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When Will The Chiefs Win The Super Bowl?

Five months ago we asked you when you thought the Chiefs would finally win another Super Bowl. At the time, the NFL was down to it’s final four teams and the Patriots, Ravens, 49ers and Giants were all preparing for their conference championship games. It was before free agency and before the NFL draft. It was even before Romeo Crennel was officially named the team’s new head coach.

As we enter the most boring football month of the year (mid-June to mid-July) I thought it might be kind of fun to revisit this question to see if the recent bout of roster-building has cause any of us to change our minds.

First, let’s take a look at the poll results. We had 515 votes total and here is the breakdown:

2013 – 193

2014 – 103

Not this decade – 98

2012 – 80

2015 – 30

2016 – 11

Interesting. According to this poll, five months ago, most Chiefs fan thought the team would win a Super Bowl in the next three seasons…or not in this decade.

My official prediction was that KC would first have to secure a franchise QB. Here is what I said:

I still feel the Chiefs need a franchise QB so it is hard for me to see them reaching the big game until they acquire one. Still, the potential of the defense is fascinating to me and I figure at some point soon, if not this offseason, the Chiefs will realize they’ll have to make a play for a stud QB.

I think the Chiefs will return to the playoffs next year and I think they will win their first playoff game since I was in junior high. Still, I think they’ll suffer a couple of playoff losses before they get to the big game.

Prediction: The Chiefs will play in Super Bowl 49, in February of 2015.

They’ll be led by a group of veterans in their prime:

Derrick Johnson -32
Jamaal Charles – 28
Eric Berry – 26
Dwayne Bowe – 30
Jon Baldwin – 25
Brandon Flowers – 28
Tamba Hali – 31
Justin Houston – 25
Tony Moeaki – 27

And a QB to be named later.

I still feel pretty good about my prediction of 2015. First, though, let’s clear up some confusion. Since the Super Bowl is played in the next year, we need to clarify if we are talking about the season or the actual date of the Super Bowl. In the poll five months ago, I included 2012 because I was thinking season, not actual Super Bowl date. I’m going to discontinue that practice this time around because it makes it too confusing.

Looking back, I was almost positive that the Chiefs were going to replace Matt Cassel during the offseason. As such, I figured a young or new QB would likely two years before he could realistically lead the Chiefs on a Super Bowl run. Thus I felt the 2012-2013 season would be a learning year for the new guy, 2013-2014 would be a deep playoff run that fell short and by 2014-2015 it would be time. Now that Cassel is back for another year, things could get pushed back. If he falters this season and Ricky Stanzi steps in at some point, the Chiefs could still be on track. They could also still get there by finding some way to nab a veteran QB. Or maybe even still with Cassel. But I think 2015 remains a realistic target for this group.

That being said, lets take a look at what some AA regulars had to say:

KC Mike G:

I think if we make the right decisions focusing on the offense we will be playing deep into the playoffs next year. I knew our D was getting better but these stats caught me off guard a little.

Outside of linebacker Derrick Johnson establishing a new franchise single-season tackle record with 179 stops, each of the Chiefs starting linebackers posted career-high tackle totals. Opponents averaged 4.16 yards per carry after averaging 4.32 yards per attempt a year prior and Kansas City’s defense allowed only two 100-yard rushers in 2011.

The Chiefs defense also allowed three fewer rushing touchdowns than the 2010 campaign and yielded 31 fewer offensive points than the year before. Kansas City’s totals against the pass improved as well. All that with the 4 blow outs which the lack of offense and turnovers fueled. Just a minor tweak or two and our D will be dominant. Draft either Martin, Reiff or Richardson and Foles. If we go Richardson sign Nicks and draft Osemele and a TE and we are on our way


Forgot to mention Thomas Jones will be there too. He’ s the cornerstone of what we do as a franchise. When he eats his candy it gets picked up. Dont ask him to pick up a first down though.

I think Danny was joking. At least I hope so.


A better OC, OL and NT would be critical. And all are possible within a relatively short time. I think another TE is really important as Moeki has a bad history of not making it an entire season. He even missed a game or two his rookie year. Plus, two great TE’s can really help – as seen in NE.

While I think a franchise QB is essential, once in a while a dominant defense and superior coaching can overcome average play at that spot. It certainly is easier with a great QB, though.

The bottom line comes down to how much you trust Pioli to make the right moves. The 2010 draft gave me hope. Since then, not so much.

Whoa! Did Scott have Pioli’s offseason playbook or what?


Bold prediction. Who is the OC in 2012?, could set the groundwork for 2015. Keep in mind the best teams in the NFL do not aways get to the superbowl, much less win it. Because of that and my personal lack of faith with Hunt and his minions, I say not in my lifetime. We may reach good or great or rebuild it all again and again but if you look at the Chiefs history, they reach a level just below elite and age ungracefully.

TM brought his usual brand of optimism. =)


In my dream scenario if we get a QB like Weeden who at 29 is much more mature than the other QB’s after Luck and RGIII we would probably not have to give up picks or players. He is quality wise the equal of Luck and RGIII and I think he could be better. We could get our quality off line and build solid backups through FA and the draft this year and next and In my opinion Weeden would be the starter mid season 2013 and in the playoffs and a super bowl in 2014. I would also like to see Al Saunders back as OC. Of all the people who are available for this position, I don’t think any of them have the resume as Al when it comes to dynamic offences. Will it happen? I kind of doubt it. Pioli is too egocentric to think outside the small box he has his mind in. It’s like Bill taught him everything he knows, but Bill didn’t teach him everything that Bill knows.

Jim was driving the Brandon Weeden bandwagon. After the Redskins snatched RGIII, I jumped aboard as well. Unfortunately, the Browns snatched up Weeden in the first. If he manages to turn Cleveland back into a winner, Jim will have some serious gloating to do around here.

All right, Addicts. It’s five months later. We’ve got Routt, Hillis, Boss and Poe. Brian Daboll is the new OC. Carr is gone. Bowe still hasn’t signed.

What’s it going to be?


When will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

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