KC Chiefs Roster Cuts: Live Thread

The Kansas City Chiefs will be announcing their roster cuts very soon and news is already strarting to trickle out. Keep an eye on this thread as we will update it throughout the evening.

Here is what we know so far:

-Adam Techer is reporting that RB Nate Eachus has made the 53-man roster! Teicher cites the player’s agent as the source.

-Teicher also reports that rookie CB Dequan Menzi is heading to IR. Remember, the new IR rules mean one player can come back later in the season.

The news that Eachus has made the team could mean RB Cyrus Gray is also heading to IR. Both Gray and Menzi have been injured most of the preseason. Teams will often stash guys they don’t have room for on IR for a year. The Chiefs, fearful he will be swiped from the practice squad, may do that with Gray. Nothing concrete yet. Stay tuned.

Update: (4:50 PM)

-Chiefs have reportedly released LB Leon William, says Aaron Wilson.

-Chiefs have released FB Patrick DiMarco.

-Chiefs may have released S Donald Washington. Below is his last tweet:

Update: 7:21 PM

-RB Shaun Draughn appears to have made the team. He is receiving congrats from friends via social media.

Update: 8:13 PM

The deadline has passed. The news could come at any time. We are monitoring. Hang in there.

Update: 8:40 PM

-Josh Looney reports that Brandon Bair, Amon Gordon, David Mimms and Donald Washington have been cut.

-Looney says QB Alex Tanney is heading to injured reserve.

-Jerome Long and Junior Hemingway have been cut. Looney confirms Menzie to IR

-Josh Bellamy waived.

-CB- Mikali Baker C- Rob Bruggeman FB-Patrick DiMarco CB- Chandler Fenner all gone.



No.      Name                         Pos.       Ht.          Wt.         Exp.       College

90        Brandon Bair            DL          6-7         272        2             Oregon

39        Mikail Baker              DB         6-0         205        1             Baylor

8          Josh Bellamy            WR        6-0         206        R            Louisville

60        Rob Bruggeman      OL          6-4         286        1             Iowa

49        Patrick DiMarco        FB          6-1         234        1             South Carolina

48        Chandler Fenner     DB         6-1         189        R            Holy Cross

66        Darryl Harris              G            6-4         300        1             Mississippi

88        Junior Hemingway  WR        6-1         225        R            Michigan

60        Jerome Long             DL          6-5         285        R            San Diego State

51        Gabe Miller                LB          6-3         257        2             Oregon State

70        David Mims               OL          6-8         335        1             Virginia Union

84        Jamar Newsome      WR        6-1         201        1             Central Florida

31        Terrance Parks         DB         6-2         218        R            Florida State

77        Lucas Patterson       OL          6-4         295        1             Texas A&M

67        Rich Ranglin            OL          6-3         315        1             Central Connecticut State

38        Neiko Thorpe            DB         6-2         185        R            Auburn

27        Donald Washington               S            6-1         197        4          Ohio State




No.      Name                         Pos.       Ht.          Wt.         Exp.       College

99        Amon Gordon           DL          6-2         305        6             Stanford

66        Leon Williams           LB          6-3         248        5             Miami




No.      Name                         Pos.       Ht.          Wt.         Exp.       College

49        De’Quan Menzie     DB         5-11       202        R            Alabama

4          Alex Tanney             QB         6-4         220        R            Monmouth (Ill.)

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  • Lyle Graversen

    Aaron Wilson just tweeted that KC cut LB Leon Williams. Not especially shocking on its own, but since he’s an ILB that played pretty well in preseason I think its a good sign that KC doesn’t think DJ will miss a lot of time with his ankle.

    • Jim Harper

      Let’s hope Lyle!

  • Jim Harper

    Eachus certainly earned his spot. I would be surprised to learn that he ever doubted he could do it, but knew it would take a tremendous effort on his part and nobody played harder than him this preseason and won over the fans in the process. Way to go Nate!

    • Norman Gunn

      If Eachus didn’t make the team then the entire preseason is utterly useless.

      • Greg Grooms

        I agree with that.

  • Mike Ross

    Eachus…..KC’s version of NE’s Danny Woodhead???

    • Jim Harper

      Nice comparison

  • thabear04

    yes Eachus it

  • sidibe

    I’m glad Do Wash not a Chief any more, but it’s hard not to feel for a guy who just lost his job.

    • Jim Harper

      He had more opportunities than most get!

  • Greg Grooms

    Chiefs need Sims from the Browns who was cut. Reportedly he had a very good preseason.

  • Greg Grooms

    Eachus has the drive and in tight spots that matter he will deliver.

  • WhiteDVL816

    Guess the chiefs are serious about not having a true fullback, thought DiMarco looked solid last night blocking, one catch, and a blocked punt. But would rather have Eachus

  • Greg Grooms

    After watching the game a couple times I noticed that Stephenson(sp) got walked all over once allowing a sack. He is not ready.

  • Greg Grooms

    I hope they keep Tanney. It was fun to watch him play. He did a good job I thought, even if he’s not 100% ready.

    • Norman Gunn

      Agree, with Quinn’s injury maybe Tanney’s chances of practice squad increased.

  • David Padilla

    I don’t understand why they don’t keep Dimarco on the S. Teams. He can hit and he already has a block.

  • HuckDaddy

    Anybody heard of any quality DB’s that have been cut yet? I would not be surprised to see us pick one up. Our starters are good to go but beyond that we might have some use for an experienced backup DB. Larry Asante from Tampa was cut. James Ihedigbo is out there from NE. Dominique Franks fro Atl had a couple of picks last year and was a part time starter. On a side note, Marvin McNutt is out there right now.

  • chiefridgy

    Peace out washedupington…oh and how can you get up more times than you fall down…guess that means taking it to the next level….he should have thought of that sooner

  • Tribal Rage

    I would love to see Tanney get the #3 QB spot. Without seeing anything from him in preseason, I’ve certainly seen enough of Stanzi. Stanzi even if he got better is no more than a backup in this league. Gimme the smart kid thats accurate with a lot of upside. There’s a reason Tyler Palko started over Stanzi and even Crennel threw an unprepared Orton in over Stanzi. Not because Orton was a pro and could perform, because Stanzi is very very bad.

  • sidibeke

    Chiefs should cut Stanzi, put him on the practice squad and sign Weber who Den just cut.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Pro Football Talk says last year’s 5th round pick Gabe Miller was cut.

  • Patrick Allen

    Still waiting…

  • Lyle Graversen

    Gordon, Bair, and Mims all cut per Josh Looney.

  • Patrick Allen


  • Norman Gunn

    omg CB Teaner was cut……………………………………………………………………. lol

  • Lyle Graversen

    By my count KC needs to clear one more spot, Gray on IR?

    • Lyle Graversen

      Looney says Hali doesn’t count for week 1.

  • ladner morse

    QB Brian Hoyer was cut by the Pats. He would make an excellent back-up and we could move Brady Quinn to #3.

    • Lyle Graversen

      I would be good with that. I’d also be fine if they brought in Seneca Wallace who played under Daboll in Cleveland or even Matt Moore if he is eventually released by Miami.

  • ArrowFan

    3 QB’s & 5 RB’s can anyone say trade? I say we still could use a DB?

  • KCtitleist11

    damn i cant believe they cut hemingway. i was a fan