If Chiefs Players Were Characters From The Wire

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#6. Ricky Stanzi is Stringer Bell

Stringer is supposed to be Avon’s #2 but there is a pretty good chance he’d be better at the top job than Avon.

And he knows it.

#7. Casey Wiegmann is Frank Sobotka


See it?

#8 . Dontari Poe is Herc

Big. Strong. But will he ever be of any use?

#9. Derrick Johnson is Brother Mouzone

Avon brings in the brother from NYC for some extra muscle. Mouzone, like DJ, is often underestimated but no mistake, he’ll straight up kill you.

All right folks, those are my Chiefs/Wire comparisons. What Wire or other TV Shows/movie characters can you draw to current or former Chiefs players or coaches?

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