Chiefs vs. Patriots: Arrowhead Addict Staff Picks

Anyone know Pollard's number? Maybe someone can throw Piscitelli into Brady's knee to give the Chiefs a chance int his one.

The Kansas City Chiefs are in New England tonight to take on the Patriots.

It is a game many in the Chiefs Kingdom have been looking forward to since the day Matt Cassel came to Kansas City. Unfortunately for Cassel and the Chiefs, the QB is injured and will not get the chance to defeat his old team.

Instead, it is the Tyler Palko show.

The outlook is grim. Let’s find out if any of the Arrowhead Addict staff members think the Chiefs can pull out an upset.

Patrick Allen

No Berry. No Charles. No Moeaki. No Cassel. + Tyler Palko, Barry Richarson and Shabby Piscitelli = No chance for the Chiefs on the road in New England.

Patriots 38, Chiefs 10 (If Flowers and Carr play)

Patriots 59, Chiefs 6 (If they don’t)

Sorry to be so down on the team. I promise to believe in Tyler Palko as soon as he gives me a reason to. =)

Double D

If Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali take charge of the game, if Tom Brady throws a couple of picks, if Jackie Battle and Le’Ron McClain combine for 240 yards rushing, the Chiefs could steal a W.

Sorry, too many ifs. Still, let’s see ‘em play.

Patriots 34, Chiefs 0

Go Chiefs!!

Lyle Graversen

Okay, on paper this looks like it should be REALLY, REALLY ugly. I basically am giving the Chiefs no chance to win this game. I’m hoping that means the Chiefs will surprise everyone and at least keep things respectable. Tyler Palko just needs to prolong drives with a few passes and scrambles and then hand the ball off to Jackie Battle a lot. Assuming Flowers and Carr can play, hopefully the Chiefs can at least avoid the big play and make NE earn it through long drives. If that happens the Chiefs can at least keep it from getting out of hand.

KC 13 NE 27

Randy “The Arrowhead Adventurer”

When it comes to this impending disaster, I’m a Homer no more.  The only area we will not be dominated on is our 3 point scoring ability. Of course we have to get within 60 yards to make three. Still I think we do it three times. When everything is gone, anything goes, I hope we see what both Palko and Stanzi can do  tonight, and I hope they both make it home alive.

Patriots 35 Chiefs 9

 Your Boy Big Matt

Palko vs Brady.  I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.

In all seriousness, I don’t think this score will be quite as lopsided as most fans are expecting.  The Pats will likely shame us in the first half, but Belichick will take it easy on his protege in the second.  And then after the game, he and Pioli will meet for a nightcap and reminisce about the glories of the Patriot Way.

Pats 31, Chiefs 10

Ladner Morse

Finally, finally, finally, Barry Richardson’s own mother can admit… he’s horrible. Bary-esh-na-sack not only gives up a record 11 sacks but, momentarily is confused and “gets” one sack for himself. I’m not buying the momentary excuse. Things get so bad that the Chiefs have to send in 3rd string QB, Ricky “RunForYourLife” Stanzi, for BRich. The Chiefs offense doesn’t score a TD in this one but, the defense does. There’s no stopping Tom-take-no-pity-and-the-heart-breakers.

Chiefs 10, Patriots 38

Victor Wishna

So here’s the thing: In my weekly pick ‘em pool, I always pick the Chiefs as a matter of principle but assign their game the minimum of one point as the least consequential match-up. It just so happens that after the rest of this week’s games, I am currently in first place. And out of the 90-plus people in this pool (including many KC fans), I am the only one who picked the Chiefs to win tonight. Not tryin’ to be a hero; it’s just my policy. But if they win, I win (which will be the fifth time for them, but only the first time for me). So I simply cannot pick against them here. The best I can do is to predict that if the stars (and the Chiefs’ many non-stars) align, KC could perhaps put up 20 points. The Patriots will probably score more than that, but who knows?

Chiefs 20, Patriots ??


Natasha Sims

Well, it’s Monday night, against the Patriots, with Tyler Palko as our QB and Thomas Jones as our RB, and yet, I still find myself feeling like it’s the night before Christmas. Will the Chiefs deliver the loyal KC fans the gift of a win? Probably not. But, still, it’s a little exciting, right? I think we’ll see ol’ Palko toss a few to the end zone. I think we’ll see Brady toss a few more than that, though. I’m predicting a loss, but crossing all my fingers for a win.

Chiefs 21, Patriots 45?



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