservative with cap money in planning for the future, but I do feel there was enough cap room to pay Flowers, Routt, and Carr. I happen to believe that Carr will eventually be, if not already, the best of those 3 anyway. Considering that we were able to get, through the draft, an elite CB for 5th round money for his first 4 years in the league, why not pay him slightly above average for the next 4 or 5 years? It’s not like anybody’s getting cheated in the deal and seems to me he earned it.
        You tell me, do you think Matt Ryan would have had as much success throwing yesterday if it was Carr and Routt back there instead of Routt and Reeves? Considering how important passing is to the game, I think some pretty strong arguments can be made for having 3 quality corners.

  • linda

    my daughter can make any cheifs game look good. goooo Lydia!!!!!!