Chiefs Roster Cuts: Predicting The Right 53

The Kansas City Chiefs will be making their roster cuts any time now (hopefully not before I finish this post) so I thought it would be fun to enter a prediction on who will make the team and who will end up on the practice squad.

Here we go:


WR Steve Breaston, Dexter McCluster, Josh Bellamy, Devon Wylie

LT Branden Albert, Donald Stephenson

LG Ryan Lilja, Jeff Allen, Rich Ranglin

C Rodney Hudson, Lucas Patterson, Rob Bruggeman

RG Jon Asamoah, Darryl Harris

RT Eric Winston, David Mims

TE Kevin Boss, Tony Moeaki, Steve Maneri, Jake O’Connell

WR Jon Baldwin, Terrance Copper, Dwayne Bowe, Jamar Newsome, Junior Hemingway

QB Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi, Alex Tanney

FB Patrick DiMarco

RB Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Shaun Draughn, Cyrus Gray, Nate Eachus


RDE Glenn Dorsey, Amon Gordon, Brandon Bair

NT Anthony Toribio, Dontari Poe, Jerrell Powe

LDE Tyson Jackson, Ropati Pitoitua, Allen Bailey, Jerome Long

ROLB Tamba Hali, Cameron Sheffield, Edgar Jones

RILB Derrick Johnson, Cory Greenwood, Leon Williams

LILB Jovan Belcher, Brandon Siler

LOLB Justin Houston, Andy Studebaker, Gabe Miller

RCB Stanford Routt, Javier Arenas, De’Quan Menzie, Neiko Thorpe, Mikail Baker

LCB Brandon Flowers, Jalil Brown, Jacques Reeves, Chandler Fenner

FS Kendrick Lewis, Travis Daniels, Donald Washington, Tysyn Hartman

SS Eric Berry, Abram Elam, Terrance Parks


P Dustin Colquitt

K Ryan Succop

KO Ryan Succop

PC Thomas Gafford, Cory Greenwood, Andy Studebaker

KC Thomas Gafford, Cory Greenwood, Andy Studebaker

H Dustin Colquitt, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi

PR Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, Devon Wylie

KR Javier Arenas, Dexter McCluster, Devon Wylie


This was HARD. I really wanted to try to get Eachus on the roster but I couldn’t find a way to work it. It came down to cutting Eachus, Maneri or Bellamy. I was hesitant to cut Bellamy, especially since the last depth chart had him in front of Wylie. I figure there is no way they cut Wylie so Bellamy should survive. Manaeri showed great promise at TE so I think the Chiefs will carry three at that position. That left the deep RB group. With Charles and Hillis, there just won’t be carries for a guy like Eachus as much as I bet they like him. They used a pick on Gray and Draughn has looked very good. Just a tough call.

If it wasn’t for the injuries in the secondary, I could have seen them cutting Jacques Reeves. Then again, he looked better than Jalil Brown at times.

I think the Chiefs will try to stash Eachus on the practice squad.

Practice Squad:

RB Nate Eachus

WR Jamar Newsome

WR Junior Hemingway

LB Gabe Miller

DE Jerome Long

OT David Mims

G Darryl Harris*

DE Brandon Bair

 *I changed this from Tanney to Harris after posting.

There is my best guess. What are your predictions? Get them in quick.

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  • Skullman

    This looks like 54 to me.

    • Patrick Allen

      I’ve counted it like 3 times. Still getting 53.

      • stacilu

        So Eachus is cut the only guy that looked good

  • Barry Peraino

    Wow? Looks almost identical to mine Patrick Allen. Good stuff.

  • Barry Peraino

    Tanney does NOT make this team though….

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah I originally slotted him on the practice squad then thought better of it. Harris is more likely.

      • DoubleD

        I don’t much care for the idea of having 4 QBs, with one on PS. Seems to me smarter to have 2 QBs on roster and 1 on PS. That way, if your #1 gets injured, you bring up your #3 guy as backup. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how it all works out, your #3 has to be somebody that no other team thinks they want. Unless of course you’re the Vikings and your hoped for PS QB happens to be named Thigpen.

  • DoubleD

    I could live without Terrance Copper’s veteran intangibles. The guy doesn’t produce. Time to move on and make room for purposes of developing players with better upside. And before anyone suggests it, I’ll just say that special teams is not a good reason to keep someone who doesn’t otherwise add anything to your roster, particularly at the wide receiver position. Going without Copper, and putting Newsome on the PS gives you your Eachus. Or as some might say, to Eachus, their own.

    • Patrick Allen

      Chiefs love them some Terry Copper. I could see him being a surprise cut if the Chiefs really love Bellamy and Newsome. If they think one of those guys can play ST then axe him.

