Chiefs Wow In Preseason Debut, Beat Cardinals 27-17

The Kansas City Chiefs has a terrific preseason debut that should have an already optimistic fan base glowing with excitement.

The KC starters on both offense and defense looked as polished and prepared as any Chiefs team has in the preseason since before the organization traded a fourth round draft pick to the New York Jets for head coach Herman Edwards.*

*Yep. The Chiefs TRADED for Herm. That’s like going up to a street gang and paying them to beat the living crap out of you.

The Chiefs won the toss and marched right down the field for a touchdown when Matt Cassel hit Peyton Hillis for a score. Hillis finished the game with four carries for 41 yards. He also caught one pass for an 11-yard TD. Cassel took a seat after leading two scoring drives. He finished completing five of six passes for 67 yards and a TD.

On defense the Chiefs played as advertised. They smothered the Cardinals early, with big plays coming from Derrick Johnson, Anthony Toribio and Justin Houston, who recorded a sack.

Even the KC reserves looked good at times. Backup running backs Shaun Draughn and Cyrus Gray showed flashes. Steve Maneri, who converted to TE from tackle, led the team in receiving pulling in three catches for 69 yards and Safety Abram Elam secured an interception. On the day, the KC defense sacke dArizona QBs seven times.

The negatives for KC start with the back up QBs. Neither Brady Quinn or Ricky Stanzi performed well and the offense lost it’s punch once Cassel and company left the game. The Chiefs were also penalized six times (though mostly it was reserves drawing the flags) and the second and third sting players gave up a few big plays, including a long run that ended up leading to a touchdown.

That being said, Chiefs fans should be extremely encouraged with what they saw Friday night. The Chiefs looked calm and sure of themselves on both offense and defense. Both units, as well as the special teams group, seemed well-coached and prepared. There was a clear difference, from an organization standpoint, from the Todd Haley era.

The Chiefs should gain a load of confidence from the way they played. If they can carry that with them into this week’s practices, they have another chance to build upon their success next week in St. Louis.

What do you think Addicts? Did the Chiefs live up to your expectations tonight? Or did they surpass them?

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  • Danny W

    They lived up to my expectations against the Cardinals. No one is hyping them up to be any good. So when we play Green Bay and look this good four weeks from now I will say they are over and above my expectations. One concern for me was seeing Charles on the sideline with ice on his knee. Hoping he comes back and is not hurt.

  • KCNJ

    i am concerned that we really don’t have a Cassel backup…who is going to lead this team if the oft-maligned MattyC goes down? No Kyle Orton here…unfortunately.

    • Danny W

      Quinn looked better than Tyler Palko did. I think we have serviceable backups. I’d like to see Tanney get a shot at some point.

      • KCMikeG

        Agreed and Stanzi will exceed Quinn if given enough reps. We are already better than Palko and the rookie Stanzi with no camp. Plus we have a very raw talent in Tanney who I hope ends up on the practice squad.

        • Justin Jones

          really? that is my only problem with tonite. tanney got no reps at all. the guy has shown through camp he is good. atleast give him some game reps

          • KCMikeG

            I would love to see him play also but There is a decision to be made for our #2 QB and they will get most of the reps after Cassel. No way we keep 4 QB’s. He is too raw to be considered right now. If we see Tanney it will be in the 3rd or 4th game the 3rd/4th quarter. Hopefully we can develop him on the practice squad this year w/o having another team snatch him up.

  • ThisChiefsFan

    I am excited with this start and with bowe finally back in Kansas City I feel very good about our chances this upcoming season

  • Excited

    If that was vanilla play calling by Daball it’s gonna be a big year

  • Haider

    First to comment. wohooooooo (for cheifs not for first to comment).

  • chiefridgy

    Things looked smooth.
    GO CHIEFS!!!

  • ChiefsFan7

    This was a great win. I know it’s just pre-season but it will do wonders for the confidence of the entire team. I think we will have a good, perhaps great, season. (Of course if we stay injury free). Loved the heck out of the main offense. We did okay with Stanzi and Quinn. Go Chiefs! :)

  • cyberry

    The Chiefs looked like a well-oiled machine..even though this was the Cardinals 2nd pre-season game..

  • Tarkus

    I totally get that it was only preseason against a bad Cardinals team, but that’s the best I’ve seen the Chiefs look in preseason in years. (And they’ve played bad teams before.) What’s more, it was only their first game, and the Cards’ second game. If that’s a portent of things to come, it’s going to be a special year!

    • KCMikeG

      We played them better than the Saint did. Let’s start bringing 116 decibels every single game by selling out the Seahawks on the 24th! The crowd was loud tonight but there were way too many empty seats. Maybe we should start even sooner and take over the Edward Jones Dome in STL next weekend. The game there in 2010 was taken over by a smaller but vocal group of Chiefs fans as Cassel took over the game after coming back from his appendectomy. Matt gave us a taste of who he will be this year – I’m starving for the main course.

