This is "The Dugout" where Chiefs fans in NYC catch the game on 3 HD TV's. The Pour House even pumps the commentary in for us so we always know what is going on.

Chiefs Bars Outside Of Kansas City

The Village Pour House in NYC is the official home for Chiefs fans (and Arrowhead Addict readers) on the East Coast. Where is your Chiefs bar?

It has been a while since we’ve ran this post but the demand for info on KC Chiefs bars around the US continues to grow so I thought I’d bring it back. This week, we have a request from a Chiefs fan from out in Milwaukee, WI. If you know of any Chiefs bars out that way, please let us know in the comments. You can also email me at [email protected] 


Welcome to our weekly “Chiefs Bars” post. Each week we re-post this thread so that our readers can continue to post in the comments about where they watch the Chiefs. We will slowly create the definitive resource for out of town Chiefs fans.

Be sure to check out our Chiefs Bars page for a cleaner and more organized collection of this information. If you notice your Chiefs bar isn’t listed, leave us the info in the comments and we will add it.

I know we have a lot of out of towners that read this site so I thought we ought to get a thread going that talks about good places to watch the Chiefs outside of Kansas City.

When I first moved to New York I had a lot of trouble finding a place to watch the Chiefs where I wasn’t the only guy in a red jersey. Fortunately I started dating a girl from KC and she told me about a Chiefs bar in the East Village called The Village Pour House.

There are a lot of Kansas/Missouri transplants out here and the Pour House used to be packed on Sundays. Since the Chiefs fell on hard times attendance has been down but this season we are slowly seeing our numbers rise.

This is “The Dugout,” where Chiefs fans in NYC catch the game on 3 HD TV’s. The Pour House even pumps the commentary in for us so we always know what is going on.

If we have any readers in NYC, sound off in the comments and get accounted for. I’d love to meet you.

For our readers outside of NYC, tell us where you watch the Chiefs. Chiefs fans are the best in the world and there should be a KC Chiefs bar in every major city in America. =)

Let’s start a Chiefs bar network right here on AA. Post your Chiefs spot in the comments and we’ll do some features on each spot so other Addicts in your area can join you to root on the best damn team in the NFL!

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  • ladner morse

    Point After North in Lewisville, Texas has a crowd of Chiefs fans with hearts warm for that Arrowhead experience.

    • Patrick Allen

      Lots of Chiefs bars in Texas I’m finding.

  • Edsneezer

    Hey is that village pourhouse in upper west or east village? Live near the uws one, never realized there was a chiefs bar in nyc!!

    • Patrick Allen

      There are two of them but the one you want to go to is the East Village location.

  • PittsburghChief

    Pittsburgh – I am living in Pittsburgh and would love to find a Chiefs bar out here. I don’t have DirecTV, which means I don’t have the Sunday Ticket, so I am always going to a bar to watch the game. I proudly have my Chiefs sticker on the back window of my truck and I always hear it from the Steelers fans. I have tickets to the Monday Night game and it should be epic! If there is anyone living in the Pittsburgh area, I hope we can find or establish a Chiefs friendly bar. Are there any Chiefs fans out here in Pittsburgh?!

  • LonelyLouisvilleChiefFan

    I moved to Louisville, KY a year ago and haven’t found a place to watch my Chiefs yet! I have been to the Fox and Hound but always sit in the back bar and no sound. Anyone know of a place around Louisville KY where Chiefs fans are welcome??

  • Keith

    Looking for Louisville Chiefs Bar!!! I know with all the transplants from Ford there has to be one somewhere….Anyone????