      • Tribal Rage

        I dont understand why the love affair with Copper. sure every 4 weeks he gets a catch on a 3rd and long on a crossing route and everyone is “WHOA”!!! His contribution is minimal on offense and although a good ST player, he’s a one trick pony. We need guys that can contribute in many different ways with the idea on depth being in focus. Let the guys that are good enough start if we have an injury play ST. Not guys that can just fill in…..IMO

        • Tribal Rage

          Also…Alligator Butterfingers Newsome is garbage. He should go play semi-pro with Palko and Stanzi

  • DoubleD

    Also seems like a lot of DBs and not enough OL and maybe one short on LBs too.
    I would find a way to keep Lucas Patterson, probably ditch De’Quan Menzie to do it. Hopefully Menzie, assuming he’s got enough upside. makes it to PS. In case anybody’s wondering, Menzie is my least favorite 2012 draft pick.

    • Patrick Allen

      I kind of modeled this on what the Chiefs did last year on the line. They had the starters and one swing tackle and one swing guard to start the year.

  • John

    Ya, 54 man roster…Gotta make room for Gafford

    • Patrick Allen

      Count again. Gafford is included.

      • John

        Must’ve counted wrong, carry on!I hope Eachus makes the team, he looks great!

      • derek

        we do have 54 men on the roster don’t we i really don’t know i haven’t counted the reason i say this is i read that Hali count’s aginst the 3 week 1 even tho he is suspended and then i read i think it was that he didn’t count Please don’t take my coment as sarcasm because i really don’t know

        • derek

          *53 i ment 53 man roster not 3 man LOL

  • ArrowFan

    There is no way they let Tanney walk. Personally after what little I’ve seen of him, there is to much up side to not stash him on the PS. Who does Pioli stash on IR?

  • Calchiefsfan

    This is like the first list in a long time were there are guys that are being cut that I hate to see go. I looked at this list over and over and really couldn’t come up with any changes. Good job Paddy.
    Cyrus Grey might be an IR candidate since the new rule says they don’t have to be out all season. Tanney would be fun to keep around, maybe IR? That finger looked awfully serious to me :)
    DD might be right, Stanzi on the practice squad. I doubt if anyone picks him up after his preseason performance.

  • Danny W

    Nice work Paddy
    I expect them to cut Ricky Stanzi as the surprise cut though. David Mimms looked better than Don Steve to me so I hope he makes the 53 as much needed depth in place of Pretty Ricky. They have gone with just two quarterbacks before.
    I’d like to see them cut Terry Copper if nasty Nate can play special teams.

    Finally I’d like to see Andy Studebaker go and let the Special Teams star Edgar Jones stay.
    My two cents.

    • thabear04

      We have no Terry Copper its terrance copper

      • Danny W

        Are you serious? Do you watch Chiefs football, much?

        • derek

          i do and i have no idea what you are talking about we don’t have a terry copper and if you are making a joke with Terrance copper’s name and really wan’t him gone you don’t watch much chiefs football cause he is our best player on special teams

          • Danny W

            Oh okay guy. Not sure what to call you yet. It’s not that hard to register, welcome aboard here. I’ve been commenting for years around here and I’m sure others can vouch that I watch Chiefs football a little bit. Terry Copper is a common name for what we call Terrance around here. Is that an insult? If you think so do you know Terry? If so give him my best then let him know he is far from the best special teams player on this football team. I usually like to leave that to the likes of Dustin Colquitt, Javier Arenas, DMC, which means Dexter McCluster, or Devon Wiley. Keep coming around here man you failed on this post but I’m sure you will do fine on others.

    • tm1946

      Any ideas if Quinn is really hurt? Stanzi becomes #2, now that is a blow to the team.

      • Danny W

        Yah he has a strained neck is the word that’s going around right now. So that could mean weeks. Stanzi looked worse the Tyler Palko this off season we need a vet QB quick.

    • Tribal Rage

      I hope your right. I want trick shot to be the #3 guy. I’ve seen enough of Stanzi. I like Mims for depth. Terry Copper is no more than a poor mans Terrence Copper. lol

      • Danny W

        Looks like Pretty Ricky is gonna stick around. :-( I wish we could pick up NE’s back up they let go of.

  • thabear04

    I count 53 I think everyone counting Ryan Succop twice cause of kickoff

  • tm1946

    Did you consider the injuries to DBs? Arguing over nothing really but I like DeMarco and C. Gray goes to IR. Also like Jones over Sheffied. And not sold on Bellamy. but this just me.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    I think they keep Edgar Jones, other than that, great list.

  • Tlad

    Eachus had the best preseason out of the RB! They are idiots to cut him

  • Michael Shaw

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with 2 QB’s, can Ricky, which I have been a fan of his up until seeing him this preseason because he looked AWFUL! Last year he didn’t look nearly this bad. I think they find a way to keep Eachus, even if it means putting Grey on the IR. And I don’t think they let trick shot go anywhere. He seems to have some talent they might be able to use. They just had to see if Ricky was going to be good enough to beat out Brady and he hasn’t been. Dang it@!
    Good post as usual mister Paddy!!!