Knuckle Up Chiefs, It's Raiders Week!

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

You may not be aware of this, but this is not just another week at the office. This week is different. It’s Raiders week.

“It was different, I’d walk in there in the meetings during Raider week and before I could open my mouth the guys would look around and say, ‘Hey guys, the coach is here. Let’s go! It’s Raider week!” – Marty Schottenheimer

I know that the politically correct thing to say is that all wins and losses are equal, that they all count the same. That beating one team doesn’t feel better then any other and that a loss is a loss no matter who it is to, you just move on and don’t let it bother you.

“I feel great, just smiling a lot more.” – Matt Cassel, three days after losing to the Raiders 31-10 at Arrowhead Stadium.

Well I’m here to tell you that for those of us that live and die by the Red and Gold that is simply not true. It wasn’t true for Marty and his teams either. It certainly wasn’t true for Marcus Allen when he took the field against the Silver and Black, or Rich Gannon when he took the field to face his former KC teammates. I know it wasn’t true for the late Al Davis.

“We’re going to build a bully here. This is the Raiders.” – Hue Jackson

I think it’s fair to say that the bullying started before Jackson became the head coach, wouldn’t you? I mean I call getting dominated 31-10 on your own home field is getting bullied. Yes, we were the division champs, but that loss took a little shine off that title. It was like we were named homecoming king but before we could even get to the dance the school bully kicked down the door to our own home, punched us in the face, and took off with our girlfriend.

And you still want us to believe it was just another loss?

NO!!! These are our sworn enemies! The bad guys! You are supposed to hate them. Beating them should be the most satisfying win of the year and losing to them should keep you up at night.

So knuckle up Chiefs, it’s Raiders week.

Knuckle Up: a phrase uttered in encouragement meaning: “muster your courage, intestinal fortitude and love for the American-way in preparation for an upcoming (or admist a) challenge of epic proportions!” – Urban Dictionary

You want more?

Good, because I’m just getting warmed up.

I’m not sure why the Chiefs as a whole seem to have lost their passion for playing the Raiders. Maybe some of it was lost in the multiple coaching changes that have occurred over the last decade. Maybe some of it was lost with the firing of Carl Peterson. Maybe some of it was lost with the passing of Lamar Hunt. Maybe some of the fire was lost because between 2007 and 2009 the teams combined for a sad 24-72 record.

So maybe to you players and coaches this is just another game on just another Sunday, but not to us fans.

Knuckle up Chiefs, it’s Raiders week!

This year hasn’t started off as everyone wanted. A win on the road against a hated division rival gets you back to .500.

Knuckle up Chiefs, it’s Raiders Week!!!

The bye week was full of rumors and speculations that have everyone second guessing the team, but have ZERO to do with what happens when you’re lined up against the Silver and Black. A win against this self-proclaimed bully silences all of that.

Knuckle Up Chiefs, It’s Raiders Week!!!!!

We’re not saying that WHEN Tamba Hali sacks Kyle Boller that he should rip off the guy’s helmet and throw it at one of the spike-wearing freaks in the “black hole,” but he should want to.

I'd aim for the guy on the right Tamba.

We’re not saying that WHEN Dwayne Bowe catches a TD pass that he should run over to the nearest Al Davis tribute banner, rip it off the wall, and stomp on it, but he should want to.

We’re not saying that WHEN you have a lead late in the game that coach Haley should go for it on fourth and goal just to rub it in their face, but he should want to.

We’re not saying that if Glenn Dorsey runs into some Oakland tailgaters (do those exsist?) in the parking lot and they happen to have their dog with them, that he should actually kick their dog, but he should want to.*

We’re definitely not saying that Matt Cassel should slap Richard Seymore’s momma, but he should want to.**

*For the record, I am 100% against anyone kicking dogs. I was just going for dramatic effect. PETA members save your emails please.

**Ditto for slapping mommas. PETM (People for the Ethical Treatment of Mommas) save your emails as well.

No, we fans don’t actually want you to do any of those things because that would be sinking to their level. They’re the bad guys. We want you to be better then them. We just want you to hate them that much.

We the fans have always hated the Raiders. We’ve always cherished beating them and agonized over losing to them. If you weren’t around when this hatred was born and don’t come by it naturally, then fine, but most of you were still there for that week 17 beat down. You remember the one that triggered a string of 8 straight losses (including the playoffs and preseason) where we were outscored a combined 240-69. If you have any pride, any fire in your belly, shouldn’t you want payback for that? Don’t you want to shut these guys up?

I think I can speak for all the fans when I say we’ve been waiting for this game to come since the final seconds of that game on January 2nd ticked away. Do you feel the same way?


…….because there’s a whole lot more on the line than just another win or loss and the only thing worse for us than losing to this hated rival would be coming to the realization that our team lacked the heart or the desire to go into the ultimate hostile environment and Knuckle Up.

So do us proud this Sunday, boys!

Your Loyal Fans,
Chiefs Nation

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