KC Chiefs Training Camp Report 8-8

Here is your Wednesday practice report from Arrowhead Addict camp reported Mike Gooding. -PA


There was a much smaller crowd for the practice today as the Cards practiced before we did and were leaving the field as our players came down around 3:20. Just before I snapped the pic of Fitz and his fellow Cards leaving I said “Sorry ahead of time about Friday night guys”. Check out the eye ball I got from the lead player – if looks could kill Huh? Fitz turned away and I heard this morning on ESPN the pros and cons of fighting in camp ala Jets brawling.

I saw our first camp skirmish – no take that back – rowdiness is a better word. Jeff Allen was taking on Stude and Gordon which lead to some jersey grabbing and pushing and shoving after the whistle. NO BFD. I spoke to Allen after practice and he said it was nothing – just being competitive with NO hard feelings. This is the kind of team that I am PROUD to support – professional football players not a bunch of thugs looking for a fight.

Travis Daniels joined Flowers, Hemingway, Bannon in the bike/conditioning area. Don’t know what’s up with Daniels – he seemed fine, Flowers is ready. I am beginning to worry about the other two being able to make the roster with the depth/options we have.


Charles, was looking like his old self making some sharp cuts and blasting through the holes. Shaun Draughn (who continues to impress) scored on the final 1st team 11 on 11 after busting open a 30+ harder to open the drive, Hillis (running and receiving), Cyrus Gray all looked great!

Cassel looked very good today, really asserting himself at the line reading the defense and making calls. One such commanding play lead to a 20 yard TD he zipped over the middle for a TD to Boss. The team cheered the play and Cassel and Boss jumped into the air in a shoulder bump. Everyone was very jacked up. He also had a great throw to Baldwin for a Red Zone TD in addition to repeatedly finding him W/O locking onto him.

Stanzi got less reps than Quinn by far who was average at best. He had a illegal motion penalty combined with a rolling to his right throw it up for grabs pass that was nearly intercepted during his one Red Zone opportunity (the other 11/11 resulted in a punt). RAC was NOT happy and did some major ass chewing. Stanzi and Tanney stayed late making throws Zeke. Baldwin, Bellamy (who HAS to make the roster) and Newsome stayed late throwing over the head pop flies to each other. Albert, Lilja and some of the other OL stayed late in one-on-ones.

I STILL have not seen Baldwin drop a ball and HE IS THE BEAST. Made a fantastic play for a TD from Cassel in the Red Zone during 11 on 11. I know I sound like a broken record but he gets better every day.

I heard radio 810 in KC going on again about this total crap about Wylie will make McCluster expendable. TOTAL BS – #1) Dexter McCluster is #1 slot WR. #2) RAC has said Dex is going to help us in ALL phases of the game. #3) Dexter put up over 1,400 total yards and lead us in YPC and was 2nd in TD’s while being grossly mis/underutilized. #4) While Wylie looks promising he is not experienced at RB like Dex. #5) Dexter McCluster put up almost 4,100 total yards and 22 TD’s in the SEC while Wylie put up 1,500 yards and 10 TD’s at Fresno State. DABOLL will finally fully utilize Dex to best fit his skill set and make him a super star. His route running and hands have improved and his speed and quickness is no match for anyone. Enough said!!

Moeaki, Boss and Maneri all are impressive blocking and catching. I will be shocked if O’Connell makes the team as he, again, dropped a couple passes today and got reamed for lack of concentration.


Poe looks better every day – he spent down time during practice working with a coach teaching one-on-one with Pitoitua. DJ and Hali were doing the same right next to them. So were Toribio and Powe. These guys could have been on the sideline taking a rest but instead chose to keep on working! Impressive commitment.

Abe Elam is contributing, DB Reeves #35 looked good in his 2nd day in pads but the PLAY OF THE DAY came from Chandler Fenner DB who timed his leap perfectly tipping a TD pass from the finger tips of Josh Bellamy, back to himself AND catching the ball as he hit the end zone grass retaining possession! Wow the whole team gave it up for that one!

Eric Berry is a special player and a leader. Lewis has been quiet in camp and I would like to see more out of him. Amon Gordon and Gabe Miller continue to improve. Toribio is still owning the #1 NT position.

Siler continues to have the edge over Belcher in overall play with Heyman, Studie and Sheffield stepping up their play.

Special Teams:

Nearly half the practice was spent here on onside KO both kicking and covering in great detail on positioning/technique and assignments/responsibilities. I would be shocked if we didn’t see more than one in game this year. Arenas, Dexter and Wylie continue to field returns with Mikail Baker DB #39 joining them today – Breaston has NOT been taking reps there for a few days. Time was also spent on KO return drill and some FG’s by Succop – who was coming up short today. His inconsistency is at the top of my list of concerns for this year.

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