Tamba Hali Update

The mystery around the suspension of Kansas City Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali is starting to get unraveled.

Earlier today the NFL confirmed to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star that Hali’s suspension was unique and was not really covered under the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy. Now more details are emerging and it appears as though Hali may never have even failed a drug test.

From Pro Football Talk:

The decision of the NFL to suspend Hali for one game under the substance-abuse policy has created plenty of confusion, given that the substance-abuse policy as written doles out suspensions only in four-game and one-year chunks.

The exception arises when the player has violated the law.

In Hali’s case, the league office attributes the Hali suspension to just that — violation of the law that was previously unreported and undisclosed. This means that Hali has been arrested at some point for something relating to alcohol or marijuana or some other substance, and that the player, the team, and the league managed to keep the media from finding out about it.

PFT goes on to say that a source with knowledge of the situation has told them that Hali’s trouble likely involved marijuana.

This whole thing is really strange. If Hali was arrested and charged there should be a public record of the incident.

Whatever happened, it appears this was not a case of Hali trying to gain a competitive edge. That may be of little consolation to fans but I for one would rather cheer for a person who made a mistake than a cheater. But that is me.

Hali has been a great player for the Chiefs and he is by all accounts, a standup guy. I imagine he will put this behind him rather quickly.

Now let’s just hope the Chiefs can win without him.

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  • Tribal Rage

    I knew after last weekends embarrassment at the hands of the semi-pro team Rams that this week would be a slow painful grind but its on Monday and my Chiefs news is just getting worse by the hour.

    A. We get beat by the lowly Rams
    B. Kendrick Lewis -an extremely important starter IMO- is sidelined with a shoulder injury that looks as if its gonna linger into the regular season.
    C. Tamba gets suspended for substance abuse? Are you shitting me????
    D. Flowers isn’t making any real progress with his injury and is now seeing specialists? WTF!!??!!

    Here’s my last 3 days addicts…my team isn’t who I thought they were…Belcher is a glaring weakness in coverage and now we’ve been exposed…3 starters are likely out for opening day against the Falcons…2 maybe much longer…

    Before I jump out the window, my inner Chief whispers a few pieces of optimism.

    A. Matt Cassel looks awesome, even though its preseason
    B. The Killer B’s will be all ready to sting opening day
    C. JC has returned to form and will torch the Falcons average D
    D. Crennel is a pro coach and minus our starters we will still have a good defense on the field that will be enough to overcome the Falcons
    E. With Tamba absence we will finally see Sheff get some pass rush opportunities to see what we have.

    I also heard Shawn Merriman was cut by Buffalo…even though he was a douche when bragging about ending Priests career when I met him in the off-season, it might not be a bad band-aid for the first few weeks of the season.

    • KCMikeG

      No Merriman – No Character! No Way! I would rather see a young Sheffield make a mistake than watch an old asshole get even older. One we have seen all too many times already – the other can be taught and managed into a better asset for our team. I know which one I want – how about you?

      • steve james

        +1! What he said.

    • DoubleD

      Thanks but no thanks on Merriman. We have a better player in Studebaker.
      4 year stat history:
      39 Tackles
      14 Assists
      5 Sacks
      0 Forced Fumbles
      54 Tackles
      21 Assists
      2.5 Sacks
      1 Forced Fumble
      Merriman is nowhere near the player he was 5 – 6 years ago while Studebaker is just now hitting his prime. On top of that Merriman is a total dbag.

      • Jim Harper

        Well said! Merriman won’t be coming here. He is not nor has he ever been the type of player Pioli goes after

  • KCtitleist11

    Man thats going to be a tough game without our best pass rusher. Hopefully studebaker will step up

  • DoubleD

    If it was just weed, I’m not really upset with Hali bc he didn’t really do anything wrong as far as I’m concerned. Illegal yes, but not wrong.

    • tm1946

      Weed laws notwithstanding, isn’t missing a regular season game some kind of “wrong”?
      Hope we can get past this soom.

  • ArrowFan

    Doesn’t one have to have a record of a substance in their system in order to be punished for it? If it is Marry Jane then where is the proof?

  • Danny W

    I blame this on Justin Houston. His bad influence has led Hali down this slippery slip of the devil’s lettuce.