Ranking the Kansas City Chiefs’ Offensive Line

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What a great ceremony on Saturday night, where Pro Football’s latest class of immortal figures joined the Hall. Willie Roaf’s induction specifically has me thinking not only about who the greatest Chiefs offensive linemen of all time are, but also ranking our 2012 O-Line as we prepare for week one of the preseason this Friday night.

I recall having a party in my mind the moment I heard Eric Winston was in town to feast on some BBQ and visit with Pioli, but it turned into a party like it was 1999 when I saw the news that he had signed. Right tackle has been a problem for us for at least the last six or seven years. We now have our bookends on this line, and would should ensue is Cassel enjoying what he hasn’t had since his days in New England; ample time to fire the ball down the field. This article ranks our red brothers from the trenches as the fourth best offensive line heading into this season. At #1 is Green Bay, who returns their entire starting o-line from 2011 except for center, which will be occupied by Jeff Saturday this year. (Yeah, he’s pretty good.) #2 is New England, and they, like the Chiefs, are starting a new RT in 2012. At #3 is Cincinnati, with whom for some reason I have a tough time, but I can’t tell you why. (I guess it’s because they’re the Bengals.) What’s even better than the Chiefs ranking of #4 is the rest of the AFC West: Denver is ranked #21, San Diego #24 and Oakland #27.  Pair this with our defensive front seven and my breakdown of the Chiefs going 4-2 against the division this year may be off by two games. We might just sweep the West.

The game of football is obviously won and lost in the trenches alone both lines.  So if these rankings turn out to be fairly accurate, and we can apply consistent pressure to Peyton and Philip (I’m not too worried about Carson), I look forward to the result.

So what do you think Addicts?  Can we more or less expect a division crown to be won or lost on the play of our 2012 offensive line?

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  • jimfromkcj

    Well, I guess if you were going to rate the chief’s off line on potential, I might agree, but when you have a LT who is rated 3rd in the division, a LG who is older and smaller than average and coming off a poor year, a center who has never played there before, a RG who was not rated very good in run production last year and a RT who is new to the team. I just can’t see them mesh and become really good this year. Potentually, I think they have a chance to be very good, but potential doesn’t win many games. Until they are a third into the season, I don’t think you can pin any kind of a label on them.

    • KCMikeG

      Not sure where you are getting your information maybe the donkey daily? Clady is the only AFCW OT close to being ranked at Albert’s level and I get my info from the following Sporting News link which has Albert at #9. http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2012-06-03/nfl-rankings-tackles-joe-thomas-michael-roos-duane-brown-jake-long.
      You incorrectly say Hudson has NEVER played center before when he was one of the top ranked centers coming out of high school and he played every position in college. You act like he is a garbage man who has been handed a scalpel and asked to perform brain surgery. WHY?
      You bring up Asamoah’s weakness which had to be effected by Richardson’s total failure and ignore his strengths. Lilja is more experienced but you call him older, admitted his conditioning was weak last year and has doubled down now and mention his size as a negative when he is perfect for the true zone blocking system Daboll brings – in fact that same system is what attracted Winston which all you have to say is “new” while ignoring the fit AND that he was one of the best RT in the leading rushing attack last year. You say you are a fan yet you “can’t see them mesh and become very goo this year when they are ranked 4th vs the donkeys #21 rank – WHY?Then you graciously say our OL has a chance but that it is too early to “pin a label on them” yet that is exactly what you just did. WHY?
      WHY are you ignoring all of this and trying to invent a problem? They were a well oiled machine that dominated tonight – try enjoying it.

  • jimfromkcj

    Mike, they only beat the Bears, who were a play off team either last year or the year before 31 to 3. They scored 4 td’s against a Bear’s team that always takes pride on having a great defence. Evidently the Bears failed to find those holes you were talking about. Check the Broncos off line, they are on average younger with more NFL experience of playing together. I also would trade our coaching staff for the Bronco’s in less time than it would take you to spit.

    • KCMikeG

      Again – I really don’t understand WHY you are trying so hard to make the donkeys look good? The Bears hadn’t made the playoffs since 2006 when they did in 2010. The Bear’s defense is ranked 17th and Peppers AND Urlacher didn’t play PLUS their leaderless offense turned the ball over twice – NO Forte and Cutler. Wouldn’t it be just a bit easier to find those holes with Forte? I guarantee you that JC, Hillis, DMC, Draughn and Gray will have NO trouble locating those HOLES in the #21 ranked OL.
      Then you just go off the deep end with your TOTAL BS wholesale “trade our coaching staff for the Bronco’s”. WTH is wrong with you? Are you getting paid by some donkey troll to write this shit?
      Peyton threw two good balls (both under 15 yards), one dink and another dink that should have been picked but got tipped to Tamme. He threw one pass out to the right flat that took so long to get there they took a commercial break during it. He looked old, slow and rusty. He ended up with a Red Zone pick ending his only drive and NO TD’s. Where as Cassel was 5 of 6 with a TD and lead TWO TD DRIVES with NO picks. If Peyton is so great then why didn’t he come back in the next series? There isn’t a soul on this planet that is stupid enough to think – let alone say that Peyton was so satisfied with his performance that he didn’t want to go back in to try to complete a drive with a score. They yanked him for damage control. Can you image the uproar old horse teeth would have faced if Peyton had failed on back to back drives or even turned it over again?
      YOU can keep your donkey coaching staff, old man Peyton and their #21 OL. I’ll take RAC (5 Super Bowl rings), Zorn, Gibbs, Pleasant and HOF Emmit Thomas to name a few of our great coaches. I’ll also take Cassel and our Top 5 defense and Top 10 offense. THANK GOD you’re not in charge – I’ll take Pioli over you everyday!

      • jimfromkcj

        Mike, year after year, I have heard the same old hope from fans in KC and then the moans and groans as reality sets in. All I am doing is trying to give you all a sense of what is real. Other teams are doing their best to get better too. the Broncos won last year with Tebow, who most of you made fun of. Peyton hitting on just 6 of 8 cylinders is a huge improvement. Their off line has more contineuty than ours and are younger and bigger. They have two proven sack artists and a real shut down corner. They will remain the favorites to win the division until someone dethrones them, The Chiefs haven’t proved they can do it yet. Just don’t be crying croc tears when they don’t get the job done, I will be pleased with an 8 and 8 season because I am not placing unreasonable expectations on them.

        • KCMikeG

          YOUR reality is clouded by having your head up a donkey’s ass. The million $$ question is WHY would you be so positive about Denver’s situation when the experts have ranked our OL 17 positions higher.
          Peyton looked like crap while Cassel looked great – that’s REALITY. Now you are promoting their defense too. NO WAY the donks defense is better than ours. Did you miss our 7 sack and 2 turnover defensive performance last night? Probably did – suppose you got distracted watching Manning highlight film. Again, WHY as a CHIEF’s FAN would you want to be so positive about the donkeys yet ignore all the facts that are pointing to our success.
          What happened in the past doesn’t matter one bit for our opportunity this year. By the way I didn’t didn’t hear any moans and groans in 2010. Your so blinded by your donkey love fest that you think getting JC, Berry, Moeaki, Siler and Cassel back from IR PLUS the development of Baldwin, Houston and McCluster PLUS adding Hillis, Winston and Boss will equal ONLY ONE MORE WIN?
          I have already posted Peyton’s stats at 75% of his past performance level and Cassel’s numbers are better – so you “6 of 8 cylinders” is just more unfounded donkey love. Get a clue or move on donkey troll.

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