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Good morning Addicts. I hope you, like me, are looking forward to another day chalk full of college football and conflicting reports of whether Carson Palmer or Kyle Boller will start vs. the Chiefs tomorrow.

All I know is I will be taking part in some rituals this evening in an effort to summon Zombie Cassel.

Until then, here is your Morning Fix!


First it was Kyle Boller and then it was Carson Palmer and now we’re back to Kyle Boller. The Oakland Raiders quarterback situation has been fluid, to say the least, but it appears we’re back to Boller starting for the Raiders against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.ESPN reported earlier today that Palmer was now unlikely to start against the Chiefs and Raiders coach Hue Jackson indicated in a Bay Area radio interview that he could use multiple quarterbacks in the game (Palmer, Boller and Terrelle Pryor have taken at least some first team snaps).



“It starts up front with us on both sides of the ball,” Jackson said. “If you’re going to be a team that has a chance to contend for anything, I think on both sides of the ball you have to be strong.”Jackson may have acquired that philosophy when he was with the Ravens, a similarly built team that manhandled the Chiefs in the playoffs last year. Jackson was the quarterbacks coach for two seasons with Baltimore before joining the Raiders last year as their offensive coordinator.



Kansas City’s kickoff coverage unit didn’t come close to touching the speedster and Ford used his big return as a springboard for a breakout performance offensively as well.“Coach has shown that (return) to us in every meeting,” Greenwood said. “He runs a lot of middle (returns) and off the middles they do bounces, so you just have to read the blocks. If guys are hanging, you can’t get sucked in because he’ll bounce it out.”



As usual those anonymous sources were cited by all of the major sports news outlets. Sources “close to the situation”. Sources with “knowledge of the situation”. All of the typical “sourcing” was reporting that the Raiders had decided on Palmer as the starter.Now, here we are, closing in on 48 hours to the opening kick on Sunday and those same sources are saying Palmer is now unlikely to start.

I thought the fact that the Raiders paid a king’s ransom for Palmer proved the Al Davis principles were still very much in place. But it seems not enough of the media has heeded that warning. So just to reassure the world that Mr. Davis still has influence beyond the grave the Raiders once again have the national sports media chasing its tails.


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