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Walter Football has updated its Power Rankings. Walter’s rankings are always more entertaining than power ranks you’ll see elsewhere. The site has traditionally hated on our beloved KC Chiefs but as of late, they seem to have had a change of heart.

Take this gem from the pre-draft rankings on April 17th:

The Chiefs have the best roster in the NFL if you exclude the quarterback position. They’re stacked everywhere, excluding interior offensive line and nose tackle. Luckily, they can go David DeCastro-Alameda Ta’amu or Dontari Poe-Kevin Zeitler.

Back then the Chiefs were ranked 7th.

Today, they’re 9th for a somewhat head-scratching reason.

I go on to praise the Chiefs, and they return the favor by drafting Dontari Poe over David DeCastro? Ugh! Last time I’ll ever do that, Pioli. Have fun with your 350-pound player who couldn’t get any sacks against Conference USA offensive linemen.

I guess Walter thought Poe was ok ONLY if the Chiefs couldn’t get DeCastro?


Anyway, 9th is still pretty good and it is a lot more love than the Chiefs are getting from ESPN.

Check out the rest of the rankings, as well as a GIF of a woman deep-throating a hotdog for Todd Haley, at Walter Football.

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