The Morning Fix: Chiefs News

Hold on, what? A star football player was arrested, prosecuted, and either found or plead guilty, all without anyone finding out until the league announced a suspension? That’s amazing! The Chiefs were able to keep this one out of the media for however many months the judicial process took, and the KC media’s pretty damn nosy. (Look at all the stuff Kent Babb got on Scott Pioli, the world’s worst boss.) In a world where athlete arrests become common knowledge before they’ve even made bail, Hali’s case wasn’t brought to light by a team employee, or a police source, or even a Raiders fan scanning the county jail records. And even now, we still don’t know exactly what happened. You can’t even be mad. In 2012, this might be a bigger accomplishment than winning a Super Bowl.

A league source tells PFT that the suspension for violating the substance-abuse policy voids $7.75 million in guaranteed payments for 2013, under the terms of a contact signed in 2011. Hali is still due to earn $12.25 million, and he’ll get all of the money he’s due to receive as long as the Chiefs don’t cut him.

If the Chiefs would cut Hali, he’d become a free agent, and he’d be able to sign elsewhere.

NFL rules prevent Bowe from practicing in pads until Tuesday, but he spent time with quarterback Matt Cassel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll during Monday’s workout.

“The business part is over, I signed Friday and the great part about it is I’m here now with my teammates,” Bowe said. “I’ve been coming in extra early in the morning, staying late after practice, in the meeting room with Matt, trying to expedite the opportunity to get out there.”

But after the players concluded meetings on Monday, there were multiple indications Wilson is going to start the third exhibition game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday.

Now, don’t read anything into it beyond that. There was no announcement to that effect, and if Wilson is going to start this week, it may not carry on beyond that, but it certainly is significant. It would mean the Seahawks want to take a look at Wilson with their first-unit offense and against the opponent’s starters before deciding on a starter.

  • dongtogolo

    The Seachickens will test our D line early and often with Marshawn, who doesn’t often try to get to the outside. Whoever is at the nose will be tested hard.

    When did Tamba get arrested? Where? To get to the point of adjudication can take 6 mos. or longer. How would a reporter not pick out Tambas name on the blotter? Were payouts made? Is this a scandal being covered up? Is this going to become ugly and distracting? Stay tuned, for this story has legs of its own.

    • ArrowFan

      Did he travel outside of the country this off season?

      • dongtogolo

        He’s been seen in Marseilles, wearing dark glasses.

  • tm1946

    If the Chiefs or Hali were about to keep all this quiet for some period of time, maybe Pres Obama could hire the person who did this, to stop all the leaks to the media in Washington. Goodness knows the white house could use the help.