  • Chiefanatic

    This is the most talented group players the Chiefs have had since the Dick Vermeil led Chiefs. Love our LBs and RBs. C. Gray and Draughn are much better than some of the 3rd and 4th RBs we have had in the past. Stay healthy Chiefs and you can make Manning regret passing on being with the real future of the AFC West instead of clinging onto Horsefaces coat tails. Hope our Chiefs bash the Donkeys’ heads in. Literally if possible.

    • KCMikeG

      Ditto! And I think with Bowe joining Daboll’s offense we will exceed the gaudy numbers of Dick Vermeil’s days. Plus the defense will be light years better. It’s like a dream – had to keep pinching myself tonight to make sure it was really coming together just like we saw at camp.

  • Justin Jones

    i hope to see some tight end play next week. boss got no play and unless i missed a story about tony being hurt, did he even touch the field? jamal needs some more touches even though hillis was very good, because in the end jamal is our number 1, and can i say that anthony toribio looked very good tonight. if he can be consistant then i say dont rush Poe to start this year. it was a very good night and i am so happy for a win. i do have a question for anyone reading this. i had a debate tonight with a friend of mine. in the lasy 10 years how many superbowl champs had winning pre-seasons? and in the last 10 years what is KC’s preaseason record? people always say pre season doesnt matter but i cal BS.

    • Tarkus

      Moeaki and Boss were opening up running lanes last night, but Maneri had a big impact in the passing game as the #3 TE.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I’m not going to look all of that stuff up especially because this is 2 days later and I don’t know if you’re even looking for an answer anymore. Go to and look it all up in Stats. Not a hard venture but I don’t have time. Preseason doesn’t really matter because your starters only play 1 or 2 series’ in the first 2 games, about a half or 3 qtrs in the 3rd and often times don’t play at all in the 4th game. I know for a fact that there have been teams who didn’t win a single preseason game and went on to win the Super Bowl that year. There have also been teams that have gone 4 – 0 in the preseason and barely won a game in the regular season. In fact, the 2008 Detroit Lions won ALL 4 preseason games before going 0 – 16 in the regular season. You can win all you want in the preseason because your 3rd and 4th stringers might be better than other teams’ but if your starters are worse then it gets lost in the final score.

  • Rabid Chiefs Fan

    I’ve been a Chiefs fan since they moved to KC in 1963. My 1st Chiefs game was the Chiefs – Dolphins playoff game on Christmas Day, 1971 at old Municipal Stadium. Each and every year since that horrible crushing defeat I’ve cheered for and hoped for a return to those glory days. To say I’m excited about this team & their chances this year would be a gross understatement! THIS TEAM IS ON THE WAY BACK TO THOSE GLORY DAYS. I have not seen a team since the ’71 team that is as rich with talent and promise as this team. With a little luck and no season ending injuries to our core players, I believe that THIS TEAM is capable of beating any team in the NFL on any given Sunday and will make a deep run into the the payoffs. GO CHIEFS!

    • KCMikeG

      AMEN! You are so right! Seriously weapon loaded team with speed, strength, depth and fantastic coaching. The only things I would change are that they let the clock run down to 2 minutes and taking a knee with 30 seconds left vs running some more plays – those guys would benefit from every live play they can get. I would have been happy to see more Moeaki, Boss and Baldwin but that will come with time. Great start to what will be a fantastic season – what a wonderful time to be a Chief!!

  • micah stephenson

    Go Chiefs! How you Matt Cassel Haters like that s**t!

  • Sarah Thomas

    Loved it ! Go Chiefs!

  • Dfrey87

    It was a great game and the starters on both side of the ball did great. I was a little concerned when i seen JC on the sideline icing his knee but was relieved to see him up walking and jumping around after that cheering for the team. Our depth looked much better than the years past so god forbid one of our core guys go down we look to have serviceable back ups. I am just not getting my hopes up to high cuz it is just the preseason so while my expectations like every year are optimistic im not going to vegas to bet my life savings yet. I guess being a bit gun shy comes with being a life long Chiefs fan. GO CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dfrey87

    It was a very good game last night, both the 1st team O and D played very well. Play calling was light years better than with Haley. I think now that Cassel has more freedom at the line of scrimage and in the offense all together he will thrive ( we hope lol) along with all the weapons he has around him. Our depth looked much better than any time I have seen before or at least remember. So god forbid one our starters go down we still have some good talent to step in and still be good not like last year. It did scare me when i seen JC icing his knee but was much relieved when i seen him up walikng and jumping around cheering on the team afterwards. It was Just a great night all together for the team and the fans it was definitely like a weighted lifted off our shoulders to see the ACL three play and look good, for the offense to actually look very good and productive using alot of different weapons and a very strong running game. The D looked like they picked up right where they left off last year. The coaching was really good we didnt see the same damn plays that were so predictable, irritating and worthless as we did last year, it was a breath of fresh air. Im still not getting my hopes up though, it was only our first preason game although i also dont remember us looking this good in preseason games of the past. There were alot of positive things in the game last night but i guess being a 25 year old life long Chiefs fan im a bit gun shy lol
    GO CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!